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Announcing the Altina rescue challenge

Do you remember early in chapter 1 when Riala meets with Simon? Simon asks if it would be possible to rescue Altina; Riala rhetorically asks if Simon thinks he's strong enough. Well, this is your opportunity to put that to the test.

This modded game version allows you to attempt to rescue Altina - at the point when you would normally leave for the merchant camp. It offers a challenge, but one that can be surmounted fairly reliably with a solid strategy. It also reworks some of the game's dialogue, just for fun.

You can download it here (this link will continue to work if there are updates). It is standalone, except for requiring the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, which you may already have if you've been using the "lite" download versions of The Last Sovereign as is recommended.

Update, 28 March 2016: I have incorporated the new buff/state mechanics and display from v0.17 into the mod, which should be useful for carefully managing your combat tactics. Also a few lines of dialogue have been changed.

Update, 14 April 2016: Incorporated new custom music and art assets from v0.17.2.

Update, 12 January 2017: Incorporated new window size and fullscreen functionality. Reworked some event logic for robustness.

Update, 1 December 2018: Incorporated F12 fix, autosave feature, text skip controller support, and new lamia battler from recent updates.

Update, sometime in 2020: Added custom icon, probably some other stuff I forgot to note at the time.