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I can't take this anymore! I used to have a certainty inside me, but it's gone! Just tell me what to do!

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Despite the appearances, there is no such thing as an optimized playthrough for the game at this stage of the development process. There is a good number of decisions where there is not an evident best option (and in many other cases, the best option will be only evident much later; when it is known, you will be warned at the time). So it's not the intention of this page to give you a predefined roadmap with all the decisions already established, but you should find the all the relevant info in this page and many others, all of them linked from here.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Defeat the King[edit | edit source]

Invade the fortress

Pretty straightforward, go north to meet Altina[1] and Simon, your disposable servants. Altina is the mage and Simon is the only one who is not affected by Lust. Whatever you choose does not matter as they will gladly follow you to their doom.

Here you will find the weakness, resistances and in some cases some misc notes for the enemies of this area:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Corrupted Spider Fire
Corrupted Bat Lightning
Junior Succubus Ice
Lamia Lightning, Physical
Lust Orc Fire

Loot the chest to get 5 Health Potions, 3 Mana Potions and 3 Revival Potions. Further north-west is another chest with 3 Revival Potions and an optional battle against a spider.

Go east to get your first actual fight against a mon... against a succubus. They are not monsters, they are more civil than humans at times. Try to stun her with Simon, it makes beating her easier as she applies Lust Stun effect.[2] Ice and Physical attacks hurt her the most. A sex scene follows after beating her.

Optional: if you go South from the Fortress, you will fight three Corrupted Bats, a Corrupted Spider and a Junior Succubus). Stun and dispose of the succubus first[3]. Then kill the rest and claim an Iron Helm.

Go north and prepare to fight the Lamia. Beat her, get another 'sex' scene, and enter the Fortress.

Inside are Orcs and Succubi, optional fights.[4] You will take them over when you beat the King. Remove all equipment from the members of your party and enter the final room.. except when you finally get to the room,[5] Riala intercepts you. You can't beat Riala, so accept your fate and prepare for your death.

Except again, you were foiled and won't get a Game Over screen. It seems that you're not the main character of this story. Instead, you (as Simon) will go through some cutscenes and get thrown to Feroholm.

Chapter 1: Soldier[edit | edit source]

Chosen assignment[edit | edit source]

Return and report Chosen's death[edit | edit source]

Go to your house (the one with a padlock) get intercepted by your neighbor and rest.

When you wake up with full health, go east to the Church. Report the death of the Chosen and be stuck with a new one... who is even more rude and asinine. Oh well. Go to the right room and speak to the priestess to check your soul. Go to the left room to start a easy training fight and open the chest with a basic set of armor (about same as current, but usable on other characters). Exit the temple and walk west to move to a new location.

Guide Tal[edit | edit source]

Tal is another Chosen one. You should swap his Iron Sword for Kai's Shining Sword and the rest of his gear. (Only available if you had cleared his inventory before the final fight of the Prologue. You should do the same with Altina's.) Some random plant monster is milling around, but you should first go east to recruit Aka. Experience in this game is finite so you should fight everything unless there's some reason not to, and Ivala's blessing gives you bonus EXP.

An old man in the camp gives you a quest to collect mushrooms, which you can view on the Quests page.

Keep Tal from killing himself[edit | edit source]

Of your 3 party members, Tal has the worst defense, agility, luck, and attack, even with the shining sword, so keep that in mind if you want him up and fighting. Fortunately, you don't really have to keep him from being knocked out. Go east to the bridge, then go north to the cave. As usual, kill every creature you see.

You are presented with Sokoban puzzles. Move the rocks down and right, the second group left, then right and then up. The crate closest to the top contains five Antidotes, while the other contains a Collar.

Go south and fight Yarra. Don't worry, she will not kill you even if you don't attack. After that, take on the Cache Guardian and get access to the stored power of corruption.

Afterwards, beat the bandits. Not a problem as it is 3 vs 4 as Yarra joined you. Take off everything from Tal before you fight them, if you don't, you lose some equipment and some potential gold. Loot the crate for potions and leave the cave. You defeat the bandits, but one escapes. Get a cutscene.

Table of enemies from this area:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Corrupted Plant Holy
Corrupted Wolf Heroic
Poison Wasp Can poison
Cockatrice Heroic Can silence
Cache guardian Heroic, Sex Can poison
Bandit Sex Heroic

Eliminate the Chosen[edit | edit source]

You are alone with Yarra: kill everything as you don't get another shot at these monsters (the Hornets can only be damaged with Yarra's Lust attacks) and go north to find... the Chosen and Aka together. Kill the Chosen one and claim Aka. The Chosen one is weak against Lust attacks, so Yarra is very effective against him.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Blur Hornet Sex Physical
Corrupt Wolf Sex
Corrupt Plant Sex
Chosen Sex

Cover tracks with the church[edit | edit source]

Simply talk with the head priestess of Feroholm's church.

Make Simon an Incubus King[edit | edit source]

See the relevant section on the Quests page.

Gain Economic Power[edit | edit source]

Acquire a healer[edit | edit source]

Simply talk with Qum after you have completed most or all of the prior quest.

Acquire a product[edit | edit source]

Go to the bar and do some community service (or not?).

Find a merchant camp[edit | edit source]

Once you have left Feroholm, you cross Ardoheim Roadside. First you have to clear the road of monsters and logs. Slimes don't count and can be ignored, but they do drop restorative items. As this is your first opportunity to fight with only permanent party members, it's a good moment to familiarize yourself with them. All fights should be doable.

You get +1 relationship point with all the ladies if you do a complete job. That includes removing all non-slime monsters and the 3 logs.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Corrupted Snake can poison
Corrupted Wolf Sex
Obnoxious Slime Sex
Renegade Imp Sex
Chimera (properties unknown)

Your first stop in the Merchant Camp, after the recommended rest in your wagon, should be an open tent with no guards. Here, you can sell your alcohol for 20,000 ProN and 2,000 Sx, thanks to the seductive arts of your harem mistress. Now is a good time to make any purchases (if you wish to do so). Later, investigate the Merchant Camp Headquarters (north building) to learn more about the trade and the possible partners. Only two names are mentioned: Megail and Reval. You can't talk with the latter and the former is not that receptive at the moment, so you have no option but to accept an invitation from a new group, from the man near your carriage. Rested and refreshed, you enter the meeting hall, and surprise: there is an ambush. First, rescue the harem member whose relationship you wish to increase more (check the relevant sections of their character pages) before rescuing the others and defeating the boss with a complete party.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Incredibly Suspicious Man Sex Use Haze of Sex
Slaver Sex
Thug Sex

Find a viable partner[edit | edit source]

After that, visit Megail again to talk some business and entrap a rival. Before you proceed (it's pretty straightforward), remember to rest again. Once all the drama has concluded, you can leave for Stineford.

Arriving to Stineford[edit | edit source]

Before you arrive to the city, you detect a fire in a nearby farm. When you get there, you discover what seems to be an orc attack, but in reality is a ruse by a corrupt knight and some thugs to rape and pillage the defenseless farms with impunity. Many of the enemies are resistant to Sexual Attacks. Deal with the orcs you find as you would (or not), but to progress, you have to talk with the orc lying on the ground on the right side of the second building. His name is Orcent and he asks you to stop the human thugs.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Orc Raider Sex
Orc Beserker Sex
Orc Defender Sex
Thug Sex
Knight Sex

After you have gotten rid of them, talk to him to get a new ally. Orcent will soon manage your army.

If you visit the farm again, you can trigger the quest Orcent's problem and also practice your domination skills on some of the orcs. Plus, there is some loot around here.

Once you have arrived at the city, you should visit Megail at The Blue Rose Inn to get the general objectives for the city. Rest in the next room. Get a cutscene where you meet your daughter Robin.

Go to the bar in the noble district where you will find the Redlight Mercenaries, agree to assist Hilstara in cleaning the mine and go meet her there, but we won't be cleaning the mine yet, go back to the regional map and enter the Thaumaturgical Academy (white building) where you can recruit Robin, once both are in your team you can start clearing your objectives.

Megail's Deal[edit | edit source]

To achieve her conditions, you should do the following quests (if you do all of them you will get 60,000 ProN):

There is another possibility to earn ProN in Stineford, and it's to prostitute Qum at the Slum brothel. Be aware that to do so has implications in your relationship with the members of your harem. See their respective character pages for more details.

Once you have 35,000+ ProN, you can speak with Aka in your room at the inn for a quest.

Once all is done, you have to make your first real decision of what to do with your hard earned ProN, you can give your excess ProN to Megail for a better return in your investment later (recommended) or exchange the excess for Sx at the bank for relationship points with Aka and to buy better equipment.

Infested house[edit | edit source]

In the Slums there is an infested house (you have to visit it to complete the Robin's Education quest). The enemies there are pretty formidable, especially the visible ones (three spiders). Some enemies are not visible and will ambush you. Also, remember that you can save inside the house and can also leave the area to rest at any time.

Some tips:

  • Be sure that you already have as much experience as possible from the other dungeons.
  • The bigger ones should be silenced by Simon to avoid the Foul Blast AoE skill.
  • The smaller ones (with red eyes) attack twice so they should be weakened by Aka.
  • Have Simon and Hilstara keep stunning/bashing spiders.
  • If you can't win, you may want to buy one or more Thief's Pins.

Another strategy, suggested by an anonymous user:

I found that the most effective combination was Aka, Yarra, and Qum. Simon stuns, Aka poisons, Yarra spams AOE, Qum keeps everyone alive. I was having a rough time in there using the advice here because it was a war of attrition and they would always eventually focus down one of my group, which was insta-fail, whereas with the above combination I could actually still win, even if I lost two people sometimes.

Yet another strategy, suggested by a random user:

I found that the most effective combination was Hilstara, Aka, and Qum with a plug. Simon stuns and silences, Hilstara stuns and shieldwalls, Aka debuffs attack and poisons, Qum keeps everyone alive. Use Qum's AOE heal as soon as possible.

The rewards that you get are: experience, a Shining Sword and Silk Robes.

Journey to Yhilin[edit | edit source]

In general, it's a pretty straightforward dungeon. Review all the bodies that you find and defeat all the monsters. After the meeting with the Redlights, don't forget to visit the magic circle in the Incubus domain for a permanent boost of 100 HP and 10 MP to Simon. Of course, check the chests (nothing really groundbreaking, but everything helps).

The fight with Hilstara gives you 1,000 Sx (and later a Slave Collar). As she can be poisoned and doesn't seem to use any special skill, it can't be considered a boss battle. She resists Physical attacks and have no weakness.

After the showdown with Ivastan, you have a very well written interlude. Check the characters' pages if you want to maximize their relationship points. Proceed to the fight with the Boss of the area and after that you should decide if you feel ready to take the optional dungeon. (Best to do it now.) If you choose to do so, read the following section. You can decide to take on it later after you have Altina in your party (this way she gets the experience too) before visiting it, but isn't recommended to delay it. (You will miss the Incubus King Armor key item, and use up a lot of time on the Chapter 2 travel timer. Both are very relevant much later.)

Table of normal enemies:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Cave Slime Fire, Ice, Lightning Sex, Blind -
Dark Urchin Sex Fire, Ice, Lightning
Corrupted Bear Lightning Sex, Ice, Blind
Incubus Idol Ice Sex Immune to Poison
Skeleton Fire Blind, Ice Immune to Sex, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, and Poison.
Zombie Fire Sex, Blind, Ice Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, and Poison.

Optional dungeon[edit | edit source]

In case you have problems understanding how to reach the different chest on this area, there are two maps on the right. Middle-click them to check them without leaving this page.

Complete map of this dungeon with teleport labels[6]
Complete map of this dungeon with teleport labels and a good number of tips[7]

This is a very challenging area, in part because you can't rest and you can't leave and return later. So you should have collected as much experience as possible and have some good accessories (especially pins). Yarra is pretty much out of the rotation, because only the Ghostly Horror is vulnerable to her lust attacks. Aka and Robin are pretty much a given so the only choice is between Hilstara (better offensively) and Qum (better to keep the party alive, especially if she is equipped with a Buttplug). Your first priority is to equip the new armors available in this area:

There are four regular monsters:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Ghostly Horror Fire, Sex Can silence and blind the whole party. Can be silenced, but it's fast.
Creeping Horror Physical Magical, Sex Harmless silenced, otherwise techs damage and blinds one or the whole party.
Skittering Horror Lightning Fire, Ice, Sex Use Robin to remove it.
Shambling Horror Fire Ice, Lightning, Sex Can poison one party member or the whole party.

At the end of the dungeon (check the maps to learn how to arrive there), you have to defeat the boss. You can't leave the area until you open the southern chest and get the full ceremonial Incubus King Armor. Make sure you've done everything else first.

Note that you will not get the Incubus King Armor if you wait until Chapter 2 to do the dungeon, or if you have more than 100,000 Sx or Simon at level 40+ through any kind of cheating.

You will be fully healed at your arrival to Ari-Yhilina so it's unnecessary to return to the campsite. Go to the exit to start the next part.

Stop Ivastan's Plan[edit | edit source]

See the relevant section on the Quests page.

Gain Economic Power[edit | edit source]

After the whole coup is avoided thanks to your efforts and you have had the resulting debriefings and meetings, you should touch base with all your girls to gain some relationship points. After that, your next step is to contact your allies in the city: Sarai and Megail. The conversation with Sarai is pretty straightforward, you just have to visit the Cathedral.

Your chat with Megail (who is in the inn in the Merchant's Quarter) reports to you about your profits. The exact amount that you can invest depends on the amount of ProN that you were able to earn back in Stineford - it can be as low as 50,000 or as high as 95,000 ProN. Also, Megail warns you about her upcoming meeting with Reval and asks for your help as muscle (basically as protection). Finally, she gives you a Ledger to keep track of your investments. Some of the investments you can make will have other effects later on that are not listed on the Investments page - SPOILERS.

To accompany Megail to the meeting, it is enough to step out of Megail's room, prompting a cutscene talk with your harem. Afterwards, step back in, talk to Megail, and you should be able to proceed. That is the minimum action required to trigger this event.

Merchant trouble[edit | edit source]

The first part of the mission is pretty straightforward. Just agree to accompany Megail to the meeting. Fight with Reval's men and loot his things:

Table of enemies:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Bodyguard Fire Sex, Lightning
Bodyguard (2 knives) Sex, Lightning Fire

See the Quests page if you have any troubles locating Megail.

There is a new type of enemy in this dungeon:

They are the Unmen and Unwomen. The Desecrationist faction's answer to the Incubus King.
— Simon

The south part of the maze is like a hide-and-seek game. You have to maneuver around the dungeon without crossing their line of vision. If you're spotted, it hurts your performance on the Noble Figurines quest, so keep a save at the very start of the dungeon, and restore if you're spotted.

Map of the lower part of the maze, with the lines of sight of the Unpeople.

In the north, most of them are moving, but there also two of them who are still. Ignore the left one for now. The other is covering a couple of rooms. Try to get the chests in the southeast room and in the northeast room (you lose the access to that room after you contact with Megail). In the left one you should find the Noble Figurines, unless you were spotted several times earlier. Megail is in the right one. After the briefing and Yarra's recriminations, Riala tries to get you out of there, but she can't until you defeat the boss blocking the entrance.

The time for games is over. Now it's the time for swords and magic. Some considerations:

  • For lore reasons, these monsters don't drop any Sx.
  • Don't bother to use Yarra. Her attacks are useless against any enemies, they are immune to Sexual attacks) and some of them have a magical attack that blocks her abilities. Qum is better as a healer outside the combats.
  • You have the chance to find two Shining Swords.
  • The Unmen and Unwomen are resistant to ice and can't be poisoned. But they are weak against Lightning (note that if you maximized the experience gains, Robin can learn Lightning Lance just before the Boss).

The end of the boss fight marks the end of the dungeon so remember to liquidate any enemies beforehand and to open all the chests.

After that, talk to Megail to activate a sex scene, and then it's time for investments. When you have spent all your hard-earned ProN, and you have collected any reward for the Noble Figurines quest, talk to Janine to advance the plot and finish the chapter. Be warned, several investment opportunities will expire as soon as you start the conversation with Janine, so spend your ProN first.

Chapter 2: Wanderer[edit | edit source]

Preparations[edit | edit source]

After doing your purchases and investments, you can leave Yhilin. (You should consider if it's worth or not to take the fastest route in this section. Read this page to learn how this works.) Before the end of the current content, you have until you enter to the Delgar Forest looking for Varia, to get any equipment for your non-succubi characters, so it's recommended that you spend as much money as you can equipping them. One important consideration is that Varia joins your party with all the equipment in the Iron tier, which isn't going to cut it. If you got the Steel Claw from the Unmen's lair, don't sell the rest of your Steel-level equipment and you already have a good start.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Bandit Warrior Fire, Sex Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Stun -
Bandit Thug
Bandit Rogue Lightning Blind, Stun, Sex Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, and Lust Stun, can poison

Stineford[edit | edit source]

According to your choices in Stineford, you have to talk with Orcent, with the Tower Mistresses, or with both. Now that you are in Stineford, you should consider if you want to do the Lost Merchandise quest. In any case, it's recommended to do a more methodical collecting of experience and money. There is also the option of making an investment here.

You can gain experience for visiting the pond (a single fight that nets you 3 Revival Potions, plus EXP and money) or the Devil's Pass: you can go looking for new tunnels (you can find nothing, some Sx, or a random fight, but the odds increase for the first option with each try), to return to the cache, or go to the optional dungeon if you didn't clear it before. Buy any equipment and/or items and leave for the Feroholm region.

In Feroholm[edit | edit source]

There are five places that you can visit (clearly marked on the map).

The Shrine[edit | edit source]

You find a talking head (!) in there. He is another intelligent orc (though he won't be the last). Fortunately, you are pretty unflappable yourself and you have a friendly conversation with it (?). His name is Stark and you choose to take him with you. Why not? Also, you find some money in a chest.

The Merchant Camp[edit | edit source]

The Camp has been overrun by slimes. The traders are gone and you don't have any place to rest here, so the conservation of mana levels could be difficult (at least if you want to avoid long fights, of course; you're not in any kind of danger, except that of boredom). To mitigate it, use Yarra and her Sexual Mana skill (you should have it by now) and of course Simon's Suppress Lust. The Fire Storm from Altina works nicely here (the Slimes are weak against Fire). You should get three types of Goo: Health Goo (increases HP), Mana Goo (increases MP) and Revival Goo (revives a party member).

Feroholm[edit | edit source]

Go to your house where a letter appears out of nowhere. It's from a mysterious woman called Wynn, that talks about past discussions and hard choices. Intriguing, but nothing more is known at this time. Rest and carry on.

In the church you hear some tales about a new orc called the Impaler. Also you meet Carina again. Ina mentions something about orcs.

When you're leaving, there is a scream for help. You investigate and go against the Impaler and his band. Liquidate his minions first, and go for him (he's not that tough):

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Orc Breeder Sex Blind
Orc Veteran Blind, Sex, Stun, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Veteran Striker Ice Blind, Fire, Sex, Lightning, Stun, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Impaler Fire Stun, Sex immune to Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun

Kill or spare him following the advice of the others and your own criterion. Killing him will significantly reduce your effectiveness in later important sections.

Be careful, as this action ends the part even if you haven't seen Orcent or the succubi, so see them beforehand.

Withered Mountain[edit | edit source]

This is a good place to increase the number of your allies, and if you're here, you should also rescue Altina. After a couple of minor fights against spiders, talk to the lamia from the Prologue. Your very first stop should be the center room at the top, where the fortress's key and an old letter from Riala are.

Go first to the topmost floor of the west side, to get Altina, so she can help fight and benefit from EXP in this section. The west room on the ground floor is not accessible, so you have to change staircases on the first floor. After a fight against a good-sized group of orcs, it's time to make your choice concerning Altina's future. Don't forget to equip her as best as you can. There are some fights ahead:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Reclusive Orc Fire Sex, Lightning, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Stun
Orc Breeder Sex Blind
Alpha Orc - Blind, Sex Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, and Lust Stun
Orc Veteran Blind, Sex, Stun, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Veteran Striker Ice Blind, Fire, Sex, Lightning, Stun, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Orc Lover Lightning Sex, Blind Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Succubus Lover Ice Sex, Silence, Fire, Lightning
Reclusive Succubus Ice Silence, Sex, Lightning, Fire

Regardless, interact with any other inhabitant of the tower to gain their support. In some cases this means talking, in others fighting. There is a room on the first floor that contains the treasure: 11,000 Sx. The natives are not that interested in money, so you take it with you. On the last floor of the right side, there is the potion's cache (and a couple of lovers). Taking or leaving the Lust Draughts has some consequences, surprisingly.

It's interesting to observe how Simon reaches out to Qum about the destiny of the cuntslaves. He is always very supportive of them. If you have persuaded most of them (you can't convince everybody), the lamia will say:

It's impressive how many of us you managed to convince!

That also influences your relationship with some of your allies.

As with other dungeons, once you leave the area, you can't return.

Altina's future


Later in the game, you can find yourself in a situation where Altina leaves the party for good, so pay attention to learn how to avoid it:

  • If you choose to take her in the fortress, you're good.
  • If you decide to wait, and you speak twice with her in the camp, you're good. Or, you can have one or both conversations in the fortress before the battle.
  • But if you don't talk with her enough to reach a sex scene, she will choose to leave you and live in the Elves' community in Ari-Yhilina.

Western Delgar Forest[edit | edit source]

It's not necessary to rest before entering this area. You can do it with your old contact at the bounty hunters camp. There is very little interest in the two first zones (Eastern Forest, Eastern Clearing) when you leave the settlement, although some monsters give tiny amounts of Sx and EXP. In the Southeastern Forest, you have an encounter with elves that will probably have repercussions in the future, but they are not relevant now. In any case, they guide you in the right direction.

Next, grab the Gauntlets off the skeleton near the sentries, then fight the sentries.(Just north of the sentries post is a slime that dies when you interact with it giving you a Health and a Mana Goo) Locate the upstairs entrance of the hideout. Take out the remaining forces (surprisingly scarce):

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Bandit Thug Fire, Sex Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Stun
Bandit Rogue Lightning Blind, Stun, Sex Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, and Lust Stun, can poison
Corrupted Wolf Ice Blind
Bandit Assassin Fire

When you arrive at the last room, observe the whole drama, listen to your advisers, and make your decisions.

First, you have to decide if you're going to observe or interfere. In any case, you have to fight the gang (it's easier if you wait, but it's not impossible by any means). See the Boss section if you want more details.

After the fight, you have another decision to make. Depending on whether you choose to dominate or to reshape Varia, her ultimate skill and her orientation significantly differ; it's a similar process to Altina's one.

Both decisions have (as you can guess) influence on Simon's relationships with his lovers.

Against the horde[edit | edit source]

Scouting the area[edit | edit source]

After your oh so delightful chat with Commander Geoff, who at least takes your warning seriously, you arrive at a mysterious ruin where you find Sister Carina and her men (sent by Ivala!!). After the meeting she leaves to try to mobilize some reinforcements and leaves you in charge.

Investigate the four passes: the broad pass, the high pass, the narrow pass, and the occupied pass. In this last area, a village offers a rest point and some trading for items and succubi equipment (you can't sell anything).

The scouting is unremarkable, except for a conversation with Varia at the narrow pass. By the way, there are some enemies there to harvest experience (as it happens in other areas all are resistant to Sexual attacks):

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Corrupted Slime Ice Sex, Fire, Blind Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Desert Snake - Sex, Ice, Lightning
Giant Scorpion Lightning Sex, Fire, Blind

Exploring the ruin[edit | edit source]

Enemies here in the Dark Ruin don't drop Sx. They are tough but doable: The Withered Husk, vulnerable to Fire, can deplete your mana reserves very quickly, and the Lust Wraith, which is vulnerable to Lightning, has an attack that rends the succubi useless. This is a good moment to learn more about Varia's abilities and weaknesses. Remember you that can rest in the Succubus Village as many times as you need during this stage.

There are some chests with equipment; the most notable one is a Brutal Whip for your succubi.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Withered Husks Fire Sex, Blind, Ice Steal Mana. Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, and Poison.
Lust wraith Sex, Lightning Blind, Ice Steal Lust. Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, and Poison.
Remnant Fire Sex, Blind, Ice Immune to Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, and Poison.

Defeat all the enemies and drink from the fountain upstairs to open the locked door. After that, there are only the Bosses of this dungeon to defeat.

Go to the Quest section to read more.

Split party[edit | edit source]

When you arrive at the screen that shows the various routes that you can follow, you have some decisions to make.

The most obvious one is the order in which to do the different routes. There are potentially significant advantages in doing Aka's route before Megail's. The order usually recommended is Yarra->Aka->Megail. Reasons: Nothing in other routes affects Yarra's route, in Yarra's route you can buy gear for Altina, while in Aka's route you can not only buy and find gear for Megail's combat party but also potentially increase the ProN available for Megail's investments (by increasing the Yhilin's country score to ≥ 6, you get 10,000 ProN from the Bank instead of 5,000; but any ProN gained during Aka's route will be received only when the whole party meets again in Janine's retreat). You'll also want to have at least 7,000 Sx saved going into Megail's, so you may need to earn it in other routes.

There is also a mild exploit: you can interchange equipment between routes if you unequip the characters before the ending of that path or in the split screen. The routes are beatable anyway but it makes some hard bosses easier.

Yarra's route[edit | edit source]

As opposed to the other routes, there is no point for this group in spending any time in Ari-Yhilina, so after some brief goodbyes with Aka's group[9], you leave the Palace and you're then transported to the meeting point, where you are teleported near the Gathering place.

Given that the new Incubus King didn't grace The Gathering with his presence, the group starts with a serious disadvantage, but fortunately that doesn't mean that it can't achieve its goals:

All we need to do is to scope out rival Incubus Kings and report anything critical that happens during the Gathering.

And as a secondary objective:

Let's have a new harem member for him when he gets back.

About the combat in this part, some generalities:

  • Don't be fooled by Orcent's high HP. Most of the enemies will be able to hit him hard.
  • As the Gathering is some kind of exhibit, it's not necessary to overwhelm the others with your power, particularly in public.
  • You have to take into account Qum's mood:

At the start of Yarra's route the Qum Mood score is set, based on her RP. You can check it with the Qum's reply to Yarra's question how she is willing to help in the gathering:

RP score Mood
Starting comment
≥ 100 12 "Cumdump knows she is Simon's! Cumdump will fuck anyone Yarra wants!"
90-99 6 "Cumdump can help a little for Simon!"
75-89 3 "Cumdump wants to be Simon's, but she can help a little."
≤ 74 0 "Cumdump misses Simon..."

The only way that she is present in all the scenes only is having an RP score ≥ 100. The "Sleep" action during the route adds 3 points to the score. For each sex scene Qum joins during the gathering her mood is reduced by 3 points.

The scenes are 4 in total: Carnival of Sex, Orc Council, Ogre Scene and Palace Guard asking anal sex with Qum. Each scene with the participation of Qum grants an Empress Approval point.

The most harmless to skip is the last (palace guard) because she lets Yarra's group pass after the succubus hunt. The most important one is the ogre scene because it will grant +5 Fheliel RP much later in the game (after the Erosian Conflict's first phase).

You can check the Mood score by talking with Qum in the room:

12 "Cumdump will do anything for Simon!"
6 "Cumdump will help however Yarra says, even fucking!"
3 "Cumdump can help Yarra, at least a little more..."
0 "Cumdump wants to go home..."

When you arrive at the complex, the initial greeting is about to start. You then witness the antics of the rulers.

After the whole drama unfolds, and seeing that you can't represent Simon in the meeting, go to your room and receive your orders. This evening is the Lustlord's banquet, (which you are not invited to); Queen Fheliel, the Anak, and the Empress all leave this early.

[Be advised that each of the major powers here has their own day of events, at least on the schedule. After the first day you should see a letter on a table just outside the bedroom, near the door to your room. You should read that letter each day. In particular you must read the letter to progress at night of the 6th day to skip the half assed orgy. We start with the Lustlord, then Queen Fheliel's race, Skullcrusher's orgy, The Lord of Blood's gladiator matches, Fucklord's succubus hunt, the Incubus King's waste of a day and half assed orgy at night (free day and night), the Anak's disappearing act (free day and night), and finally the Empress's endgame. Each of your nights is free, but you only get two free days to do the succubus village if you intend to get the secret optional boss. You may also want to consider that you can only negotiate with the orcs and succubi at night when the council rooms are not otherwise occupied by orgies. Plan accordingly. - Rafael367]

After the overwhelming visit and the rest, talk to your room attendant (asking her for room service gives you 3 Lust Draughts). After that, the events of the first night are pretty simple. First you have to talk to the skeletal guards of the northern palace to hear how the Banquet is going, then you can spy twice, once on Queen Fheliel and Xestris and later on the conversation between the Anak and the Empress.

Time Schedule Actions become available Recommended night action
Day 1 Incubus Kings introduced (automatic) Spy on Fheliel and Anak

"Sleep" (+3 Qum mood, not repeatable)

Spy on Fheliel and Anak
Day 2 Fheliel's Succubus Races (automatic) Negotiate with Fheliel (-3 Qum mood, +1 Empress approval, +5 Fheliel RP later)

Investigate Fucklord's room

Negotiate with Fheliel
Day 3 Skullcrusher's competition (automatic)

Carnival of Sex (-3 Qum mood, +1 Empress approval)

Spy on Skullcrusher (now or never) Spy on Skullcrusher
Day 4 Lord of Blood's Orc Gladiators Investigate Lord of Blood's room

Negotiate with orcs in Main Hall (-3 Qum mood, +1 Empress approval) Talk with Balia (-3 Qum mood, +1 Empress approval)

Day 5 Fucklord's Succubus Hunt Join Pan-Succubus Council

Talk with Balia (Qum mood/Empress optional)

Negotiate with orcs
Day 6 Free action (recommended: infiltrate Lustlord's palace and talk with Balia) Join Pan-Succubus Council
Day 7 Free action (recommended: penetrate tunnel illusion, visit succubus village, and fight optional boss) Investigate Lord of Blood's room
Day 8 Empress Games (Empress approval checked) Investigate Fucklord's room

The next day (day 2), chat with Hadi (twice, and the correct answer to her question is "No", as in "No, you're not speaking out of turn") before participating in Queen Fheliel's event and pay attention to the words of Yarra after being defeated. For the evening you have various options[10]: rest, investigate the Fucklord's suite, crash the orc meeting or negotiate with the Queen of Ghenalon.

On the third day, witness the epic failTM of the Skullcrusher, have fun and follow the plot. Remember that your role in the Gathering is in part that of an impartial observer. Night 3 is free. If you visit Skullcrusher's chambers, there's a cool scene, but then you have to hide for the night.

The following day (day 4), you can explore a little and collect the reactions of various succubi and orcs about the happenings of the night before. If you haven't done it before, equip Orcent with the best gear that you can, and start the competition. You get different rewards based on how many fights you win[11]. If you are having trouble, it may be useful to load an earlier save and buy Orc Potions in the courtyard.

After the easy first round, you meet the Lustlord's orc breeder for the first time, who is renamed immediately by Qum as "Orc Floof". As Orcent continues to crush the opposition in the second round, Yarra and Qum follow her. Once you reach her work place, she will invite you to visit her at the palace and discuss her working situation further.

Use the evening (night 4) to complete any of the activities mentioned above and advance a day. (This evening also marks the first time you can visit Balia's rooms if you don't want to wait).

Day 5, your next event is the Succubus Hunt. As Orcent is not a succubus and is still recovering from his injuries, you only have two active members in your party[12]. Hunting butterflies is useful as you need them to get the Chainmail Bikini, but don't forget to go against the other succubi for EXP and some stuff.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Violet Butterfly Physical
Red Butterfly Sex Physical
Rodak Succubus Sex
Succubus Warrior Sex
Ghenalese Succubus Sex
Exotic Succubus Sex
Draconic Succubus Sex, Physical

That evening (night 5) you can negotiate with the succubi to unlock the access to the meeting of the Pan-Succubi Council. Also, the locked doors in the guest houses will open by now (it could happen sooner, if you've been polite to serving staff).

You have the next two days (6 & 7) free as neither the Incubus King or the Anak have any kind of events prepared for you, so you can use the night to visit Balia[13], visit the succubi's village, (Betatester: I recommend to do Balia first because Qum can level up and learn Illusory Orgy useful in the village fight. As a note the topics of discussion available are different depending on the day you visit the village.), or spying on other IKs.

Once you have done your two events, it's time for you to be a good lackey and rig the Empress's own event (day 8). It's in your best interests to do as much as you can to help Queen Fheliel's deputy. So block passages, collect crystals, and defeat all the enemies, but don't underestimate them because they could be dangerous for your actual party:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Glimmer Immune to Sex
Spawnling Sex Poison attack
Frost Bear
Frost Maw Sex Drain attack

Once you think you have done the right amount of work on the Empress's behalf, try to leave the area to trigger the final conversation with Esthera. You can collect up to 3 crystals. For the second one, you have to cross the bridge before sabotaging it. And for the third one, you have to find a secret passage outdoors leading to the left cave.

Enjoy the last evening (night 8) doing any pending errands that you haven't had time to complete sooner, and end this path. Don't forget to talk to the succubus guarding the Lord of Blood's room and get a scene with Orcent. You can't trigger the end without it.

Aka's route[edit | edit source]

One general consideration about the combats during this section of the game is that Aka can't be cured completely, but you can reduce the draining that she suffers by completing the Aka's Condition quest. It's strongly recommended that you complete the mentioned quest as soon as possible, as if you do otherwise you can be stuck with a very deteriorated Aka.[14] Regardless, be prepared to heal her before every battle.

Another relevant point is that you can rest in Robin's bed in her room in the secret entrance to the palace, which may yield a scene with Trin if you have Altina.[15]

Talk to Queen Janine and then head to the Outskirts for Megail's advice before she leaves, which she will do early in the route.

If your party members are level 26 or 27, it's unlikely that you will get any new skills in this path. Taking into account that there is a pretty tough optional boss, try to increase your stats with equipment, but be aware that you'll need a lot of cash and there is not enough to be earned in this path.[16]

Start by talking with your companions on this branch and salute both Yarra and Qum. Visit all the rooms in the palace to find some secrets. After that, talk to Janine. To comply with Janine's instructions, you have to convince five factions to join forces with the crown to try to minimize the loss of life when the Doomed King's plan strikes. They are:

The Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy is a powerful force. If they choose to fight, it will mean terrible losses in both sides.
House Jade is one of the wealthiest houses and stands in firm opposition to me. They alone could make the opposition fail.
House Adamant is ruthless and would happily work with the Doomed King if it would profit it.
Finally, House Rose is a key swing vote, an old halfling family. I'm afraid that they oppose me, but you may be able to convince them.
The last group is not a noble house, but rather the collective underclass. If they attempt to fight, they could suffer greatly.

After the dialogue, you get access to a secret entrance/exit to the palace[17] and get two key items (Jade Papers and Rose Papers). They will be relevant during the Yhilin Preparations quest. But for now, feel free to browse around the city[18] and take the pulse of the city and learn, once more, about your limitations. There are some notable NPCs around the city. One of them is a passionate (most of us will call her crazy) that explain to literally everyone that the Square is not a square (the explanation of this running gag can be found here).

Once you've learned of the mine's condition, several emissaries from different houses will appear in various parts of town offering you conflicting stories and key items from within the mine.[19]

Locations of the emissaries:

  • House Adamant is in The Court; a knight just outside the Palace gives you Mine Entry Papers.
  • A rogue from House Jade is in the Merchant Quarter; he gives you an Old Mine Key.
  • A rogue from House Thelon is in the Square. He's near the right most edge and gives you an Old Mine Key.

Enemies in the mine:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Corporal Demon Physical Magic, Sex
Arcane Demon Magic Physical, Sex Fire is the best option
Yhilini Thug 2 versions: the Nun heals
Thug Leader 2 versions: Hold the Line! or Tactical Eye

Once you have met the three emissaries, you get the third one inside to the mine; you now have all that you need to solve the situation.

Use all the keys to open the new areas. Open any chest that you find and fight any foe that you come across - but pay attention to the warnings from your party members to avoid finish the quest prematurely! Once you have cleaned the mines, you have to choose a side: will you help House Jade (enemies of Queen Janine), House Thelon,[20] or help the common people?

Depending on your choice, you can get:

  1. If you decide to go against Thelon (and support House Jade), you get 20,000 ProN, plus the support of House Adamant.
  2. If you decide to go against Jade (and support House Thelon), you get 10,000 ProN, plus the support of House Adamant.
  3. If you choose to ally with the commoners, you don't get any ProN, but doing so will probably give you more support from them; however, you alienate the Noble Houses. One interesting fact is that the elf mage is no longer visible. Be aware that he only finishes the spell after you have finished the other four major tasks[21]. This choice opens the option of a profitable investment later.

The key to deal with House Jade is to copy of subvert as many of its employees as possible, to make easier to bring them down later. Check the Duplicates page for a complete list.

After you have infiltrated the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy, you will see a rude visitor in Janine's throne room. He is Janine's uncle and the Queen requests that you use Trin's powers on him. It's a good idea if you have duplicate slots remaining.

Be aware that there is a good amount of side content (Big Man, the Fighting Club, the Cult) that, although not necessary to complete with success this section give some nice rewards and it will be relevant later. Check this section of the Secrets and collectibles page for more details.

Revisit all the areas after you have finished the two main quests (or read the Secrets and collectibles page) before talking with Janine to end this route.

Megail's route[edit | edit source]

Megail's mission is three-fold:

First, for the Doomed King plan we're going to need an army. Not just a bunch of orcs with crap weapons.
Our second objective is to support that army.
Our final objective is to gain any economical leverage that we can.

The first order of business is to wrap up everything in Ari-Yhilina. Talk with some of the others (Janine, Aka), visit your investments[22] and have a chat with Sarai; among other things, you get some clarifications about the celibacy issue. Now, it's time to make any purchases from Premium Steel, as most of the inventory on the shops in the Outskirts can also be found in Aram. Your party is composed of Hilstara, Varia, and Carina, but leadership falls to Megail although the chibi is Hilstara (You can change the chibi by changing formation positions).

The group heads to Aram, but first they have to cross a dungeon (with an intriguing boulder). There is an ambush by bandits, but it could be solved using an explosive (evident answer), or you can try to be creative. It's notable to see how frustration with the situation with Simon has made the women bloodthirsty, especially the usually level-headed Hilstara. Sadly the party configuration can't really exploit their weakness (at most, Carina equipped with a Fire Staff would do more damage using Attack, but that is nothing to write home about):

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Bandit Archer Fire May blind
Bandit Swordsman
Bandit Rogue
Bandit Thug
Bandit Fighter May silence

Once you arrive at the desert, follow the road ahead of you until you arrive at a crossroad. Slightly to the left, you will see a guy with a camel behind him. This is the first possible investment that you will find in this country.

Most of the enemies are weak against Magic, but That is not relevant with your actual party formation, so the next table is more of a future reference:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Giant Hill Spider Magic Sex
Aramite Wolf
Desert Snake Can poison
Desert Scorpion
Desert Cockatrice Can silence
Bandit Novice Fire
Lurking Bandit
Aramite Bandit Sword
Aramite Bandit Bow

To the left, there is a building that is the recently established headquarter of a bounty hunters' company. First, talk to the cloaked guy at the reception. Later, interact with the fliers in the back room; they appear in the Quest Journal to activate the sidequests (if you already hadn't accomplished them) or to claim the reward (in this case, you pluck the flier from the wall).

You have already completed some of them, so check them all to get some monetary reward (in Sx). Others are pretty straightforward and shouldn't give you any kind of trouble. You will find a listing of them in the Quests page.

Back on the business side of things, you have to locate and access Eustrin. To go there, just follow the road until you find the next crossroad, and go south from there. Eventually, you will find a pair of guards that block the pass. After a conversation with their captain, you will learn that you need some access papers to enter.

Go back to the Bounty Hunter Office, and talk to the guy that runs the shop there. After a bit of finesse, you will find yourself in possession of the required documents, but you are convinced that your ProN was 10,000 higher: funny how things happen sometimes. Once that errand has been completed, you can access Eustrin without any more bumps on the road. But that's the simplistic way. By the way, among the bounties, there are an optional boss, the Magekillers.

As the amount of ProN that you have available is variable, you will have to choose which investments are more appealing to you. If you saved your last explosive, talk to the right-bottom dwarf to get a collectible. There is a bounty in this area, so take care of it and return to the headquarters once more (you will be offered to invest in the bounty business: 20,000 Sx). After that, you have to talk with Strevin to close the deal. In that moment, there will be a commotion and you will be prompted to the final boss fight, at the conclusion of which you return to the paths screen.

Simon's route[edit | edit source]

As the group follows Simon's instructions, the youngest Incubus King finds himself in the Orgasmic Empire.

Simon's route is structured slightly differently than the previous routes. You will find a description of the Palace layout here.

You have at least 100 days[23] to explore and interact within the Orgasmic Empire (use the Palace clocks to check the date at any time). Therefore, every choice matters, and you should avoid activities that don't further your goals. Small, seemingly pointless decisions at the start can really help you out later on, so think things through as you go. Unlock Unified Strike through physical exertion and support skills like King's Aura through lengthy mental and sexual training. The brothel is recommended for healing as it also improves your mental and sexual skills. Information increases your later options and adds content, so reading all books you can find at the Archive is heavily suggested. As opposed to Yarra's route, it's easy to miss content, so pay attention.

Important notice

The following section is provided as a reference, so you probably won't be able to follow it perfectly. Citing Sierra:

Here's my quick guide for the section:
  1. Seek out unique one time events, don't waste time on repeatable things.
  2. Do preparatory actions first, like training and reading.
  3. Interacting with Esthera and Nalili is always good (providing you don't upset them via your dialogue choices). Temporary negatives will be offset by positives later.
  4. Most events have very generous windows, so don't do a full sweep of the areas unless you're out of things to do.
— Sierra Lee
The events during Simon's path will vary depending on your past choices, so all walkthroughs should be considered no more than guidelines.
— Sierra Lee

Also be aware that the dates below are the earliest dates possible for those sections, so it's likely that they don't match perfectly what you see in your playthrough. If you start a 3-day activity on day 27, the next section will start on day 30 instead of day 28. Also, the lengths of some activities vary according to your previous actions and hidden stats. The number of days or range of possible day counts for each item below is given in parentheses in the detailed walkthroughs below. Any activity in the detailed walkthroughs that has no listed day count can be assumed to have no effect on the day count.

So don't be surprised if not all the actions described here can be done exactly the same in your game. This and all the other walkthroughs are just approximations, but it should help you in any case. Have fun!

Day 1[edit | edit source]

On the first day you are stripped of everything but a pair of pants and are kept in Esthera's room. (Don't worry; your equipment is safe.) This is also the first instant you meet Chaya, Esthera's personal maid, who will run away. You cannot leave the room, so go back to your bed; there will be several options that will affect certain abilities Simon will receive later.

  • Rest does nothing, for now.
  • Exercise makes you gain your physical attack earlier. (you should always choose this option if you plan on following the walkthrough exactly, otherwise certain events won't trigger in the expected order)
  • Meditate makes you gain your mental skills earlier.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Chaya is waiting at the door, and after talking with her, you have several options of you can ask her for.

  • Nothing: nothing notable.
  • Food: a Huge Health Potion will be waiting for you at the beginning of day 3.
  • Some books: at the beginning of day 3, Chaya will leave a book about succubi (Best option as it reduces the time needed to read some books in the library and improves their opinion of you.)
  • Just yourself: decreases their opinion of you.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Nothing happens on this day. But you should have already done three exercises in order to get Unified Strike earlier.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Esthera asks you to help out wherever you can. You have several options: "...", "If you insist", "I live to serve, Empress" and "My pleasure" (best option). You are now free to explore the palace. After doing some errands, come back and speak to both Esthera and Chaya. The maid asks you for help; you learn a bit about her family here. Later, you can talk to Esthera again, where she will ask your opinion about captured succubi.

Detailed walkthrough:

  • Try to go through stairs bottom left 2nd floor. Ask "Who are you?" (+1 to the Empress's mood.)
  • Talk to Zirantian Ambassador (southeastern 1F), Agree, and Pay 500 Sx to learn about succubus politics. (+1 Social, benefits several tasks, 5 Days.)
  • Petitions Office (1F, left side): interact with papers to select an issue.
  • Resolve Inefficient Supply Lines (1-5 Days depending on Social Score[24]) and Nobles Feel Snubbed (1 Day) (requires Ambassador's lesson). Attempt Lamias Whining.
  • Speak to the Lamia in the office.
  • Speak to Esthera.
  • Help out Chaya (1 Day).
  • Speak to Esthera again. "Decline" or "Let's do it!" are positive options; others are negative.
  • Speak to the supervisor, find all 5 workers and report back to her.
  • Three workers request your help with their tasks. Do it. (Route Planning: 2-6 Days depending on the number of days you took in the Ch. 2 free roaming section[25]; Meetings: 2-4 Days depending on Social score.[26]; Bookkeeping: 2-3 Days based on Economy score.[27])
  • Rest. Dream. Get kicked out. (1 Day) Go right back. Discuss it with Esthera or go with the characteristic "…".[28]
  • Open the locked box in Esthera's bedroom and discuss the Worn Whip with her.
  • Help Chaya again (1 Day).
  • If you've done this right, you might have a few extra days. Use them to read Succubus I (1 Day if you got books from Chaya, 2 Days otherwise), Succubus II (1 Day if you got books from Chaya, 2 Days otherwise) and Succubus III (2 Days). If you have a spare day, read Succubus IV (2 Days).

Day 28[edit | edit source]

One day, Aka briefly appears, giving Simon new focus. Now you meet Nalili, Esthera's daughter, who needs help maturing.

Detailed walkthrough:

  • Dream, meet Nalili[29].
  • Speak to and defend the Elite Guard who blocked you earlier[30]. Then say yes. (1 Day)
  • Go upstairs to Nalili's room. Get Princess Armor. Choose Long conversation. (1 Day for Long conversation, otherwise 0 Days.)
  • Tell Esthera about Robin (answer with Tell).
  • Talk to threesome in the Climax Cafe. (Visits to the city and the Sparring Yards don't add days, so feel free to travel at any time.)
  • Talk to Lamia in the Cafe.
  • Talk to Lamia in the jail. Agree to help her. Get the letter.
  • Talk to Lamia in the Cafe again.
  • Push crates in the city (1 Day).
  • Speak to Nalili in her room.
  • Talk to the Succubus Elite in the Arena (in the city, southeast of Cafe). She says Nalili can't yet compete.
  • Go back to Nalili's room and talk with Esthera.
  • Visit the brothel and meet its owner. (Every training in the brothel heals you.)
  • Go to the Sparring Yards and train with crystals (charged Nalili) (1 Day).
  • Enter Nalili's room and talk with her about City staff.
  • Sparring Yards: spend three days learning Cleavage (3 Days). (Available after Nalili has completed 3 discipline events.)
  • Fighting Ring: Monster Fights (×4) (4 Days Total).
  • Brothel: choose Recuperation Training. (1 Day)
  • Brothel: speak to Nalili.
  • Do the Smuggling quest and report back to the office supervisor (7 Days).
  • Brothel: choose Endurance Training (×1) (1 Day).
  • Talk to Chaya, refuse to help.
  • Fighting Ring: Succubus Fight (×2) (2 Days total).
  • Brothel: Quick Release Training (×3) (3 Days total).
  • Petitions Office: resolve Representative Ordering (1 Day).
  • Archive: read Succubus IV (2 Days), Orc Breeding I (2 Days), and Orc Breeding II (2 Days).
  • Petitions Office: resolve Ethnic Complaints (1 Day). (This petition can be successfully solved by having a Social score ≥ 5 or by getting Lexandre's training and learning all the library topics.)
  • Talk to the supervisor on the 2nd floor, enjoy the orgy.
  • Archive: read Religion (2 Days), History (2 Days) and Sex Combat (2 Days, can't be done before meeting Nalili).
  • If you have a spare day, Sparring Yards: Train Nalili (1 Day)

Day 68[edit | edit source]

Esthera leaves for the gathering and Nalili invites you to her room. She invites you to have sex with her and you have several options to chose from:

  • Resist: +1 relationship point
  • Reprimand her: -5 relationship points
  • Agree: +10 relationship points

Detailed walkthrough:

  • Talk to Nalili in her room, Agree.
  • 2nd floor: talk to succubus meeting in bottom left room (1 Day).
  • Sparring Yards: learn Corrupt (upper right square, next to orcs, 3 Days).
  • Sparring Yards: learn Dominate (upper left square, left of crystals, 3 Days).
  • Sparring Yards: learn Unified Strike (bottom left square, 3 Days).

Day 78[edit | edit source]

Esthera reveals that she knows Simon is the new Incubus King, and later he may receive new focus. Afterwards, Simon trains with Esthera, and he gains the skills Support Slaves/Servants/Allies, depending on your choice, and Reflect. After a few days Nalili will be waiting in the throne room to take you to the secret crypt. Speaking to Nalili again after the training, gives +3 relationship points with her.
Esthera will be standing near the vault where you can talk to her. You can fight with her again in the private training area afterwards. Spend your last few days training and after a sex cutaway Esthera will give Simon a Shadowweave Cloth.

Detailed walkthrough:

  • Talk to Esthera, Support Slaves, Reflect learned.
  • Fight Esthera alone once, learn Lust Renewal (3 Days).
  • Speak to Nalili in the Throne Room.
  • Crypt: train with her ×3 (9 Days total).
  • Go to the baths (1 Day, heals you and buffs you in preparation for next step).
  • Fight Esthera for the second time and get increased Lust gain (3 Days).
  • Speak to Nalili in her room about the harem.
  • Talk to Esthera next to the vault, for a very touching and revealing conversation.
  • Fighting Ring: last Succubus Fight (1 Day, don't forget to use Dominate).
  • Sparring Yards: 2nd Crystal fight/Supercharged Nalili (1 Day).
  • Sparring Yards: fight and lose to Esthera, learn King's Aura (3 Days).
  • Depending on how long some of the tasks above taken, you may only be at Day 99 at this point.[31] If you have gotten 2 days of extra focus in each of the other three paths[23], then you have 7 more days. If you have at least 4 you can afford to engage in the three day training session with Nalili in the Armory in the upper west of the Sparring Yards, which gives Simon 1,000 exp and Nalili 500.
  • Sparring Yards: train Nalili (×3) (3 Days total)[32].
  • 2nd floor, enter the room at the top right (the one with magic circles, previously blocked by a barrier) and learn the Transformation spell (requires Esthera Mood ≥ 20). This spell will help in Aka's transformation. That way, Robin will be free to do other research before the Ardford summit. It also gives you a relationship points bonus with both women. You should avoid this event until the last possible day because it takes 5 days.
  • Final Day (scene).
  • You get Shadowweave Cloth.

Things to Avoid[edit | edit source]

Some activities in Simon's Path are unproductive:

  • There's little point in helping in the kitchens. You just get a free Lust Pastry, lose a day, and have no effect on Esthera Mood or anything else.
  • You don't need to train with the succubus in the armory before meeting Nalili. You can get all the Physical Training you need from other events and exercising 3 times on the first three days, and it's actually possible to get too much experience for Simon. (If you have a Simon level that is meaningfully higher than the rest of the party at the end of Ch 2, it reduces the bonus EXP that is awarded to everyone at the start of Ch 3.)
  • Don't visit the clearing. It's just full of obnoxious slimes that give no EXP, and burns away 5 days.
  • The Crimson Bordello worker who gives generic Sex Training can be skipped since there are plenty of other sources of Mental/Sex Training and the baths are a better way to be healed.
  • Train Nalili instead of sparring with her when you have no other options. (See above on Physical Training and Simon EXP.)

In Janine's retreat[edit | edit source]

Be advised that this is going to be a very brief part.

Follow the plot until you have control of Simon, and choose one of the members of harem to speak to. The chosen one will receive +5 relationship points, so any harem members whose relationship scores are already at 100[33] shouldn't be chosen. After the fun and games, go to the Quests page to learn about the objectives for this part and visit the Custom Equipment page to see if you can get a new helm. If you can afford it and have access to it, I suggest that you buy it; you accumulate enough money in Ardford to not feel the loss thereof.

But overall, enjoy all the cutscenes, speak with everyone, and be prepared for more fun when you return from Ari-Yhilina. Do not forget to speak with Robin twice to select one of research options.

In Ardford[edit | edit source]

Once you have completed all the steps in the previous part, try to leave the retreat, and you will be offered the option of Depart. It seems pretty convenient to save before doing so, but in any case, choose the option when you're ready.

Once that the party is already in the Ardford region, your first stop is just an excuse to leave the carriages for a while and stretch your legs. Talk with the party members visible (there is just a handful of them) and don't miss out Carina and Nalili's little chat. Also, take the time to meet the ambassador.

Once you arrive in Ardford, you get your tasks. Basically, they can be summarized in three areas:

  • The Summit: very little to say, as there is already an excellent page here. Bear in mind that as in real life, you can't realistically aspire to get all your goals, so you have to choose and prioritize. However, if you chose to invest in the Eustrin embassy in Aram, you are able to achieve all your goals, short of going to war with the Incubus King (if you choose to vote for it). The fights involved here are described below.
  • Vhala quest: it basically involves a couple of dungeons and walking around the city looking for clues. Most of the content of this storyline is in the Quests page, but as in the previous point, the fights are detailed here and in the Bosses page.
  • Sidequests, investments and the rest: there are an explanation on how to get certain investments as cheaply as possible, but not much else. Check the Secrets and collectibles page for more info.

You can think of this section as proceeding in alternating Summit and Investigation phases. Go to Vhala's office and talk to her to start and end Investigation phases; talk to the Yhilini ambassador[34] to start and end Summit phases. During investigation phases, Vhala joins you as a temporary party member.

  • Day 0: Go meet Vhala. Check out the city if you like. Return to your room, where she will burst in and challenge you.
  • Day 1 Summit: Declaration of War vote.
  • Day 1 Investigation: Rescue Dari from the Hole.
  • Day 1 Evening politicking/Day 2 Summit: Defense Pact and New Unpeople votes
  • Day 2 Investigation: Pursue leads around the city. This is an efficient time to knock out most of the side quests.
  • Day 2 Evening politicking/Day 3 Summit: Advanced Alliance, Orc Extermination, and War Vaults votes. Clear the Hidden Port, if you want.
  • Day 3 Investigation: Raid the Unforge. Clean up your loose ends in Ardford. Talk to Vhala and then the Yhilini ambassador when you're ready to finish with this section.

General considerations[edit | edit source]

You don't have to worry that much about Sx in this section of the game. After your sidequests and the money from defeating bosses and monsters you can get about 18,000 Sx. Also, you can convert some of your ProN in Sx in case that you feel like needing more cash crystals.

Most of you will feel like playing the Summit second and third days various times, so be smart and save often. Also, try to do as many sidequests and explorations the first day. That way you won't have to repeat them time after time. BetatesterFP: I don't agree with that, do the quests when Vhala is in your group, this way she will gain EXP too, just do "knights of Sx" step at the palace on day 1 because you will be blocked by the Ardford's diplomat when Vhala is with you in the Day 2 investigation phase.

Aka no longer suffers draining on her health bar for unspecified reasons[35], so you don't have to heal her before battles.

There are two investments where you should lay out the groundwork as soon as you can. You should visit the Ardan Bank to be evaluated by the manager. The amount of money that he demands to make an investment varies as you start to make waves in Ardford's society. Also, you should visit Vinario's embassy (more details below). At two different points during the negotiation, it would be better if Megail's relationship score is at least 50 and Yarra's at least 90 (remember that once you reach 100, they no longer drop, even if your choices contradict her opinions).

The Hole[edit | edit source]

It is prudent not to use Robin while fighting outside, as she will expend a lot of mana inside the prison. So if you need a healer, use Qum or Altina (Carina only as a second choice). Be careful to keep Vhala's mana and health high because she can't be healed by Qum. Try to get all the enemies now, as you can't later. All the enemies are resistant to Sex attacks:

Enemy weakness resist misc
Demonic Dog Ice Stun, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex Immune to Dominated, Sexbind
Feral Spirit None Stun, Blind, Poison, Charmed, Deathblow, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex
Warrior Lizard Lightning Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightning, Stun, Charmed, Deathblow, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun

Once the extraction group is inside, the point of view alternates as you disable the wards. Outside, there are either fights or dialogues (and no time for anything else). Once you disable the third ward (red), you get a boss fight outside.

After clearing the red wards, check the Unperson in the southwest cell. Locate Dari, then you can leave. There is a Failsafe Ward boss fight (resistant to Stun, Ice, and Lightning, so use Robin's Fire Lance, Simon's Precise Strike, and Aka's Forceful Lunge) near the exit that triggers after three turns, so hit it with everything to defeat it as quickly as you can (it gives 4590 EXP and no Sx). It may be useful to save before the fight, restoring and using mana restoratives on Robin if needed.

The Hidden Port[edit | edit source]

If you decide to try to open the War Vaults or simply you don't want to miss the EXP and Sx, this is a fun challenge. Vhala can't be used for this dungeon, and one of the enemies drain your mana, so it's recommended to choose Yarra and Nalili (both equipped with buttplugs) for most of the battles (as they are not affected by this). Equip Simon with the Givini Pin and Robin with the Barrier Pin (that way they won't be affect by any Stun spell at all). For Yarra, you should equip her with the Duelist's Pin. Finally, Nalili has to do with the Slave's Pin. Alternatively, you can recruit Altina instead of Nalili, and use her elemental damage to deal with the monsters faster (suggested by an anonymous user. Also, don't hesitate to use items to recharge your mana levels. If you are not in good shape, any of the six fights could kill you. All the monsters are vulnerable to Simon's Corrupt skill.

Each enemy has its own weakness:

  • Ardanan Snail: weak against Lightning.
  • Tormenting Squid: weak against Ice and Sex attacks. Yarra's Incubus King Emissary is specially effective against them.
  • Ephemeral Moth: weak against Fire. Your priority, as it drains your mana reserves. It can also afflict a huge number of debilitating statuses to the entire party at once (Paralyze, Sleep, Silence, Sexbind, etc) so be very careful of that, and put whatever pins you have on your active party.

There is an exception to the proposed party: in the top left area, there is a motionless monster in the water (try to do this fight at the end, as it's the most difficult one). There are just 4 Adaman Snails, so you should change Yarra and Nalili for Qum and Altina. They are very tough but are vulnerable to Lightning. Their attack lower your ATK and MAG, but you can compensate for it with Qum's Arousing Aura (remember to equip her with a buttplug before that fight too; if her Lust levels are too low, use a Lust Draught Potion). Use the Lightning attacks as much as you can (keeping the party alive should be Simon and Qum's responsibility). You get 6,736 EXP from your efforts.

The Unforge[edit | edit source]

Once the summit has concluded and you have talked with everyone in the room, go and visit Vhala again. She requests that you come along for a little visit, so here we go again. The Forge is a bit of a maze, but you shouldn't have major troubles with it. Just to be through and visit all the areas for some sweet loot.

Enemy weakness resist misc
Cultist Sex Stun, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun Immune to Dominated, Corrupt, Sexbind
Cultist Striker
Cultist Defender Immune to Corrupt, Sexbind
Unman/Unwoman Failure Sex(200%), Anti-Sex(125%) Earth, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison, Blind, Silence, Stun Immune to Corrupted, Dominated, All Sex Satuses, Poison

*CAN* be afflicted by Sexbind, but it's unclear if this has any actual effect.

Twisted Unman/Unwoman Ice Anti-Sex, Earth, Poison, Thunder, Blind, SIlence, Stun Immune to Sex, Corrupt, Dominated, All Sex Statuses

There is a difficult, optional fight in a later portion of this dungeon; if you told Robin to research Essence Shielding at Janine's Retreat, you'll have Simon, Carina, Robin, and Vhala for it. If not, Simon cannot participate. You may wish to conserve mana on the four of them in preparation for this, or use consumables just before, as you prefer. A solid party for the entire Unforge is Robin, Aka, and Yarra: Robin's Ice Lance will deal heavy damage to the Twisted variety of Unpeople (while performing solidly elsewhere), and Yarra does significant damage to the Failures and human enemies. Against groups of Twisted Unpeople, Yarra can use Sexual Mana, or simply attack or guard. The Unwoman version has a chance to attack twice, so prioritize them to minimize received damage. If you're using Yarra, for the human groups, target the priestess-like enemies first, to kill them before they can use an anti-sex aura. If you don't want to use Yarra, Vhala makes for a solid substitute, as the Failures are still somewhat weak to the Anti-Sex damage from her Arrow of Purity.

Once you have finished cleaning the dungeon go to the Containment Cell and choose if you want to enter (you have the option to destroy it) and how much of a challenge do you take.

After that, only the final scene remains and then you return to Ardford.There are no more decisions to take and no more fights. Just choose your investments and do your shopping.

When you are ready to end this section of the game, talk with the Yhilini ambassador in his room. Enjoy the scenes, and if you got the War Vaults motion passed, get your gear.

Deeds of Vinario[edit | edit source]

You start this investment[36] by talking with the green-haired person in the stand opposite to the Givini guy. The first step is just to get the price and leave. Return and choose the option of Negotiate. Of the three dialog options, choose the "Not a chance in Hell".

In your next dialog, select the option "Megail?"[37] After the Declaration of War motion fails, give him the bad news about the war efforts. Discouraged, he leaves his spot to get a drink at the Silver Stump.

Meet him there and say "Then you never expected to get your kingdom back?" Visit him again at the embassy. If your relationship with Yarra is 90 or higher, she creates an illusion that intimidates him further. Talk to him again and choose the option "Leave". Now that he is scared, he follows you out of the embassy. And now for the tricky part. First, save. If you have been able to reduce the price to 200,000, reload your most recent save as you can get it for even less. Spend enough ProN to have between 100,000 and 200,000 on hand. Attempt to purchase the deed for 200,000 despite not having that much on you and voilà, you can purchase Deeds of Vinario for 100,000 ProN. Congratulations on a well done negotiation!

Chapter 3: Conqueror[edit | edit source]

All the party members have been getting stronger (+10,000 EXP, with the exception of Nalili). Simon maybe has gotten a new level! That could help you a little in the incoming battle.

The Invasion of Yhilin[edit | edit source]

The chapter starts with the first decisive step in the Doomed King plan - the invasion of Yhilin. Because of its complexity, all relevant guides are found at separate pages:

A general walkthrough can be found here. Developed by MailleKerchief, this guide offers event-by-event commentary and advice, without giving away any of the variables involved (with the exception of Relationship points). This is useful to those seeking a general idea of the best decisions possible.

An alternate walkthrough can be found here. Developed by Decanter, Augustus Commodus, and okra-caprese, this guide EXPLICITLY PRESENTS all variables involved. This is useful to those seeking to tailor their own "optimal route" through this section of the game.

The Aftermath[edit | edit source]

You start this section after a wonderful rest, but there is a lot of work to be done (Janine gives a pretty good overview). Most of that is described in the Quests page. Each one is started by talking with the right character.

Remember to reequip your party members that didn't have any action in the battle (at least Robin and Altina, Varia's fight is so minor that you can do it without her gear), if you decided to unequip them in the first place that is.

You have to trigger further chats with Janine, so talk with her in the working room and choose the option "Work". You shouldn't leave the Palace until you have talked with all your allies. There are also little conversations with many NPCs (like the ones with Orcent or any of the other intelligent orcs that you have collected).

NOTE: When you interact with the throne, talk to the Noble Liaison and sponsor a noble campaign before you summon the ambassador for the second time. He's picky about what he credits you with.

As you already know, by this point of the game there are a lot of possible variations. For instance you can find a Square with all the shops opened (if the Economical Chaos is low enough) or only half-active, a Court section destroyed or not... Go visit the Quests page to start the work.

One of the sidequests that doesn't appear in the Quest Journal is related to the puppets of the former Lady Entila. Speak with Dari in the Palace.

In the House of the Petitions, if you visit the right side, you can forge an initial link between the human and the orc armies by talking with a soldier and later with Orcent.

If you're the owner of the Premium Steel store, visit it to trigger ideas for custom equipment from several party members: Hilstara (if she doesn't have her helm yet), Varia, Yarra, Robin and Altina. Hilstara's helm can be ordered and delivered right away if you have the Sx. The rest require collecting ingredients that are not yet available. If you've had Robin research Yhilini Magic, you are able to buy the necessary Seer Crystal from the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy (it costs 7000 Sx at this point); otherwise, that option is not available yet.

If the New Unpeople motion was approved, you find a Unhuman preaching in the old Reval's compound, in the Outskirts area. Talk with him to trigger an interesting chat with Dari.

Once you have advanced enough in with the task of governing Yhilin (by having various quests completed) visit the slums and go to the old Big Man's house. Talk with the old man outside and he will request your help[38] getting rid of a crazy young man (sounds familiar?) that has taken possession of the house illegally. The fight is very easy (so you get just 870 EXP and a couple of Sx: poor bastard). Fortunately, there is more interesting (and familiar) reward.

When you have completed all the main quests, talk with Janine at the Palace:

You've done more than anyone could have asked of you, Simon.
— Janine

So you can end this part of the game. In any case it's a good idea to save your game before finish.

Don't forget to speak to Ginasta until she runs out of conversations. This takes a few conversations...after initial conversation deal with Balia then return to Ginasta, next talk to Robin and then Ginasta again, and finally talk to her again before talking to Janine to finish your work. Ginasta's RP varies based on the RP of the women that speak with her.

Elven Forests[edit | edit source]

An elf ambassador requests the Doom King's help saving their lands from a corruption ploy by the Incubus King. As the elf points out, you cannot allow him to surround you anyway, so you go to help.

At the entrance to Darghelon, you can assist an elf hunter by killing all nearby corrupt plants but sparing the wolves. If you accidentally end up fighting wolves, just escape. Talk to her for a reward.

When you're ready to move on, try to go through the gate to the north, and talk to the Mother's Guard.

Check the relevant quest entry to learn what to do next.

Destroying the Seed[edit | edit source]

After a brief visit to Yihilin and an ever briefer chat with Janine, you're back to the elves' kingdoms to finish with the Seed of Corruption and its consequences. This time around, Megail is with you (her presence will be relevant at one point in Denmiel).

You have a big map to explore:

Sylvan Regional Map.png

On the left side of the river you will find Theltiar (the house with the red roof), the Twisted Glen (the lonely tree without leaves), Ivala's Glade (the big white tree, just above the river), an old tower (mysterious ruins that you can't access) and the Potion Hermit's cottage (the smaller green tree below the river).

On the right side, there are fewer locations: the meeting point (the wooden bridge), the Forest of the First Root (the big green tree at the top) and Denmiel (the other big tree, on the east side of the map). Also, it's recommended that you take a walk in the northeast corner of the map...

Fans of these two characters will be happy to know that both Carina and Altina play a bigger role in this part of the story. In the case of the latter, if your version is the sluttier one, it's advised that you side with Orilise. Otherwise you won't get the best result in a minor sidequest (as Aka can't get enough proficiency in Storgan siding with Lynine).

Before siding with anyone, it's strongly recommended that you talk with the Priestess in the east part of Denmiel. Combined with your scouting in the meeting point, this will give you a pretty deep knowledge of the kingdoms that will awe Lynine or Orilise.

Independently if you have decided to ally your self with Lynine or Orilise, you should visit Lynine in Theltiar first. If you're planning to ally yourself with Lynine, accept her proposal the first time. If you had chosen Orilise, after you say no to her, go visit Orilise at the Denmiel. You shouldn't accept the first offer and you should ask for more information the second time. That way she will be properly awed.

During the Purifying the River quest, you can get a new companion: in the north part of Denmiel, there are some slimes inside of a fence. Check them out, locate the owner in Denmiel's market tree (located in the bottom right part of the map) and speak with her, then check again the slimes and return to chat with her a second time.

You shouldn't forget to get as many Kingsfail Leaves as you can, they are key in a sidequest.

Once you have a good grasp of Storgan go the northeast part of the regional map. You will find a disturbed elf who gives you a hint about the location of a Shining Sword.

In the task of purifying the river, there are some small differences in the missions in Darghelon and Gheldaron (the third focus is in Ivala's Glade and there are no notable differences). You should talk with your ally after you have found a focal point.

In Theltiar, the alliance with Orilise means that you have to use subterfuge to access the corrupted house. If you have chosen Lynine's side, she takes care of the stubborn guard for you. Orilise's path involves a timed section with some fights that are probably more challenging but nothing that you can't manage:

Enemy Weakness Resist Misc
Flowant Fire Ice, Sex, Stun, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning Immune to Dominated, Sexbind, Blind, Silence, Stun
Flowbat Lightning Stun, Silence, Ice, Poison, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Fire Immune to Dominated, Sexbind, Blind
Flowslug Fire Stun, Ice, Poison, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Silence

Don't forget to take the 4 Serums from the blinking point in the right top of the screen with the focal point. Later, if you are sided with Orilise, you'll have to beat Mantacore, a semi-boss (vulnerable to Lightning, gives 2,160 EXP).

In Denmiel's quarantined house, the most obvious difference is that either you should avoid all fights but the last (if sided with Orilise) or you have to fight the Crazy Elves (but you should give the Sx back, so there is no monetary gain if you are smart).

Immediately after you deal with the last of the three focal points, you're compelled to go the First Root area and take out the Seeds of Corruption. This dungeon is designed like a maze and to advance you need to interact with the pillars that you will find along the way. Don't forget to loot the skeletons (they have: Heavy Bow, Sylvan Claw, Cloak, Large Health Potion, Large Mana Potion, and 1,954 Sx) and avoid killing the wolves (you can safely defeat the other monsters):

Enemy weakness resist misc
Rooted Bear None Stun, Sex, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Poison Immune to Dominated, Sexbind
Rooted Fly None Ice, Sex, Stun, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning Immune to Dominated, Sexbind, Blind, Silence, Stun
Corrupted Elf Sex Stun, Blind, Silence, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Charmed, Lust Mad, Poison Immune to Sexbind
Corrupted Guard None Stun, Blind, Sex, Silence, Poison Immune to Charmed, Corrupted, Deathblow, Dominated, Lust Death

You can also find a another collectible item.

Before finishing the section, make sure you have recruited Min and spoken to her near your ally's base (for Megail affection), and exhaust all conversations with Bertricia.

Once you have finished with the action, I recommend that you make a new save. This will allow you to return the elven realms if you forgot to buy some equipment or completing some sidequests. Then you can trigger the end of this part by talking to your ally in her home.

Govern Yhilin 2[edit | edit source]

Once the elves are dealt with you go back to your new kingdom. Not much can be said about that. It is the same territory as last time. You should speak with everyone. Don't miss a conversation in the eastern wing of the palace between Qum and Dari. Speak to Ginasta again until she runs out of conversation. After walking away and triggering a scene between Lynine and Hilstara, go back and speak to Ginasta again.

Interact with the orb in the king's bedroom to do diplomacy with four nations and check in with Esthera. You'll need to make a decision about how to handle Eustrin: the best option is to answer the letter from the Queen Neranda with your own letters.

You will need to talk to a blond mage in the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy about business.

Simon needs to contemplate theology after his experience in the forest, and can seek out several people to help him do it.

There is very little fighting to do this time: two tests in Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy (which are easy) and the whole affair with Andra. It starts when you speak with Sarai.

This event greatly depends on whether the New Unpeople motion passed or not during the Ardford summit. If it did, then you fall upon Andra in the back alleys and fight first against several new Unpeople (who looks disturbingly like Cult's creations; they give 2,606 EXP) and then another Chosen. Have to admit, he is much better than previous ones, but still not a challenge.

If the motion failed, then everything happens directly in the Yhilin Cathedral and you have only the Chosen to fight. It also gives you a relationship bonus with Sarai. Important to note: Aka is not available for this fight (she is busy stabbing people elsewhere), and you go into battle with the party you had before speaking with Sarai. So, choose your party before, and do not include Aka, or you'll have to fight with only three party members. (If you end up fighting with 3, just use Simon to stun him.)

Before ending the section by talking with Janine, be sure to set research with Robin and orc development priority with Balia, and choose new petitions to fund in the House of Petitions. If you have the brothel petitioner in the House of Petitions, speak to her even if you don't intend to actually fund her. Don't forget that you may wish to give another round of funding to the noble liaison situated in the main hall of the palace, or that you may have funded the second House of Petitions in the Slums. Speak with Ginasta again to further improve her RP.

A visit to Zirantia[edit | edit source]

Just when you have finished your hard work at Yhilin (for now at least), there is another emissary that requests the presence of the Doom King at his territory: Zirantia. Something is off about the offer and the suspicions only increase when the Doom King receives a missive from Wynn that gives the party some serious pause.

Anyway, the consensus is that the situation should be investigated, but seeing the suspicious omens, it's decided that only the group members with combat abilities will go. Furthermore, the party is split in two teams (Simon will alternate between the two):

Northern Team: Robin, Carina, Aka and Nalili.
Southern Team: Yarra, Qum, Hilstara, Altina and Varia.

You will be jumping between both groups at certain times.

You start the action in the capital, where you meet for the very first time Fuani. It's recommended that you take the time to explore the palace and meet its inhabitants. When you are done exploring choose to wait for the feast.

Meanwhile the other group is found by Wynn, and after a brief and easy fight, they are trapped.

Yarra's group is enjoying the feast and the mingling with the other invitees. Try to speak with everyone and pay attention to the various analysis (during and after the party).

I'm not going say much about the next scene: just watch. Once that you have control of Simon's sprite, you should snoop around.

After learning about the local political situation, you learn about Wynn's offer to the Doom King: the chance to investigate an old crypt (in-game known as Incubus Ruins) before it's officially opened.

Meanwhile, the southern team has to start their investigation. To be able to leave the Palace, talk with Uolian and with Fuani. The chat with the latter will reveal a artificial heat and the cure will put her in Yarra's hands. Now she can arrange to have an unsupervised tour. Visit the plaza, talk to everyone there and try to visit other zones. You will be told to use the wagons. Talk with Fuani and you can visit the Slums. Go to the bottom section of the area and visit a building above a signpost. After talking with the owner and the clientele, leave the building and you will meet Uyae. You can return to Fuani now and visit both party headquarters (NAP & NUP). You can't advance much with National Action Party but you can take Biyue's offer to explore some Zirantian Ruins.

Zirantian Ruins[edit | edit source]

First, be aware that there are no enemies roaming in this dungeon, just magic wards protecting each tomb. Second, once you access the Ruins you get Uyae in your party. Last, your goal is to get as much Zirantian Artifacts as you can: 13 in total (there is one outside that you can miss easily). Now that you have Uyae in the roster, you should upgrade her equipment with the Sylvan Cloak and later a Zirantian Collar.

To avoid missing any tombs, it's advised that you start from one side, finish there go to the other side. Remember to check the shrines on the walls. In case that you need to know the weakness:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Ward fragment None Poison, Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Lust Mad, Lust Stun Immune to Confusion, Silence, Stun
Withering Ward Fire Ice, Lightning, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad Immune to Corrupted, Deathblow, Dominated, Lust Mad, Sexbind, Poison
Splintering Ward Sex Fire, Ice, Lightning, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad
Ash Ward Ice Sex, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Lust Mad Immune to Fire, Lightning, Corrupted, Deathblow, Dominated

In the center of the dungeon you come across an intact tomb (there is a dialog when you approach). See the Bosses page for more details. It has an interesting reward inside too...

There is another floor that can only be visited with the help of Robin & Simon, so check out that you have found anything worthwhile and meet Biyue outside to finish this section for now.

Incubus Ruins[edit | edit source]

You are back to northern team + Wynn. As you wish for this early visit to pass unseen you should treat it carefully and not just blow through all obstacles. There are several closed doors, so you'll need a key, a magical key. You start at B1, first, go north and west to the staircase leading to B2. There go north and east towards the Sphinx. Critical elements for key creation are there, but you're still missing some info. To get it you'll have to look at all the wall inscriptions around the ruins. You'll need 10, and that is the exact numbers that you can access at this point. Once you have looked around go back to the Sphinx and interact with it.

List of enemies:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Animated Statue Ice Sex, Fire, Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Lightning, Poison Immune to Corrupted, Dominated, Sexbind.
Undead Zirantian Fire, Lightning Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Ice, Poison Immune to Dominated, Sexbind.
Zirantian Spirit None Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Ice, Poison, Fire, Lightning
Undead Scorpion Ice Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Fire, Poison
Tormented Spirit Ice Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Sex, Lightning, Fire

Back to the capital[edit | edit source]

Now it's the moment to complete the Heat Potion quest and back to the Southern Team.

Incubus Ruins 2[edit | edit source]

Back to the Ruins, now that you can open the doors, do so. Remember that you can rest at any moment by going outside of the Pyramid and using the tent there. Still, at the western side of B2 behind the door in the chest you find something very corrupted. Simon can consume its corruption and heal himself. You shouldn't forget to collect all the Zirantian artifacts that you came across, there are a total of 11 available. Your first stop should be the chamber in the top right corner of the second floor, the one with six statues of a horned guy with a staff and an ankh. There you will find the trapped spirit of a lamia who will ask you to liberate her sisters. So, your next stop should be the tombs in the centre of B2 where the souls of the Incubus King's harem are imprisoned, they will give you some relevant hints. Wynn'll also appreciate it.

On the same floor there's also a second Sphinx statue: after a fight with a guardian (vulnerable to Ice, 3,815 EXP and 1,000 Sx), you get the key opening the way to B3 - the ornate door in the south that you couldn't open until now. Interact with statue at east, then at west, then repeat it: it opens the way to the central tomb where the boss fight awaits you. Before leaving the ruins you should save your game, in case you forgot to do something here.

Back to the capital 2[edit | edit source]

Once it's done, you go back to the southern team. You should go back to the National Action Party HQ, this time the man agrees to lead you to the place where the victim got hit by sexual magic. There you have another Cache Guardian to fight, much stronger that the first one, but he shouldn't be a challenge to your current party.

Zirantian Ruins 2[edit | edit source]

And you are back to Zirantian Ruins, this time with Simon and the northern team. Go to the stairs that were inaccessible previously, there after a fight you get a key to a secret room. Once everything is done, go to Biyue and learn about her dastardly plan.

Party reunited[edit | edit source]

At last the gang is back together. You must meet Uolian, then speak with Yarra to go further. But first you should learn more about Uyae and visit the city with her. Also, it is you last chance to do shopping here. You can meet many of your team members around the city. Once everything is done it's time for your last adventure in this land, so talk with Yarra to proceed.

Ordeal of the Claw[edit | edit source]

Divine Claw map.png

For this dungeon, the party is split. You can switch between the teams by using the key W. The Northern team is trapped in a room with two colored stone doors. Your goal is to use the various switches and levers around the dungeon to reunite both teams around a violet orb. Once you have control of Simon's sprite, go to the lever marked with an A and interact with it (at any point you can push it again to get access to a room with a chest, is the next one to the room with another lever, marked as B and a patrol). Now you have access to a small room with two mutually-exclusive buttons (we will call them Blue (marked as B) and Red (marked as R) ). Each button opens/closes the doors in that color in the whole dungeon, e.g. the Red button opens the bottom door of Yarra's initial room and the Blue one the top door. For now, press the Blue one and switch teams.

There are both mobile defenses and some Claw members roaming around:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Zirantian Fighter Ice Sex, Fire, Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Lightning, Poison Immune to Corrupted, Dominated, Sexbind.
Zirantian Guard Fire, Lightning Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Ice, Poison Immune to Dominated, Sexbind.
Zirantian Airman Fire Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Ice, Poison
Ordeal Statue Earth Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Sex
Tormented Spirit Ice Stun, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death, Sex, Lightning, Fire

Southern team (Yarra's sprite) should go to the east until they find a smallish room with a door similar to the Zirantian Ruins. Uyae will open it so you can pull the lever inside (C). This will take out some barriers for the other team. Before you switch teams, there is another lever that you can access, marked as E in the map. It's protected by a series of floor spikes but any version of Varia will pass them easily. Further down there is a wooden door but you need a key to open it, so ignore it for now. Return to the initial room and switch teams.

Northern team should visit three points: the violet orb (the extraction point, numbered 3), a blinking spot (it destroys a significant part of a plant trap, numbered as 1) and an observation point (it allows to pass the key needed to open the already mentioned door, in the map marked with a 2) and optionally can open a chest with 1,200 Sx. Once you're done, return to room with the two buttons and press the R one. There is a new room available to you. Defeat the enemy patrol and push the lever B. Switch teams again.

Advance with the Southern team and leave the room. Your way is blocked so switch teams again.

Press again the Blue one. Switch.

Take the Zirantian Claw in the plants room and defeat the patrol in the next room. Pull the D lever. Switch.

Simon's group has now access to the room above the two buttons' room. Get the Ordeal Key and use the buttons to take Southern Team below the observation point. Switch accordingly between the two teams for this part.

Take the Northern Team to the observation point and drop the key. Switch teams.

Interact with the K door to open it. Take the Divine Claw Charm from the altar and position the team below the violet orb. Switch.

Press the lever A again to access to a room with a blue chest and get a Magic Glove. Bring Simon's group to the violet orb and interact with it.

You will jump to the final battle. Enjoy!

Enjoy the rest of the action as it doesn't require your input until the time for a decision arrives. Also don't forget to tell us your decision, if you care to share it, of course. Supporting the League helps Zirantia fight better during the Third Arclent War; supporting no one has later benefits including during the Erosian Crisis and the Council of Gawnfall.

Govern Yhilin 3[edit | edit source]

This update has a lot of content, but there is a fair amount of content that really doesn't require a proper walkthrough. Don't forget to talk with the Chosen in the next cell about Ginata's breakout. In any case, as per usual, do the same thing as in past Yhilin updates: talk with your companions (both Trin and Robin's conversations are specially relevant; visiting Hilstara triggers a sex scene with Yarra and Simon if you have enough affection with both[39] of them and after that Simon and Hilstara have a date; talking with Carina will trigger another cutscene with Nalili, etc...), trigger some other interesting cutscenes and explore the palace with Uyae. Contact the dwarven queen again (there is different information to be gleaned depending on the method that you've chosen to reply to her before).

Don't forget to advance the ongoing projects: Balia's orc breeding, Robin's research (you have a one time chance to allow Qum to do some research of her own), etc... Once you have explored the palace, check the new Private Training Ground and talk with the people there. Your conversation with Nalili increases her stats (+2 ATQ, +2 DEF). The blinking point increases the lust that Simon gains each turn in combat. Your conversation with Yarra makes her gain a new Synergy skill (only if you had seen Hilstara x Yarra sex scene first). Aka is considering a new technique, but she is not ready yet. There is also a repeatable training fight with some orcs that can be used for testing the new skills.

Carry on the investigations with Dari (there is another choice to make there: if the New Unpeople motion passed, you can choose to investigate further the Kingsmen or pursue the Unpeople, if the motion failed the choices are the Kingsmen or to investigate further the Collars' connection. If you're in the latter case, the following doesn't apply to you. For the former, you have a small sidequest with Dari. Your goal is to stop some Unpeople for preying on the Yhilini people. You will find them:

  • In the Slums, near the Magic Shop and the Abandoned Bar (the Fighting Pits).
  • In the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy, near the doors[40].
  • In Miners' Junction, just right to the entrance of the mines.

Now it's a good moment to start the trade negotiations, so talk with Esthera and accept her proposal. Don't forget that you can leave the negotiation room before making a decision.

When you're ready to take a break, you should start visiting the city. Visit the Rose district to seize the Kingsmen's club house and visit lady Rose. In the Square, if your Acceptance is high enough,[41] you get a new Forging Ties recruit after seeing Yarra in action. Although on this round, it's not necessary to do so, it's better if you start by visiting Sarai at the Cathedral (talk with Nalili and Carina there). You will see a cut scene with Wynn, that will tell you where you can find her (the Archon Inn). Talk with Sarai as Simon and she will mention the inter-religions council. So when you're finished there, visit the library and talk with everyone there. After that you should visit Wynn too.

Close the trade deal now and fund your projects in the House(s) of Petitions. Revisit the Private Training Ground and talk with Nalili (she will learn a new Synergy skill). Check to see if you're able to pass the Final Trial of the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy. And you can finally rest for a while, just by talking with Janine as usual (save before doing that, just in case).

After the cutscenes, check the Chosen's skeleton for an intriguing reflection about what really happens with the captured Chosen. Talk with Robin again and you can use the visit to assign a new research. Meet Aka at the Private Training Ground and she will learn her Synergy skill.

Finish things with both Trin and Balia. Trin's task doesn't require any special preparations, but before meeting Balia, you should read the Orc Breeding page. The best possible result is hinted by Balia saying: "This is excellent!". Speak with Uyae and Wynn again.

If you visit the royal bedchambers during this stage you will trigger a cutscene about Whitered Mountain victims.

As some time has passed, there is another 50% of funds available to spend the main House of Petitions. Some further options would be available in both Houses, so check them.

One of the most anticipated scenes is now a reality: talk with Robin in the royal bedchambers (if she is there) and enjoy.

Once you're done (it's strongly advised to use a save at this point, in case that you had missed something) talk with Janine and select the right option.

Final Trial of the Thaumaturgy Order[edit | edit source]

First a general warning, in case that you're planning to do it later in the game to get EXP for future new party members, Sierra warns:

By the time you get other party members, you won't be able to do the trials anymore, so go ahead!
— Sierra Lee[42]

If you have done the research on Yhilini Magic, you can complete the final trials. Due to plot reasons, your party selection can't be changed after you start and both Robin and Simon are mandatory, so you can choose only two companions. One of them should be Aka, as her new Synergy skill is useful here.[43] For the other, it's probably a good idea to bring along Qum (as a healer/buffer) or Altina (as another magic user). Yarra is a good pick, too, because she can replenish Robin's and Altina's mana for free, basically. Her sexual magic also helps against some of the demons as well as the boss.

Getting inside the test consumes most of Robin's mana (level 42: 100/855 MP), so it's probably a good idea to replenish it with potions (don't forget to use the Amulet of Alchemy if you have it). The dungeon is not overtly complicated: you have to open new paths by interacting with the candles that you find along the way. As usual there are enemies moving freely around:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Pulsating Demon Sex Stun, Earth, Poison, Physical, Deathblow, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Fire Immune to Blind, Corrupted, Dominated, Sexbind, Silence
Burning Demon Ice Stun, Fire, Physical, Deathblow, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Earth, Poison
Twitching Demon Lightning Ice, Fire, Poison, Sex, Stun, Deathblow, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun
Climbing Demon Fire Stun, Physical, Deathblow, Earth, Poison, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex, Lightning
Shadowy Demon Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Earth, Sex Stun, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Deathblow Immune to Physical, Blind, Corrupted, Dominated, Sexbind, Silence

In the deeper part (advance to the south until you trigger a Robin's warning), you find a dangerous mob. Their defeat gets you another collectible item.

If you have used all the the candles and defeated all the enemies, advance to the north until you arrive to a room blocked by a strong seal. Don't worry, as Wynn removes it. Now, there is only the anticipated boss battle.

Once you're dealt with it, learn the good and bad news and you're done.

Eustrin and Aram[edit | edit source]

After the exposition and discussion between Neranda and Simon (with various interventions from some harem members), check the Quest Journal to learn your main goals in Eustrin.

At the same time that you start doing the tasks that the Queen has requested, you should take the time to visit all the different shops to try to convince the Guild of Blacksmiths to be open to international trade. You need to convince 3 of these 5 stores to open trade, in order to convince the Guild proper to consider it.

  • A general store - just visit and talk to them.
  • The helm maker (the shop with pillars on the left side) - You need to have visited the billboard near the office of the Ivalan priestess.
  • The general armorer (the shop with pillars on the right side) - You need an old familiar keepsake (a pickaxe). You will find it in the southern tunnels.
  • The restricted store - Galvia will offer to visit this shop on the party's behalf if she has joined the party (i.e. after successfully concluding negotiations with Hilstara at the bar).
  • The magic shop - You just have to find the store's owner in the business hall (go down B5's middle tunnel). He will be pretty eager to trade with you.

Be aware that purchasing Shining Armor here have positive consequences during the Third Arclent War.

You should visit the business hall to get the Eustrin steel for Varia's weapons (it costs 4000 Sx). Also, you should introduce Strevin to Lynine and Orilise (he can be found near the royal chambers).

Each time that you complete any of the items in the Eustrin Alliance, you should go to the royal chambers and check if you have the chance to speak with Neranda outside her default place, as it boosts her relationship with Simon.

Check the Secrets and collectibles page to see what interesting gear you can get (among other things) and if you're inclined to do so, buy the appropriate gear.

Once you are ready to finish the section, talk to the Queen and accept her proposal. Check the Quests page and the Secrets and collectibles page for more information.

The Blight[edit | edit source]

None of the Pins would protect you from the Toxin state, so you can use the Accessory slot to equip other accessories that gives you aditional skills or boost stats. Until Robin discovers a partial solution (in game, that means a Synergy skill for Qum and Carina) this state can only be canceled by using Anti-Toxin Potions bought in the Maranite Camp. Once you have the skill (for now it can be used outside the combat without limitations), you can clear the dungeon. As usual, check all the skeletons for various loot.

There are three types of normal enemies on this dungeon:

Enemy weakness resist misc
Blight Wolf Fire Stun, Earth, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Sex, Silence Immune to Poison, Dominated, Sexbind
Blight Snake Ice Stun, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Sex, Silence, Fire
Blight Scorpion None Stun, Blind, Earth, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex, Silence

At the end of the dungeon, you will have to defeat three Blight Chimeras.

Don't forget to visit the business hall and brag tell the good news to the brown-haired dwarf in the lower table.

The Border Incident[edit | edit source]

The alliance process is interrupted by terrible news: there has been a succubus raid on the Aram-Yhilin border. The exact state of the border when Simon's party arrives is determined by how well you have prepared for war.

Fight who you need to fight, then explore the battlefield and talk to everyone. Agreeing to interrogate the succubus prisoner ends this section.

Govern Yhilin 4[edit | edit source]

The situation is urgent, so there are some changes: as you're in a rush, you're compelled to visit the House of Petitions to make a rushed last round of investments. Then you will be compelled to to choose a new topic to research (you can be done all already).

During the incoming war, the people's acceptance will be relevant. Although in the Secret stats page you can calculate with quite precision your score, in-game there are also some hints on how high or low is:

  • If you can/could fund the Second House of Petitions, then your score was 30 at that point of the game.
  • If Nia is helping in the orc breeding chamber (Kia will tell you, as she is no longer in the palace's kitchen) then your score is at least 40.
  • If the cost of funding National Succubi Trade has dropped to 50%, then your score is at least 50.

Pay careful attention to the conversation with Neranda and Janine and there are several hints about the strength of your position. In function of how the border incident was solved, you will have different choices. In general, if you are in a position of strength, the lower option is potentially best.

Once you're done, you're back in Palace. Talk with you companions (this time around both Yarra and Carina's conversations are significant, Uyae will go with you wherever you go and it will trigger various conversations around Ari-Yhilina). In the throne room, you should summon the various representatives. One of Yarra's volunteers is the succubus in this room (the one who worships Yarra). Next, you should visit your orc(s) and talk with them (Stark has a surprise for you, his head/sack is on a table in the orc room). If you have already done Dari's Research, you should speak with her too. Don't forget to speak with the inhabitants of the palace as well. You can also talk with Esthera now.

Visit the Private Training Ground to get new Synergy skills (up to 4). Remember that you can find a dummy training orc to get a feeling about them. Once you're ready to start exploring the city, you should be systematic.

  • Inner Districts:
    • The Court: there is a cutscene with Yarra and Wynn. Also, another recruit for Yarra is waiting here (the succubus with the gangbang dreams).
    • The Merchant Quarter: there is a relevant conversation with Wynn. Robin's Arcane Crystal can be forged in the Premium Steel for just 1000 Sx[44] , if you invested in the Crystal Refiner in Ardford. Otherwise, it cost 6000 Sx. If you have a dominated-Varia, you can also craft her Lust Blades for 3000 Sx.
    • Cathedral: talk with Sarai (there are minor differences in the dialogue if you the New Unpeople motion passed or failed). The only relevant exchange in the library is with the Lustlord's representative.
  • General Districts:
    • Rose District: if you have fulfilled the requirements (Acceptance), you can buy Orgasmic Empire tier equipment in the shop. In any case, you should talk with the leader of House Rose.
    • Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy: if you haven't done it already, you should complete the trials of the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy. You should meet with the Order representative at the doors too.
  • Outer Districts:
    • Slums: talk with the wandering elf that offered the amplifying spell to Aka and with the headmistress of the Goddess of Magic cult.

Once you're finished with all your preparations, you should save the game (just in case that you forgot something or want to go back there to buy gear for instance) and get together with Janine to finish.

The Third Arclent War[edit | edit source]

As it happened with the Battle of Yhilin, this section has its own page. It really doesn't make sense to write much more. Only that you will enjoy both the update and the guide.

Chapter 4: Arbiter[edit | edit source]

Open world segment: Gather the Party[edit | edit source]

After the end of the war, a year has passed so all the party members gets a nice boost to their EXP (30,000 for everyone), with the possible exception of Hilstara: if she was not injured she gets the same amount, 25,000 if she was lightly injured (Disabled 1), 20,000 if she was seriously injured (Disabled 2) and logically 0 if she is no longer a party member. You should talk with everyone as usual (you can contact with Esthera using the violet orb in Simon's room), but the more relevant conversations are with Fuani to get a sidequest, with Orilise regarding the library, with Altina and Riala regarding the happenings in the first chapter of the game (the conversation has two versions in function of the version of altina that your choices have shaped) and with Robin (you will get Orilise's first, if you don't already have it) for the main quest, described below. The succubus near the entrance has a wide selection of Potions, if you have depleted your reserves during the war (also she buys your expendable gear).

Once that you have talked with your companions, now it's time to customize the base a little. Talk with Sheya in the Throne Room to start. The whole party is healed each time that you leave the transportation chamber, so the only practical use for the bed is to trigger scenes.

Once you're ready, visit the teleport chamber to start visiting Arclent. As opposed to times past, there is no timer around and there is no need to follow any kind of order but here is a proposed order. There are various fights to be had around the continent, but if you're optimizing you should wait to do them until you've gathered your whole combat squad, to share the xp.

  1. You start by getting Megail from Stineford as she brings profits with her (you will meet Patrici, a not-so-nice halfling). Also, you have the chance to convert ProN to Sx in Stineford Bank without limits but with a 10% loss.
  2. Seeing that you can visit Ari-Yhilina by using Rebel's Pass (if you have repaired it) or the Merchant's Pass, you should visit Sarai to meet both Carina and (surprise!) Vhala.
  3. Next, you should visit the Chalice States and get both Nalili and Lynine. Lynine is in Helvanna[45] in the warehouse in front of the House of Love. Nalili can be found in Gasm Falls, in the upper left corner, in front of the Tower of Mist.
  4. In Tak'Kan, you will find Orcent in a old Tower on the right side of the map. There is something wrong about that building, but you can't learn any more about it, for now. Now it's a good moment to have a chat with Orcent in a quiet place. Go to the Fheliel's Crown in Cee'Kan (the building with two red banners). Visit the Orc Pools in the Tarran'Kan Square to meet Sho again (and recover her gear, pretty useful if you geared her up for the Magekillers battle). Once you have meet him, you can see some nice conversations if you visit various bars around Arclent.
  5. In New Givini, you should visit first the Givini Camps (the fort on the bottom of the map) and speak with both Dari and Elleani[46] there (this conversation unlocks access to part of the Givini Vinai Court). Later, visit Elleani at her estate. You should take the time to visit Wynn in her old home (In Zirantia) and later at the Mage Guild (if Simon is no longer angered with her, she will join the harem when you speak with her there).
  6. Once everyone else has rejoined, you will meet Uyae near the entrance of your new HQ.

Talk with the new arrivals (Vhala's cutscene is specially interesting). If you're done socializing, you should speak with people offering upgrades to the HQ. Later, you should visit the Headquarters Courtyard to learn all the Synergy skills available.

Now you're ready for visiting all the countries. You should be methodical about it. Don't forget to check possible candidates for Palace Staff and visit the zones where the monsters have respawned: Withered Mountain, Delgar Forest, Aram border & Bandit Pass, Sylvan Region (Twisted Glen) and Eustrin (you can wait until the end of the Ardan succession crisis to defeat them, as at that point Riala will also get the experience). There are some secrets around Arclent (they can be found under the heading/title After the War): Feroholm, Stineford, Ari-Yhilina, Eustrin, New Givini, and Tak'Kan (you can do two miniquests there).

If you bribed AriGarda to work for House Rose, they've got into an interesting situation clearing out Lady Entila's warehouse. Talk to Lady Rose and you'll be invited to destroy some demons infesting it; once you've done so there's some ill-gotten loot to distribute. Gain +2 with one of Ardoheim, New Givini, Chalice States, or Tak'Kan. (If you think you want the points with New Givini, try to remember to invest with the Givini Orc Merchant first.)

We are going to provide some suggestions to increase as much as possible the amount of ProN that you will receive in future rounds. Bear in mind that if your Yhilin Acceptance is low (< 50), it would be a good idea to reserve some funds to increase it until that point. You will learn the reason later. Anyway, here's the list:

  1. The first option is Yhilini Brothel Reform (140% if you're able to trigger the Yhilin Final state). Only available if you have funded Succubus Brothels in chapter 3 or in chapter 4.
  2. The second option is the Bank of Givini (86%), but don't forget that you have to meet Elleani in Givini Camps. Remember to do the Givini Orc Merchant first.
  3. Next is an old one (in the sense that you could receive the offer to invest back in chapter 1): the Bank of Stineford (60%). Sadly that doesn't avoid the loss at the ProN to Sx conversion.
  4. The Givini Orc Merchant's returns depend on your New Givini score, but a likely scenario would give you 50% in the next iteration (with a lot of potential to be increased later). The synergy with Tradesmasher's Guild is another point for this option.
  5. The Lonely Sailor (40%). It has another synergy with Tradesmasher's Guild.
  6. If you're wondering about the Stineford Weapons Store, its profitability has notably increased (40%).
  7. Provided that you have done both the 4th and 5th suggestion and you have met him before, Tradesmasher's Guild starts to get interesting (35.71%).

If you have done all, you have spent at least 1,650,000 ProN.

Regarding past investments, there had been some inflation in some of the most recent ones, so some of them are less interesting. Taking into account that, the list would go:

  1. Stineford Magic Shop (100%). Still a pretty strong one, even without synergies.
  2. Yhilini Succubi Trade (36.6% or 50% if you invested in Infrastructure).
  3. Min's Trade Route: even with inflation it nets a respectable 46%.
  4. Eustrin Guild: notably more expensive but still profitable (42%).
  5. Gasm Falls Shop: (40%) It's affected less by inflation than the Theltiar Flowhouse.

If you invest in Givini Smithing, you can buy reforged Varia's custom blades now.

Once you feel that you're ready, go to the teleportation chamber to visit the Tower for the first time.

The Tower: Initial Scouting[edit | edit source]

Riala is waiting in a gray-colored area of the teleportation chamber to take you for your first visit to extradimensional space, or what she has called "superreal" space. Everyone will call it "The Tower" soon enough.

Not a really complicated dungeon, but the enemies are no joke. Here is a partial list of resistances and weakness:

Enemy Weakness Resistance Status vulnerability
Inchoate Eye None Earth, Poison Blind, Silence, Deathblow
Inchoate Insect Fire, Lightning, Sex, Disrupt, Pretty Lance Anti-Sex, Physical, Ice, Poison, Earth Deathblow
Inchoate Flier None magical (Ice is best; only 0.9x), Sex Poison, Deathblow
Inchoate Scythe Fire, Anti-Sex Disrupt Poison

To complete the mission, you have to activate all the pillars (nodes) that you find, then create a nexus in the decayed forest on the right side of the map. There is one that will disappear when you interact, but this has no consequences.

One is protected by a barrier, which can only be opened by getting the Abyssal Key from a chest (it evaporates after use). When you interact with it, it triggers a fight with two Fliers and three Eyes, so take a moment to heal. The last node appears near the start, and triggers a boss battle.

Once you have finished with the nodes, return to the forest area and interact with the hexagram to leave.

You should choose beds for Simon's room (if you haven't done it already) and interact with them to trigger various sex scenes. The following section is only available under certain conditions. If you hadn't been able to trigger it, you will have more chances. In this case, visit this section and ignore the following one if you mind spoilers. Don't forget to speak with Riala about the new research options (see this page to learn about the rewards & consequences of each choice).

Yhilin Final state[edit | edit source]

If you have enough acceptance[47], you can visit a transformed Yhilin. There are lot of things to see and people to chat with. Here are some highlights:

  • The rowdy orcs in the Outskirts are gone (included the ones in the fight pits).
  • The Elven Ghetto has a new look. And its people are happy about it.
  • There is an orc selling Yhilini Orc gear in the Slums. You can sell gear to him, but the orc gear is still worthless (in monetary terms).
  • The Cult of the Goddess of Magic has new headquarters.
  • A certain thorn in Sarai's side has found a new calling in the Miners Junction.
  • The painting shop in House Rose district has a new management.

But the main event is triggered by visiting Janine. You can trigger various conversations (three) when you enter the room:

  1. Janine-Aka: about the differences and similarities in their lives (there is only a gap of one year between the two).
  2. Janine-Robin: about possible concerns that Janine feels that Robin would have
  3. Janine-Carina (after the wedding): the meeting of two women not that enthused about the polygamy, at least applied to them. One feels a bit left out by the absence of pressure, the other offended by said pressure.

Speak with Janine to start the ceremony. For once, you have the control of Janine's sprite (you can't access the menu during this scene, if you're wondering about Janine stats). Speak with everyone and trigger the sex scene by speaking with Simon.[48]

After the scene has ended, Simon's sprite is back outside Janine's room. Inside there is now a hexagram that works a transportation circle between Janine's and Simon's rooms (from the Headquarters side you have the option to summon Janine, from Yhilin side just the option to return). Don't forget to speak with Janine once more to lock her affection. You can have a conversation with Janine in the Headquarters' pool room (she is above Yarra). There are some new NPCs in your headquarters now (one of them offers another upgrade to Headquarters defenses).

The Tower: Establishing a fortress[edit | edit source]

You start this section by going to the teleportation chamber and interact with the blue flame again.

You have already defeated most of the enemies that you will meet here. Your goal this time around is to defeat Four disturbances of some kind or as Aka describe them Four things. The four disturbances seem to be:

  • One group includes 2 Inchoate Insects, 1 Inchoate Eye, 1 Inchoate Flier and one Reality Leech.
  • Another one is a single entity called Solidified Chaos: it's not that tough, as its weak against fire and Sexual attacks. It can be poisoned and debuffed by Aka.
  • The innocent little girl[49] looming over the abyss. We are sure that is perfectly safe to meet her. You will return to the starting point after that.
  • And a mysterious presence that brushes Simon's mind.

Once you're back to the headquarters your normal routine is interrupted by an urgent call from Ardoheim. It seems that Tyna needs your help.

The Ardan succession crisis[edit | edit source]

At this point Riala joins the party permanently. Another complex section, so it has its own guide. You can find in the Quests page some hints on how to to complete this section but without game mechanics.

Interact with the Ardford teleport crystal to respond to Tyna's request and begin the section.

Open world segment: Searching for answers[edit | edit source]

After the Ardan situation has been dealt with (for now), you're now back to the headquarters. Before the control is returned to you, you will receive this round's investment returns and attend a briefing with Varia, Robin and Riala. As usual, you should take the time to talk with the people in base. The more significant ones are: Robin (they talk about Robin's new form if Robin was able to research it, it also triggers a scene), Uyae (she joins the harem), Kara (if she survived the war, she and Orcent will formalize their relationship: there are two variants depending if Lucy was rescued in Chapter 1 or not), Riala (the first research project is complete, so you can select the next one), Vhala (a nice interlude about Alonon), Hilstara (it triggers another scene), and Dari (if you have chosen to research Unpeople Transformation).

Provided that you have progressed enough (you need to have recruited 5 people) with the Palace staff quest, you can also trigger a scene with Yarra, Fuani, and Simon by talking with Fuani.

Later, don't forget to visit the Headquarters Courtyard to see what new synergy skills have been unlocked. In case that you have already seen some of the other Orcent's conversations, there is a new one between Uyae and Simon in the unnamed bar in the Zirantian slums.

Now that we have more funds, you have the chance to make more investments. There is no need to make general investments before visiting the Holy Plane, but you should upgrade the base defenses before that.

Xestris will stop by to evaluate your base, with scores noted below -- you can check your numeric values by talking with the head Unsuccubus. You can get the best evaluation (20) with 460,000 ProN[50] if you haven't researched Base Defenses (provided that Wynn has joined the harem):

  • 100,000 for Robin Magical Shielding Upgrade (+5 Magic)
  • 100,000 for Wynn Magic Shielding Upgrade (+5 Magic)
  • 225,000 for Extradimensional Foundation (Riala's proposal) (+5 Magic, +5 Military)
  •     5,000 for HQ Shrine (+1 Magic)
  •   25,000 for Orc Lab Upgrade (+2 Magic)
  •     5,000 for Deluxe Givini Dragon Statue (+1 Magic)
  • Don't forget to talk with the weird child outside the extradimensional HQ (+1 Magic)

If you have already researched Base Defense, you don't need Wynn's upgrade and you only need 135,000 ProN to reach the best value. From what we know, there is no point in buying upgrades during the first round, just do it on this round. Also you don't really need the Yhilini Mage Corps Magic Shielding at all (that is good news if you have been unable to trigger the Yhilin Final State, aka the wedding between Simon and Janine).

If you don't want to miss any of the potential rewards, you need to have researched Base Defense, though.

Exploring the Holy Plane[edit | edit source]

Just before starting the exploration, talk with the mysterious child in the Extradimensional HQ once more, to get her perspective about it.

The dungeon is separated into various areas linked by teleportation mirrors. Your goal is to collect seven Mirror Shards to repair a broken mirror (they are found in metallic chests). Along the way, don't forget to check the statues to see various conversations. In one of the areas there is the usual collectible item.

The enemies are tough, especially on your succubi, so avoid using them:

Enemy weakness resist misc
Holy Wisp Sex Stun, Sleep, Paralysis, Earth, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Poison Immune to Dominated, Sexbind
Divine Finger None Stun, Sleep, Paralysis, Earth, Sex, Anti-Sex, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Fire, Ice, Poison
Sacred Wing Stun, Sleep, Paralysis, Earth, Sex, Anti-Sex, Silence, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lightning, Fire, Ice, Poison
Burning Prayer Anti-Sex, Ice Fire, Stun, Sleep, Paralysis, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex, Silence, Lightning, Poison
Freezing Prayer Anti-Sex, Fire Ice, Stun, Sleep, Paralysis, Blind, Charmed, Lust Death, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Sex, Silence, Lightning, Poison

Once you have gotten all 7 shards, you can repair the broken mirror. Beyond it, you will find a boss fight and a pretty relevant meeting with the Anak of Philon.

Then, Xerces' right (and left) hand Xestris will check the strength of your defenses, with various reactions and possible rewards. Her rating will affect the Erosian Crisis, plus she has some prizes to award:

< 10 Defenses are weak none
10-14 Defenses are average
15-19 Huge Lust Draught
20-29 Defenses are strong Holy Draught, Sacred Revival Potion
≥ 30 Holy Draught, Sacred Revival Potion, Eldritch Draught, and Huge Lust Draught

After that you can talk to the mysterious girl in Extradimensional HQ again, and you have your last chance to roam before the next major excursion. You want to check:

  • Visit all your companions to make sure you have RP-locked everyone who's ready. In particular, if you did Dari's transformation in the last research round, she may be waiting to have a conversation with you.
  • Do all the base Military and Hospitality upgrades you can afford (Magic has already been checked). If you prefer to pick and choose, though, you might be fine with Military ≥ 5, and Hospitality only contributes to Fheliel RP. You still may want to consider buying an upgrade if it provides enough RP to let you lock a lover you haven't got yet.
  • If you're looking to invest in anything that gives +Tak'Kan score, now is the time.
  • Your harem will be scattered into small parties again, and there are a bunch of fights coming up. If you have any Sx to spend, make sure everyone has decent gear.

Talk to Riala in the northern part of the teleportation chamber to face down the Fucklord.

The Erosian Crisis[edit | edit source]

Another complex section, which begins in earnest your conflict with the Fucklord. As such, it has its own page.

Open world segment: Preparing the visit to Stenai[edit | edit source]

After frustrating Fucklord's plans to invade Arclent, now it's time to relax and rest a little. There is not a lot of combat in this part of the game (none of it mandatory), but there are a good number of conversations. In the headquarters, the most relevant ones are with Riala, Lynine[51], and Orilise[52]. Don't forget to check if your actions during the war have unlocked others.

You have the option to visit the already secured Tower locations by speaking with Iris. You will find new enemies roaming, so they are a source of experience for the whole party (you can also get an Abyssal Gem from the Tak'Kan Tower). There is a shining sword left by the Chosen in the Aram Tower. There also a good number of conversations about various topics.

Outside the headquarters in Tarran'Kan, speak with Grubbak about the Tak'Kan council (really, it has a lot more to do with harem relationships). If you talk your allies in Zirantia (the New Unionist Party), you learn from Biyue's mouth that their influence has grown among the elites.

In Ari-Yhilina, your decisions regarding who was helped first during the crisis will be reflected by different conversations at the entrance of the Archon Inn (Merchant quarter), with Sarai (cathedral) and with Vera (the Slums). Lady Rose has some intel about Stenai to share, if you visit her.

Make sure you have made your round 2 investments, as there won't be another chance before the start of round 3.

When you're ready to move on, speak with Iris and choose the option to depart to Stenai.

The Stenai visit[edit | edit source]

This is not a particularly challenging section, with most enemies being very weak. After you have been taken to your sleeping quarters in Stenai, take a walk around to get a feeling on things.

Visit the teleportation waypoint. Speak with the guy on the right side of the map: he needs some specialists to get rid of some monsters in a cave. Most of them are old acquaintances but they are very easy right now. Return to Endel, and don't forget to visit the Enchantments shop: there is a mage inside of particular interest for Altina (as he is the one that can help her to create her custom wand). You also find him again in the Item shop. If you have enough ProN (2000), you should visit the Gifts shop - you can purchase some decorations for the HQ, which have the additional effect of increasing your Stenai score.

Once you're in the palace (after you have spoken with everybody else), speak with your contact. It seems that there is a little problem with princess Reletima's boat in the military harbor. The monsters there are not up to the standards of the group. You can finish the fights in one turn, if you choose party members with AoE skills. You can meet the wizard again (he will run off again). Then, back in Endel he can be found in the Threads of Endel shop. By now, he is aware that you're stalking him and he runs off.

Now you're ready to meet the princesses. After the cutscene, talk with both Feremina and puppy-kicking Reletima. In Feremina's room you can talk to the wizard who turn tails yet again. Back in the city, speak with Renna, the puppy-kicker's maid (she's in the food store; you can't recruit her yet but you can plant the seed). You can meet our friend the wizard near the Endel Transportation Center. He finally accepts graciously to help Altina (it costs 8,000 Sx). After you close the deal, you're back in the Endel Guest House. You should take the chance to speak with Aka, Robin and Dari.

Meet Fenima in the Mana Forest as you return to the waypoint (you can trigger a scene). Once there, there is a new NPC. Speak with him to help with the princess Feremina family's economic troubles and then talk with Feremina once more. Now, you're ready to finish the action by interacting with the Doom King.

There is some minor fighting in the Tower (included another Solidified Chaos), but nothing really serious. And with that, we have finished the update...

Here is the table with the enemies of this section:

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Stenai Snail Lightning Fire, Ice, Poison
Stenai Squid Sex, Ice Fire, Lightning, Poison
Fell Bear Lightning Ice, Sex

Cave Slime, Corrupted Bear and Skeleton are the same as in the Devil's pass.

Tower Depths[edit | edit source]

Do you remember the nice feeling that you felt when you took care of the problem in the harbor? Well, welcome to the hardest, longest dungeon of the whole game (there is about 200,000 EXP points in fights there, so your Simon has the option to gain about 5 levels).

You start the dungeon without Nalili, Yarra and Qum, so it's a good idea to avoid any fights until they are all rescued (retracing your steps will quickly send you to the first boss fight of the dungeon). Then, try to return home by interacting with the blue candle. Following the discussion, you have to go south. Continuing south, you will find another of the bosses. Once defeated, go down the stairs and approach the abyss. As soon as you're near, it will start another cutscene (afterwards, you get a weakened Healing Crystal with just one use). After that, go to the room in the SW section of the map to get another cutscene. Then you have to go the blue candle in the acid pool and do a ritual. When it is finished, you have to start to use the switches, so here is a map, along with a list:

Complete map of this dungeon with the switches labeled[53].
Switch Description
Early Switch Room in Southwest of main building with broken down walls
Early Switch 2 Square room in center-west of main building
Switch 1 Wide rectangular room just NW of acid pool
Switch 2 North of acid pool near entrance, near where you found Nalili
Switch 3 Almost immediately north of Switch 2
Switch 4 In corridor just to the West of where you find Yarra
Switch 5 In room W of chest with multiple blocked tiles, just S of where you find Qum
Switch 6 Extreme Northeast corner of map.
Switch 7 Just south of the acid pool.
Extra 1 North of smaller hole behind main building. Switch 6 must be ON to get to it.
Extra 2 Small building NW of giant pit, near 2nd encounter with entity.
Extra 3 Exterior of S wall of main building, in a nook.

If you interact with the blue candle you can get a full healing (it works the same as a healing crystal). To proceed you have to defeat the two bosses in the opposite rooms, at the top of the map. However, your first goal should be to get the Tormented Shield, a really powerful item (located in the center of the map, behind multiple blockers). There is also the classic collectible in the NW room. Don't forget to destroy all the enemies, and the optional boss lurking around the SW room.

See below for a list of weaknesses and Resistances:

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Spiteful Dagger Sex, Anti-Sex
Shredded Flesh Physical,Sex Fire,Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison
Thwarted Lust Sex, Anti-Sex Fire, Lightning, Poison, Earth
Shade of Regret Sex, Fire, Poison Anti-Sex, Ice, Earth
Spirit of Hatred Anti-Sex, Lightning Sex, Fire, Ice, Poison, Earth
Acrimon Ice, Physical, Earth Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Lightning, Poison
Incarnate Decree Anti-Sex, Ice, Poison Sex, Fire, Lightning, Earth

The latest enemy (Chaoslings) have a different sprite. They are easy to defeat, and are unable to attack once their HP gets low, so you can use those fights to increase the mana reserves of the Party with Yarra's Sexual Mana, Riala's Mana Masturbation (for herself) and Simon's Lust Renewal (for himself).

Once you have defeated the wandering enemies in your reach, use the switches to advance to the two bosses in the Northeast and Northwest. The order in which you take the Manifestations of Lust or the Shattered Flesh is irrelevant, but once you have taken down both of them, you have to return to the abyss to have one final fight.

If you have survived, congratulations. Enjoy the aftermath scenes and when you're ready, go into the Teleportation chamber and talk with the Destroyer of Worlds to end this section.

Open world segment: After the Depths[edit | edit source]

There is a new round of investments and research waiting for you, once you have talked with the Entity in the teleportation chamber. Many new conversations can also be found, largely concerning the events of the last section. It's worth talking to all your allies to get their reactions. Additionally you can now visit the Doom King palace and have the pleasure to chat with Reletima (Trin can help with that, but you might want to hold off on that option).

When you're ready to advance the plot, go to the Extradimensional HQ for another conversation with the Entity. You will be presented with the 'ingredients' required to forge a new body. A couple of them you may already have, if you've done well in previous chapters.

There are now two mini-dungeons you can visit (from the Extradimensional HQ), to obtain ritual components, EXP and considerable Sx.

The Stone Tower has an option to find True Stone if you need it, or at least a whole lot of Strange Gold that you can sell for Sx (250 ea). Dungeon monsters:

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Golden Spark Fire, Earth Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Lightning, Poison
Amber Spark Sex, Poison
Sapphire Spark Fire Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Lightning
Blood Spark Sex Anti-Sex, Fire, Lightning, Poison

Abyssal Hunting returns you to some familiar space near your base where the Entity has lured in a Reality Leech, a Solidified Chaos, and a Incarnate Decree. They're somewhat weakened (10,000 HP less), and also accompanied by Sparks that drop more Strange Gold.

Between the two areas you can get as many as 42 Strange Gold; at 250 Sx each, that's 10,500 Sx in total.

Sell your Gold, do some shopping, and make your investments ahead of the Council of Gawnfall. It is good to have as many of Orcent's conversations as possible, and in particular the one in Ramasta. Talk to Riala and start a new round of research. When you're done, select the option (in the teleportation chamber) to begin work on creating a body - but the upcoming summit will interrupt however, ending this small section.

The Gawnfall Council[edit | edit source]

Now it's time to deal with the crisis that has been brewing for quite some time in the Church of Ivala - leading to an ecclesiastical summit to determine the future of the religion. Since this is one of the most complex sections in the whole game, it has its own page: The Gawnfall Council.

Open world segment: After the Gawnfall Council[edit | edit source]

You should explore multiple locations, interact with many NPCs as there are lots of new dialogues (but mostly flavour text) regarding your choices during the Council and check if you can get some new investments (for example in Tak'kan and the Chalice States). You should check with Orilise if you can get the dialogue to lock her affection and do the quest Orri's restaurant if possible. You also have the option to pick a collectible by speaking with a wandering Chosen in various locations.

In New Givini you should speak with both Elleani (you could get a very nice interaction with her) and our favorite High Priestess Sarai for additional dialogues and if you made the right choices, a rather cute scene with the Halfling: Sarai's First Time. You will probably be able to lock her affection too after the scene, which is always nice. Keep revisiting her until you stop getting new scenes. In addition, if you visit the Givini Teahouse you can get a conversation with Mestan for +5 RP, if you didn't do this earlier (he appears there after you deal with his "assassination" of Bhakan during Ardan succession crisis).

In Ari-Yhilina you should speak with Vera, especially if you succeeded in helping her during the Council, to get your reward in the form of a Crystal of Harmony, necessary for the construction of Wendis' new body and potentially a nice equipment too, a Goddess of Magic charm.

In the Elven Regions, depending on your choices with the Mother's Guard Issue, you might get access to the Elven Ruin above Theltiar where you either can pick up the Mother's Pin or leave it for +2 Lynine. You can pick it up any time after the first interaction with it and leaving the ruin afterwards, though, without losing the RP bonus with her - however, picking it up will also have a negative effect much later. There is also an interesting dialogue with the Potion Hermit, but you'll have to pay 100,000 ProN in order to reach her if you didn't get the best result with the Mother's Guard Minor Issue.

If you can visit Ardford, you can do the investments that you didn't purchase back in the Ardford summit (see the Investments page for more details), have a couple of Orcent's conversations, have another chat with Sister Beatrice regarding Arcane magic, and recruit Ralph to work in the new kingdoms (he can be found near the board message in Gasm Falls).

Return to Stenai[edit | edit source]

You'll be going back to Stenai, so to start, speak with Iris in the Teleportation Chamber, and you'll get your general objectives for this section. Go to the teleportation area, and talk to everyone there. Talking to Nalili gives +2 RP and unlocks her custom armor later. Talking to Fheliel earns +2 RP with her, plus an additional bonus based on your choice of approach:

  • Business-like approach: +1
  • Flirtatious Approach: +3
  • Direct Approach: +2
  • Agressive Approach: -1

Now you can go to the Palace, talk with Princess Feremina, and hear her troubles.

Iris will be searching for ways to lighten Feremina's workload:

  • The plant mage, to the right of the princess' room.
  • Palace kitchen - talk with the maid.
  • Orilise - in the Lodge you stayed in, on your first trip.
  • Visit the Bounty of Endel (Bakery shop).
  • Harbor - the Halfling looking out at the ships.
  • Teleportation area - a Halfling on the left side.

You'll also need to deal with the thugs causing problems for her - on the east side of Endel.

  • Fight 3 Stenai Warriors - they are weak to sex, and Yarra can take them all out before they can act at all. You get +1 Stenai Score for the battle, but -1 Stenai score if you manage to lose. However, if you just guard for four turns they will retreat and you get +2 Stenai score.

Afterwards go back to the Princess and inform her of your work.

Now, back in the Teleportation Area, talk with Esthera to decide your strategy: either send covert troops into Erosia now, or wait.

(This choice has further consequences later.)

When you return from Stenai, Megail will give you the latest round of profit returns.

We get also a new research cycle and 3 new possible researches.

You should talk with Orcent (for your army), and Janine, who has some diplomatic tasks for you: First, decide the new magical standard:

  • Ardoheim
  • Aram
  • New Givini

The country chosen receives +3 to its country score.

Second, Airship trade:

After that, talk to Wendis in the Extradimensional HQ and go to the Aramite tower again, but you'll be going "deeper" this time. This dungeon is split into multiple "planes" and interacting with your party members found on the map will transport you to these different planes. The planes will have different blockages and crystal to remove blockages, you will have to activate all crystals to finish this dungeon. (Note: you can talk to Qum to go to a "pretty" dungeon, and collect pretty sparkles.) You will also have the chance to get a Crystal of Stability. This item allows you to create in the Premium Steel an Orcsphere for Balia (a Key item) or Sanctity Plate for Vhala. The first choice seems to be better in the incoming conflict with the Fucklord.

Solution to this dungeon:
Aramite Tower Map Guide


  • Yellow 1: Sarai's Plane. Will not be available when in Wendy's Plane.
  • Yellow 2 & 5: Will only be here when in Sarai's Plane.
  • Yellow/Black 2: Will only be here when in Sara's Plane, will not appear if Riala's crystal is removed.
  • Yellow/Red 2: Will only be here when in Sara's Plane, will not appear if Wendy's crystal is removed.
  • Yellow 3: Sarai's Crystal. Will only be here when in Sarai's Plane.
  • Yellow 4: Will be removed once Sarai's Crystal is removed.
  • Black 1: Riala's Plane. Will first appear after your first plane transport.
  • Black 2 & 5: Will only be here when in Riala's Plane.
  • Black 3: Riala's Crystal. Will only be here when in Riala's Plane.
  • Black 4: Will be removed once Riala's Crystal is removed.
  • Red 1: Wendy's Plane. Will first appear after your first plane transport. Will not be available in Sarai's Plane.
  • Red 2 & 5: Will only be here when in Wendy's Plane.
  • Red 3: Wendy's Crystal. Will only be here when in Wendy's Plane.
  • Red 4: Will be removed once Riala's Crystal is removed.
  • White 1: Qum's plane.
  • White 2: Will only be here when in Qum's Plane.
  • White 3: Cutscene[58]. Will only be here when in Qum's Plane.
  • Pink 1: Will complete this dungeon. Will only here be here when in Sarai's Plane.
  • Pink 2: Will disappear when in either of the 4 party members planes.
  • Pink 3: Will first appear after your first plane transport. Will disappear when in either of the 4 party members planes.

Roadmap: Yellow 1 to go into Sarai's Plane, this will unlock Black 1, Red 1 and Pink 3.

Next go to Black 1 to go into Riala's Plane this will make her crystal appear, now go to black 3 and remove her crystal, this will remove Yellow/Black 2 (giving you access to Sarai's Crystal) and Black 4. Don't forget to go to both black 5's to open the chests.

After that go back into Sarai's Plane (Yellow 1) now go to Yellow 3 and remove her crystal, this will remove Yellow 4. Go to Yellow 5 and open the chest, after that go back to Yellow to leave her plane.

Now Red 1 should be available, go there and enter Wendy's plane. Go to Red 3 to remove her crystal, this will also remove Yellow/Red 2 (from this point on you can technically complete the dungeon, but there are some optional stuff), and Red 4. Remember to go to both Red 5's for some sweet loot.

When you are finished with that, go to White 1 to enter Qum's plane. Pick up all the White 2's for some "Pretty Sparklies", after getting all the sparklies go to White 3 for a Cutscene with Wendis.

After the Cutscene go back to Black 1 and talk with Riala twice to leave the planes and go back to normal. This will remove Pink 2 giving you access to the treasure chest behind it (Crystal of Stability), and make Pink 3 appear for a bit of extra loot.

With all that done it's time to finish this dungeon. Go to Yellow 1 to once again go into Sarai's Plane. Now go to Pink 1 and that should be the end.

Upon return, make your final preparations, then talk to Iris, to begin the conflict with Erosia.

Erosian War[edit | edit source]

It's finally time to invade Erosia in hope to free it from the Fucklord. Since it's a pretty complicated section, it has its own detailed guide.

Open world segment: After the Erosian war[edit | edit source]

Once the conflict in Erosia has concluded, it's time to receive the last round of investments of this chapter. Due to the various issues in Arclent, there is a good number of areas that are no longer accessible: Stineford, Eustrin & Aram, the Sylvan region and Zirantia (also, you can no longer visit the Religious District in Ardford). This also your last chance to get all the rewards from the opening of the Ancient Ruins. If you have further funds to invest, and have paid for the Succubus Tower improvements, be advised to hold back 25,000 ProN to fund its bar upgrade in the Return to Stineford event.

Speak with your mates (you have the chance to lock the affection of some of them). You have some visitors in the Extradimensional HQ, and the Little Not Girl has some difficult questions for you. All of her questions except the trust question will have a future impact on the relationship value of a certain related spoiler character.

  • What is Trin to you?[59]
    • Her situation is unique: +3 related spoiler character
    • I've come to love her: +5 Trin, +2 related spoiler character, Trin Trust +1 during the Incubus War later
    • She's just a tool: +3 Trin, +1 related spoiler character
    • No answer given[60]: +2 Trin, -2 related spoiler character
  • What happens when the obstacle isn't an insane Incubus King?
    • We'd talk through our differences: +2 related spoiler character
    • We'd coexist peacefully: +1 related spoiler character
    • I'd crush all oppostition: -1 related spoiler character
    • I'd do what was necessary: -3 related spoiler character
  • Why did you make Qum work at a brothel?[61]
    • I thought it would help more people in the end: +0 related spoiler character
    • We needed the money: -1 related spoiler character
    • It was a mistake I regret: -2 related spoiler character
    • I didn't force her. She agreed: -3 related spoiler character
  • Why did you allow Varia to be raped?[62]
    • It was expedient: +2 related spoiler character
    • It was justice: -2 related spoiler character
  • Do you trust me to grant me a little power from this shard?

Don't forget to select a new research topic with Riala. Go shopping and spend your Sx, especially if you have acquired the necessaries for any custom gear.

Once you have done all the errands, speak with Iris in the Teleportation chamber to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 5: Sovereign[edit | edit source]

After a long investigation[63], Simon and Wendis join part of the gang in the Headquarters Courtyard. Apart from the new skills from various party members, Simon has increased his ATK and MAG by 10. Without much time to do anything else, you're directly sent to the first dungeon of the chapter.

Deepwilds Shrine[edit | edit source]

Similar to other Tower dungeons, you have to interact with three nodes disguised as books to progress. The first one is in the starting platform, so try not to miss it. In the chests you will find:

  • 3 Large Health Potions
  • A Staff of Nature
  • 3,333 Sx

Deepwilds Shrine monsters:

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Deepwilds Hound Anti-Sex, Ice Fire, Earth, Sex, Lightning, Poison
Deepwilds Ape Fire, Sex Earth, Ice, Poison, Lightning
Deepwilds Beast Poison, Lightning Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Earth
Deepwilds Tiger Sex Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison
Deepwilds Tortoise Sex, Anti-Sex Earth, Fire, Ice, Physical, Poison

Your last action of the section is a boss battle against another pair of Tower nodes, so take a moment to check that you have done everything (open chests, fight normal enemies).

Return to Stineford[edit | edit source]

Time to Return to Stineford (another slightly complex section).

Return to Eustrin[edit | edit source]

Time to visit our allies, the Dwarren, again. Once you have control of Simon's sprite, your first task should be to speak with Neranda (you have access to the royal chambers again) and explore the kingdom with her. The following people and places will be relevant later:

  1. Hidden Entrance (Right of the Residential Area, up the stairs, ask to go to the Hidden Entrance)
  2. Obnoxious dwarf in the Merchant Hall (the one that questions Neranda's decision to challenge Aram's control policies).
  3. Interact with the women's shop guard (The top guard).
  4. Interact with the Stone (The Stone Memorial in the middle of the shopping area of Eustrin B5).
  5. Read the Message Board (central panel).
  6. Speak with the Ore Vendor near the residential area.
  7. Make an attempt to enter Agnan's room.
  8. Try to visit Relondo in his room.

There are RP gains for visiting locations with Neranda:

  • Neranda: +5 for having all the 8 interactions or +3 for 6 or +1 for 4 or -3 for 1 or less.
  • Tertia: +2 for having all the 8 interactions or +1 for 5 or 0 for 4 or less.

If you need anything from the any of the stores in Eustrin, now it's the moment to get it.

Once you're ready, go to the to shrines section (near the Ivalan's priestess office) and interact with the blue candle on the floor. After a false start, trying a second time will transport you to the dungeon (poetically called a Rocky Path). You will return to this area later, so it's strongly advised that you don't open any chests for now (the contents are much better during the second trip). Despite its barren ambient, there are of course enemies inside (all are immune to Earth, Dominated and Sexbind, so Altina isn't recommended for this dungeon):

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Dworon Guard Sex, Lightning Sleep, Stun, Paralysis, Fire, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Anti-Sex, Poison
Dworon Spearman
Skullshell Ice Sex, Anti-Sex Sleep, Stun, Paralysis, Fire, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Poison
Earthflower Anti-Sex, Fire Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Lightning, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Sex, Poison

There two possible paths to investigate. The eastern path goes to the right edge of the map. Along the way, you will find a roaming red sprite that it will drop an Abyssal Gem after you defeat them (the monsters are a Reality Leech and various Inchoate types: 2 Inchoate Insects, 1 Inchoate Flier and 1 Inchoate Eye). Once you have found that this is a dead end, retrace your steps until the start of the dungeon and go north until you cannot advance anymore. (You have to start jumping to trigger the scene required.) Despite the party efforts, even Neranda can't help you advance, so you need to find an artifact in a cave infected with Dwaregast monsters.

Deep Tunnels[edit | edit source]

There some tough fights ahead (check this thread for tips and suggestions, don't forget to check Decanter's tip guide too). Vhala's AoE debuffs are pretty useful on this section and you need a dedicated healer (Carina or Qum), so the most relevant choice is the fourth member.
Your goal is to reach an artifact with a connection to Tertia. After you beat the red spider that is blocking the path, there is a cutscene. After that you're free to explore the dungeon. There are some chests around the dungeon (you get 539 Sx, 2 revival potions, and a Dwarven Helm from them). You need to beat the grey spider that guards the statue. As it's only one spider, it shouldn't be too difficult to beat (and if you struggled with it, it's advised to avoid any more fights in this section as Riala suggests).

If you decide to beat them up, you should be aware that they are weak against Fire and Anti-Sex, they hit more than once per turn and can eventually use Web, a skill that reduces the defenses of the whole party (both DEF and MDF) and agility. They are also pretty quick. You can escape any of the fights in the section (you can even leave the area and return later if you wish). When you have beaten all the roaming Dwaregast, Riala will warn you that there is a tough boss ahead. Once you have beaten it (it's advised to save before trying), you can leave the area for good and receive Neranda's thanks.

There are RP gains for dealing with the Dwaregasts:

  • Neranda: +5 exterminating them at any point.
  • Tertia: +3 exterminating them now or +1 for returning later to exterminate them.

A Lonely Path[edit | edit source]

Before you start this path, you should take a moment to rest (in the white beds in the guest room of the royal chambers) and then it's time to return to the Tower. This time you can open the metallic chests as you find them and, of course, beat any enemies you encounter. There are a couple of chests that aren't exactly on your path, but you can access them via jumping: one contains 3 Dwarven Pastries and the other one the Sphere of Earth, a powerful off-hand item for mages. Some of the monsters haven't appeared before (they are immune to Earth, Dominated and Sexbind as well):

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Pale Earthflower Anti-Sex, Fire Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Lightning, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Sex, Poison
Glowing Earthflower Anti-Sex Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Lightning, Fire, Blind, Silence, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Sex, Poison

Apart from that, you will have to unlock some barriers, but that doesn't involve anything more complicated than going back and forth. Once you have done that, there is only another duo of Tower Nodes to beat.

Talk to Tertia, then interact with the flame to return to Eustrin. Go talk to Neranda in the royal chambers. Return to Tertia for many revelations and a notable scene. Back in Eustrin, you have a meeting with Captain Palina. You then briefly visit the Deepwilds Shrine section of the Tower, with no chance to rest first. There are a few old enemies lurking there but nothing you haven't fought before.

There, you just have to interact with shining spot to end this section.

Open world segment: Expansion to Thenours[edit | edit source]

Most of the information provided is coming from this thread, shared by Fulminato and other community members.

Welcome to the first free-roaming section of the chapter 5, for the first time with the majority of the nations of Thenours (with the exception of Rodak) also accessible.

In the Headquarters[edit | edit source]

In any case, after you have received your ProN profits, you're finally back to your Headquarters.

One of the new NPCs that you can meet is a red imp (only if you talked to the old lady from Feroholm[64]). He has some plans for both reforming Feroholm, improving Stineford's farm and rebuilding Kyangan (if you didn't it during the war). In any case, it's probably wise to continue exploring the base first.

There are relevant conversations with Riala (you have the chance to choose which harem members will receive one of the six shard fragments after Wendis has incorporated the shard from the Deepwilds Shrine, and also have the option to select a new Research topic) and with Wendis.

Regarding the shards you should be aware that some people who are present in the projection will reject a shard: Wendis (in any form), Aka and Vhala (you get a +1 just for offering it). Sarai will reject the shard, but asks to reserve it for her which still consumes it. If you give one to Trin, she gains two more copy slots. With the exception of Dari and Uyae, all the other characters have to be in the harem to appear in the projection. All of them who accept it will gain +10 relationship points, Dari and Uyae only +5 if they aren't in the harem yet.

The potential rewards for the various research options are unknown at the moment.

If you have the ingredients (Shard, Gray Lotus, True Stone, Crystal of Harmony, Demonic Seed and all of the Abyssal Gems that you have been able to collect) and did the corresponding research (Magical Constructs), you can create a new body for Wendis (if you hadn't protected the Potion Hermit from the Mother, you should do it before starting the process, because you cannot do it later). Once the process has been completed and the subsequent scene triggered, you not only get a new Harem member, but also access to a special store with high tier equipment (all items from the store have the word "Sublime" in their name). Equipment types depend on the assets available to you: you can get weapons provided that you invested in Premium Steel, armors via the Eustrin Guild and sex equipment if you funded the Succubus Armorer.

At the end of the corridor that goes south from the magical lab, you can interact with a lamp to visit Tertia in her new domain. If you have enough (30+) relationship points, she will join the harem. In any case there is a small conversation about the past if you interact with the statue behind her.

You can revisit the two tower locations with respawned enemies by talking to Wendis in the Extradimensional HQ for 2 more Abyssal Gems and a True Gold respectively. You will also collect some additional Strange Gold by defeating the spark enemies. Whether you create Wendis' new body with 20, 21 or 23 Abyssal gems does not seem to make a difference in terms of her cohesion but they all get used up either way, so you can do this part after creating her body if you already have enough.

If you haven't triggered them before you can unlock up to four new synergy skills. All of them are Yarra's - with Nalili, Uyae, Vhala and Riala respectively. Talking to Ralke at the training grounds leads to a fun twist: Balia attempts to transform him. He becomes a lot more eloquent, but otherwise remains surprisingly focused on his original goal...

When you feel ready, you can start visiting new and old locations. You should be aware that you will find a weird Chosen sputtering nonsense in many locations (you can guess the reward).

There is quite a bit of content in various locations that we will try to recap here. As you can imagine, there is no fixed order and you can move around as you wish.

In Arclent[edit | edit source]

Aram[edit | edit source]
  • In the Desert area, you can trigger a conversation about Ulrissa's age if you interact from the right with the big bones in the bottom left of the map. The Chosen can be found near the customs (top central section). The bounty headquarters are closed (although that doesn't affect our investment profits so far).
  • Apart from the general somber mood in Ramasta, the most notable thing there is a meeting with a FL's harem member (you will find many others at various locations).
Ardford[edit | edit source]
  • Religious District: visit the Order of Holy Knights to trigger a scene with Simon, Qum and and Dari (if Dari has joined the harem). If you have invested in the Ivalan Bank, that nun has some things to say about the Crystal of Ivala. You can have an amusing conversation with Antarion in the cathedral.
  • Royal District: Once you've had the conversations with Feremina in Stenai and Janine in Ari-Yhilina, go to the Embassy building to complete the mini-quest.
  • Business District: if you have funded Orri's restaurant, there are new lines here and other places too.
  • Order of Silence: you can help them with the slime infestation in the basement (you just need to defeat some behemoths).
Ari-Yhilina[edit | edit source]
  • In the Outskirts there is some talk about incoming development changes.
  • In the Slums, the elf that developed the rift amplification spell for the mine has a Demonic Fruit for the party[65]. You cannot visit either the House of Petitions or the council of the Goddess of Magic cult.
  • You shouldn't miss the chance to speak with Patrici in the Palace: this chat increases Airship Counter by 0 (if you haven't invested on the Airships), by 1 (if you have already invested in the profitable investment), or by 2 (if you also invested in Airship Militarization).
    Note: If you haven't yet invested on airships now would be a good time to do so, in order to still make a notable difference in another conflict that will arise later in this chapter. It's also your last opportunity to get airships just in time for a "last-minute" militarization (during the next investment cycle) before that conflict happens.
  • If you have reached Yhilin final state, there is a new conversation with Nabith in the cathedral.
  • After talking with Feremina in Stenai, there is a conversation available with Janine and Feremina in the Palace.
Chalice States[edit | edit source]
  • Apart for some investments, the most notable thing to do in Helvanna is a conversation with Yeralel about Succubi Holy Knights. There is nothing new particularly remarkable in Gasm Falls.
  • Visiting Reletima in the Doom King's Palace affects your palace staff quest. If you had Trin copy the princess before, Renna now detects your manipulation and leaves for good. If on the other hand you decided not to copy Reletima, Renna will finally confront her employer herself and join you instead. (This also happens if you haven't visited the Doom King's Palace until now, because in that case you're never given the option to use Trin's powers.)
Eustrin[edit | edit source]
  • With the right prerequisite you can finaly help the dwarren and free Eustrin from Aram's yoke, the section has a dedicated page.
Feroholm[edit | edit source]
  • You can fight some slimes in the merchant camp, but the most relevant reason to visit this region is the wandering chosen in three locations.
  • If you haven't done it before, you cannot solve the dispute between merchants from New Givini, Yhilin and Ardoheim in the merchant camp.
  • Qum has a new scene back where you first met her in the church
New Givini[edit | edit source]
  • There is scene in Elleani's estate that it will probably relevant later, so don't forget to visit it.
  • If you haven't invited the blonde girl from the equipment shop to the tea shop, you cannot invite her anymore.
  • The old camps are not accessible.
  • Meeting Min in Givino Vinai courtyards open the option to help one of the following countries: New Givini, Chalice States, Tak'Kan and Zirantia (+5 country score for the first three, +3 for Zirantia).
  • Luanell isn't far from Min in the courtyards and has some dialogue for you depending on your choices.
  • Sarai has a familiar face working as her assistant in her tower now.
Stineford[edit | edit source]
  • The NPCs on the mine entrance have different reactions in function of your decisions regarding the mine future.
  • If you funded the Succubus Bar, it's now a house in the map and it can be visited.
  • If Herin won the Deputy High Priestess competition, you can find Kaskia in the Crimson Cape (Stineford noble district).
  • You can[66] revisit Rebel's pass and complete Hilstara's request.
Sylvan Region[edit | edit source]
  • You cannot visit the First Root anymore.
  • The most notable dialogue is with an elf child in Denmiel.
Tak'Kan[edit | edit source]
  • There is more activity in the Bloody Spire, included a conversation with Herin, if she is Deputy High Priestess: +1 Religion, +2 Tak'kan if T - Tak'Kan ON.
  • Outside of the Mine, you can find the false baby IK from Stineford. Inside (you need to invest on the mine to get access) you can find the Impaler and the Chosen.
  • Tarran'Kan: the Ghenalese mage orc can be found in the Orc Pools. Ralph is outside, setting-up message boards. You can freely visit the Tarran'Kan Hall of Order.
Zirantia[edit | edit source]
  • As you teleport to the Palace, you will have a confrontation with Allue and Allon.
  • There will be notable differences in function if you chose to support the Old Zirantian League or none.
  • There is a conversation with Allue and Allon. The consequences depend on Uyae's affection: +5 Zirantia if locked, or +2 Zirantia if not locked.
  • You can visit the the ruins in the capital by speaking with the guy in the dining room (just right to the stairs to the second floor). You can find the Chosen there.
  • You can talk to Yuanuon in the Plaza, to learn what he Trin has been up to with the political scene.
  • You have the option to speak (in the NAP headquarters) with the girl that Simon cured during the group's first visit to Zirantia.
  • If you supported the OZL, you can meet Uolian in his habitual room. He will give you some decorations for the headquarters for free. You don't have the option to invest in Zirantian infrastructure, but you get a nice kickback of 100,000 ProN if you visit the Zirantian Ruins.
  • If you supported none, the NUP has won and Biyue is in charge. You can invest on Zirantia infrastructure by speaking with her (and that point you receive the gifts that Uolian gives for free in the other scenario). If your Zirantia score is big enough (≥ 25), select the option Zirantian Condition to unlock a scene.

In Thenours[edit | edit source]

The dedicated area to the right of your teleportation chamber now allows travel to all the nations of Thenours - except for the Lustlord's domain (Rodak), which is off limits due to the political situation.

Erosia[edit | edit source]

In Erosia (purple moving crystal), you can visit various locations:

  • In the Temple there is very little to do, apart from a bittersweet conversation with one of the Fucklord's harem members.
  • In Ryoken, you can visit the Hand of Healing (if you funded Lynine's investment during the Erosian War). You can get some books for the library if you speak with the little girl from Fucklord in Ryoken's hall. There you can also find a profitable investment and can help the glasses girl with a small errand (a cutscene showing the easy processing of another baby Incubus King) and, if you funded it, see the effects of Iris's campaign to help Erosia. The ninja warrior can be found in the military headquarters, but the conversations there doesn't seem to have any effects so far.
  • The now empty palace can be accessed from the top section of the city. Here you can speak with another of the harem members. If you interact with the hanging above her, you get some free ornamental pieces for the headquarters.
  • In Kyangan, you can find another profitable investment (Kyangan Agriculture). Don't forget to visit the Inn and meet the Chosen there. If you didn't do it during the war, you have another chance to invest in restoring Kyangan smithing.
Tatseni[edit | edit source]

In Tatseni (pale yellow crystal) there aren't many things to do: your unstated goal is to reopen the sea trade around Thenours (with the idea to expand to Arclent in time). The first stop should be the bar (the first building on the left side). After the conversation and the meeting with the chosen there, you can meet a mysterious thief on the dock (you have probably met her before). If you try to visit the port authority, the guard denies access. So you have to go to the big building on the top left of the map. Speak with the guard inside and speak with the local governor. Now return to the port authority building to finish your business here.

Ghenalon[edit | edit source]

The bright yellow crystal to the far right takes you to Kaant, capital of Ghenalon. Here you can find an inn (there is another FL harem member inside), various shops and other buildings. If you funded the Ghenalese Expatriate Program in Ardford, you can find an Aramite woman walking around. In the north there's an entrance to the royal palace.

  • The second building from the bottom on the left side is home to the Ghenalese enchanter (the one you met before in Stenai, possibly having him craft Altina's custom wand). He will now offer to magically improve selected pins and charms for 5,000 Sx each:
  • In the shop above you can have another meeting with the being that looks like a Chosen.
  • The shop at the top right sells HQ decorations for ProN. If you inspect the bookshelves, your mages will suggest to purchase some specialized magic literature for your library. Interact with the books a second time to buy them for 10,000 ProN (+1 Robin, +2 Orilise, +2 Riala, +1 Magic). Getting the golden throne for 50,000 ProN adds +1 Social and +1 Economy score.
  • Head to the palace to meet Fheliel. She asks for your assistance in completing Ghenalon's tower defenses, which leads to a fight against two tower entities. If you talk to the queen again afterwards and her RPs are ≥ 100, she will join the harem. This grants you a scene and another private teleportation link in the HQ (similar to the one that you probably already have for Janine).
Stenai[edit | edit source]

The errand in Stenai (light green crystal) is just political: help Feremina establish official links with Ardoheim. To do that, you have to speak with her in the palace, but before that you can meet another of the FL's harem members in the forest. Back to the main task, once you have spoken with the heir, go to Yhilin to speak with Janine. Now you only need to the visit the embassies building in Ardford to see a cutscene and be done.

Back in the headquarters[edit | edit source]

You can now start Hilstara's personal quest. After hearing rumours of bandit-like mercenaries in Rebel Pass go from Stineford Region to Yhilin through left road through mountains. Simon does not see the reason why they would not just teleport but Hilstara wants to check something out. As soon as she sees the armor of a guard she knows she was right and starts giving orders. After cutscene and a short solo fight which she should dominate if you are not seriously under level you get to decide whether she murders her personal demons, executes them publicly or just throws them into jail and loses the key (Sadly they do not appear in the HQ jail). Then she has a talk with Simon about what happened and decides to get the band back together, so go with her to (locations courtesy of DukeLeto7 and anonymous user)

  • Mercenary Offices in Yhilin
  • Mines in Stineford
  • The Crimson Cape in Stineford
  • Below the bar in Feroholm
  • Bounty Hunter Camp in Feroholm
  • Blademaster Guild in Ardoheim
  • Memorial in New Givini

When you get those 7, go back to Rebel's Pass and you'll find the 8th and last officer.

After completing all the activity and doing the shopping, talk with Riala in the teleportation chamber to start the next section.

Lustlord's Tower Fortress Incursion[edit | edit source]

Riala and Robin were able to track a few divine shards, but the trip in the tower is disrupted by Tanurak's intervention. As a safety measure, Wendis changes the trip to a teleport spell into the palace of Yhilin. For analyzing the disturbance Tanurak created, Simon's group gathers in the Tower HQ. Wendis, Riala and Robin have some flavor text, but in the lower region of the map Dari reports she has sniffed something strange. This will prompt Sabitha to reveal herself and share her understanding about Tanurak's work. It's a shallow global disturbance, meant to complicate any travel into the tower from the material plane, and it's a diversion for hiding the true propose of Tanurak's meddling. To shed some light on it, Simon's group travels to Ulrissa's tower domain to ask her for help, only to find it being disrupted, some entities roaming around, and the path to Ulrissa having been broken for safety by herself.

After defeating the first group of enemies, interact with the shining spot next to the gap. Robin says that simply forcing your way trough it will be unwise, but Sabitha has followed you here and you can ask her to remove the blue crystals to open the two lateral paths. After your demon friend eats them you can continue, but if you return to the entry point a path lateral to the platform is now accessible, at the end of which is a chest containing a holy draught. You can now reach Ulrissa through another lateral path, with another group of enemies waiting on the other side.

Talk to Ulrissa to discover the truth: Earlier, the Lustlord has started a project using a considerable amount of his tower resources and Tanurak caused the disturbance to hide this and stop anyone else from noticing, so he would be able to interfere with the Lustlord's plans as he pleases.

Enemy Weakness Resistance
ChaosWing Ice Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Earth, Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Chaos Demon Physical, Sex, Fire, Ice, Poison (Element), Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death

Ulrissa helps you traveling to the Lustlord's domain to get to the bottom of this. The path straightforward is blocked, you need to jump to the left and find the orb to disable it. Hidden behind the first bookcase you pass is a chest with a shining sword inside (jump onto the next island and turn right to get it). There is an easily missable jump on the platform just before you meet a second crystal, you can jump down beyond a statue and reach the "frozen" zone, finding the orb disabling some of the crystals. Now go north until you find a lectern between two blue orbs, and interact with them.
A cutscene will start, showing the Lustlord torturing Ginasta to gain control over her and her power. After that, you can jump to the right and use the magic circle. The chest you can see on the other side is reachable only by returning near the start and taking the stairs originally blocked by three crystals.

After using the teleport you make a quick trip to find the node and defeat it. Just after bringing down the first node Tanurak will make his entrance, briefly followed by Mestan and Lilith. After a bit of bickering, they start fighting and drift away from Ginasta's position. Shortly after you reach Ginasta's location, they return with another round of bickering. Tanurak leaves, though, and activates all of the Lustlord's remaining guardians.
Sabitha shows up, taking down a node on her own, but Mestan is cornered by two others. You can help him, but then you have to defeat five nodes instead of four. Helping him grants +10 RP with him and probably has other consequences going forward (see also: Second Gathering). Ginasta will break free and join the party. She doesn't have any equipment, so take the opportunity to equip her before the fight. After you make the decision to help Mestan (or not) you need to split your combat members in four/five groups, each facing one node (the same type you defeated earlier).

Enemy Weakness Resistance
ChaosWing Ice Sex, Anti-Sex, Fire, Earth, Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Chaos Demon Physical, Sex, Fire, Ice, Poison (Element), Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Feral Courtier Sex, Fire Anti-Sex, Ice, Lighting, Poison (Element), Earth, Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Undead Desire Anti-Sex Fire, Ice, Lighting, Poison (Element), Earth, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Deathblow
Lustful Paradise Anti-Sex, Ice, Poison (Element) Sex, Fire, Lighting, Earth, Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Confusion, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Deathblow
Rodak Elite Sex, Fire Anti-Sex, Ice, Lighting, Poison (Element), Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Confusion, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Deathblow
Grunt Aide Sex, Fire Anti-Sex, Ice, Lighting, Poison (Element), Earth, Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Confusion, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Heroic Aide Sex, Fire Anti-Sex, Ice, Lighting, Poison (Element), Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Confusion, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death
Lustlord Guardian Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Earth Fire, Lighting, Poison (Element), Poison (Status), Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Confusion, Dominated, Corrupted, Charmed, Lust Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Death, Deathblow, 75% Resistance to Stats Debuff.

After the battle the party escapes the Lustlord's Fortress and he contacts the Doom King to propose an agreement on Tower affairs. They agree to arrange another Gathering for that, which will be hosted by Esthera in the Orgasmic Empire. After the discussion with them you're moved to the Tower HQ and are able to talk with some people about the recent developments.
Ulrissa rewards stopping Tanurak's machinations with giving some valuable pieces of information. Sabitha talks about the alterations on her being done by Estaven and says she wants to stick around with Simon. After that you can find Sabitha near Aka and you can observe Aka trying to help the demon to be more comfortable in the HQ (yields +1 Sabitha). Megail has some reflections about the financial side of the upcoming event (+2 Megail). After having done the talky talk with everyone, start the long discussion with Ginasta to end the section.

Second Gathering[edit | edit source]

This section gets its own detailed guide, see Second Gathering.

Open world segment: Expansion to Rodak[edit | edit source]

This section is under construction.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

After you have received your ProN profits, you're finally back to your Headquarters. You also have the option to select a new Research topic. There is a shiny spot you can inspect next to Megail with useful information on investment locations.

Check the courtyard for new synergy abilities and the bed for new sex scenes.

Xestris and Ginasta can be found outside in the top-left and bottom-left corners respectively. Choosing to “Sex” Ginasta is beneficial (+1 Ginasta). Sabitha can be found in the Extradimensional HQ. There are a number of conversations that can be had in your Extradimensional HQ. The conversation with Riala unlocks an investment.

Garden of Earth

Esthera can be found in Tertia's domain. There is an initial conversation about Esthera staying there. They have another conversation if you have ≥ 5 of the following cumulative criteria:

  • Esthera RP ≥ 100
  • Orgasmic Empire ≥ 30
  • Tertia RP ≥ 30
  • Tertia RP ≥ 40
  • Harem Size 23
  • Harem Size 25
  • Harem Size 27

This additional conversation gives +1 Tertia and +5 Esthera.

If you speak with Tertia about the magic method of agriculture that the Lustlord used (after inquiring about it, see below), she will give you the option of making an offering to her (it costs 250,000 ProN), which will allow her to influence the farming process in Rodak... or not.

New locations

You can now access the Orgasmic Empire and Rodak from the Teleportation Chamber.
The Orgasmic Empire is part of Renthnor and is found on the left side of the chamber. The bright pink crystal gives you access to Climax, the Orgasmic Capital.
Rodak is part of Thenours and is found on the right side of the chamber. The dark purple crystal gives you access to Denlak, Throne of Lust, and Gathering Village.

Warden of the South and Iris' Request[edit | edit source]

Before you start much travelling, there are two wide-ranging quests likely to be available that you should pick up. Both have you traverse significant portions of the world so it makes sense to work on them together. First, head over to Elleani's estate in New Givini to start the Warden of the South quest. Then, if Iris is at 100 RP, your first stop should be to find her in Helvanna to start Iris' Request.

Climax and the Orgasmic Palace[edit | edit source]

You can see results of the Pan-Succubus Council in the city. There is an investment opportunity in the bottom-left corner related to smuggling. In the cafe you can reunite with three succubi you may have met during Simon's Route that unlocks an investment opportunity. If you invest, you have the option of suggesting they stay in the Orgasmic Empire or move to the Chalice States.

On the first floor, there is an investment opportunity In the Orgasmic Palace Appeals room. You can also discuss the three succubi's change request in the same room with the top-right succubus. This leads to another investment opportunity. Lexande is in his usual room and it is likely this conversation is important[67]. Talk to the succubus outside his room to unlock an investment opportunity. You can continue with it on the second floor outside of the admin office.

On the second floor, you can now purchase Lust Pastries in the second floor kitchen for 250 Sx. There are a few things in the magical defenses room. There is a nice conversation with the green-haired succubus if you cured Aka with information from the Orgasmic Palace during Simon's Route. There is an investment opportunity with the same succubus. If you recruited Sho during the Erosian crisis prelude, you can find her here. In the library the succubus near the bookcases can provide a map of Renthnor. You are able to view this map back in the Teleportation Chamber in your base.

In Nalili's bedroom there is short but sweet conversation with her guard.

On the fourth floor, there is a conversation and scene with Esthera and Nalili. You can interact with all of the objects in the bedroom for some minor dialogue with Esthera.

On the basement floor, there is a conversation between the jailor, Nalili, and Xestris. This unlocks an investment by talking to an orc outside of the slave market building in Climax.

Rodak[edit | edit source]


You can talk to the weapons shop owner to set her up with the succubus armorer from Gasm Falls. Visit them in Gasm Falls and then return to the weapons shop in Denlak for a scene and some amusing dialogue.

In the top-left corner is the orc hut, talk with the orc to the left and he'll ask you to support the Rodakan orcs in gaining equality in Rodak's social system for 1,500,000 ProN (talk with mid-right orc to reduce it by 500,000 and have Balia's RP locked for another 500,000 discount). You gain +2 Rodak and +5 Balia for funding it.

In the middle building (Seat of Rodak), after the initial discussion (this conversation will grant you access to the Denlak Agricultural Center), talk with the right succubus for a conversation between her, Simon, and Iris. You decide how to support Rodak, and receive 2 sets of succubi statues regardless of your choice.

  • extent:
    • Normal: +2 Rodak
    • Extended: RODAK EXTEND ON +5 Rodak
  • support packaging:
    • Doom King's logo: +2 Social, +5 Rodak [68], +2 Arclent Acceptance, -5 Ginasta [69], +5 Iris
    • Neutral logos[70]: +2 Rodak, +4 Ginasta
    • Mixed national logos: +2 Economy, +3 Rodak, +4 Ginasta, +2 Janine, +2 Neranda, +1 Orilise, +1 Lynine
    • Religous logos: +2 Religion, +2 Ivalan Acceptance, +5 Carina, +2 Sarai, +2 Ginasta
  • trade partner (note that none are affected by Normal vs. Extended choice):
    • Ghenalon: +2 Ghenalon, +3 Rodak, +5 Fheliel
    • Erosia: +4 Erosia, +1 Rodak
    • Tatseni: +5 Tatseni
    • Stenai: +3 Stenai, +2 Rodak

In the same building, there are investment opportunities with a green-haired succubus in the top-right corner about setting up new trade network for Rodak. As your Rodak score increases, both the cost and Rodak score bonus decrease, as follows

Rodak Score ProN
Rodak Score
< 10 1,000,000 +5
10-19 750,000 +3
20-29 550,000 +3
30-39 350,000 +1
40-49 200,000
≥ 50 100,000

Another investee is the skeleton orc in the bottom-left corner. His price is based on your performance in the Second Gathering[71].

Top-right corner is Denlak Agricultural Access, talk with succubus in the middle for another investment activity. She will ask for 3,000,000 ProN to funding the project. If you're in a tight spot, return to your HQ and ask Tertia for advice. This will reduce the cost to 2,000,000 ProN for the price of 250,000 ProN to her (+1 Tertia). Either way, you'll gain Rodak +10.

In the top middle building you can learn about Rodak's national sport: Fuckball. This discussion leads you to a vault full of valuable loot. You find the following:

  • Consumables: Life Stone and Eldritch Draught
  • Weapons: Penultima Weapon and Pink Rock
  • Armor: Super Sexy Ribbon, Elite Fuckball Uniform, and Sexy Shield
  • Miscellaneous: A Shining Sword and 10,000 Sx
  • You do not keep: Carbo Cookie, Unbroken Circle of Fuckball, Itsy Bitsy Medal, Premium Fuckball Egg, and Platinium Fuckball Ball
Throne of Lust

There is a conversation with Vunne near the entrance. There is a shiny spot you can interact with in the northern part of the map that results in an option for investment (700,000 - 1,200,000 ProN, depending on how many of the Lustlord's harem survived; yields +5 Rodak).

Gathering Village

In the bottom-left house you can reunite with Hadi from the first Gathering. After talking with her and leaving the house, Yarra will suggest an option for an investment (500,000 ProN, +2 Rodak).

Erosia[edit | edit source]


In the Hall of Ryoken (top-right building with statues outside), you can have a conversation about the Second Gathering with one of the Fucklord's ex-harem members ("Glasses" girl) for +1 Erosia. Ginasta, Simon, and the military administrator behind the desk can have a conversation (+2 Ginasta). In the Ryoken Military HQ (top-left building with statues outside) Simon, Ginasta, and a survivor of the Erosian War can have a conversation (+2 Ginasta). You will find this person on the right side at the bottom-left desk.

If your Erosia score is ≥ 50, there is a statue of the Doom King outside the Hall of Ryoken.

Ghenalon[edit | edit source]

There is a new investment opportunity in the Finery of Kaant (top-right building).

Stenai[edit | edit source]

In the Stenai Palace, Princess Feremina would like to discuss policy with you. Once you start this discussion you are forced to make a decision between having Stenai support Erosia or Rodak (+5 to the chosen country score if Stenai has an embassy in Ardford, +3 otherwise).

On Arclent[edit | edit source]


Yelarel can be found in the top-right corner and has an investment opportunity. (350,000 ProN, +2 Religion, +2 Rodak, +1 Ivalan Acceptance, +5 Ivala, +2 Carina, +1 Sarai)

In the Temple to the Lustlord (top-left) talk to a succubus behind the counter and you may fund an expedition to the Orgasmic Empire. (250,000 ProN, +2 Religion)

Feroholm (Rebuilt)

If you upgraded Feroholm, the town has been remodeled. There is a conversation with Orcent in the new bar.

There is a magic circle on the right side of town. The decision made impacts a few things:

  • Erosia: +10 Erosia
  • Rodak: +10 Rodak
  • Eustrin: +5 Eustrin, +5 Neranda, helps during Eustrin final[72].
  • Orgasmic Empire: +5 Orgasmic Empire, +5 Esthera

In the Tarran'Kan government building, in the first room on the right, there is a merchant orc (blue hat), who has a plan to assist the orcs of Rodak. It costs 450,000 Pron (+3 to Rodak).

Optional Bosses from Tanurak

Talk to Riala in the Teleportation Chamber and select Update on Tanurak. She will inform Simon about three optional fights which can be found:

Defeating all three is strongly recommended, as it provides benefits later.[73]

Minor Content[edit | edit source]

  • If Herin was promoted to Deputy High Priestess, you can find her on the bottom-right side of Cee'Kan.
  • If you lost to the Orgasmic Champion Orc from the Second Gathering and recruited him with Trin during the first or second visit into the Empire prior to the end of the Second Gathering, you can find him in Cee'kan inside the Dock Offices. He provides a short but sweet telling of how his life has improved with a brief conversation with Orcent.
  • The Impaler has a new line of dialogue in the top-right corner of the Kanese Mines.
  • In the rebuilt Feroholm, there is a shiny you can interact with near the magic circle where Simon's house use to be for a conversation. The little boy in the bottom-middle area is looking for the little girl in the top-right. You can't do anything with this knowledge.
  • If you helped the two succubi who were considering leaving the Skullpounder during the Second Gathering, you can find them near the entrance of Gasm Falls. The one on the left has minor dialogue variations based on whether you have cleaned the water supply or not.
  • There is a conversation between two succubi priestesses in Helvanna's Lustlord Temples top-right corner. Unsure if this requires you to have invested previously.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

I did not notice anything of note in the following places (as of 0.55.4):

  • Kyangan
  • Erosian Temple
  • Tatseni (Basanai)
  • Stone Tower (via Entity in Extradimenional HQ)
  • Abyssal Hunting (via Entity in Extradimenional HQ)
  • Feroholm (Rebuilt) Church of Ivala

Checklist before moving on[edit | edit source]

  • Complete Warden of the South, Iris' Request, and Eustrin Final if you have not already done so
  • Make the Rodak Support decisions in Denlak
  • Talk to Lexande in the Orgasmic Palace
  • Talk to Feremina in Stenai
  • If you rebuilt Feroholm, make the magic circle decision
  • Fight Tanurak's optional bosses
  • Choose a new research topic
  • Investments and shopping

Incubus War[edit | edit source]

This section gets its own detailed guide, see Incubus War.

Incubus Prison[edit | edit source]

This section has its own very detailed guide: Incubus Prison step-by-step instructions. The linked instructions are much more detailed and scripted than this guide has usually undertaken -- if you'd prefer to figure out your own tactics after some general advice, here are some points to consider:

  • Each region has a central magic circle where Simon can heal. This is the only place you can save.
  • There are only three benefits you can earn in this section that last past Simon's escape (apart from survival): the Incubus King sword, a Shining Sword, and a bonus of +5 Ginasta RP.
  • There are glowing floating "easy mode" crystals that offer help. If you take the help, you do not get any of the permanent rewards.
  • Simon starts out naked and stripped of his skills and power. Remember you can Escape from most fights (hit the Left arrow or Escape key, then select Escape from the menu). A big key to this section is picking and choosing which fights you can currently handle and which you need to avoid.
  • In a new area, even "dangerous" ones, first run around and find as much unguarded loot as you can get.
  • Simon's new Retreat skill can be used out of combat to portal back to the healing circle.
  • Understanding how RPG Maker stats work is important for this section. You can read about them here.
  • There are areas where ATK is more important than MAG, and vice versa. There are areas where you need DEF more than MDF, and vice versa. Pay attention to what kind of damage the monsters are doing, and consider swapping your gear frequently. The names of the enemies' attacks are often a clue.
  • There are fights that will come down to mutual attrition of HP. Well-timed use of Items can win the hardest ones for you, especially in the early areas.
  • There's a strictly limited amount of Sx available, and there are two expensive items (1000 Sx and 1200 Sx). You will not be able to buy everything that is offered. You don't need any of the things the cloaked guys are selling, but consider the tradeoff between good gear now and great gear later.
  • In most cases you can freely bypass fights that are currently too hard for you. If you do, remember to go back for them later.
  • There is no downside to using the healing save points. There is flavor text every so often when you do so. (In particular, there is no time limit of any kind.)
  • Status-preventing items can be used as out-of-battle cures. In particular, if you are poisoned, equip a poison-immunity item, and the poison will vanish.
  • The menacing black fortress, the Final Lock, in the third area is accessible only if you declined easy mode. A non-obvious thing you'll really want to know: you can save inside the area by interacting with the magic circle. You are offered a chance to save, then the option to leave. You can return to the circle and save again every time you beat a boss, so you don't have to start over every time one of them cheeses you to death.

Incubus War aftermath[edit | edit source]

This section gets its own detailed guide, see Incubus War aftermath.

Open world segment: After the Incubus War[edit | edit source]

Having just slept in the tent and having received your ProN returns. It is time to go about checking up on the world once more.

Simon's recovery[edit | edit source]

The first big thing you will likely want to focus on is Simon's getting some Simon recovery score, to regain the ability to see sex scenes. For his recovery, you need to gain a total of 12 recovery points. These can be earned in the following ways:

Once you have gained enough recovery points go to the headquarters lower floor for a quick scene after which Simon is able to have sex again. Including with the 2 newly recruited and unfucked goddesses who you should definitely have sex with for some RP gains.

A visit to Sarai and Carina[edit | edit source]

You can interact with Sarai at her place in New Givini for some interesting talks. You can interact with Carina in your Headquarters to lock her affection afterwards (if you have enough RP).

Wynn's quest[edit | edit source]

You can visit Wynn to start a rather long quest to help her create the best tests possible.

Qum's quest[edit | edit source]

You can visit Qum to start her quest to create a school.

Forging Divine Equipment from Shining Swords

Finally, a purpose for the Shining Swords you've been collecting! Talking to Wendis on Ivala's Pillar allows her to make one new piece of equipment out of 5 Shining Swords in your inventory. By now, you might have as many as 40 swords, allowing you to produce 8 items. She produces them in this order:

Order Total

swords used

Item forged
1st 5 Dull Ring
2nd 10 Ring of Wind
3rd 15 Eldritch Ribbon
4th 20 Shining Shield
5th 25 Staff of True Necromancy[76]
6th 30 Shining Sphere
7th 35 Pure Divinity and Crystallized Divinity
8th 40 Shining Buttplug

The Renthnor Wilds and Philon[edit | edit source]

You can now enter the Renthnor Wilds and Philon. Head to the Headquarters > Teleportation Chamber and talk to Xestris to the west. You can visit the Last Outpost via the blue crystal. At the time of writing this, you can purchase some interesting gear from the Wilds Commissionary and speak with some people, but that's it. It is not currently possible to exit north.

To travel to Philon, head to the Orgasmic Empire. Enter the Orgasmic Palace and head to the throne room. Talk to Lexande. Head back to the Headquarters > Teleportation Chamber. You can now travel to Philon via the crystal directly north of the one that takes you to the Orgasmic Empire.

Inside village SE-11 you can talk to some people. Enter The Frumpled Feather, leave, and re-enter for a bar conversation with Orcent.[77] You can purchase basic equipment from the Philonese Store but it likely will not interest you.

Philon Tower[edit | edit source]

Philon's Periphery
Yellow circles denote loot. Red circles denote crystals.

Note: You cannot leave the Philon Tower section until you have completed everything. Make sure you are prepared. You also will not return here so make sure you do everything you want before you proceed from the first maze and then to the final section.

Interact with the blue flame to the northwest of SE-11 to enter the Tower. Your first goal is to make it through the maze while interacting with each of the five crystals. Xestris +1 for each crystal you interact with. There is an optional mini-boss fight to the very south near the exit. The final crystal and the usual reward are beyond it.

Refer to the image as required. The enemies in this section can be difficult. Some notes:

  • Manawings reflect magic attacks and resist Physical damage, but have low MDF. Use physical skills that target MDF.[78] It has a 50% chance of dying to Lust Death.
  • Hollow Courtier inflict Nothingness but can be Silenced or Corrupted.
  • Unending Desire has a massive health pool and can inflict Stun and Lust Death but is very weak to Sex and Anti-Sex damage and can be Dominated. It has a 50% chance of dying to Lust Death.
  • Fleeting Glimmer has a 100% evade rate and can inflict Blind, Silence, and Stun. Use Physical skills with the Certain Hit hit type.[79]
  • Wall of Flesh has a massive health pool and always uses an AoE that deals 25% damage of that character's current HP. It can be Stunned and Poisoned. It has a 50% chance of dying to Lust Death.
  • Hardened Demon has high DEF and MDF. It has a 50% chance of dying to Lust Death or Deathblow.
  • Endless Wall is a stronger version of Wall of Flesh except it is immune to Lust Death.
  • Endless Lust is a stronger version of Unending Desire except its elemental resistances are better, it is immune to Lust Death, and it counter attacks (negating physical attacks unless Dominated).
  • Endless Wings is a stronger version of Manawings except it is immune to Lust Death.
  • Endless Courtesy is a stronger version of Hollow Courtier except its elemental resistances are stronger and it is immune to Silence, Corrupted, and Lust Death.
Enemy Weakness Elemental Resistance Status Resistance Immunity
Manawing (825) - Physical (50%) Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
100% chance to reflect magic attacks.
Hollow Courtier (826) Fire (125%)
Poison (125%)
Sex (150%)
Ice (50%)
Lightning (50%)
Earth (50%)
Anti-Sex (75%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Unending Desire (827) Sex (500%)
Anti-Sex (400%)
Physical (75%)
Fire (75%)
Lightning (50%)
Poison (50%)
Poison (25%)
Blind (50%)
Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Fleeting Glimmer (828) - Fire (75%)
Ice (75%)
Lightning (25%)
Earth (75%)
Poison (90%)
Sex (90%)
Anti-Sex (50%)
- 100% Evade rate
Lust Mad
Lust Stun
Lust Death
Wall of Flesh (829) Poison (200%) - Paralysis (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Hardened Demon (830) - - Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Deathblow (50%)
Endless Wall (831) Wall of Flesh (829) Poison (200%) Paralysis (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death
Endless Lust (832) Sex (500%)
Anti-Sex (200%)
Physical (50%)
Fire (50%)
Lightning (50%)
Poison (50%)
Poison (25%)
Blind (50%)
Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death
Endless Wings (833) - Physical (50%) Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
100% chance to reflect magic attacks.
Endless Courtesy (834) Fire (125%)
Poison (125%)
Sex (175%)
Ice (25%)
Lightning (50%)
Earth (25%)
Anti-Sex (50%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death
Philon's Periphery
Yellow circles denote loot. Blue circles denote switches.
Philon's Periphery
Yellow circles denote loot. Blue circles denote switches.

Once you make it through the maze, confirm with Xestris to proceed. You will arrive in Anak's Sanctum. There is an Outer Phase and an Inner Phase that you will flip between. Refer to the images as required.[80]

You start at the southwest of the Outer Phase. Make your way to the northwest and interact with the shiny spot (marked 0 on the image). You can now talk to Xestris to flip between each phase.

Interact with the small purple crystal switches to break the large purple crystal barriers. The switches are numbered in the order you should break them. You will need to flip between the two phases repeatedly.

As before, the enemies can be difficult. Some notes:

  • Etheral Glimmer can give an ally a Magical Shield (blue shield icon) which reflects magical attacks.
  • Corporeal Glimmer can give an ally a Physical Shield (red shield icon) which gives them a 100% chance to counter attack (negating the physical attack).
  • Dull Flow can inflict Neutrality which changes the target's ATK and MAG to 0 for one turn.

Once you have interacted with every switch and chest, interact with the red flames in the Outer Phase for a boss fight.[81] After the fight, interact with the blue flame to complete this section.

Completing this section grants +1 Simon Recovery and 8 divine shards.

Enemy Weakness Elemental Resistance Status Resistance Immunity
Ethereal Glimmer (836) - Ice (75%)
Lightning (75%)
Earth (75%)
Poison (75%)
Sex (50%)
Anti-Sex (50%)
Poison (75%)
Blind (50%)
Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Deathblow (25%)
Corporeal Glimmer (837) Sex (200%)
Anti-Sex (125%)
Fire (75%)
Ice (75%)
Lightning (75%)
Earth (75%)
Poison (75%)
Poison (75%)
Blind (50%)
Silence (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Deathblow (25%)
Dull Flow (838) Ice (125%)
Poison (125%)
Sex (125%)
Physical (50%)
Fire (75%)
Earth (75%)
Anti-Sex (50%)
Poison (75%)
Blind (50%)
Stun (25%)
Paralysis (25%)
Sleep (25%)
Lust Mad (50%)
Charmed (50%)
Lust Stun (50%)
Lust Death (50%)
Deathblow (25%)
Tower Node (White) (839) Sex (175%)
Earth (125%)
Fire (75%)
Ice (75%)
Poison (75%)
Anti-Sex (25%)
Poison (25%) Blind
Lust Mad
Lust Stun
Lust Death
ATK and MAG debuffs
Tower Node (Black) (840) Ice (125%)
Anti-Sex (150%)
Fire (25%)
Lightning (75%)
Earth (25%)
Poison (75%)
Sex (75%)
Poison (25%) Blind
Lust Mad
Lust Stun
Lust Death
ATK and MAG debuffs

References[edit | edit source]

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  33. All of them are going to receive +2 relationship points for the next event, except Trin and reshaped Varia who receive +5. Plan accordingly.
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  60. Either by avoiding the question or not having the conversation.
  61. This question is only asked if you whored out Qum
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