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Move prep[edit | edit source]

I think we're about done with this part. May need to get one last dump for some article comments / user walls, just before those are removed/archived.

Fandom sabotage[edit | edit source]

If somehow any content is added to this wiki and then copied back to Fandom, a takedown request may be filed by the author per terms of CC-BY-SA 4.0 unless Fandom also upgrades to that license.

  • deactivate/lock message walls, and article comments before leaving? This would render them unavailable or unusable to users and reduce the usefulness of the old wiki.
  • delete all Discussions? (Discussions as a feature cannot be disabled even with consensus, supposedly.)
  • Remove non-TLS pages as "out of scope"
  • Place outdated "latest version" notices on locked pages such as main page.
  • Sitenotice no longer exists. Maybe do something with site CSS. Maybe edit Mediawiki:Newarticletext. Maybe edit the topbar.
  • The Lewdening. Weave rulebreaking text and images into the whole wiki (no more than game-resolution CGs tho). Lurid scene descriptions, large quotes, lists of characters' favorite sex acts, etc. Have users report us and talk about how we're horrible and ungodly and objectifying and feature mind control, incest, rape, sex slavery, regular slavery, etc.

New wiki todo[edit | edit source]

Keep up with useful info added to old wiki and migrate it here.

  • Add ourselves to
  • Organize better, and consider restoring "random page" link to sidebar.
  • Add relevant links to new forum
  • use a wiki editing bot to automatically create user and article talk pages from a CSV, then delete old "comment" format pages.
  • convert and spool old Forum threads into Flarum forum, then delete old Forum post pages.
  • Find and fix dead links, especially to important forum threads. (May also be a suitable task for bot.) Finish updating The_Last_Sovereign_Wiki:Policies_and_guidelines
  • import flexbox for main page
  • replace/rewrite templates used in articles when they are fucked (special emphasis on navboxes)
  • Wiki tables
    • really shouldn't take up the width of the entire page, leading to cells that just contain a single numeral but stretch across half the page. Not sure if this is better solved by CSS or bot edits.
    • should have a darker background, perhaps darker than the page around them.
  • Find out if Miraheze has a comparable API, and either make the chatbot use it or kill its wiki search feature.
  • logo design for top left (square, 150x150-200x200)

CSS stuff[edit | edit source]


  • Import or create better-looking table CSS.