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A mysterious, powerful woman who lives secluded in the Tower. Neither an ally nor an enemy, she is cautious of Simon and the Doom King.

Story[edit | edit source]

A Givini sage who seeks out the secrets of reality, she lives isolated in the Tower, focused on her research. How old she is not known, but she was around when The Incubus King invaded Arclent, but chose not to interfere, despite her power. She does seem to have a way to keep updated on world events, as she recognizes Simon.

She is originally mentioned by the Anak of Philon, as one of those who walk the Tower, and she seems to know the Anak in turn, calling him by his personal name, Xerces.

She is a powerful mage, as she is able to make her way to and live in the Tower, and create her own area. Her wards to mask her presence are what initially alert the party to her presence, as they prevent Yarra from sealing off the Tak'kan area of the Tower from the Fucklord's invasion attempts.

After making their way to her, with the help of Orcent, they have an encounter that leads to her allowing the magic through the wards. Though she proclaims she is uninterested in the mortal world, it seems like she has an ulterior motive.

During the conflict on Thenours, she comes to Simon to request his help. Tanurak, her old enemy, is coming back to the world after being dead for some time, and she can't fight him alone.