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Wilhelm is one of the main characters of Once Ever After, a Woodsman from a tragic version of the story where the Wolf Blight spread like a plague.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wilhelm has broken free from his original story as of the start of the story but he is still heavily shaped by it. His life has been shaped by the loss of someone important to him, so he throws himself into an endless war against wolves to try to save others. Realizing that he is actually still controlled by this story arc is an important part of his character development.

More than the other characters, Wilhelm has wholly embraced his original archetype. He's serious, responsible, and straightforward. Only through interacting with the other characters does he grow to be more flexible and eventually even starts a relationship he would never have considered at the beginning of the game.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Though the designated tank Wilhelm needs to diversify into other skills to be effective. He can often manage status effects and interrupt enemies while maintaining his normal tank duties.

Recommended Early Skills: Unless you're grinding you're going to have to choose which direction to take Wilhelm. He'll be more useful if you focus on getting one of his best skills ASAP.

  • Survivor: Shattering Blow is a debuff/interrupt combination and it's useful for the whole game. Endurance is useful but probably too expensive to get right away. Cleaving Blow is immensely powerful but deep in the skill tree.
  • Woodsman: Piercing Strike is essential to give him more offensive ability. Forest Lore is a handy status heal. The others are less useful in the early game but you might want to get them anyway if you're making a beeline to Wolfslayer.
  • Other: Wilhelm is a good choice for Herbalist skills and will benefit from all passive bonuses. However you might want to consider ignoring these for him to rush to Cleaving Blow or Wolfslayer so that he has better damage output options.

Recommended Late Skills: Got all his top damage skills? Good! Regeneration is also worth a skill slot because it's pretty much unique. Go back and pick up any buff skills you missed and Wilhelm should always have something useful to do with his turn.

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