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This is an attempt to track the sorts of tasks that still need to be completed on this wiki. If you're looking to help, this is a good place to check what needs to be done.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the list, use the Talk/Discussion page for this article.

Every public release[edit | edit source]

The Last Sovereign[edit | edit source]

The following items should be completed after every major build. Content should only added to the wiki once a public build is released.

  • If the content does not need its own page, add to the main walkthrough.
  • If the content should get its own page, create a page based on the content. Link to this new page from the main walkthrough.
  • Once the new content is added to the main walkthrough or a new page, update the following pages:
    • The Bosses page.
    • Multiple character pages:
      • The general Characters page.
      • Any pages for specific characters that gained RP or have new sex scenes.
      • If a new character is added to the game that is significant, create a page.
      • If an existing character does not have a page but has gained content that is significant, create a page.
    • List of scenes:
      • If any sex scenes were added.
      • If any previous scenes had art added.
    • The Relationship points page.
    • The Secret stats page if any of the variables listed there were updated. Add new variables as appropriate.
    • The Secrets and collectibles page, especially Shining Sword locations.
    • Investments:
      • If there are new investments, add them.
      • If an existing investment benefits new content, add appropriate information to all applicable investments.
    • The Headquarters page if anything impacts the headquarters, such as new staff or the Military, Magic, and Hospitality scores.
    • The Soundtrack page if there is new music, or old music used in new contexts.
    • The Version updates page.

The following pages are less likely to need an update but should still be looked at:

Ongoing projects[edit | edit source]

The Last Sovereign[edit | edit source]

The following content needs to be audited:

  • List of scenes:
    • Complete the empty table entries.
    • Add and complete repeatable sex scenes.
  • Every character page for RP and sex scenes.
  • The Relationship points page.
  • General Character page.
  • Characters that do not have pages that should.
  • Investments that benefit future events.
    • Investments that benefit the Erosian War should state as such, like the War Monument and the Givini Mage Guild.
  • Every event that gets its own page, following the steps above to confirm other appropriate content is updated.
  • The Headquarters page.
  • The Bosses page only goes up to the Second Gathering.
  • The Secret Stats page.
    • The country score sections don't have most of the chapter 5 possibilities.

Desecration of Wings[edit | edit source]