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Tanurak is Ulrissa's old rival, whom she thought she killed. However, his will survived in the Tower, until he reappeared during the conflict on Thenours, years later. His main motivation is sadism, and he subtly manipulates the Tower to achieve his goals. Ulrissa says that he killed a whole species of dragon-like sapient creatures by manipulating the subtle particles they used to feed, on a whim.

After his return, he deviates the Lustlord's teleportation spell to land him in Ghenalon, along with Esthera and Ginasta. He then meets with the Great Sage of Ghenalon, but not much comes out of this interraction. Then, he tries to mess with Simon, and how much he achieves this depends on the player's preparations.

When the Lustlord captures Ginasta, Tanurak sneaks in his base and tries to manipulate Ginasta using his Tower manipulation abilities, but without achieving much.

During the Second Gathering, Tanurak kills the Skullpounder, takes his shard, and asks the Lustlord to be allowed to join the Gathering as a fellow Incubus King.

Not much is known about him, except what Ulrissa said and that he's clearly antagonistic.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese artist Cyanyurikage created the faceset and the first version of the portrait which are used for Tanurak. The current portrait is an edited version of the original one. Cyanyurikage took down their website at some point, so we can't link to it.