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Yelarel is the leader of the Ivalan succubi in Helvanna, and in the Chalice States in general.

Story[edit | edit source]

The group first meets Yelarel at the Council of Gawfall, where she pushes for more succubus acceptance. If the Yhilin final state has been reached, she takes care of the former high priestess Andra, but also uses her as a negotiation tool. If things go right for succubi, she can then ask for the creation of an order of succubus knights. After the Council of Gawnfall, she returns to the Helvanna Cathedral, in the Chalice States.

Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Yelarel Blessing: If succubi creates a new religion following the Council of Gawnfall, she asks Simon for a blessing at the Helvanna Cathedral.
  • Ivalan Ritual: If succubi are accepted at the Council of Gawfall, she asks Simon for an investment for new churches at Gasm Falls. If he invests, he's then asked to provide sexual energies to the priestesses.