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Vunne is a girl who is part of the Lustlord's harem. She is introduced during the Second Gathering. While she isn't abused by the Lustlord, she seems unhappy and neglected by him. He sees her more as arm candy to be shown off rather than as a real person. (And she isn't into neglect play.) However, she is still loyal to the Lustlord, obeys his orders, and will report to him if she senses something abnormal when Aka's team sneaks into his chambers.

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Base value: unestablished.

  • +1 talking to her in the Gathering complex at the start of the event.
  • +1 talking to her during the Empress' orgy.
  • +1 talking to her in the Alabaster Hall on the fifth day of the Gathering.
  • +2 for not attacking the Lustlord in Nyst's event after talking to her, OR +1 for not attacking him without having talked to her previously.
  • +2 talking to her in the Orgasmic Emporium on day six.

Max legit value : 7