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Trila is one of the main characters of Desecration of Wings, the second character to join the party. Her relationship with her mother is a major part of the game.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Trila is young and impetuous, very much a teenager in some ways. She's uncomfortable with her mother's work and uncertain of their relationship or her place in the world. But she's also brave and kind, and over the course of the story she gains considerable maturity.

Trila is passionate but naive, as seen when she challenged Lyrillian instead of submitting. She also has normal crushes and a desire for love, as seen with Palind.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Trila is one of the best single target strikers in the game. She has access to a variety of debuffs, but these should generally be used only to hold off dangerous enemies while damage can be dealt to another target.

All her best abilities use the Attack stat, so choose passive skills to improve that first. Her Spirit is naturally low, so it might be wise to increase it if you have spare points and slots. She needs skills to prevent Blind and other disabling effects, but where possible, try to get them from a unique skill that grants other stats.

History[edit | edit source]

The youngest member of the cast, Trila has the least history. She has been raised in Andenville by Felana and presumably educated to some degree. At various points she indicates that she has had past relationships that became slightly physical, but she had never gone very far before the events of the game take place.

Her mixed race nature as half-Eleon and half-Draeon doesn't seem to bother her very much, but it is noted by others and adds to her uncertainty about her place in the world.

Of the cast, Trila has the most uncertain future. Though she seems to be taking leadership roles in the epilogue, she isn't married off or otherwise given an obvious conclusion.