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This is a timeline of the major events of Sult,[1] the world of The Last Sovereign, both before and during the plot of the game. As the game itself provides very few explicit dates, most of the dates are based on conjecture, interpretation, and information provided by the author outside the game, but the broad strokes of the in game chronology have been confirmed.[2]

Dates are given in AE for Arclent Era, per Sierra Lee's definition. Cultures other than the human nations on that continent may use other calendar systems. All birth dates are taken from the ages on the wiki pages, with the ages presumed to be the age when they are first met by the party in game (Allowing some wiggle room as to what the date of the first meeting is). Also note that

Birthdays aren't generally celebrated on Arclent, sorry. Though they do have a good calendar system, not everyone even keeps perfect track of when they were born.
— Sierra Lee[3]

It should go without saying, but beware of EXTREME SPOILERS.

Before Arclent Era[edit | edit source]

??? BAE/"Time Out of Mind"

  • "There was an era... a truly long time ago... when all the divine shards were one, and there was only a single deity." There was apparently also a single unified Incubus King or Lustlord at this time. "When the two powers shattered one another, each broke into seven great pieces."[4]
  • The dynamic of Incubus Kings and goddesses has been going on as far back as the memory of the oldest of the goddesses, Tertia, extends. "There have been eras of unified shards and eras when they are sundered into a thousand fragments. At times seven goddesses did battle against seven Incubus Kings. At times there was no symmetry or order."[4]
  • This process appears to have extended enough into deep time for noticeable evolutionary and geological change to have taken place. It is unclear to what extent the races presently inhabiting the game world have changed through this prehistory, or whether they share one or more common ancestor species.[5]
  • Humans spread to all three of the continents some time in the remote past.
  • Succubi and Orcs also colonize all three continents.
  • Elves speaking Proto-Storgan[6] spread from the region of Ghenalon in Thenours to occupy the forests of Southeastern Arclent, founding Darghelon and Gheldaron.[7]
  • Dwarves, having previously colonized at least Thenours and Arclent, begin the process of isolating themselves into small centers of population in mountain kingdoms/mining colonies, such as Vestrin, Eustrin in Arclent, and Suorin in Thenours.[8] Eustrin is founded "for the protection of the Dwarven people".[9]
  • Halflings spread at least to Arclent and Thenours.
  • Zirantians spread to all three continents from an ancestral homeland called "Zirantia". It is unclear if this area coincided with the current nation of Zirantia.
  • At some time before reliably recorded history, nearly all of the Incubus Kings' shards were united in a "base and venal" single holder, who appears to have been the historical Lustlord now worshiped as a deity by many succubi (not the contemporary Lustlord of Rodak or the later "partial Lustlord" who enslaved and abused Mithyn). This individual was killed and the shards divided again.[10]
  • The goddess of "Wind and Wild" withdraws to a remote part of the Tower, creating the Deepwilds Shrine, where she eventually wills herself to cease existing.[4][11]
  • Ivala, Zelica and Mithyn, Goddess of Magic, acquire divine shards and become goddesses.[12]
  • The goddess Tertia of the dwarves withdraws to a different remote part of the Tower, no longer interacting with her worshipers. They believe that she died.
  • An ancient Incubus King (not the Incubus King) ruled in present day Zirantia.[13]
  • Zirantian led monarchy in a cultural successor to the Incubus King ruled state in present day Zirantia.[14]
  • At the ending of the previous "era",[15] a "partial Lustlord"[16] enslaved the goddess Mithyn for decades. It is unclear if this partial Lustlord is the Incubus King whose overthrow marked the beginning of the Arclent Era.[4]
  • At some undetermined time before the 1st Arclent War, Tanurak and Ulrissa become powerful Tower walkers. Tanurak was "a monster who revels in suffering", and, on a whim, precipitated the extinction of the race of dragons by "twisting the fundamental magical particles they needed to feed on to survive". Ulrissa defeated and then mostly destroyed Tanurak, and then took steps to make herself magically neutral and unable to affect the world.

Early Arclent Era[edit | edit source]

1 AE

  • The fall of an ancient Incubus King's empire in Arclent.[17] Orcs and Succubi seem to be largely eliminated from Arclent between this period and the invasion of the Incubus King.
  • Beginning of Arclent Era.
  • Approximate time of the founding of the Church of Ivala, with some revelation by Ivala to her priestesses at the town of Gawnfall. At least some Ivalan texts are adapted from originals from Thenours.[18] Official Ivalan histories of this time are inaccurate.[19]

??? AE

  • At some stage in this period, Ghenalon emerges as a multi-racial state under the political domination of elves.
  • At some point, the nations of Arclent lose trade and communications with Thenours, and knowledge of the continent is forgotten completely, at least among the human nations.
  • The Lustlord becomes a shard-holder, and takes control of the nation of Rodak, either at the time he first becomes an Incubus King or after the battle with the abomination when he obtained a larger shard.[20]
  • Arclentian "Feudal Era". Prior to the emergence of strong nation states in the 1st Arclent War, there is a more decentralized political system, with the Church of Ivala having political control over their own capital city and limited territorial and military holdings throughout the human and Western Elven nations of Arclent.[19] Some of this local political and military control persists through the 2nd Arclent War, most notably in Feroholm and Stineford[21].
  • At some point in this era, some of the human nations of Arclent fought a series of "Elven Wars" against the elven nations. Elves were considered to be "barbaric" by the human nations, but it is unclear if this has any bearing on the level of technological development of the two societies or if it was just prejudice. This appears to have coincided with the expansion of elves from the region of Darghelon and Gheldaron to the rest of Arclent.[22]
  • 1st Arclent War ("Foundation War" in Ardoheim.)[17]
  • Formation of Ardoheim, Aram, and Givini as states.[17]
  • Xerces begins his career as an explorer of the Tower.[23]
  • The Lustlord acquires a larger shard as a result of a battle fought by several Incubus Kings against an invading abomination from the Tower. The Lustlord was the only survivor of this battle.[23]
  • Xerces becomes a shard-holder, and takes control of the Kingdom of Philon about this time, assuming the title of the "The Anak".[23][24]
  • Within 40 years of the battle in which The Lustlord gained his second shard, Esthera kills the Incubus King she had been serving, and uses deep magic in the Tower to absorb his soul shard.[23] This leads to the formation of the Orgasmic Empire in Renthnor.[25]
  • Loss of the Dwarren Kingdom of Vestrin.[26] The royal family of Vestrin continues to be extant in Eustrin.

c. 850-900 AE

877 AE

c. 900-1000 AE

943 AE

  • Some Ivalan missionaries operating in Erosia are captured by a group of orcs and succubi, and are held hostage. The High Priestesses agree to negotiate the release of the missionaries.[30]

11th Century AE[edit | edit source]

c. 1045 - 1065 AE

  • Aram conquers the nomadic Maranite tribes of the desert near Eustrin.[31]
  • Approximate date of Eustrin's transition from an ally of Aram to a dependent vassal.

1063 AE

  • Birth of future High Priestess Hester.

1066 AE

1068 AE

c. 1082-1083 AE

1092 AE

1093 AE

1095 AE

1097 AE

c. 1000?? - 1110 AE

12th Century AE[edit | edit source]

1100s AE[edit | edit source]

1104 AE

  • Birth of Wynn in a small nation near Givini that was subsequently conquered and destroyed by the Incubus King in the 2nd Arclent War[37].

c. 1110 - 1145 AE

1110s AE[edit | edit source]

c. 1110-1112 AE

  • Simon's Father remarries.[39]

c. 1110 - 1118 AE

1112 AE

1112 AE

2nd Arclent War[edit | edit source]

c. 1112-1115 AE

  • Death of Simon's Father and Step-Mother in early stages of war, before they had any children.[35]
  • Latest probable dates for the beginning of Alonon's reign as King of Ardoheim.[42]

c. 1112-1117 AE

1115 AE

1117 AE

1118 AE

c. 1117 - 1122

  • Fall of Vinario.[44][47]
  • Loss of Western Aram to the Incubus King.[44][48]
  • Fall of the nations of what is now the Chalice States.
  • Givini's Last Stand.[44] King of Givini and his personal guard make a last stand to allow their allies to escape. Simon, Wendis and Wynn escape from Givini with the Ardan Army, but most of the legion they were serving in do not.[49]
  • Fall of the Southwestern Elven Kingdom.[44][50]
  • Destruction of the political leadership of the nations in the areas of Feroholm and Stineford, temporary occupation of these areas by the Incubus King.[29][44]
  • The Incubus King's invasion begins to run out of momentum, and some counter-offensives to take back territory on the Ardan front are undertaken. There is "ebb and flow" in the initiative of the war for some period between Givini's Last Stand and the introduction of the Unpeople.[51]
  • Wynn is separated from Simon and Wendis when she is sent to Aram.[52]
  • Simon meets and rescues Linda, an aunt of the future Aramite Captain Palina, during a battle on the Ardan front, which included a near encounter with Riala. Simon and Wendis become lovers of Linda to help counteract the aftereffects of the lust magic used on them during the battle.[53]
  • Creation of the legions of Unpeople.[54]
  • Simon, Wendis and Linda are transferred to Aram.[55] Linda is killed in battle while Simon was present, and he carried her body back while severely wounded himself, which Palina witnessed as a child.[56]
  • Repulse of the armies of the Incubus King from the regions of Feroholm and Stineford, and also the territory of some of the ruined kingdoms west and South of Feroholm and the Withered Mountain. Ardoheim annexes all of these areas.[29]
  • The Incubus King is trapped in Devil's Pass for several months through powerful Divine magic.[57]

1118 AE

1120s AE[edit | edit source]

1120 AE

1121 AE

1122 AE

1123 AE

1123-1155 AE

  • Church of Ivala wages an undeclared war on the Incubus King, ultimately resorting to the Chosen of Ivala. Military units serving the Ardan Army continue the fight in an apparently unofficial capacity at first, with only the Church armies remaining in the fight by the end.[59]

1124 AE

1125 AE

c. 1125 - 1150 AE

  • King Alonon begins his exploration of the Tower. At some point he makes several fundamental discoveries about the nature of reality and fate, and subsequently enters a long period of depression.

1127 AE

c. 1123 - 1128 AE

c. 1126 - 1134 AE

c. 1128 - 1132 AE

  • Owing to political pressure from the ambiguity of the line of succession to her brother King Alonon following the deaths of many of the royal family in the war, Tyna's mother marries after remaining single until late in life.[65]

1127 AE

  • Birth of Janine to one of two major branches of the Yhilini Royal Family.

1128 AE

1129 AE

c. 1129 - 1133 AE

1130s AE[edit | edit source]

c. 1130 - 1145 AE

  • Simon spends several years living in various countries in Thenours, including some time in Ghenalon[69], and then several years exploring the Renthnor Wilds searching for knowledge that would help defeat the Incubus King.[70]
  • During this period, Hilstara transfers from the Ardan Army to the Church armies[71], then becomes a mercenary with the Redlight company.

1131 AE

1132 AE

1133 AE

1135 AE

c. 1137-1143 AE

1134 AE

1135 AE

1136 AE

c. 1136 - 1146 AE

1139 AE

1140s AE[edit | edit source]

c. 1140 - 1145 AE

c. 1142 - 1150 AE

  • The Fucklord acquires a shard and seizes control over Erosia.[76]
  • Dari's family flees a smaller country in Thenours by paying for passage on an ocean-going trading ship. Both her parents died during the voyage, leaving Dari an orphan in Ardoheim on her arrival.[77]

c. 1143 - 1150 AE

  • Janine and the late King of Yhilin are married and ascend the throne as co-regnants.[78]
  • Death of King of Yhilin, Janine reigns as sole monarch.

c. 1144 - 1146 AE

  • Wynn settles in Zirantia and begins living alone in the wilderness, concentrating on her research.[79]

c. 1145 - 1150 AE

  • Teenaged Dari undergoes a botched and unwanted Unwoman transformation.

c. 1145 - 1154 AE

1150s AE[edit | edit source]

c. 1148 - 1154 AE

Events of The Last Sovereign[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

1153 AE Early Autumn

Chapter One[edit | edit source]

1153 AE Autumn

1153 AE Late Autumn/Early Winter

  • Party takes Devil's Pass to Yhilin. Hilstara joins after betrayal by Ivastan.
  • Party defeats palace coup against Janine in Ari-Yhilina. Simon acquires ownership of Trin.
  • Megail joins Harem after a dispute with Reval and the Kingsmen.

1154 AE New Year - 1154 AE Early Summer

  • The party spends about six months in Ari-Yhilina.[86]

Chapter Two[edit | edit source]

1154 AE Early Summer Mid-Summer

1154 AE Mid-Summer - 1154 Early Autumn

1154 AE Autumn

1154/1155 AE Winter - 1155 Spring

Chapter Three[edit | edit source]

1155 AE Spring/Summer

1155 AE Late Summer/Early Autumn

3rd Arclent War[edit | edit source]

1155 AE Autumn

  • Strategic bombardment with Seeds of Corruption of all the free nations of Arclent by the Incubus King. Party deploys via teleportation to destroy as many seeds as possible.
  • Beginning of the 3rd Arclent War.
  • Yhilini Army under the command of Hilstara deploys to Aram to help intercept the forces of the Incubus King. Varia and (possibly) Altina accompany her as lieutenants. They meet Grubbak and Mestan.
  • Yarra, Qum, and Nalili commence infiltration of the Incubus King's Domain, and encounter and recruit Elleani. Elleani's network of Givini survivors and Succubus dissenters is recruited by the forces of the Doom King.
  • Robin helps her former professors and classmates destroy a Seed and prepare the Academy and Stineford as a whole for the coming conflict. The Incubus King makes a surprise assault on Stineford, Robin helps direct the defense of the city and the Academy by using a temporary holy barrier to divide the invading orc horde in two, so that the defending force can defeat it in detail. The Incubus King appears in person outside Stineford and breaches the barrier. Wynn reveals to Simon that she knows his secret, and teleports to the Academy to use necromancy on the hostile orcs in its defense. The Doom King teleports to the battlefield to confront the Incubus King in person, and eventually forces him to retreat with the assistance of the Academy's mages. The forces of the Incubus King are pushed South through Feroholm towards Ardford.
  • Aka, Uyae, and Carina are deployed as military liaisons to Ardford, working with Tyna, Commander Geoff, and Vhala. They assist in the battle for the Ardan bridges. Simon and possibly the Doom King teleport in to assist as well. Aka's team works with Vhala to mitigate the damage the war is doing to Ardoheim.
  • Yhilini dissidents exploit the distraction of the war to attempt a coup to overthrow the Doom King and Janine, but are defeated.
  • Simon joins Robin and Orcent in Stineford and travels to Feroholm to help organize advance of the Doom King's army towards the main body of the Incubus King's forces. They are joined by Robin's former classmate Sho.
  • Simon travels to Ardford to coordinate strategy with High Priestess Hester. The Wall of Ivala is activated, dividing and trapping the Incubus King's armies in Ardoheim, while cutting off most of their supplies. The Incubus King reveals the Unsuccubi, greatly increasing the chaos on the Ardan front. Simon's alter-ego as Dargai is compromised by the Ardan government.
  • Riala is captured and de-programmed by the Doom King. Together they turn Iris into a double agent.
  • Transformation of Grubbak by Balia.
  • Tyna asks her uncle, King Alonon to intervene more directly in the war effort. He refuses, but gives her the royal seal.
  • Simon, with the assistance of Aka's team, destroys Unsuccubi and encourages the surrender of the forces of the Incubus King on the Western Ardan Front. The Incubus King makes a surprise direct assault on Ardford. Commander Geoff tries to stall the Incubus King in personal combat with the aid of Antarion, but Antarion abandons him to die. Despite this, the Incubus King's assault is repulsed.
  • Orcent and Grubbak, possibly with the assistance of the Impaler, Ralke, and/or Implevon the Third, vie for the support of the orcs of the the Incubus King's Domain at the Bloody Spire.
  • Hilstara, with the aid of Varia and possibly Altina. attempts to hold a group of passes into Aram against a renewed orc onslaught organized personally by the Incubus King.
  • Ginasta attempts a direct attack on the Incubus King with an Inquisitor and a Chosen of Ivala. The latter two are killed, but Ginasta wounds the Incubus King seriously enough to weaken him. Simon and his party undertake an assault of their own to kill the Incubus King. They defeat and kill the Incubus King, but the Doom King declines to immediately take his shard. It is nearly stolen by the Lustlord, but Esthera intervenes to prevent this. Riala and Robin work together to implant the shard in Simon so that he can gradually "purify" it without taking it immediately.
  • The entirety of the the Incubus King's Domain surrenders to the Doom King. The Doom King publicly takes Iris as one of his dominated servants.

1155 AE Late Autumn

Chapter Four[edit | edit source]

1156 AE Late Autumn

  • One year after the end of the 3rd Arclent War, Simon relocates his headquarters to a castle abandoned by the the Incubus King on the border between New Givini, the Chalice States and Tak'Kan. The party is reassembled from their various political tasks across Arclent, and the party makes its first incursion into the Tower, or Extradimensional Space.
  • The party constructs an extension of their HQ into the Tower and stores Riala's divine shard there. A mysterious being taking the form of a little girl takes up residence there. Yarra, Iris, Nalili, and Qum all extend their life spans by sipping from Riala's divine shard.

1156/1157 Winter

  • Beginning of the Ardan Succession Crisis. The party travels to Ardford and New Givini to manipulate the competition for the Ardan succession. Kalant helps to stop an assassination attempt on Tyna which used demons as weapons. Riala, Robin, Vhala, Varia, and the rest of the Ardford party encounter King Alonon in his personal part of the Tower, where he reveals his longstanding plan to make Tyna the next Queen of Ardoheim. Alonon also explains to Varia that her strange luck is a byproduct of her "Destiny". Tyna is officially designated as heir to the throne by Alonon.
  • Uyae joins the harem.
  • The party explores the "upper levels" of the Tower, encountering Xerces, the Anak of Philon. A tentative détente between Xerces and the Doom King is made, and the party is warned of an impending attack on Arclent by the Fucklord via the Tower.

1157 AE Spring

  • The party splits up to build Tower-based defenses against the Fucklord in several locations around Arclent. They encounter Ginasta and come to an understanding with her on the upcoming battle in the Tower near Zirantia. They meet Ulrissa for the first time in the Tower near Tak'Kan. The Fucklord launches his attempted invasion, but is repulsed. He is confronted directly by the Doom King and Esthera. An emissary of Stenai arrives from Thenours via airship, offering the submission of Stenai as a vassal to the Doom King, and proposes that it become a staging area for the deployment of his military for a counter-attack on Erosia. Queen Fheliel arrives in Yhilin to negotiate a secret alliance with the Doom King. Robin's membership in the harem is revealed to the others.
  • The Lustlord offers the Doom King a secret, provisional alliance against the Fucklord and Esthera. This is dismissed as a trap by Simon and the party but is played along with to tease out more info.
  • The domains of the Doom King remain in a state of "Phony War" with Erosia, as neither yet possesses the ability to project power onto the other's continent.

1157 AE Summer

1157 AE Autumn

  • Sarai summons Simon and the party to help her during the Council of Gawnfall. The policies for the Church of Ivala in relation to the new social and political order are set. The party also works to contain an incursion from the Tower against Ardford, and they once again encounter King Alonon, who explains the fundamental importance of Lust and Purity in the structure of the universe.

1157/1158 AE Winter

Great Thenoursan War[edit | edit source]

  • The armies of the Doom King teleport directly into Erosia, and commence the liberation of the country. A separate force of auxiliaries comprised of allies and volunteers from other parts of Arclent is held in reserve.
  • Orcent establishes a field HQ in the Tower, which is protected by Simon, Varia, Nalili, Uyae, and possibly Altina. They are subjected to a diversionary attack by Sabitha and two types of demons.
  • Hilstara takes field command of the invading armies on the ground in Erosia. Carina and Qum accompany her as high level field medics with Robin providing magical support. They rescue some of the remnants of Ginasta's resistance movement, take many prisoners, and defeat large numbers of the Fucklord's elite MWAF forces. As they prepare to launch an offensive to capture Kyangen and shut down the sexual suppression spell, the Fucklord attacks personally, causing many casualties among the army's orcs until he is confronted by the Doom King.[67] Simon and the rest of Hilstara's party come to the Doom King's assistance, and drive the Fucklord off. He retreats to his palace where he is confronted there by both the Lustlord and Esthera. The Fucklord sends a crazed Ginasta to attack the other Incubi, then withdraws to a prepared hiding place in Zirantia.
  • Riala, Yarra, Aka, and Vhala begin to covertly infiltrate the Tower defenses near the Fucklord's palace. They find his harem there. Later, with Simon's assistance, they fully compromise these defenses.
  • Concurrently, the Lustlord mobilizes Rodak's military to attempt an invasion of Ghenalon while both the Fucklord and the Doom King are busy fighting each other. Simon covertly sends the auxiliaries to fight on behalf of Ghenalon.
  • Ulrissa contacts Simon to request his assistance in preventing the return of Tanurak, a powerful former Tower Walker whom she had previously mostly killed. Simon takes Riala, Yarra, and possibly Robin to Tower near Tak'Kan, to make preparations to destroy Tanurak when he re-emerges.
  • Nalili escorts Orilise to the Elven Kingdoms in order to investigate the activities of the Mother and her guard in relation to the ongoing conflict. After an initial violent confrontation, they convince the leader of the local Mother's Guard to explain their goddess's intentions. Janine arrives via sirship and a diplomatic conference takes place with Queens Eytria and Dheria on religious and trade policy.
  • Orcent and Iris direct the battlefronts from the Tower, deal with a counter-attack on Yhilin and HQ, and are puzzled by the appearance of another group of demons, which doesn't actually attack.
  • Hilstara's team continues to direct the ground invasion of Erosia, continuing the offensive towards Kyangen. The sexual suppression spell is isolated to a shrine within the Forest of Flickering Leaves, protected by the last of Erosia's elite units. Riala, Robin, and Vhala join Hilstara's group to fight their way into the spell. After a difficult battle, they plan to wait to destroy the spell in order to allow the Doom King to absorb the sexual magic backlash and prevent Erosia from degenerating into a countrywide orgy. The mysterious Tower Walker known as Lilith then appears, and destroys the spell. Erosia degenerates into a countrywide orgy. The remaining Erosian military units stand down.
  • Uyae takes Varia, Wynn, and possibly Altina to investigate the Fucklord's influence in Zirantia. They discover that the goddess Antiala is directing the Divine Claw to take actions that are not in the best interests of the people of Zirantia. Wynn concludes that the divine magic aspect of Antiala's messages is inconsistent with her being a genuine goddess. Uyae's group infiltrates the Zirantian palace, joined by Robin, where they discover that the Fucklord has utilized a soulmage with a power similar to Trin's to infiltrate the Divine Claw with duplicates and undermine the Zirantian state. Trin and Robin arrive to help defeat the soulmage, and they all proceed to confront the Fucklord in the royal apartments. King Kanfuor of Zirantia is revealed to have been a Tower Walker, and Antiala was magical construct he used to deceive and control the Zirantian people. The Fucklord has killed Kanfuor, and sends Tower Elites to occupy the group while he announces to the world via magical broadcast that he has raped and killed Antiala, intending to use the magical energy from the doubt and fear this causes to gain more power, and then attacks Uyae's party. Ulrissa asks Simon to ignore the danger to Uyae and her companions in order to confront and destroy Tanurak, but Simon refuses to do so. The Fucklord is attacked by the Doom King, and this confrontation dissipates all of the power both had gained from the announcement and the Erosian orgy. Uyae's group remains in Zirantia to help deal with the state of emergency there.
  • The disturbances in the Tower caused by the Fucklord's announcement and his confrontation with the Doom King allow Tanurak to manifest himself once again near the Bloody Spire in Tak'Kan. He unsuccessfully attempts to sow hatred between Yarra and Aka, and interferes with the Lustlord's attempt to flee from the confrontation with Esthera and Ginasta by diverting his teleport to the western sector of the battlefront between Rodak and Ghenalon, transporting Esthera and Ginasta there as well, greatly increasing the chaos in that region. Tanurak is then confronted and banished from the Tower near Ghenalon by the Great Sage of Ghenalon. The Great Sage is then met by Xerces, and is presumed to have died under mysterious circumstances[93] shortly thereafter.
  • Simon accompanies Megail, Iris, and Lynine as they begin allocating funds the rebuilding of Erosia.
  • Aka, Carina, and Robin are dispatched to the central sector of the Ghenalese Front to give direct military assistance to Ghenalon. They encounter the Lustlord's new Tower Elites, undead orcs who can phase in and out of the Tower while fighting, and Balia is unable to stop or control them. These orcs are lured into an ambush and defeated by the Ghenalese temporarily disabling their magical defenses as bait. During this fight, Mestan is confronted by Lilith, who appears to have some relationship to him. The Fucklord sends Sabitha to attack the Lustlord and Esthera, and the Lustlord uses this distraction to finally escape, ordering his forces to withdraw from Ghenalon at the same time. A crazed Ginasta pursues Esthera, but she is disabled by the Doom King.[94]
  • On retreating to the Tower defenses near his palace, The Fucklord is surprised to find Yarra, Riala, and Vhala waiting there for him, and attacks them. He retreats to the inner sanctum of his palace when Simon and the rest of the party appear, and is betrayed by Sabitha in the final battle. On his defeat, he uses a spell to destroy his body and shatters his shard into many pieces, scattering them all over the world. His soul is captured in the Tower by the Destructive Entity, who ensures he is totally destroyed.
  • End of the Great Thenoursan War. The Doom King frees the late Fucklord's harem from his sexual magic, and restores Sabitha to normal as well. The party spends some time making investments before pursuing a lead that Ulrissa gives them on the location of a divine shard.

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

1158 AE Spring

  • After about 3 months[95] of preparation, the party visit an area of the Tower labeled the "Deepwilds Shrine", which has a partly static nature and may be the tomb of a forgotten divinity. They acquire a divine shard large enough to render perhaps 12 individuals immortal, which they place under the protection of the Destructive Entity, who takes a fragment to help begin construction of a new body.
  • During that excursion, a being claiming to be Ivala announces her existence to all Ivalans on Arclent by magical message. She reveals the existence of the "Crystal of Ivala" in Ardford, claiming that all who touch it will be healed of all disease. Afterward Arclentians can receive a sense of reassurance proportional to their faith in Ivala, while any splinter factions of the Church receive messages encouraging them to follow Ardford's leadership. The party determine that the message is likely to be faked, and trace its most likely origin to Stineford.

1158 AE Summer

  • The party returns to Stineford to investigate the patterns of divine magic there, negotiate with the Duke of Stineford and the High Priestess Annah, and eliminate a newly appeared Incubus King.
  • The party returns to Eustrin after detecting faint magical traces of a goddess there, and to assist Queen Neranda with her political issues with Aram. After delving deeply into the Tower near Eustrin, they discover that the reports of Tertia's death have been greatly exaggerated. Neranda convinces the goddess to assist the party.
  • Coincident with the party searching for divine shards, Tanurak massively interferes with the Tower. Sabitha arrives to assist the party with the crisis and they seek out Ulrissa, who apprises them that the Lustlord is doing something massive and unsubtle in the Tower that Tanurak is trying to exploit. The party mounts a secret raid into the Lustlord's Tower Fortress, and they learn that he has captured Ginasta and is interrogating and torturing her. When the Lustlord leaves Ginasta alone for a while, Tanurak attempts to subvert her. Mestan, who has acquired an incubus shard, appears to protect her and Lilith, who created Mestan as an extension of herself, appears to attempt to absorb him. The party intercedes in the battle and rescues Ginasta before the Lustlord can return. Ginasta and Simon agree to a platonic relationship and she joins the party.
  • The Lustlord visits the Doom King and requests that another Gathering of Kings be held. Esthera volunteers to host it.

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  5. Tertia said "I have witnessed generation upon generation change until the last would not be recognized by the first. I have seen the fall of empires built with the dust of empires long forgotten."
  6. It's made clear that a mutually intelligible dialect of Storgan with the Arclentian Storgan dialect is spoken in Ghenalon, because Varia is able to provide a translation for Aka of the robbers' conversation in Denmiel based on her knowledge of Ghenalese Storgan. Altina also speaks fluent Arclentian Storgan despite coming from a population of the Western Arclentian elves. Orilise's description of the etymology of the names of the three kingdoms makes it clear that the divergence of the languages is sufficiently ancient to likely be before the Arclent Era.
  7. See DukeLeto7's conversation with SierraLee about the history of elves in Arclent for the source for Ghenalon as the homeland of elves in the game world.
  8. One hypothesizes that there is or was a Dwarren colony called "Nororin" in Renthnor.
  9. Happened in the ancient past per the monument in Eustrin, which is apparently a "copy of a copy" of the original.
  10. Mentioned in passing by Xerces in his big meeting with Simon & co. See the Lustlord's offer to divvy up the shards of Estaven and Esthera with reference to the shards being originally split up this way. Tertia clarifies that this Lustlord had most but not all of the dark shards.
  11. Tertia remembers the goddess of the Deepwilds withdrawing, so it must have been before she herself withdrew.
  12. But not necessarily in that order.
  13. The Arclent Era was defined by the deposition of an Incubus King Empire, and no others have been known in Arclent until the arrival of the Incubus King, so the tomb of the Incubus King in Zirantia must predate the Arclent Era.
  14. The tomb Biyue shows to the party is also ancient, and thus presumably also predates the Arclent Era.
  15. It's unclear if Tertia's usage of the word "era" corresponds with the "Arclent Era" of the calendar system.
  16. Implicitly distinct from the Lustlord who "gathered nearly all of the dark shards within himself".
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  21. High Priestess Annah appears to wield as much or more secular power in Stineford as the Duke.
  22. See Yelarel's opening speech to the Council of Gawnfall, noting that the time frame of these "Elven Wars" is "centuries past", not millennia, and DukeLeto7's conversation with SierraLee about the history of elves in Arclent.
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  24. The order of seniority denotes that the Anak has been ruling for less time than the Lustlord but more time than Esthera.
  25. Esthera has been ruling for centuries, not millennia.
  26. "Centuries ago" per Simon in first conversation with Relondo in Eustrin.
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  28. Sign in lobby of Academy. This is one of two AE dates referenced in the game itself.
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  31. Megail says this happened about a century back on entering the Eastern Deserts.
  32. It's overwhelmingly likely that Riala was born somewhere on the continent of Renthnor.
  33. I'm backdating the birth of Sarai by 20 years to make her an adult at the time of Wendis' death. (I'm also drawing a blank trying to find the discussions where someone pointed out it made no sense for her to be 13 at that time, and SL acknowledging the problem in Patreon comments. Neither Lostone2 or myself have gotten guidance on the correct date/age from SL.)
  34. He was 55 per Robin's conversation with Hilstara in the lower caverns of Devil's Pass in Chapter 1, but told the archivist that he was 56 during his stay in the Orgasmic Empire in Chapter 2, meaning he had his 56th birthday sometime in the interval between Summer 1154 AE and Autumn of 1153 AE. See also SL's comments on this very page here.
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  36. We know he attended at least one Gathering prior to 1154 AE, since he is listed as one of the four "regulars" during the introductions on the first day, but we have no idea when. We also don't know how long he was in Renthnor prior to his attacking Arclent, but I'm inclined to think it wasn't all that long.
  37. Conversation with Wynn at Givini Mage Guild.
  38. This has to have been recent enough that there has been no Gathering since his appearance, but prior to the Fucklord acquiring his shard, based on the order of seniority at the Gathering.
  39. Note below that Simon's Father and Step-Mother died in the war "before they could have any children". This would be a somewhat odd thing to say if their marriage had happened soon after Simon was born, which happened 15 years before the war. There being no particular reason to put off having additional children prior to the invasion of the Incubus King, this implies that the marriage took place very shortly before the war itself.
  40. She has to have been a child when she saw Simon return with Linda's body c. 1119 - 1122 AE. I'd be more inclined towards her being born around 1115 or 1116 AE, making her in her late 30s during Megail's path.
  41. 41.0 41.1 Hilstara's birth date and her being a minor by modern standards during her early military service with Simon and Wendis have been confirmed by SierraLee in this discussion with DukeLeto7.
  42. The monument in Stineford refers to the 2nd Arclent War as "King Alonon's", and he was 45 when it began, so his predecessor is very unlikely to have survived very long into the war.
  43. There were "two different kingdoms" belonging to the elves in the west that were destroyed by the Incubus King per Altina when Kai asks about the shrine outside the fortress on the Withered Mountain. When Simon and Neranda discuss Dwarven atheism in Eustrin, Simon mentions that elven theologians in the northwest were Ivalans who had become atheists in all but name prior to being mostly wiped out in the invasion. One of the kingdoms must have been relatively near the Withered Mountain, since they're unlikely to have ventured far into (what is now) Ardoheim to randomly build a shrine to one of their sages there. The Withered Mountain is near the Southern extremity of the Incubus King's Domain, so it follows that there was a Northwestern Elven Kingdom, most likely on the coast northwest of what later becomes Tak'kan, and a second Southwestern one encompassing territory west and south of Feroholm and the Withered Mountain. It's also a safe bet that the Northwest Elven Kingdom was hit first, since it would be facing Renthnor. This inference has been confirmed implicitly by SierraLee in this discussion with DukeLeto7.
  44. 44.0 44.1 44.2 44.3 44.4 44.5 44.6 The sequence in which these kingdoms fell is a guesstimate, but the assumption that the invasion progressed from the northwest extremity of Arclent to the east and the south seems intuitive enough.
  45. Old Givini, if it was located in the same territory as New Givini, did not include the Chalice, so there must have been some other political entities here.
  46. 46.0 46.1 46.2 See SL's comments on this very page here, which thankfully ends all dispute on this date.
  47. Vinario was located in the North of the Incubus King's Domain in what is now Tak'Kan, so it must have fallen before Western Aram.
  48. Conversation at campfire in Megail's Path. Vinario not being a part of Aram, this must have happened after Vinario was overrun.
  49. Conversation with Givini clerk in the Merchant Camp, plus the discussion of Simon's military career in "War of Lust" (you can read for free on Literotica, or you can buy it on Amazon or Smashwords to support Sierra), which pegs Givini's Last Stand after the marriage of Simon and Wendis in 1117 AE. Also, based on the dream of Wendis Simon has in the Orgasmic Empire, she asked him about his interest in a female Givini Captain, which would suggest that Givini was still a functioning country at the time they were first married. (Or at least first "dating".)
  50. Since this territory must be at least partly adjacent to the Withered Mountain, military logic suggests it fell after Givini.
  51. The storyline of "War of Lust" (you can read this story free on Literotica, or you can buy it on Amazon or Smashwords to support Sierra) happens during an operation to "(push) the Incubus King back one more step" relatively shortly after Givini's Last Stand, meaning there were at least some strategic counter-offensives before the Unpeople were introduced. SierraLee used the term "ebb and flow of the war" in response to DukeLeto7's comment asking for clarification on the details of the story.
  52. The text "War of Lust" (you can read this story free on Literotica, or you can buy it on Amazon or Smashwords to support Sierra) says Wynn went to Zirantia, but this is chronologically impossible and SL has acknowledged that this is a gaffe for Aram in this conversation with DukeLeto7.
  53. This story is told in "War of Lust" (you can read this story free on Literotica, or you can buy it on Amazon or Smashwords to support Sierra).
  54. This is implied to have been a late war turning point.
  55. See this conversation with DukeLeto7 again.
  56. Palina is surprised Simon recognizes her as an adult, implying that they last met before she was. That means she'd have to have been a child when she saw Simon carrying back Linda's body. This effectively means that this has to have taken place while Simon was fighting in Aram itself, since there is no reason for an Aramite child to have been near the line of battle anywhere but Aram. Since there is no indication that any fighting against the Incubus King took place in Aram after the official end of the war, and no indication of any other conflict of any kind in Aram that Simon and Wendis would have been involved in since, it follows that Linda died during the war. Palina was also quite clear that Simon and Wendis were already married when the affair with Linda took place.
  57. Conversation on entering Devil's Pass. There being no way to get into Devil's Pass except by starting in Yhilin or the Stineford region, and it being unlikely to have happened during his advance into Stineford as opposed to his retreat, this had to be after he was kicked out of Stineford. (SL notes that teleportation was disabled by divine magic of the same type as Ivala's Wall at this time here.) It's a fair bet that his being personally trapped in this area led directly to the treaty that officially ended the war.
  58. She is listed as Yhilini.
  59. Hilstara fought with Simon and Wendis in the Ardan armies as a young teenager after the war officially ended. She refers explicitly to her service with the "Church armies" prior to becoming a mercenary in the conversation with Simon while they wait for her custom helmet.
  60. Yarra says her nationality is Rodakian at the Reunion.
  61. Robin says that the Incubus King invaded "what is now" Zirantia, implying that Zirantia was not in existence prior to this point. We have no indication how long the Zirantian campaign lasted other than that it began after the end of the 2nd Arclent War but before the death of Wendis.
  62. Hilstara says they served together in the Ardan Army.
  63. SL says that they met Hilstara years after the marriage in Zirantia.
  64. This happened while she was still a child per her conversation with Simon while setting up the explosives before the battle with the orc horde.
  65. See conversation between DukeLeto7 and SierraLee here. I am guessing the marriage took place ~3-7 years prior to Tyna's birth.
  66. Riala's conversation during the meeting with Sarai and Janine at the end of Chapter 1 implies that she witnessed Wendis' death.
  67. 67.0 67.1 67.2 67.3 67.4 From a certain point of view.
  68. Robin indicates that the amphibious assault happened before Zirantia existed as a nation when describing Wendis' death in Wynn's lab. 1133 AE is an absolute maximum for the founding of Zirantia, because it has been existing more than two decades per Simon (Stineford Academy library conversation), and the Divine Claw has been around since at least Uyae's birth in 1133 AE.
  69. Conversation with Fheliel during trade negotiations.
  70. Conversation in Academy Library. No wild oats were sown. It is unlikely he would have gone wandering like this after adopting Robin or before the death of Wendis.
  71. She mentions serving with the Church armies while her custom helm is being crafted.
  72. rot13istan?
  73. Tyna said her mother had died when she was very young, guesstimating as being between age 2 and age 8.
  74. Megail describes the Lady Megail as having been a "young woman" and the slum girl she abused as "about the same age". That implies an age of 16-26 for the time of the events in question, but the earlier half of that date range is a bit more probable, giving more time for her to gain experience as a merchant.
  75. She was "elementary aged" at the time, see blog comment thread here.
  76. The presence of an Erosian child in his harem at The Gathering precludes his celibacy spell being cast prior to ~1145. Fheliel remembers his first appearance in Thenours during her reign. Elves have shorter life spans than humans in TLS and she is 39 in 1154 AE, so she is extremely unlikely to have been on the throne 12 years prior to The Gathering. Lastly, the Fucklord's activities in Thenours are implied to have caused Dari's family to flee, and she was at most a teenager when it happened, but also old enough to survive on her own upon reaching Ardford. Also, as Yarra implies, his current regime is unlikely to thrive for more than one generation before population issues make it implode. There's also no indication that the Fucklord waited long after acquiring his shard to take over Erosia, as it was one of the major ones and subtlety is not his forte...
  77. First conversation with Dari in "The Hole" near Ardford.
  78. She's unlikely to have married and taken the throne before she was age 16, plus she needs to have had a few years reigning alone before the first coup attempt.
  79. Wynn tells Simon she has been living alone in her lab for "about a decade" when they first meet again in Zirantia. Other conversations with Simon indicate that they had run into each other multiple times and in multiple locations for several years prior to her settling in Zirantia.
  80. He's after the Fucklord by order of seniority, so he must have gotten his shard some time after the Fucklord.
  81. Must have been just recent enough to have given time for Aka to build up a grudge against her.
  82. The majority of students are teenagers, implying that Robin would have been a teenager or pre-teen when she arrived.
  83. He's unlikely to have undertaken covert military service while Robin was still a child in his household.
  84. I'd be inclined to say this did happen 1154 AE because the imprisonment seems to have had a length of weeks or months, not years.
  85. There's less wiggle room here on the timeline than would appear. The game can't have started before Midwinter because there's a person in the Yhilini Hall of Petitions soliciting donations for the Midwinter ball at the end of Chapter 1. This same person is soliciting donations for the Midsummer Ball at the start of Chapter 2 and donations for the Midautumn Ball in Aka's Path. Conversation with the citizens in Feroholm in Chapter 1 indicate a concern regarding the impending winter, which also suggests an autumn date for the start of the game. Robin says that Simon turned 55 "earlier this year", but he is 56 when he speaks to the archivist in the Orgasmic Empire the next summer, which is consistent with an autumn 1153 AE date for Chapter 1.
  86. The Yhilini Midwinter Ball has not happened yet at the end of Chapter 1, and the Midsummer Ball is pending at the start of Chapter 2, implying a time skip of about six months.
  87. Even accounting for travel time from the Orgasmic Empire to Ari-Yihilina, the party split cannot have been much more than 120 days. And the same putz as above solicited Aka for donations for the "Midautumn Ball" at the start of her path.
  88. There is a standing field of wheat at the shrine on the road to Ardford that isn't yet ripe, so this had to have taken place towards the start of Autumn.
  89. No winter weather during the Battle of Yhilin, plus Simon states that the party has been focused on the details of the plan for "several months" during the council of war at the Retreat on the day before the battle.
  90. The expansion of the Ch 1-Ch 2 interval correspondingly compresses the Governing Yhilin portions of Ch 3.
  91. This appears to be missable, but probably shouldn't be
  92. Aram is rather far North of the world's equator, so summer would likely be the only time its deserts were all that hot... but then again Aram's climate as a whole is rather nuts.
  93. Probably killed by the Anak.
  94. This statement is technically true however the player deals with Ginasta.
  95. See here.