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Save files for this walkthrough[edit source]

I documented my progress following along with Thosha's guide and then uploaded that documentation and those save files to the link below.


  • I gave 10 Sx to Ina in Feroholm for the scene with her and Yarra.
  • I did not find it possible to beat the Orcent battles during Yarra's route with 2 orc potions. I cheated a third one to keep me on with Thosha's guide. I don't think this should impact anything but you may take it as feedback. I tried these fights around 60 times and it just did not happen. With 3 potions I got it first try easily.
  • Later in the run I broke and bought 3 sex toys for the succubi in the party.
  • This puts my run 3010 Sx off. You can save edit to fix this if you'd like.
  • Experience and RP should match throughout. Saves 157-159 missed Fheliel's RP locking conversation but this was corrected in save 160.

Grim8P (talk) 22:27, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Have i forgotten the chosen one in Yhilini II?[edit source]

The tunnels' prison, if i dont miss the mission

Hello ThoSha, me Keikaku111 again (and maybe again more in the future). Now i'm in New Yhilini II with Sarai's mission. I have fought the Unwoman but did not see the Chosen One in the Tunnels. May i miss some steps before? Guide me, pls :3.

Sorry for the late response, but I don't use this site to answer questions. During Andra's confrontation you get to fight a group of Unwoman if the new unpeople motion during the Ardford Summit passed (bad) and a Chosen if it failed (good). This is a big deviation from my walkthrough. If you want to discuss this more ask your questions on the site I check daily:

Missing some xp in tower depths[edit source]


So in tower depths after killing everything before killing the final 2 nodes the amount of exp is 1,105,606, but my Simon has only 1,100,275 xp, and I have the proper amount of sx: 95,993. I also had the right amount of exp at the beginning, 927,041. So yeah I'm missing about 5000 xp but I've looked over the entire map and can't find anything to kill and already have the proper amount of sx. thanks

Thosha: Hey dude, I'm currently experimenting on the best way to reply through this new forum, I hope something more intuitive might be added.

I don't know what might cause this. I am pretty sure the only reason would be that you missed a fight (or a fight bugged out and didn't give you exp). Either way if you don't want to redo the Tower Depths section (long) you can use my savefile: Either way I recommend finishing the node boss in your playthrough before using mine (check if the next set of Exp values align otherwise you missed something)

sjon: Thanks. I decided to look through the enemies pdf and after doing some math either the exp got bugged and didn't distribute, or I haven't fought the enemy (which I doubt since I've scanned the map multiple times) or the enemy somehow disappeared or despawned somehow.

The exp I'm missing adds up to 1999+1666+1666 so I definitely didn't fight or missed the rewards from a wandering blue enemy.

Thosha: I am 99.999% positive that the game didn't bug. Maybe you can just try to redo the whole Tower Depth (load your quicksave or your last save).

sjon: luckily I keep save the game very often (i have close to 500 saves at this point) so I managed to redo the entire map and I ended up with the correct amount of exp at the end. In my first attempt I skipped all the enemy fights until I was able to start using levers while in my successful attempt I fought all wandering enemies as I saw them. Maybe I'd play around with this a bit more but I've already played through this map twice so maybe another time lol.

Thosha: I am unsure what caused this, I might look into it in the future. Do you know exactly what you did differently the second time?

sjon: I cleared every wandering blue enemy the moment I saw them. Also, I don't believe the walkthrough says what to use the liquid sex on but I assume it's safe to choose either.

Thosha: Liquid sex is probably an item only used for creating better equipment (up to you for who), Qum is my choice, but she isn't available yet.

Hey Thosha, i'm currently in the tower depths section, and after going through it, i'm also missing around 5000 exp(1,100,275 exp), and i also waited until wendis opens the rest of the switches.

Murder Investigation[edit source]

Hi Thosha,

Reading Your Elven Lands 2 section, it looks like you never give explicit instructions to finish the Murder Investigation quest. I was wondering if this was just an oversight, or if it was purposeful. It seems like that quest would be necessary to complete, especially with the implications it has for the Forging Ties quest. It seems like your guide stops at talking to the sister, but doesn't mention the brother or the child.

EDIT: Sorry, turns out I misread the guide. Thankfully it didn't affect my game negatively I think.

Thosha: Yes I am thinking of doing an overhaul of the guide (thus that quests and others become clearer), the murder investigation is a step by step process of talking to the right people and I decided to simply explain the steps. This will change when I decide to redo the guide (nothing will change, it will just be clearer).

Yhilin III Trade Negotiation Steps[edit source]

Hey Thosha,

I'm actually the person who made the last topic as well. The "Summon Yhilini Ambassador" step seems unnecessary in this space. The bonus to the trade negotiation is gotten from talking to him in the trade hall. Without summoning him I was able to get the best result, "quite impressed". I notice you also talk to all the representatives later in this section, so I think this step is completely redundant. In looking at the playthrough, I was wondering if some sections could be improved by adding the text that lets you know if you got the best outcome. Earlier I made a mistake in the Zirantia Investigation and didn't realize until I'd gotten all the way to the end of Yhilin 3 when I was tallying the RP for Wynn and Uyae. -KM

Thosha: Hello, thanks a lot for the feedback, I also think that it is an unnecessary step to call all the representatives (not sure though, the data on the wiki can be flawed). I was also thinking of doing things like adding specific responses you are supposed to get (still thinking of a good format). The only problem to implement those would be that I will have to replay the entire game from scratch (which I've already done twice for this guide). Once I'm motivated and I have some free time I might begin to work on it. Keep up the feedback, I write down all suggestions and will apply them in the walkthrough.

Feedback on changes needed[edit source]

Hello all, Thosha here,

I am currently changing the layout of my walkthrough, I have just finished rewriting the introduction and chapter 0 (up to CHECKPOINT). I would like to have your thoughts on it since this will be the new format of the guide. These changes will not change any of the choices made, they will merely be cosmetic, they will improve the description of though encounters, places to save, statistics and dialogues to check if your actions were correct...

Thanks for the support I've gotten for writing this walkthrough


Hi Thosha, I was wondering if there was even any reason not to get the Yarra x Ina scene in Feroholm after Delgar Forest. It's only 10 Sx, and doesn't seem to come with any detriments. -KM

Checkpoints[edit source]

Hi Thosha,

It's been some time since I've used this guide. I got a new PC and am playing the game over again. Looking at your guide, it seems you removed all the places that were marked for checkpoints. Was there a reason for this, or are you still in the middle of redoing the walkthrough as you mentioned late last year? It's easy enough to save all the time myself, but I happened to like that part of the guide. Hopefully you see this soon, I know it's been quite a bit of time since the last update and I'm not sure if you've looked at the most recent one. -KM

Thosha: That is weird indeed, I don't know what caused them to be removed. I am currently working on other stuff and don't want to dedicate too much time doing it all over again. I also recommend using another guide: that is a lot more practical for me to answer on (I check it daily).

Might I advice you to add signature instructions to your talk page[edit source]

Just a simple add a "~~~~" at the end of your message. It makes it easier to distinguish conversations and keep track of messages. And that those unaware of it can be made aware of it. end result is my signature (I added "--" in front)

--SeriousBlueJewel (talk) 12:09, 22 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Ok, I might work better, either way there is a better way for comments here: Hope it helps 21:53, 23 January 2022 (UTC)Thosha[reply]