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Please remember the following words from the developer:

The Last Sovereign will continue to update like it always has: whenever I complete a new section. You can see in the version history I generally finish one about one a month, but I'm only human, sometimes life slows me down. If I can do this full time, though, I believe I can keep both projects updating.
— Sierra Lee[1]

Most text below is taken from official version notes, usually the dev blog's centralized version history, sometimes with minor edits or additions in italics. Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

Version 0.1.0 (2014-11-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Launch version, contains the complete prologue.

Version 0.2.0 (2014-11-29)[edit | edit source]

  • New chapter of the story.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements to the prologue.
  • New gameplay mechanic (sex point based characters).

Version 0.3.0 (2014-12-12)[edit | edit source]

  • New chapter of the story.
  • Several bugfixes/improvements in previous sections.
  • Whole game rebalanced, overall easier.

Version 0.3.1 (2014-12-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed boulder bug.
  • Minor rebalancing.

Version 0.4.0 (2015-01-09)[edit | edit source]

  • New plot segment plus the entire city of Stineford.
  • Eight new sex scenes.
  • Sex sprites added retroactively.
  • New sprites for Simon and Qum D'umpe.
  • Multiple additions to prior sections, including two short sex scenes and some affection choices.

Version 0.5.0 (2015-02-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Two major plot quests added: you can now raise enough money to leave Stineford.
  • Three major combat sidequests, several minor sidequests.
  • Two new sex scenes.
  • Enemy healing bug fixed, minor improvements to Stineford.

Version 0.5.1 (2015-02-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bugs that invalidate certain quest orders.

Version 0.6.0 (2015-03-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Next chapter of the game.
  • Four new sex scenes: two in the new section, two added to Stineford.
  • Mine bug fixed, parallel versions unified.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes/improvements.
  • Balance changes.

Version 0.7.1af (2015-04-01)[edit | edit source]

Not a true game version, but a short April Fool's joke. Can still be downloaded here.

Version 0.7.0 (2015-04-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Next chapter of the game.
  • One new sex scene.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 0.7.1 (2015-04-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed two potentially game-freezing bugs.
  • Minor rebalancing.

Version 0.8.0 (2015-05-10)[edit | edit source]

  • New chapter of the game.
  • Five new plot sex scenes.
  • Five new affection sex scenes.
  • See below for full list of updates.
Detailed changelog

Major Changes

    • Yarra has been redesigned with a major art upgrade.
    • Hilstara and Carina also got art upgrades (increased emotional range and new profile image, respectively).
    • I dropped some money on new tiles, NPCs, and other resources. I want each country to have a different look and feel (as you've probably noticed, I used Mack tiles for Yhilin) and now I should be able to distinguish all of them.
    • A character I planned to introduce later now appears in the prologue. You'll also see some new graphics there, which will be relevant far down the road.


    • Game now has a custom title screen and chapter titles.
    • The game now uses custom menus. Nothing fancy, but I think it matches the feel of the game better.
    • Talking to harem members in camp now produces a fancy popup with their information instead of using a text box.
    • Formerly generic NPCs like Ina, Lucy, Kara, and Orcent now have unique sprites and facesets.
    • The shade of Varia's sprite now matches her bust/faceset.
    • A few new facesets now match characters better (for example, succubus leaders no longer use lamia faces).
    • I also gave the Zirantian prostitute and the Givini characters proper non-generator facesets.
    • When traveling on map screens, you now have a movement cursor instead of a normal sprite.
    • Finally got a fog system figured out: maps can now have clouds, fogs, sunlight, and probably many other things. The ones I have may require some tweaking, but I think they make several areas look nicer.
    • Similarly, I'm making better use of VX Ace's weather effects. They don't feel appropriate for too many areas so far, but feel free to leave feedback on this.
    • Did a little remapping to areas that were bland or to make better use of my new tilesets.
    • Massively increased the iconset. This means that all sex skills now have appropriate icons (and some have improved ones). I also changed up some item icons to standardize things (like normal vs heavy armor) and made miscellaneous improvements.


    • We have music that is, if not custom, at least non-default. I'm not going to add what I have recklessly, since it will balloon the file size, but I'll be including new songs as they're needed for added variety.
    • One of those is a new theme song that isn't so heavily used. Hopefully everyone likes it or lets it grow on them, because I really like the feel of it.
    • Battle music now varies. Bosses have a different theme, there's sadder music when you're forced to fight a certain ally, etc.


    • Yarra now presides over a harem management system. Right now it doesn't have a lot of functionality, but it lets you see everyone's profile shots again and keep track of people.
    • There's a quest log system to keep track of all plot and side quests.
    • Sex skills rebalanced, preventing the method that was making combat grindy for some people.
    • Shops now display more information about equipment so purchasing decisions are easier.
    • The text box toggles on and off when you press the Control key.
    • The giver of the mushroom sidequest now takes your mushrooms more efficiently.
    • There's a new battle during the early part of the plot.
    • Robin and Hilstara's exp in Stineford changed slightly. You can still optimize experience, but they won't be as far behind if you get them very late.
    • There are now items that restore SP in combat.
    • New slime enemies provide an optional chance to grind for items.
    • Lots of little notes: Robin/Hilstara comment more in Stineford, story dialogue changes slightly based on optional stuff, etc.
    • Minor balance changes. There's slightly more exp, money, affection points, items, and unique collectibles available than in previous versions.
    • Bunch of minor cosmetic things fixed/improved.

Version 0.8.1 (2015-05-17)[edit | edit source]

  • 68 changes/improvements/tweaks, 5 minor bugs.
  • That's it. Glad this was just a polishing update. ^-^

Version 0.8.2 (2015-05-22)[edit | edit source]

  • 14 changes, 2 minor bugs.
  • Public release!

Version 0.9.0 (2015-06-20)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game.
  • Five new plot sex scenes.
  • Twenty new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.9.1 (2015-06-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor polishing, plus one fadeout bug.

Version 0.10.0 (2015-07-18)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Three new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.10.1 (2015-07-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Just polishing and typos. ^^

Version 0.11.0 (2015-08-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Completed Megail's route.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Some edits and new systems (see notes).


  • There's a lot to do in this update, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I don't know how the sidequests will feel. I didn't want to hit players with a lot of extraneous information for minor parts of the game, but I worry that the goals may feel unclear. On the other hand, I also worry it's too easy to sweep the whole set. Let me know, anyway, and I may tweak this in the future.
  • This would be a good update to keep multiple saves. Nothing important is missable, but some of the sidequests are. The investments also don't make themselves all obvious at the beginning, but they're not available the entire time. This is the feel I want, story-wise, but if you're looking to optimize, save away.
  • I implemented a new AI system this version (many thanks to Lone Wolf). Hopefully it will make some of these fights interesting in a way you haven't seen before. There's an optional fight I intended to be rough, but I don't know how it will feel when you're going in blind. My hint: enemies that look similar do not have the same strengths and resistances.
  • Nothing has changed, gameplay-wise, but a previous scene has been expanded. Simon and Carina have a longer conversation now before her first scene, so if you're into characters/lore, you may want to hop back to a previous save. Nothing critical, though.

Version 0.11.1 (2015-08-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Cleared up several bugs that led to potential dead ends.
  • The usual polishing, graphical bugs, and typos.
  • BUG NOTICE: I accidentally left a testing feature in the route splitting area (it looks like Aka). If you talk to her, you'll leap mid-chapter, which will definitely screw things up. So just ignore it until I put out a version with this removed and it will be fine.

Version 0.11.1b (2015-08-31)[edit | edit source]

  • It changes nothing but the removal of the debug tool, since people kept reporting it as a bug.

Version 0.12.0 (2015-10-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Completed Aka's route.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • More battle songs have been added, further differentiating the various types.
  • Slight chances to SP balance.


  • Since I'm done in plenty of time, I figured I'd release at the beginning of the weekend. Hopefully that will work better for all timezones. Paradoxically, though I've had more time than usual to debug, I'm more worried about having missed something. >.<
  • Anyway, this one is big, bigger than I can finish in an average month. Lots of things to do, and hopefully the effort I put in is rewarding. There are some non-combat sections where I thought, "Oh, this will be a nice little touch" and it ended up being way more complex to execute than I'd planned. This section is the other side of Yhilin you didn't see on your focused trips, so there are quests and secrets galore.
  • I'm a big believer in gameplay producing the feeling that the story requires. For example, in this chapter, Trin will play a major role but won't seem as under control as before. It's also meant to have a less planned feel, so those of you who like to seek out all your options and consider... keep saves. XD

Version 0.12.2 (2015-10-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugs and typos.

Version 0.13 (2015-11-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Completed Yarra's route.
  • Eight new plot sex scenes (this is the succubus route after all).
  • New sprite for Estaven, new battlers for Hilstara, the Magekillers, and Tal.


  • Two things to be alert for, this time. One is that there are a number of events that can be completed in different orders* I think I've designed them so that no order is invalid, but it's possible that there's some combination that will actually cause your game to be stuck.
  • Another is that there's a section of the game where it might be possible to save in a nearly unwinnable state. I tried to think of a way to redesign this, and considered restricting save access, but in the end everything felt like awkward hand-holding. I don't anticipate the section being too difficult and it's possible to make it far easier by spending Sx on equipment/items, but FYI.
  • Related, Orcent is a temporary party member this route. I tried to do some different things with his stats so there's less of a story/gameplay divide, but we'll see how it goes. He's not broken, anyway, though his items might be.

Version 0.13.1 (2015-11-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugs, additional lines, and typos.

Version 0.14.0 (2015-12-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Completed Simon's route.
  • Eight new plot sex scenes.
  • New NPCs and dialogue added to Yarra's route.

Version 0.14.1 (2015-19-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Mostly improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • One invisible variable bug fixed. There's a small chance it affects your game, but completionists should still use this one.


  • Simon's route changes up the format yet again. It's all stable and finished, but there's one piece still missing: sex sprites. I had plans for more, but both commissioned artists and volunteers have not gotten back to me in time. There is a specific area where the implied sex fades to black, just know that I intended to have a sex animation instead. It'll get in eventually.

Version 0.15.0 (2016-01-15)[edit | edit source]

I want to take a moment to thank all the people who helped make this update possible:

  • Lone Wolf, without whom the replay system and most other custom coding would never have gotten finished.
  • RCP, for producing a huge number of custom sprites and animations.
  • Decanter, for solving the Support Slaves problem and noticing a lot of things I missed.
  • Scrambler, both for his sprites and for his patience in waiting for them to be used at the right time.
  • Nomo, for fixing graphical problems I have nowhere near the skill to do myself.

New features:

  • Reunion chapter of the game.
  • Four new plot sex scenes, three new affection sex scenes.
  • Auto-dash. By default, you dash normally and walk with Shift, but you can switch it back to the original way in the...
  • New options menu: control sound, screen color, text speed, and battle animations.
  • Text skipping: press Ctrl to start skipping. Combined with text speed above, this can either progress dialogue steadily or fly through it.
  • New save system (number of saves supported increased substantially). Old saves will not display correctly until resaved in the new version.

Changes to previous sections:

  • Party members now show relationship points early on in Feroholm for the sake of consistency.
  • Clocks on Simon's route now display your exact day number.
  • Small stairs on Simon's route now clearly indicate whether they go up or down a floor.

Balance changes:

  • Support Slaves now works as planned. It also gives the option to be named differently; players who have already obtained the skill can rename it if they use a save from the 0.14.x ending screen.
  • Suppress Lust and Lust Renewal have been entirely rebalanced to better fall in line with the plot.
  • TP gain has been standardized, removing several oversights.

Sex sprites:

  • 24 new sex sprites added, bringing the total up to 39.
  • There is now sprite sex in camp during the free roaming section in Chapter 2.
  • The lovers in the Withered Fortress now have a sex animation.
  • Aka's route now has a custom animation if you approach the Doomed King armor again.
  • The Crimson Bordello trainers on Simon's route now have animations.
  • All harem members have sprite sex on the bed in the new area.

Cosmetic changes:

  • Altina's placeholder sprites have been replaced with custom sprites.
  • New nude sprite for Yarra.
  • Large music files replaced with much smaller formats.
  • Fixes to Yarra's faces for art style consistency.

Version 0.15.2 (2016-01-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Misc fixes for bugs caused by the back end changes.


  • This release period was mostly spent on back end stuff* the scene replay system in particular was a lot of work. I hope that as well as some oft-requested features (autodash and text skip) will make this a satisfying release.
  • Having said that, I didn't want to put out a release without some story content! You're going to get to see the reunion of all the characters this time, including some long-awaited meetings and sex scenes. There's also the first full reckoning of your investments, for those of you interested in that. This chapter will set the stage for some huge events in Ardoheim, so look forward to that next month!

Version 0.16.0 (2016-02-12)[edit | edit source]

  • New city, stage is set for the Ardford Summit.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Three conversations added to Janine's Retreat based on patron suggestions (no gameplay changes).
  • ProN now shows up in the menu (thanks Decanter!).
  • Simon's new armor has a darker color palette (thanks Scrambler!).

Version 0.16.1 (2016-02-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected ledger/quest entries.
  • The new sex scenes have been added to the replay system.
  • Many minor bugs fixed.


  • REMINDER: The vote on Patreon was to split Ardford into two updates, the same way Stineford was done. So this update you're getting the entire city and most of the investments, but there will be more sidequests and a ton of plot in the next one. Just bear this in mind, skip the update or bear it in mind based on your preferences.
  • NoMoshing says he feels like the need for mirroring has lessened, so he won't be mirroring other games once he redesigns his site. Thanks to him for providing a mirror for so many months!
  • In case you haven't heard, Kimochi is shutting down permanently. This is presumably why they didn't answer my emails about getting TLS updated on their client, so that's the situation.

Version 0.17.0 (2016-03-18)[edit | edit source]

  • All events in Ardford are finished, as is the second chapter!
  • Three new plot sex scenes.
  • Various minor changes throughout.


  • The schedule over the coming period may be a little different. While this update includes all the game content that I wanted, it doesn't have the custom music or battlers I plan to include. I hope to add those in for an additional backer update. That means that the 0.17.2 public update might be a little later, though I still hope have it out on March 25 according to the usual schedule.
  • Regardless, I won't be able to start working on version 0.18.0 immediately due to this update's extended development time. I will say more about this and some other scheduling issues later, but for now I'm focusing on the game.

Version 0.17.3 (2016-03-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Over 30 new musical tracks added.*
  • Over 50 new battlers added.
  • Several new debuff/state-related scripts: expiration is standardized and you can see the exact number of turns remaining. (Thanks, Decanter!)
  • A few more tweaks to the Hidden Port.

*Note for imported saves: your background music may not update until you re-enter an area.


  • Looking above, you can see part of why this release took so long. With the completion of the second chapter, I wanted to take some of the secondary aspects of the game up a notch. Almost all default RPG Maker resources have been replaced, in favor of new materials found from more obscure sites, commissioned, or provided by kind and talented fans.
  • It took longer to make all this work properly than I expected. Even aside from tweaking so many different choices so they all felt appropriate, RPG Maker has issue with certain formats that are a pain to work with* and unlike many aspects of the engine, I was learning from scratch on most of this.
  • Regardless, what I have for you now is a new version with a lot of polished new content. Aside from reworked previous sections, you can now complete Ardford, the summit, and the entire second chapter!
  • Stay tuned for more information next week and have fun. ^-^

Version 0.17.4 (2016-04-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Almost entirely more polishing, plus some musical fixes for things that were above my pay grade (thanks, Lamsey!). So no need to replay if you've already finished

Version 0.18.0 (2016-05-27)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game covering the invasion of Yhilin.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Some new custom sprites and graphics in previous sections.


  • I'm back! This is a big, complex section of the story that will finally bring the Doomed King plot to the fore. It should be released publicly in a week, so see you then!
  • Finally, though I leave most screenshots for the threads, I didn't want anyone checking the blog to miss a fun new development patrons got to see a little while ago: the first official map for TLS. This covers the continent of Arclent:
First official map publicly released by Sierra Lee on 2016-05-27.

Version 0.18.2 (2016-06-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Various fixes to the mechanics of collateral damage, chaos, and attrition.
  • Assorted polishing.
  • Bugfix event added to waiting room to make saves from 0.18.1 or 0.18.0 valid for future releases.


  • This is a dense one, I hope everyone will enjoy how the battle plays out in response to their choices so far. Next update will continue with the invasion and consequences, this time with a less focused release pursuing various sidequests. See you then!

Version 0.18.3 (2016-06-28)[edit | edit source]


  • Okay, this is the official version of the Battle of Yhilin. There have been some mistakes corrected in the mechanics as well as some rebalancing, so if you want your save file to be completely "correct" you could use this version. Having said that, the differences are fairly minor. If you have a save from 0.18.2 or corrected from 0.18.1, it'll be just fine going forward. Just wanted to have the public-facing version be the finalized version.
  • Posting this doesn't mean I've been spending all this time working on the previous version! There's plenty done on version 0.19.0, which is shaping up to be a pretty broad update. It won't be as big as the double Stineford or Ardford updates, but it'll have quite a few sidequests.
  • Duplicating bugfixes on the two versions has been a little tedious, though. If/when I create another update this complex, I will probably need to think of a better way to keep up as much momentum as possible. Anyway, see you next version!

Version 0.19.0 (2016-07-08)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game covering the Yhilin aftermath.
  • One new plot sex scene, two new affection sex scenes.
  • Shopping event added pre-battle and on the waiting screen.

Version 0.19.3 (2016-06-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Assorted polishing, minor changes.

Version 0.20.0 (2016-08-19)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game.
  • One new sex scene.
  • Aka's Deathblow skill is fixed.
  • I commissioned a bust image for Aka's new version, now found in the harem menu.
  • In addition to the above fix, there are now more entries in the harem menu.

Special thanks to Decanter for helping with code on multiple things, they wouldn't have gotten done without him.

Harem Additions: I have fleshed out the harem menu, since the number of slots remaining has been a common source of confusion. While this is not the 100% final list, this covers all the important characters through the end of the game. Do not take the percentage completion to be the percentage of the game, however: a large number of the unknown entries on the list are characters you already know well.

Version 0.20.1[edit | edit source]

  • Parallax map reworked because some players were experiencing lag.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and typos.

Version 0.20.2 (2016-08-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Mostly very minor things, but changed Queen Dheria's sprite.

Special thanks to Decanter for the new Dheria sprite.

Version 0.21.0 (2016-11-09)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the game, finishing the elven section of the plot.
  • Four new plot sex scenes.
  • Six new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.21.2 (2016-11-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Assorted bugfixes and changes.
  • An affection-granting conversation has been added for Bertricia at the end of the current content (minmaxers are advised to find it).
  • Iconset modified to match attribute names, thanks to Decanter.

Version 0.21.3 (2016-11-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional bugfixes.
  • Necessary fixes for certain paths (like skipping Altina).

Note (by the wiki): Because of a bug, 0.21.3 should be avoided if you are importing a game saved in the 0.20.x waiting room.[2] If using this version is your only choice, you have to use a save from an earlier part of the game.

Version 0.22.0 (2016-12-09)[edit | edit source]

  • New iteration of Ari-Yhilina! New quests and conversations, plus new chances to access content that was blocked for your save before this point.
  • Three new sex scenes.
  • Reworked system for Robin's research. Nothing has changed for old saves, but it'll be better for managing the expanded choices you might be getting soon.
  • Multiple sidequests weren't being marked finished or failed at the appropriate times; I believe I have this mostly straightened out. The quest journal in new saves should be clean.
  • Full screen mode now available! Press F5 to try it out. (Alternate mechanic to Alt+Enter. Also F6 resizes windowed mode.)
  • Due to popular demand, there is now an event in the waiting room that will let you check everyone's relationship points.

Version 0.22.4 (2016-12-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixes and polishing
  • Clarification of various investments
  • Minor affection changes
  • New blue elf recruit sprite.

Version 0.23.0 (2017-01-13)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the story added, beginning the Zirantian section.
  • Two new sex scenes.
  • The previous iteration of Ari-Yhilina has been updated, adding more potential affection.
  • There are also a significant number of Lynine/Orilise events added to that iteration.

Version 0.23.1 (2017-01-20)[edit | edit source]

  • The usual bugfixes and polishing.
  • Additional flavor text added to palace room and the crypt.
  • Thanks to Lamsey for fixing and converting a lot of musical tracks. If you noticed any minor audio glitches before, those should be fixed now thanks to him!
  • Thanks to Decanter, we have a new Fuani sprite that matches her coloring better.
  • Since the "optimize" option does not really optimize in a game with multiple stats on equipment, it has been renamed. Thanks to HarmlessArachnid for volunteering his scripting knowledge, even if it didn't get used in the end. The discussions and contributions of players help me keep polishing all the details. ^-^

Version 0.23.2 (2017-01-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Some minor polishing, but the real reason I put out a new version is this:
  • Several pots in 0.23.1 that give Zirantian Artifacts can't be interacted with properly. Update to this version to collect them.

Version 0.24.0 (2017-02-10)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the story, finishing the Zirantian section.
  • One new plot sex scene.

Version 0.24.1 (2017-02-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Polishing and bugfixing.
  • Improved version of Fuani's image found by Decanter.

Version 0.25.0 (2017-03-03)[edit | edit source]

  • New iteration of Yhilin.
  • Four new plot sex scenes.
  • Three new affection sex scenes.
  • Version 0.25.0 of the game is another return to Yhilin, and I hope this will be a satisfying one. Some things that have been promised for a very long time will finally happen this update, but I'll let you see those for yourself.
  • This update will be released publicly in two weeks - please note the difference from the usual schedule. The reason is that next week there will be a second Patreon update featuring some code fixes and a new feature. More about this in a later post, I think it will be a fun addition.

Version 0.25.1 (2017-03-11)[edit | edit source]

  • New synergy skill system introduced!
  • The bug with restarting the game via F12 has been fixed.
  • Assorted bugfixes and polishing.

The release schedule is unusual because I wanted to take the time to implement a new system: synergy skills. These allow party members to use new skills when another character is in the party. For example, if Robin is in the same party, Aka will gain a fire elemental stabbing skill. I think this is a fun way to expand the game mechanically and build on the relationships between party members.

Version 0.25.2 (2017-03-17)[edit | edit source]

  • More bugfixes and polishing.
  • Hardcore hugging action added to the reunion section.

This update covers a very busy visit to Yhilin, plus the new system of synergy skills. Lots of fun content in this update, as well as a development I know may be controversial for some. As always, I welcome all feedback and criticism.

Version 0.26.0 (2017-04-21)[edit | edit source]

  • New section setting the stage in Eustrin and Aram.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Party switching mechanics implemented in preparation for upcoming content.

Version 0.26.2 (2017-04-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixes and polishing.

Everyone ready to explore Eustrin and Aram? As usual for the first update in a new area, this update lays a lot of groundwork and not everything is resolved. Patrons found this one pretty satisfying, though, so I hope everyone enjoys!

Version 0.27.0 (2017-05-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Final iteration of Yhilin before the war.
  • Two new plot sex scenes.
  • Four new Synergy Skills available if you have enough affection.
  • There are new (retroactive) consequences to researching Dari's condition. Continue a save from the waiting screen to receive your proper benefits.
  • New Uyae conversations around Ari-Yhilina.
  • During previous Yhilin iterations, you can now summon more people to the throne room. No balance changes.
  • New Eustrin mausoleum graphics thanks to Lamsey.
  • Lucy now has more unclothed images during her naked scenes thanks to Bug Reporting.
  • Bug Reporting is also responsible for the adorable succubus children. Expect to see more of them over time. ^-^
  • Various enemy stat changes (mostly for consistency and to remove unintended exploits).
  • Back in Stineford, there's now a visual effect when the door is destroyed.
  • If you invested in the demon-ridden mineshaft, it now appears properly in your investment ledger.
  • The shop in the outskirts can now reopen depending on investments. This is a retroactive change, but doesn't affect balance much.
  • Several quest log items had been neglected, most notably Conquerer. These have been fixed, though your quest log may need refreshing.

As you can see, this update is getting a lot of things properly in order so that I can focus fully on the war event. Aside from the retroactive changes, though, it includes one last visit to Yhilin that should be fun. A lot of quests/variables/investments that have been ongoing for a while finally wrap up this time.

Version 0.27.1 (2017-05-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Made a major change to the magical shop in the Rose District. If you fulfill the requirements, you'll now have a chance to buy Orgasmic Empire tier equipment here before the war! This one is a balance chance, but can be utilized by any save prior to the ending screen.
  • Various flavor additions around Yhilin.
  • The usual polishing and bugfixes.

Version 0.28.0 (2017-07-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Double update: the first two thirds of the war against the Incubus Emperor.
  • Three new plot sex scenes.
  • Implementation of the new party splitting mechanics.

This is the extra large update I promised, containing the majority of the war. If you want a preview, definitely check out the update with screenshots that I'll be posting on all the forums.

Version 0.28.3 (2017-07-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Yet more polishing to war calculations.
  • On Yarra's route, the variable "Empress Approval" now works properly.
  • The Kingsmen and Queensmen bars now have more variability throughout chapter three.
  • Flower Speculation investment now removed from ledger after the reunion.
  • The Dusty Horde and AriGarda are no longer listed in the ledger after taking over Yhilin. The Iron Cudgel remains, however.
  • Since some people were unclear on this, rewrote dialogue to make it completely unambiguous when the Dusty Horde is destroyed.

In addition to more balancing and getting feedback from players, I used this week to finish off some old bugs and minor issues that had been low priority while I was rushing on new content. These are not a big deal, but I do try to go back and polish whenever I get a chance.

As a reminder: I might make retroactive changes to this section to balance the entire war, once I finish the next update. So if you definitely want to play only once, maybe wait a little. Having said that, this update has loads of new content for everyone to play!

Version 0.29.0 (2017-08-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Another double update, both the end of the war and the aftermath.
  • Four new plot sex scenes.
  • Six new affection sex scenes.
  • Decided to increase the speed of buffing skills and trialed it on Carina's. Report if you like it and I can use the same style for other skills that target the entire party.
  • The new section of the game involves splitting the party into three groups for one dungeon. This is only possible thanks to the scripting work of Decanter. Huge thanks to him!

Really came down to the wire, so not a lot to say now. If you want a preview of this version, do check out the screenshots I've posted on various forums (ULMF, for one example). It's currently playable on Patreon, of course. Expect the public version in time, not necessarily a week depending on how long the bug fixing process takes.

I will probably not do many extra large updates like this again in the future. Though I think they let me produce more content per day overall, the additional content doesn't seem to mean anything to a vocal minority. It might be for the best in terms of overall game development again in the future, but in the short term it does not feel worth it. -_-

Version 0.29.1 (2017-08-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Some polishing, removal of serious Hilstara bug.

Version 0.29.2 (2017-09-01)[edit | edit source]

  • The orc summit has been made somewhat easier.
  • Hilstara's sequence has been made harder.
  • The number of reserves during the aftermath has been reduced.
  • This section has also been modified to eliminate some bugs, but more checking is necessary.
  • Riala's skills have all been compiled into a single menu.
  • The Unsuccubus Mass image has been improved (thanks to Decanter!).
  • All party buffing animations improved and sped up (thanks to CyberForte!).
  • Many minor bugs/fixes/improvements.

Version 0.29.3 (2017-09-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Reviewing the entire war, there have been a number of tweaks to improve the overall balance.
  • Though I kept the reduced reserves, I made the instability penalties less punishing. In theory this will nudge games away from both extremes.
  • The results of the investments have changed in multiple ways. They are generally more beneficial to the player, so you may want to replay the very end.
  • Thanks to Decanter, we have an edited chapter four title card. Now hopefully more people will read it right at first glance.
  • Riala's sex skills have been given new animations and slightly rebalanced.
  • The usual bugs, typos, and polishing.

Alright, everyone, this is the official public release of this version as well as the end of the third chapter! As you can see, the war has undergone a lot more rebalancing than a normal release thanks to all the new sections and different kinds of challenges. I also feel that some of the initial values I had for the investments and consequences weren't quite right, so I've modified many of those. Hopefully this version gives you some hard choices and challenges but is still fun to play!

With this chapter complete, I will be taking a break to work on a short new project, to refresh my creative energy. After the last chapter I created Ouroboros, for example. I will be saying a little more about this in the future, and you can count on the roadmap to the end of TLS being made public soon, but for now, please enjoy the release!

Version 0.29.4 (2017-09-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed several invisible but nontrivial mistakes involving hidden variables.

While these are not generally critical, if you did reasonably well in the war but received zero social capital during the aftermath, you definitely want to replay that section.

Version 0.29.5 (2017-09-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Yet more fixes, most trivial but a few inconveniencing to certain saves.

Nothing too important in this update, but I don't like there being bugs in the main public version when a new one isn't imminent.

Version 0.30.0 (2017-10-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Intro to chapter four.
  • Base customization, expansion, and upgrading.
  • One new plot sex scene.
  • Many affection scenes are now available for the first time.
  • Nine new synergy skills.

NOTICE: So... things did not go as planned at all and I'm releasing this early instead of the side project (which is complete but waiting on art assets). I am super behind schedule, so I won't say a lot here. Check Patreon for links, or the usual forums for screenshots and more info.

Rather than focusing on story, this update introduces a first for the game: a heavily customizable home base. You can expand new rooms, upgrade various systems, and so on, but that includes cosmetic customization.

I'm not sure about a public release for this one. It will depend on how many changes I make based on patron feedback and how soon I think the next update will be. See everybody then!

Version 0.30.1 (2017-10-29)[edit | edit source]

  • General bugfixing. An expansion update may be coming, so this is mostly for new players.

Version 0.30.2 (2017-11-08)[edit | edit source]

General Changes:

  • NOTICE: There have been minor affection changes added to the final segments at the end of the war. These only affect the very end after the final battle, but you may want to re-select petitions and investments to optimize affection.
  • New sex scene when accessing your bed, if certain relationship points are high enough.
  • New character interaction, requires unlocker event.
  • Two new synergy skills.
  • Misc bugfixing.

Customization Stuff:

  • The courtyard is now customized by your wall choice and you can choose your ground type.
  • The courtyard now contains training orcs to test new skills.
  • Nine new wall choices.
  • Nine new floor choices, including wood floors.
  • Six new carpet choices.
  • Thirteen new statue options available, including pillars.
  • Many statues now have left/right versions.
  • Two new big statues.
  • Eight new banners, including other wall ornaments.
  • One additional bed, one additional throne.
  • The library shelves are now symmetrical. A few of you are quite pleased, I'm sure. =P
  • You can now sit on your throne. It doesn't do much, but you can feel thronely?

As you can see, a lot of effort went into base-building stuff. There are a few quirks that seem to be built into the script I'm using, but otherwise we cleaned up a lot of bugs as well as adding a bunch of new options. Also replaced some of the drabbest default options.

Those of you not really interested in base-building, rest assured that we are done with that for the foreseeable future. For my sanity, if nothing else. Those of you who enjoy it, though, please have fun!

Unlike the usual secondary updates, this one actually has a little content expansion. Full description above, but I think you'll want to check out the bed for a scene that I've been waiting to write for a very long time.

Version 0.31.0 (2017-12-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Three brand new nations: New Givini, the Chalice States, and Tak'Kan.
  • Free travel: access opened to nearly every nation on Arclent.
  • Conclusion of the party gathering quest.
  • New plot dungeon.
  • Two new plot scenes.
  • New round of investment returns.
  • 25+ new investment opportunities.
  • Unrestricted ability to convert ProN to Sx.
  • Enemies have regenerated around the world.

Version 0.31.1 (2017-12-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Tons of polishing.
  • Changes made to make headquarters saves more viable.

Version 0.31.2 (2017-12-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Save compatibility event added.
  • Time travel bug fixed.
  • Further polishing.

Version 0.31.3 (2017-12-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Yet more polishing.
  • Added a Megail/Qum scene at the base.
  • Some additional affection bonuses.
  • New custom sprites for recovered unsuccubi!

Version 0.31.4 (2017-12-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Succubi who were Qum recolors in Stineford have been replaced.
  • Galvia can now be found in Eustrin for a quick conversation.
  • The Goddess of Magic cult has a conversation (only after the dungeon).
  • You can get equipment back from Sho by talking to her.
  • Elleani relationship box added.
  • Bug affecting many synergy skills fixed.
  • Guards in the Yhilini bar no longer carry weapons in chapter four onward.
  • Misc encounters around the Chalice States.
  • Misc minor comments around Wynn's house.

Version 0.32.0 (2018-01-26)[edit | edit source]

Core Additions

  • New extra-dimensional dungeon and advancement of plot.
  • One new plot scene.
  • New slate of research unlocked.

Unlockable Content

  • It is now possible to finish Yhilin, transforming it into a state where succubi and orcs have fully integrated.
  • Janine can now join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
  • Wynn can also join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
  • Altina now has a synergy skill.
  • The reshaped form of Varia can now create her custom weapons.

Additions and Balance

  • Substantial changes to the balance of the Givini Orc Merchant investment.
  • Instead of revisiting the southern tunnels in Eustrin, there is a new tunnel area.
  • The House of Petitions is open in Ari-Yhilina again, with second chances at certain discretionary funding investments you may have missed.
  • There's an event when returning to the merchant camp.
  • There's an event if you return to the shrine where you found Stark.
  • New miniature quest in the Stineford region, starting in the succubus tower.
  • There are three conversations when entering Janine's room, with various conditions.

Details and Visuals

  • An anti-crash script has been added that will hopefully cut down on RPG Maker instability.
  • Teleport room changed to matched the geography of the continent.
  • Some new custom sprites courtesy of Bug Reporting.
  • Full base bookshelves courtesy of Decanter.
  • Lots of bugfixing and improvements, as always.

Version 0.32.1 (2018-01-27)[edit | edit source]

  • You can now customize flowers in the training yard.
  • Patrici now has her proper custom sprite.
  • Andra has a new faceset.
  • The cathedral library has been updated, though not with much.
  • So many minor fixes.

Version 0.32.2 (2018-02-02)[edit | edit source]

There was no official changelog for this update, despite various fixes and balance changes.

Version 0.33.0 (2018-03-30)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the plot introducing the succession crisis.
  • One new plot scene.
  • There are a bunch of improvements done by Decanter. These notably include improved Stineford succubus faces, new quest log entries for quests in older sections that people found confusing, and numerous visual improvements.

Version 0.33.1 (2018-03-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Names added to the candidate display.
  • Minor balance change.
  • Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.33.2 (2018-04-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Further bugfixing.

Version 0.33.3 (2018-04-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Further fixes and refinements.
  • Party order is now saved when switching between the two groups.
  • It isn't commonly known, but TLS can be played with a controller. Decanter added a script that ties text skipping to L1, which means you should be able to do anything with a controller you can do with a keyboard.

Version 0.33.4 (2018-04-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Party order saving bug is fixed. If you have a bugged save, cycle through both parties and it should be fixed.

Version 0.34.0 (2018-05-04)[edit | edit source]

New Content:

  • New section of the plot.
  • Four new plot scenes, six new affection scenes.
  • Uyae can join the harem.
  • If you did the transformation research, Dari can finally be cured. With enough relationship points, she can also join.
  • Bar miniquest. Visiting most bars in the game will trigger an Orcent conversation (nine added).


  • The requirements to max Iris have changed. She is now locked at 99 until you have invested a significant amount in the Chalice States. If you already maxed her in the past, there will be no change.
  • Riala now comments on the current research project.
  • The head Unsuccubus reports on your base's stats.
  • Thanks to Lamsey, there is an updated map of Arclent showing the new nations! You can find it in the teleportation room.

I wanted to get Ouroboros out on Steam, but that's not happening yet. I don't want to delay TLS unnecessarily, so I'm putting 0.34.0 out now. I should note upfront that I worry about 0.35.0 taking longer than normal, but meanwhile, please enjoy this update! This one answers some questions that people have been wondering about for a while.

But I know people really play this game for the hawt, sexy philosophical discussions. I finally implemented a miniquest where visiting various bars around the world with Orcent will give scenes that include spicy personal reflections, naughty character development, and taboo theological discussions. Get it now before Patreon bans me!

Note: Final sentence is a joke.

Version 0.34.1 (2018-05-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Givini/Ardford content from last time now properly blocked off.
  • Dari maxing conversation added.
  • Misc bugfixes and improvements.

Version 0.34.2 (2018-05-11)[edit | edit source]

  • The threshold for Dari has been lowered somewhat.
  • There is now an event to upgrade Hilstara's Helm at the succubus armorer, if you funded her. I don't want to go overboard with upgrades like this, but patrons made some good suggestions on this one.
  • There are conversations on the statues in the new dungeon. I had meant to include these earlier but they got lost in the shuffle.
  • More bugfixes and polishing.

Version 0.34.3 (2018-05-12)[edit | edit source]

  • More polishing.
  • The main reason I uploaded another one was to reduce the requirement for maxing Iris. Note that this won't take effect unless you reach 40 before a new cycle of profits.

Version 0.35.0 (2018-06-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Large new section covering the war with Erosia.
  • Two new plot scenes.

Those notes make this update seem small, but I don't think it is! Hopefully everyone will get at least an hour of playtime, ideally more. This is a "mini-war" but it's a big event that has some of everything, so I hope everyone will enjoy it. ^-^

Having said that, this one will be difficult to balance. It will almost certainly take two weeks, but I hope everyone will agree it's worth it in the end.

Version 0.35.1 (2018-06-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes and polishing.
  • Multiple changes to combat balance.
  • Changes to war balance, notably including Simon bonus EXP and effects of Ginasta choices.

Version 0.35.2 (2018-06-22)[edit | edit source]

$1 backers, this version should be close to finalized. I can't promise there will be no balance changes whatsoever, but I think this version is stable and in good shape overall. Barring new errors I might have added, it should be a polished experience.

Version 0.35.3 (2018-06-22)[edit | edit source]

Updated to 0.35.3 because of a game-breaking bug I added. If you didn't get far enough to see it, it did no harm. RTP version not up due to time constraints, bug me later if you need it.

Version 0.35.4 (2018-06-23)[edit | edit source]

Hopefully this one is stable. T-T

Version 0.35.5 (2018-06-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor but blocking mapping errors.

Version 0.35.6 (2018-06-29)[edit | edit source]

  • More polishing.
  • The Dwarren Embassy investment now benefits the Aramite Tower section.
  • Wynn gets RP from the Zirantian Tower segment, Sarai from Yhilin's.
  • Dari is now visible during the ritual. This change is purely cosmetic, but I know some wanted it. ^-^
  • Nalili's Blade of Lust skill now counts as defeating an enemy (thanks to Decanter for assistance).
  • Fixed music and looping thanks to Lamsey.
  • The game now has a custom executable icon thanks to BetatesterFP.

That is more changes to a final build than I'm usually comfortable with, so I hope nothing was broken at the last second. That said, this version has a lot of polish previous builds didn't have and I think the balance of the event should be solid.

Version 0.35.7 (2018-07-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Blade of Lust XP bug fixed.
  • Several cases where it was possible to not get credit for all your actions fixed.
  • Misc polishing.

Version 0.36.0 (2018-07-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Small update laying the groundwork for the Stenai update.
  • Three new scenes added.
  • New synergy skill for Aka and Uyae.
  • There is now a merchant in the slums that sells Yhilini orc equipment, once Yhilin has reached its final state.
  • Based on player requests, there is a new option for training orcs in the courtyard, a group that has very high HP.
  • An autosave script has been added thanks to Decanter. Comment if you want it to save after battles in addition to its current behavior.

This isn't the biggest update in the world, but it's the best I have to offer given circumstances. I do think it's a nice little interlude with the characters and it clears out the content I wanted finished before I embarked on the Stenai update. That one will be a much larger update that I look forward to showing everyone.

Version 0.36.1 (2018-07-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Refinements and bugfixing.
  • There are new monsters and conversations when returning to the old war locations. Grubbak now reacts to the war events.
  • Assorted minor additions around the world. These are probably not worth tracking down, but I hope they make the game seem more alive and responsive overall.

Version 0.36.2 (2018-07-27)[edit | edit source]

  • More bugfixing and refinements.
  • Graphical fixes thanks to Decanter.

I wasn't sure about making this version public, as it's a small update between larger ones, but I received a very heartfelt message from a fan who was apparently really looking forward to this one. Thanks to her, everybody gets the update now. ^-^ Just be aware that this one is a "rest" update to spend time with your party and see consequences of your actions during the war.

The next release will be the big Stenai update, which I am very eager to bring everyone. It will be larger than a normal update, but I'm doing my best to launch straight into it and hopefully I'll be able to finish it in good time.

In other news, my games are on sale starting today. Do check them out on Steam and Notably, on Steam I'm reducing Ouroboros to its lowest price to date, so this would be a good time to give it a try if you have been waiting.

Version 0.36.3 (2018-07-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Altina fixer event added. Unless you have a previous save with Altina missing, this is not a critical update for you.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • New Sabitha eyes thanks to Decanter.

Version 0.37.0 (2018-08-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Stenai update covering the next section of the game.
  • Four new scenes.

Version 0.37.1 (2018-08-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Several changes made to make the switch puzzles easier and clearer.
  • All party members' base lines changed after the Stenai events. NPCs around the world have NOT yet changed.
  • Some new unique sprites thanks to Bug Reporting.
  • Music issues fixed thanks to Lamsey.
  • Bugfixing and polishing, as always.

Version 0.37.2 (2018-08-27)[edit | edit source]

No official changelog, but this update fixed a game-breaking bug in the Tower Depths switch puzzle.

Version 0.37.3 (2018-08-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Further bugfixes and refinements.
  • The major change is that making Altina's custom weapon now grants affection where it didn't before.

This version received more polishing than most, so I hope people find the Stenai update challenging but fair.

Version 0.38.0 (2018-09-28)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the plot with a bunch of followup to last update's reveal.
  • New round of investing and research available.
  • New mini-dungeons and some new options unlocked.
  • One new scene.

WARNING: I do not recommend playing the .0 version if you are not interested in bugtesting. I did my best, of course, but I can't vouch for the polish of this update to be at normal levels.

Version 0.38.1 (2018-09-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.38.2 (2018-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • More minor bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.39.0 (2018-11-02)[edit | edit source]

  • New update covering the first three days of the Ivalan summit.
  • Initial lamia battler swapped with improved version (thanks to Decanter for finding it).
  • Retroactively added custom sprite/bust/face for Vera (priestess of the Goddess of Magic). This is thanks to Bug Reporting, who also did the new characters this update.

Version 0.39.1 (2018-11-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Difficulty of the second vote has been reduced.
  • In addition, it received a special last ditch option to prevent unwinnable games.
  • Key bug that made Vote 5B too difficult is fixed.
  • The usual bugfixing and polishing.

Alright, I've done what I think is best for the game: split the summit into two parts. This way I can keep up release momentum as well as get feedback on some of the new things I'm trying with this update. It will be reminiscent of the Ardford Summit, but with this one I put the emphasis on social manipulation. Hopefully with some tweaking, this will be a fun addition to the game.

This update isn't a trivial one, though! It introduces all the High Priestesses you hadn't met before in addition to some important characters from other religious factions. In the votes covered by this update, you'll lead the religious situation on Arclent in one of several major directions, which will have a permanent impact on the world.

Version 0.39.2 (2018-11-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous balance changes, on average making the vote requirements easier.
  • New/improved Kerannii expressions thanks to Bug Reporting.
  • Improved musical tracks thanks to Lamsey
  • High Priestesses have been added to the waiting room for those who want to check influence scores again.

Here's the public version of the Council! Lots of politicking, now in refined form. ^-^ While this version of the council should be a bit more forgiving and more nuanced, I still can't promise this is 100% final balance. I did my best, though.

Version 0.39.3 (2018-11-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor changes. Only doing a release to clear up the fade bug.

Version 0.40.0 (2018-12-07)[edit | edit source]

  • New content finishing the Council of Gawnfall.
  • One new scene.
  • Misc fixes on previous sections in preparation for the Steam release.

Running a little ragged, so not sure what to say. This update wraps up a long and complex section, hopefully in a satisfactory way. I can't completely guarantee we'll have it ready for public release in a week, but patrons managed it quick last time, so it's possible.

Version 0.40.1 (2018-12-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Not a very major update, just the fade bug and minor things reported so far.

Version 0.40.2 (2018-12-09)[edit | edit source]

  • More cleanup.

Version 0.40.3 (2018-12-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Mostly invisible stuff, but it includes some serious oversights fixed.

Version 0.40.4 (2018-12-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Mostly issues with corner cases and some general touchup.

Version 0.40.5 (2018-12-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Public version with a few more minor fixes.

I should probably have taken two weeks for this public release. One week was barely enough to iron out all the bugs and inconsistencies from an update this complex, and I'm very grateful to the patrons who went above and beyond to help me with it. But this update needs more than simple testing/fixing - there have been some good suggestions about adding new elements or shifting balance that will simply require more time to implement.

However, I failed to signal the possibility of a two week wait clearly enough, and I don't want to delay the release until people are busy around the holiday season. So the update is going public, but please be aware of the following:

WARNING: While this update should be a smooth and bug-free experience, it is NOT the final version. Patrons have suggested subjective changes that I think would be improvements and we will need to tweak the balance further.

Version 0.41.0 (2019-01-25)[edit | edit source]

Core Updates

  • Significant synod overhaul. (see details below)
  • Entire world updated based on synod results.
  • 4 new plot scenes, 3 new affection scenes.
  • Sarai can now join, depending on your synod results.
  • Orilise can now be maxed, depending on your synod results.

Synod Overhaul

  • More speakers added to the votes in the latter half (flavor only).
  • Zirantia now sends a representative. He's mostly flavor, but he influences the last vote.
  • Tak'Kan Vote: Ignias's support increased.
  • Tak'Kan Vote: Simon speaking now grants an additional bonus.
  • Tak'Kan Vote: Nabith + Sanitation Guild bonus improved.
  • Tak'Kan Vote: Kerannii's deal has an impact on her results.
  • Fucklord Vote: Kerannii's deal now has a greater impact.
  • Economic Vote: The cost now varies based on the Religion stat.
  • Eustrin Vote: There is now a new option to spend additional influence on this vote.
  • Eustrin Vote: The result requirements have been tweaked.
  • Goddess of Magic Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
  • Goddess of Magic Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
  • Mother's Guard Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
  • Mother's Guard Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
  • Inquisition Vote: You can now receive a bonus from Religion, but the requirements increased a little.
  • Succubus Holy Knights: The cost of applying Sarai's influence now varies based on Yelarel's influence.
  • Succubus Holy Knights: The Yelarel bonuses have changed.

Well... this one is the synod overhaul plus the update to the entire world plus some of the content I was originally planning to put in 0.42.0. There's a lot of work to do: test final synod balance, check many different outcomes, add more content, and polish in preparation for the Steam release. The public release of this version will likely take two weeks, but hopefully the Steam version will occur around that time as well.

This update isn't the flashiest, but it includes some elements that I've been waiting to do for a long time. I also want the world to really feel responsive to the player's choices, so I intend to keep adding more content based on the decisions you made during the synod.

Version 0.41.1 (2019-01-26)[edit | edit source]

  • First Root bug fixed.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 0.41.2 (2019-01-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Lots of polishing and minor variants/fixes, no significant new content added.
  • There was new content added to the Aramite fort, but it was inaccessible before now.
  • New scenes added to Reflect menu.
  • Fixed the bug in the harem menu.

Version 0.41.3 (2019-02-06)[edit | edit source]

New Additions

  • Previously, nothing changed in Zirantia. Now more things are updated.
  • This includes an event leading to a brand new scene.
  • Herin and Kaskia can be found in various locations. Not essential, just flavor in response to the synod.
  • Depending on vote results, Tak'Kan has a sanctification team in the Wilds.
  • Also potentially a new location in Tak'Kan.
  • A foreign succubus captured during the Gathering shows up then and later in Gasm Falls.

Minor changes

  • Usual typos and minor improvements.
  • Synod: Slight balance change to Esmera's deal.
  • Small lore addition giving Sarai a formal title.
  • Xerces coloration standardized thanks to Decanter.
  • Retroactive: Lady Entila now has a faceset and her conversation has been modified to use multiple expressions.
  • Various other changes to synod balance.
  • Added affection rewards for the first visit to Orri's Restaurant in Ardford, and for finding the Stineford slum prostitute a home.

Version 0.41.4 (2019-02-08)[edit | edit source]

  • More fixes and tweaks.

Version 0.42.0 (2019-04-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Plot advances with a trip back to Stenai.
  • Upon return from Stenai, multiple events and a dungeon prepping for the next section.
  • The optional challenge dungeon in New Givini is now available.
  • Two new scenes.
  • New investment cycle. Includes a new investment on Succubus Acceptance paths that involves a new scene.
  • A new slate of research options is unlocked, and you have a new research project available.
  • Depending on your research choices, Robin may have a new scene.
  • Four new pieces of customized equipment can be created.
  • Simon now has bust images (both green and black outfits) thanks to Lamsey.
  • A conversation between Altina and Riala about the events in the first chapter has been added retroactively.

Version 0.42.1 (2019-04-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Plenty of improvements and fixes. Notably, all base characters should have new dialogue.
  • The army calculation has changed. The real calculation is on the ending screen for reference, but Orcent's first conversation just gives hints for investment.
  • Various pieces of equipment were buffed.

Version 0.42.2 (2019-05-02)[edit | edit source]

Version 0.42.3 (2019-05-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed text box bug and a few minor issues.

Version 0.43.0 (2019-05-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Large new segment covering the first part of the war.
  • Simon's healing skills have been improved (linked to his SP rate). With the right equipment, this can be significant.
  • Orcent has new bust images thanks to Lamsey and Megail has a new sprite thanks to Decanter.

Version 0.43.1 (2019-06-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Fairly non-essential update, but I figure those playing might enjoy the various improvements.
  • Improved musical track thanks to Lamsey.
  • Improved Ginasta faceset thanks to Decanter.

Version 0.43.2 (2019-06-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Further polishing.

Version 0.44.0 (2019-07-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Double update finishing the war.
  • Three new scenes.
  • Tons of new/improved assets. Thanks go to Bug Reporting, Annikath, Decanter, and Lamsey.

Version 0.44.1 (2019-07-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Quick update to fix a pathing bug that stopped the game.

Version 0.44.2 (2019-07-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Massive polishing update. No major balance changes, but tons of things were smoothed or improved.
  • Some affection added for Lynine and Trin.
  • Rodak Elites: There's a new save point, and their stats/skills have been tweaked in many ways.
  • Ginasta: There's a slight tweak to her AI. Let me know if this ends up seeming weird.

Version 0.44.3 (2019-07-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Balance update.

Version 0.44.4 (2019-07-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Balance update.

Version 0.44.5 (2019-07-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional improvements, fixes, and balance changes.
  • New warfront images courtesy of Lamsey.
  • The balance of healing spells has been changed. There's no effect at lower levels, but at higher character levels healing will start to scale slightly faster. This is especially true of single-target healing spells, which I've felt were lagging in an unintended way.

Version 0.44.6 (2019-07-31)[edit | edit source]

  • This update is mostly to fix the heal bug.
  • Improved Tanurak image thanks to Bug Reporting and Decanter.
  • Fixed Erosian maps thanks to Lamsey.

Version 0.45.0 (2019-09-06)[edit | edit source]

  • End of chapter and interlude.
  • Two new scenes.
  • Last investment/research cycle of this chapter.

Version 0.45.1 (2019-09-09)[edit | edit source]

  • For once, I think there were no true bug fixes. Some improvements and minor graphic things, though.
  • Lots of new dialogue.

Version 0.45.2 (2019-09-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor touchup.

Version 0.46.0 (2019-10-04)[edit | edit source]

  • New section beginning the last chapter.
  • Seven new skills.

Not a whole lot to say on this one. It kicks off the last chapter with some long-awaited skill updates, a dungeon, and some plot. This is a stopping point on the way to some bigger updates, so I figured I'd keep rolling with the momentum.

Version 0.46.2 (2019-10-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor fixes.
  • Improved chapter iteration thanks to Decanter.

This is a nice little update to kick off the chapter, I think. Hope everyone enjoys it! I have some side projects coming down the pipeline, but I'm also eager to get into the next update, which you'll see set up at the end of this update.

If you replay past sections or check the Ledger, you'll note that investments have been reorganized. There are no mechanical changes, this is just to make checking investments easier. Expect further improvements in the future, then we'll standardize them a bit more.

Version 0.47.0 (2019-11-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Big Stineford update!
  • Two new scenes, including the longest in the game by a fair margin.
  • The first final party member sidequest is introduced, though it can't be finished yet. (Note: This means that each harem or party member will get one final sidequest focused on them, and the first of these begins with this update. It doesn't mean the final party member was introduced, or will be introduced during this quest.)
  • Updated bustier Riala bust by Lamsey.

Time for the Stineford update! This isn't the longest update in TLS history, or the most complex, or the most combat-intensive... but it has a decent amount of everything. Overall I'm quite pleased with this one, as I think it's a balanced update that will hopefully give everyone something to have fun with for a little while.

This update also contains the longest sex scene in the game... several times longer than the previous record. It's as long as a short story, long enough that it might be a bad idea. =P Anyway, this one is bigger than average but will probably go public in a week.

Version 0.47.1 (2019-11-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixing, typos, and minor improvements.
  • The self-destruct attack now works, thanks to Decanter.
  • The Ledger is now updated to the new version.
  • Sprite animations now play when you access the bed.

Version 0.47.2 (2019-11-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Further fixes.

Version 0.48.0 (2020-01-10)[edit | edit source]

  • New section covering Eustrin and more.
  • One new scene.

Starting off the new year with a new update! This one continues to launch the final chapter with some major updates and a return to Eustrin. Not much else to say for now, but you can expect it in a week.

Version 0.48.1 (2020-01-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Assorted typos and minor bugfixes.
  • Tweaks to the optional enemies. Mostly nerfs, but the easiest method of cheesing them is now gone.

Version 0.48.2 (2020-01-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Further bugfixes, minor dialogue additions.
  • Optional battle further nerfed.
  • Quest log updated to include recent events.
  • Shining Sword drop added to optional boss.

I hope everyone enjoys this return to Eustrin! I think the one thing I want to mention is that in the middle of this update, there's an optional fight that's proved fairly challenging. Please feel free to leave it for later if you're not enjoying it.

Version 0.49.0 (2020-02-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Complete world overhaul for Chapter 5.
  • Access to new nations: Erosia, Ghenalon, and Tatseni.
  • Up to three new harem members (depending on your decisions).
  • Several potential new staff members (heavily decision-dependent).
  • Seven new plot scenes, plus four new affection scenes (NOTE: one of these is inaccessible for now).
  • Four new synergy skills.
  • Three new Orcent conversations/events.
  • Assorted minor retroactive changes. Yhilini civilians comment on the Thenoursan War, the monster patrol investment has some cosmetic NPCs, etc.

This is a big one. The whole world is updated more thoroughly than it's been since the start of Chapter 4, plus various additions and lots of new opportunities based on past decisions.

This one is going to spend two weeks on Patreon. Less for bug-fixing and more because I want to continue adding a little more content so the world really feels alive.

Version 0.49.2 (2020-02-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Zirantian leaders now report on the state of their nation. This can potentially unlock the new Biyue scene.
  • The Stineford succubus bar is now available if missed, and can be visited as a new map, but only going through the improved iterate event mentioned below.
  • Min now appears in the Givino Vinai Court.
  • Antarion now appears in Ardford Cathedral.
  • Nabith now has a new conversation when first spoken to in Chapter 5 (with Yhilin Final).
  • More variant dialogue has been added, notably in Ardford Business District and Orri's Restaurant.
  • The physical condition of Ryoken now varies based on Erosia's country score.
  • Retroactive: The Ramasta Unperson HQ now visually improves if Gawnfall helped the Unpeople.
  • Lynine and Iris have conversations that increase their RP if you investigate their funded investments.
  • Serious improvements have been made to the Chapter 5 iterate event, including more potential RP for Tertia.
  • Quest objective bugs fixed (only if you repeat the events).
  • The Duelist's Pin can now be enchanted in Ghenalon.
  • The costs for a number of investments have decreased, some based on past decisions.
  • Sublime equipment is in some cases more expensive, but overall buffed.
  • Sublime equipment now has unique icons.
  • Assorted minor changes, fixes, and improvements.

Though I couldn't catalog every single change, I tried to list all the major ones for anyone wanting to check them. There are some new maps and conversations in there, plus the scene that was locked previously.

Version 0.49.3 (2020-03-04)[edit | edit source]

  • This is a noncritical update, mostly final fixes and improvements.
  • The skeleton in Aram desert now provokes a new party conversation.
  • Notable change: the investment returns at the start of Chapter 4 are now paginated, and possibly altered incorrectly.

Version 0.49.4 (2020-03-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Hopefully final bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.50.0 (2020-04-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Grand art update: All scenes in Chapter 1 now have an illustrated image!
  • Total added: 28 scenes, 5 joke scenes (52 images total)

It's finally here! After a year of work behind the scenes, I'm launching the illustrated version of The Last Sovereign! Every single scene accessible in Chapter 1 of the game has at least one illustration.

Version 0.50.1 (2020-04-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes and improvements.
  • New CG: Aka/Hilstara
  • A large amount of credit goes to Lamsey and Decanter for helping with the many scripts involved.

At long last, the art update is live for everyone! That should include Steam very quickly, this time. Having said that, I don't have a lot more to add. This has been a long time coming and I hope everyone enjoys it. ^-^

Version 0.50.2 (2020-04-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Bug. -_-

Version 0.51.0 (2020-05-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Depending on your decisions, you may be able to unlock a new segment and final state for Eustrin.
  • Aka's personal quest can now be completed.
  • Hilstara has a complete personal quest.
  • The Tower mine has reopened, granting different saves different items. Both regions have been repopulated with a few new fights.
  • Two new scenes, three new affection scenes.
  • Two more scenes that are inaccessible without cheating. Working ahead.
  • If you're still locked out of Ardoheim in Chapter 5, you can now gain access via a payment in Headquarters 1F.
  • If you didn't receive the Crystal of Harmony, it can now be purchased in Ari-Yhilina.
  • If Fheliel's conversation was missed, you can find her in Ryoken.
  • Returning to Wynn's house after the recent transformation will unlock new dialogue (and a new scene).
  • Improved Qum and Megail sex sprites thanks to Decanter.
  • Minor continuity fixes in early content.
  • New Illustrated Scenes: Carina Solo, Altina Blowjob, Megail Doggy, Trin Orgy

This is one of those odd updates, because I know some players won't be able to access the major chunk of new content (Eustrin). However, it also includes some new side quests for everyone, plus a lot of little opportunities to unlock past content you might not have seen. Hopefully there will be something for everyone!

Some of the content in this update I promised literally years ago. So many blog posts ago, somebody asked "Will there be impregnation content?" and I said "Yes, but you'll have to wait a long time." Until now, apparently.

Version 0.51.1 (2020-05-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Usual bugfixing and polishing.
  • Assorted balance tweaks: Palina's calculation, more affection for Neranda and Tertia, different bonuses for a Kerannii alliance.
  • The Aramite Embassy investment is no longer dependent on the Ardoheim Embassy.
  • The boss in Aka's quest was tweaked in several directions, but overall buffed.

This is not a critical version unless you were blocked from content by one of the fixed bugs. I hope that it has all the polish and additions necessary for it to be the public release, but we'll see.

Version 0.51.2 (2020-05-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Final polish.

Version 0.52.0 (2020-06-26)[edit | edit source]

Version 0.52.1 (2020-06-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor cleanup.

Version 0.52.2 (2020-07-03)[edit | edit source]

Version 0.53.0 (2020-08-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Big new section covering the first half of the Gathering.
  • 2 new scenes
  • Added a notification after Chapter 1 to forestall potential confusion over illustrations.
  • 9 new illustrated scenes: Comforting Simon, Janine's Wedding, Orcent Orgy, Robin BJ, Tertia TF, Uyae in Heat, Varia Standing, Varia TF, Wynn Binding

Version 0.53.1 (2020-08-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Significant polishing, minor bugfixing.
  • Balance of the orc tournament has become several steps more difficult.
  • Balance of the gauntlet has changed: one piece has become more forgiving, one research option now has an effect, overly simple option removed.

Version 0.53.2 (2020-09-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Further bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.53.3 (2020-09-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Updating primarily to help those with the zero HP bug.
  • Minor bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.54.0 (2020-10-02)[edit | edit source]

  • New segment finishing the Gathering
  • 2 new scenes
  • Equipment from dead orcs is now given back to you prior to the orc event.
  • More healing for parties in between segments.
  • New character bust art thanks to Lamsey.
  • 4 new illustrated scenes: Aka x Tentacles, Carina + Qum, Iris Doggy, Balia Table

Version 0.54.1 (2020-10-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous changes.
  • I made some tweaks to the Lustlord fight, trying to make it more challenging without just cranking his stats.

Version 0.54.2 (2020-10-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Further fixing and polishing.
  • Hopefully final balance on all Gathering checks.

Version 0.55.0 (2021-01-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Open world update, including new income and research
  • Brand new nation: Rodak
  • Many new investments, most in the new nations, but also some scattered around.
  • New content unlocked in Orgasmic Empire, and in Eustrin if you resolved its problems earlier.
  • Eight new text scenes, including six for new harem members
  • Fourteen (!) new illustrated scenes: Carina handjob, Dari blowjob, Dari 69, Ginasta bathing, Hilstara x Galvia, Iris + Megail, Janine cunnilingus, Megail + Hilstara, Robin titfuck, Sarai missionary, Varia chains, Wendis titfuck, Yarra x Fuani
  • Over fifty (!!) new sex sprites! Every harem character now has at least one with Simon, and there are some other combinations as well.

Version 0.55.1 (2021-01-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Standard pass for fixing and polishing.
  • Added RP to certain decisions.

Version 0.55.2 (2021-01-22)[edit | edit source]

  • More polishing and bugfixing.
  • A succubus in the Orgasmic Empire library now shows the map of Renthnor.
  • The Renthnor map is added to the teleportation room maps after being viewed.
  • Hilstara RP shifted, Balia RP added to orc investment.
  • Xestris RP added to her first headquarters conversation.

Version 0.55.3 (2021-01-29)[edit | edit source]

New Content

  • If you invested in repairing Feroholm, new maps can now be visited.
  • Same with Stineford Farm, which has different versions depending on whether you chose orcs, succubi, or the poor.
  • Sprite animations can now be viewed en masse via the private rooms staircase in the base.
  • Five new Orcent conversations: Yhilin Guard Bar, Denlak's Bar, The Tower's Backdoor, Orgasmic Cafe, Feroholm (rebuilt only)
  • Four new illustrations: Riala Relaxing, Trin Double Team, Wendis Reunion (x2)


  • Megail has an "investment finder" event in her office, specifically for new investments not in Rodak or the Orgasmic Empire
  • Tertia has a new conversation/investment that affects the price of Rodakan Agriculture.
  • Stenai now includes a new event with Feremina.
  • Gathering Complex Refurbishment price now scales with collateral damage.
  • The Rodakan Order investment likewise scales with collateral damage.


  • A new conversation with the Erosian harem leader now grants an Erosia point.
  • The Helvanna "Succubi in Rodak" investment now grants character points.
  • Ryoken receives a greater number of cosmetic changes as it improves, including new NPCs, new dialogue, and empty houses receiving doors or occupants.
  • Two Erosian NPCs have new dialogue with Ginasta.
  • Herin has moved from the Bloody Spire to Cee'Kan, if she became High Priestess.
  • The Impaler has a new line of dialogue.
  • Doors in Theltiar now animate (thanks to Decanter).
  • Minor new dialogue for the Helvanna Lustlord temple.
  • Minor additional dialogue to map succubus.
  • Truly minor fixes, like typos or tileset corrections, are not listed.

Unlike usual, I've tried to catalog nearly every change and addition to the game.

Version 0.55.4 (2021-02-05)[edit | edit source]

  • New benefits added to final Feroholm investment.
  • Stineford farm sprite changed.
  • Additional NPC in Stineford Farm.
  • Some additional dialogue in Feroholm Church.
  • Yet more minor fixes.

Version 0.56.0 (2021-04-16)[edit | edit source]

  • New event resolving New Givini and gaining a new harem member.
  • The Palace Staff quest can now be completed. One new staff member added.
  • Iris has her harem quest if locked (found in Helvanna).
  • After talking to Riala, there are three new challenge bosses throughout the world.
  • Purely flavor: Robin's former roommates have more events after the Third Arclentian War. Mherin can now be found in Stineford. It's possible for Infasis to die in the fighting, otherwise she's in the Academy.
  • If Feroholm or the Stineford Farm were rebuilt, they now have new background music.
  • New conversation between Esthera and Tertia potentially unlocked (variable dependent).
  • Five new sex scenes.
  • 14 new illustrated scenes: Esthera Cunnilingus, Fheliel Blindfolded, Nalili First Time, Nalili Titfuck, Nalili Double Team, Neranda Seated, Orcent x Kara, Restoring Sabitha, Sabitha's POV, Serving the Empress 1-3, Trin x Altina, Trin + Qum
  • 1 new SFW scene, for a chapter interlude. (between chapters 3 and 4)

Version 0.56.1 (2021-04-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Usual bugfixing/polishing.
  • Some new locations have been added for Elleani/Iris, but most are cosmetic, just to signal to players that that they don't need to keep looking someplace.

Version 0.56.2 (2021-04-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Few more bugs.

Version 0.57.0 (2021-07-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Massive new multi-branching event.
  • Two new scenes, kind of.
  • 17 new illustrated scenes: Aka + Nalili, Carina First Time, Elleani First Time, Lamia Prisoner, Office Orgy, Orcent x Succubus, Qum Maxing, Qum x Futa, Trin + Altina Copies, Varia Gangbang, Yarra x Qum, Yarra x Ogre (+5 affection scenes for Aka, Yarra, and Qum)

Version 0.57.1 (2021-07-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixing and polishing
  • Improved visual and audio assets thanks to Lamsey and Decanter

Version 0.57.2 (2021-08-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Balance and additional polishing.

Version 0.57.3 (2021-08-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Final balance and polish for public release.

Version 0.58.0 (2021-09-24)[edit | edit source]

  • New section of the story.

Version 0.58.1 (2021-10-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous changes to the balance.
  • New optional easier path.
  • Additional flavor content.
  • Bugs and oversights fixed, including a fix to the boulder puzzle that should allow all solutions.
  • 5 new illustrated scenes: Elleani Library, Gathering Orgy, Orc Council Orgy, Carina + Hilstara, Yarra + Varia

Version 0.58.2 (2021-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional fixes and balance tweaks.

Version 0.58.3 (2021-10-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional bugfixes and polishing.

Version 0.59.0 (2022-01-07)[edit | edit source]

  • New segment finishing the Incubus War.
  • Minor edits to the prison content.
  • New scenes, the number depending on how you count them.

Version 0.59.1 (2022-01-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous corrections, additions, and improvements.
  • New art for 14 scenes: Altina First Early, Altina First Later, Varia Dominated, Varia Reshaped, Blowjob Distraction, Reunion Orgy, Ardford Orgy, Sarai Solo, Neranda Impregnation, Yarra + Qum, Yarra + Qum x Ogre, Yarra Seated, Yarra Missionary

Version 0.59.2 (2022-01-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional fixes, some added content.

Version 0.59.3 (2022-01-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Final tweaking, largely adding a few new bonuses and new RP for many characters.

Version 0.60.0 (2022-03-11)[edit | edit source]

  • New open world segment, with an unusual number of updates.
  • 9 new scenes.
  • Two new characters can join the harem, bringing six new affection scenes with them.
  • Two other characters joining the base.
  • An old character's affection can be uncapped via a new scene, allowing them to be maxed.
  • New harem quest.
  • Shining Swords can finally be turned in for rewards.
  • Various new opportunities around the world, making it possible to restore the "entity" even if items were previously missed.
  • Thanks to the work of DukeLeto7, Decanter, and others, several obscure bugs have been eliminated.
  • Annikath has made some improvements to several dozen past scenes (purely on her own time), so all of those have been updated.
  • Four new illustrated scenes: Elleani Titfuck, Janine 69, Riala Dreaming, Sarai Doggy

Version 0.60.1 (2022-03-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Ramasta dead end fixed.
  • Content in Sarai's headquarters made more accessible.
  • All other reports cleaned up.

Version 0.60.2 (2022-03-15)[edit | edit source]

There was no official changelog for this update, despite various fixes and balance changes.

Version 0.60.3 (2022-03-25)[edit | edit source]

There was no official changelog for this update, despite various fixes and balance changes.

  • Robin can now repeatedly redeem unequipped non-Sword Shining gear for Sx.
  • New Wynn quest events in Tak'Kan Immigration Offices, Ari-Yhilina Throne Room, Sanitation Mages, Grand Fuckball Arena, Seat of Rodak.
  • Improved/fixed visual assets from Decanter.

Version 0.61.0 (2022-05-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Biyue Wingjob scene made unavailable after Incubus War.
  • Wynn quest event in Yhilin Palace throne room now correctly available only if the Agnostic crew did not die.
  • New complete harem quest, beginning in Megail's office in the base.
  • Half a new Philon quest. You can fully explore some new maps and a new dungeon, just not complete the event.
  • You can now visit new maps in the Renthnor Wilds. This means that the teleportation chamber is now 100% unlocked.
  • New Simon/Orcent bar conversation.
  • All maps in Rodak have been given new custom assets to make the nation more memorable.
  • By user request, there is now an event in the orc quarters where you can change the equipment of orc party members.
  • The Amulet of Alchemy, Twisted Charm, and Sexual Charm can now all be upgraded at the Enchantery (in Ghenalon).
  • If you spared the lamias, one now appears in Gasm Falls.
  • New details will appear in the base when a nation advances far enough. Expect more of these in the future.
  • All variable timing sex scenes are now either blocked by Simon's condition or have special dialogue and grant a bonus point.
  • Though on that note, the variable for Simon's recovery has increased from its temporary variable. Using a save from the previous build will have no ill effects, this is just the pacing I want for the final game (pending tweaks).
  • If the player didn't finish Tanurak's optional challenge before the end of the war, the quest is now properly removed.
  • There were previously 18 places where a character who had maxed relationship points could be temporarily reduced. While the chance of this having a negative impact was low, it was a possible edge case. Thanks to [[User:DukeLeto7|DukeLeto7]'s list, I've eliminated all of these.
  • All erroneous Trin lines should be corrected, again thanks to DukeLeto7 for tracking them down.
  • 6 new illustrated scenes: Carina Missionary, Hilstara 69, Sabitha Mammal Pile, Trin Titfuck, Uyae Blowjob, Wynn Halfling
  • In addition to those, there are several variants of a new image to illustrate Simon and Orcent's bar crawl.
  • And, believe it or not, assorted bugfixing and polishing not mentioned above.

Version 0.61.1 (2022-06-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor bugfixing and polishing.
  • Improved/fixed visual/audio assets from Lamsey and Decanter.
  • Fixed a Wynn's Request bonus from testing the Hall of Mental Strength being given to New Givini instead of Tak'Kan.

Version 0.62.0 (2022-07-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Critical party swap bug fixed.
  • Multiple party dungeon bug fixed.
  • Seven new illustrated scenes: Altina Seated, Esthera Dominance, Iris Meeting, Ivala First Time, Megail Anal, Mithyn First Time, Robin Seated

Version 0.62.1 (2022-07-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor tweaks.

Version 0.63.0 (2022-09-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Completion of the Philon quest line.
  • New harem quest: talk to Carina in Stineford.
  • The NPC and harem icons in the Reflect menu are no longer text placeholders, but have been replaced with images.
  • Completing content this section will give you new resources to make more decisions.
  • With the right resources, you can create a piece of ultimate custom equipment for Carina.
  • Two new sex scenes, plus an affection scene variation that was already in the game but has been locked for a long time.
  • Three new illustrated scenes: Ivala Flying, Mithyn Deepthroat, Lynine/Orilise Threesome

Version 0.63.1 (2022-09-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Misc bugfixes and polishing.
  • The goddesses now have updated chat lines after the newest quest.
  • Bertricia has been added to Carina's quest and the background math has been changed accordingly.
  • The Philon dungeon music now continues through battles; this was a suggestion from a number of players that I thought was apt.
  • Retroactive: the Tanurak challenge fights can now be escaped, to avoid the edge case where a player with no other saves is trapped in an autosave.

Version 0.63.2 (2022-09-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor fixes.
  • Carina quest rebalancing.

Version 0.63.3 (2022-09-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Hopefully final Carina quest balance tweaks.

Version 0.64.0 (2022-11-11)[edit | edit source]

  • New harem quest beginning in Tak'Kan.
  • New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
  • New harem quest beginning in Zirantia.
  • It's still not time for the big portrait update, but one of them is in the game: the portrait of Wendis as seen in the beginning of the game.
  • In addition to the techniques learned as part of quests, there is a new synergy technique available in the base courtyard.
  • Fheliel and Neranda now appear in the Hall of Mortality if they have joined the harem.
  • Zelica's tree (from last update) now has custom tiles thanks to Lamsey.
  • One new plot scene, three new affection scenes.
  • Three new illustrated scenes: Nalili Pampering, Neranda Breeding, Orilise/Lynine Threesome.
  • In addition to those illustrated scenes, there's a new SFW scene: Vhala in combat during the Third Arclentian War.

Version 0.64.1 (2022-11-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixing and polishing.
  • Balance changes for Balia's quest, including removing all game overs, changing the color of repeatable fights, and removing random drops.

Version 0.64.2 (2022-11-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Uyae's quest has been modified in a number of ways. The results now require choosing a tradeoff and requirements are more relaxed, which was my intent.
  • Balia's quest has minor additions (notably a stat tracking new essence) and the battle loss bug is fixed.
  • Yet more minor fixes.

Version 0.64.3 (2022-11-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Entering and exiting Balia's challenge now saves party configuration.
  • Hopefully final polishing and tweaking.

Version 0.65.0 (2023-02-03)[edit | edit source]

  • New plot quest, beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
  • New harem quest, beginning in the Yhilini Royal Chambers (any time in Chapter 5).
  • New harem quest, beginning in the base front hall (any time after the Incubus War).
  • New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds (after completing the new plot quest).
  • Major new base feature: full portrait mode, including 29 unique pieces of art and 125 paintings total!
  • New harem member, with either 1 or 15 sex scenes, depending on how you count.
  • Aside from that, two plot sex scenes.
  • Final combat party member, bearing 17 new skills and some bizarre mechanics.
  • In Balia's challenge, teaching orcs skills only costs essence once each iteration. If you create new orcs, you can teach them already-learned skills for no additional cost.
  • The Simon Recovery variable has been slightly tweaked now that there are more than enough points.
  • 5 new illustrated scenes: Aka's New Form, Hilstara x Succubi, Lynine First Time, Orilise First Time, Megail Seated

Version 0.65.1 (2023-02-08)[edit | edit source]

  • None of the bugs were catastrophic, but some prevented players from getting credit for unlocking portraits.
  • For those who don't want base customization, a succubus assistant will now offer a pre-set selection of portraits.
  • In Altina's quests, people who offer hints about going to other locations now remain until the location has been found.
  • The Northern Crown's stats have been changed, not necessarily buffed.
  • Alternate Robin sprite thanks to Lamsey.
  • Misc bugfixing and polishing.
  • Simon was intended to be made optional during Lilith's dungeon, but this didn't happen until 0.66.0.

Version 0.65.2 (2023-02-17)[edit | edit source]

  • More dialogue for Lilith, both before and after joining.
  • Additional bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.65.3 (2023-03-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Lilith party bug fixed.
  • Simon party bug fixed.
  • All collected polishing so far.

Version 0.66.0 (2023-04-14)[edit | edit source]

  • New title screen and new branding across platforms!
  • New harem quest beginning by Yarra in Headquarters B1.
  • New harem quest beginning in Tak'Kan regional map.
  • Additional flavor text and SFX added to Lilith's Abode.
  • Seven new pieces of ultimate/custom equipment.
  • Three new sex scenes (all found via the above harem quests).
  • Five new illustrated scenes: Aka Riding, Balia's First Time, Forest Orgy, Lynine + Orilise, and Restoring Unsuccubi.
  • New quality of life feature thanks to Arachne: the gallery can now be filtered by any harem member!

Version 0.66.1 (2023-04-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Added new title card assets.
  • Carina's special equipment event will now disappear if you got the previous version of it.
  • All issues related to the gallery/filter are hopefully resolved, but please test.
  • Bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.66.2 (2023-04-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Hopefully final edits to the filtering script.
  • Minor polishing.

Version 0.67.0 (2023-05-12)[edit | edit source]

  • The succession crisis can now be resolved via a new quest line beginning in Ardford.
  • New harem quest beginning in Ardford Religious District.
  • Three new sex scenes.
  • Four new illustrated scenes: Hilstara x Lynine, Yarra's Joint Squad, Megail + Orilise, Nalili Tentacles
  • Item sell bug (hopefully) fixed.

Version 0.67.1 (2023-05-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Various changes and additions behind the scenes. Optimization is overall easier, but the negative consequences are more severe.
  • It is no longer possible to have Tyna marry Kalant with poor enough variables.
  • It is now possible to walk Tyna down the aisle with sufficient variables. This has no numerical impact.
  • NPCs around Ardford now respond to news of Tyna's wedding.
  • Four new illustrated scenes: Hilstara x Lynine, Yarra's Joint Squad, Megail + Orilise, Nalili Tentacles
  • Dari's quest now adds additional relationship points.
  • Internal variables renamed for easier comprehension by data miners. =P

Version 0.67.2 (2023-05-26)[edit | edit source]

  • No time to write notes, gotta keep working on TLS 0.68.0!

Version 0.68.0 (2023-06-09)[edit | edit source]

  • New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
  • New harem quest beginning in Orgasmic Palace 4F (after Philon quest line).
  • New Wilds building unlocked.
  • Additional interaction/consequence added to Succession Crisis (Blademasters Guild).
  • Further cleanup and minor bugfixing from the Succession Crisis.
  • Six new sex scenes.
  • Three new illustrated scenes: Ginasta First Time, Hilstara Missionary, Robin First Time

Version 0.68.1 (2023-06-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Cleanup, bugfixes, added images, and polishing.

Version 0.68.2 (2023-06-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Hopefully final tweaks to this content.

Version 0.69.0 (2023-09-01)[edit | edit source]

  • New harem quest beginning in Theltiar.
  • New plot quest beginning in a location revealed within this update.
  • New harem quest beginning in base courtyard (contingent on the above plot quest).
  • Penultimate harem member, the last before the secret optional member.
  • Fully 12 (!) new sex scenes, two of them affection scenes.
  • New illustrated scenes: Aka + Varia, Altina From Behind, Restoring Riala, Yarra + Qum + Nalili, and all 15 (!) of Lilith's Chaos scenes

Version 0.69.1 (2023-09-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Substantial content added to Orilise's quest.
  • New bonus added after Lynine's quest (in Renthnor Wilds).
  • Misc bug-fixing and polishing.

Version 0.69.2 (2023-09-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Further bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.70.0 (2023-10-13)[edit | edit source]

  • New harem quest beginning in the base main hall (after the Incubus War).
  • New harem quest beginning in Sarai's Headquarters.
  • The Mother's Guard quest is now accessible even if Theltiar is destroyed.
  • Grynyth added to Uyae and Janine's harem quests (no mechanic impact).
  • Also added to Yarra's harem quest (minimal combat impact).
  • Also added to Altina's harem quest (dialogue and mechanical changes, but no ultimate balance change).
  • Five new illustrated scenes: Crypt Handjob, Healing Dreams, Meeting Iris, Sending a Message, Trin 100 (missionary)

Version 0.70.1 (2023-10-15)[edit | edit source]

  • A new script has added a VN-style backlog that will show you previous dialogue. It is activated via the D key.
  • The boss in Sarai's quest has been toned down, so please try again if you found it frustrating the first time.
  • Riala's quest now ends with her proper boss.
  • Several tweaks to Riala's quest mechanics, which should make clearing everything possible for new saves.
  • The usual bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.70.2 (2023-10-20)[edit | edit source]

  • No polishing or bug fixing whatsoever. This update is flawless and unchanging, having sprung from the forehead of Zeus, and shall endure when all else withers away under the ravages of entropy.

Version 0.71.0 (2023-11-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug in Sarai's quest that made her event appear earlier in the game.
  • Fixed issues with the alternate method to access the new Mother quests.
  • Additional upgrades to the VN-style backlog script.
  • Limit breaker script added. The only effect should be that characters no longer max at level 99, or so I hope.
  • Two new illustrated scenes: Yarra + Hilstara, Victory Orgy
  • Everything is illustrated through Chapter 3, so the "limited art" message has been moved to after that point.

Version 0.71.1 (2023-11-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Minor cleanup.

Version 0.72.0 (2023-12-01)[edit | edit source]

  • New harem quest beginning in Ari-Yhilina: Merchant District.
  • New harem quest beginning in Ari-Yhilina: Order of Thaumaturgy.
  • New Orcent quest beginning in the Bloody Spire.
  • Two new unique items can be created at the Nostalgic Home, if certain requirements are met.
  • UI fixes from the previous new script.
  • One new sex scene.
  • Three new illustrated scenes: Special Surprise, Aka + Yarra, Megail + Qum

Version 0.72.1 (2023-12-08)[edit | edit source]

  • All 26 events in the Orcent dungeon now have different dialogue for all six forms. You better appreciate this flavor text, because it was so much copy-pasting. T-T
  • New visual assets for Orcent's dungeon thanks to Lamsey.
  • There's a free healing point in Orcent's dungeon as well.
  • New NPCs/dialogue added responding to quest completion.
  • Various balance tweaks throughout, notably a significant buff to Mana Shock.
  • Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.72.2 (2023-12-15)[edit | edit source]

  • New Orcent assets thanks to Lamsey and Annikath.
  • Even MORE Orcent variant dialogue.
  • Clarified that Megail's quest also resets research.
  • Duplicate equipment bug fixed.
  • Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.73.0 (2024-02-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Vhala has a "harem" quest, starting in the base hallway after the Incubus War.
  • Stineford has been entirely overhauled! This is one of the biggest visual updates I've done to the game and I'm just crossing my fingers that I didn't screw something up during the upgrade.
  • If Sarai was sexually restricted in your game, you can now get her to join the harem via her personal quest (if you already finished it, there's an alternate event in her tower). This is functionally the same, but involves some new conversations and dialogue variants.
  • Nalili's quest now grants an additional reward, which can be found in her room even if you've already completed the quest. This is necessary for...
  • A short quest that will grant a final battle item, if you've gathered all four major ingredients.
  • Fuani now appears in the Renthnor Wilds guild, offering tips about all incomplete harem quests.
  • Yarra's upgraded sex room now has two alternate configurations, for those who complained about the original tiles.
  • Additional details around the base dependent on country scores, now covering Darghelon, Gheldaron, Zirantia, Erosia, and Rodak.
  • Depending on the Entity Cohesion variable, you can see a scene resting under the tree at the Nostalgic Home.
  • The final Shining Sword bonus is now available. I intend to add one more in the last optional dungeon for flex, however.
  • During the Orilise segment of the elven forests sequence, the timer running out should now cause game over. This needs more testing.
  • Did you know that the majority of cases refer to "Miners' Junction" but in 29 locations I accidentally wrote "Miner's Junction"? Well, not anymore!
  • Bug where you could see Wendis transformed early fixed.
  • Thanks to Rachnera, TLS has advanced keyboard remapping options in the System menu.
  • There are now control tutorials when starting a new game.
  • What may be the final investments of the game, pending any final balance tweaks.
  • The placeholder in the teleportation room has finally been replaced with Riala, who will check preparedness and lead to the final battle (next time).
  • One new sex scene.
  • New illustrated scenes: Elleani Relief, Megail x Iris Anal, Janine Wedding Night
  • Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.73.1 (2024-03-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Additional conversations have been added to Vhala's quest.
  • Vhala's quest now grants additional influence for saves with lower ProN returns, as a mercy mechanic.
  • Vhala's quest now grants more RP and other variables.
  • Balia's quest now causes the training orcs in the base to upgrade, with four new training fights.
  • Solely in the Divergent Church scenario, Bertricia has a Shining Sword to give the player.
  • Solely in the New Religion scenario, Yelarel will give a Shining Sword during Sarai's quest.
  • Upgraded keyboard/controller scripts thanks to Rachnera. The intro text and text describing key presses have been changed to account for this.
  • Updated Elleani/Yarra scene thanks to Annikath.
  • Additional bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.73.2 (2024-03-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Balance tweaks to Vhala's quest, including two extra points.
  • The base portrait system now includes transformed Robin, both of Sabitha's forms, and mourning Zelica.
  • Hopefully final keyboard/controller scripts from Rachnera.
  • Additional bugfixing and polishing.

Version 0.73.4 (2024-03-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Following Megail's quest, investigate near Iris to create a new potential piece of equipment.
  • Investing in the Erosian smith now grants access to new equipment (at the Erosian temple), a new investment (at Fuck Palace), and new orc equipment (during Balia's quest).
  • Five new pieces of unique equipment related to the above.
  • Yet more bugfixing and polishing.

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