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Do you have any idea how many rats I've slain? [...] Like, a bunch.
— Tal

Tal is the next Chosen of Ivala put under Simon's guidance after Kai's demise. He exhibits the same combination of recklessness, conceit and lechery as his predecessor, establishing them as core traits of the Chosen. Circumstances put his moral compass to a test that he fails, which directly leads to his death at the hands of Simon.

Tal is not the last Chosen you have to deal with, but so far he is the last Chosen among the playable characters.

Story[edit | edit source]

After escaping the trap at the Withered Mountain, Simon returns to Feroholm, where the local Sanctified Priestess brushes aside the news of Kai's death and introduces Tal, the next Chosen.

Simon decides to take Tal to Western Delgar Forest in order to hone his skills against less challenging opponents. In a bounty hunters camp, Tal rashly hires the knife-wielding Aka because of her attractiveness. As she also appears competent, Simon confirms the deal and the three set out into the monster-infested forest.

Trying to flank a bandit ambush, they run into a cache of power left over by the Incubus King's invasion, guarded by the renegade succubus Yarra. Breaching the seal causes Simon to absorb the power, but Yarra warns him that it has also infected Aka. Simon's attempt to make sense of the situation is postponed by the necessity to deal with the bandits. The party manages to take them out with falling boulders, but the bandit leader survives and tosses a bomb in retaliation. The explosion scatters the group. After regaining consciousness, Simon backtracks, only to find Tal taking advantage of Aka, whose mind has been badly affected by the lust magic of the cache. Tal refuses to stop, so Simon fights and kills him, deciding to tell the Church that his death was caused by bandits.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Tal's starting skills are his only ones.

Special name Cost Description Level /
Way to acquire
Formula Miscellaneous
Heroic Blow 25 MP Only the Chosen can wield this incredible power.
(Hits one enemy with Heroic damage)
3 500 + a.atk * 10 - b.def * 5 Damage Type: HP Damage
Element: Heroic
Hit Type: Physical Hit
Variance: 20%
Critical: No
Heroic Assault 50 MP Wields the power of the Chosen against all enemies.
(Hits every enemy with Heroic damage)
10 250 + a.atk * 5 - b.def * 5 Damage Type: HP Damage
Element: Heroic
Hit Type: Physical Hit
Variance: 20%
Critical: No
Heroic Aura 20 MP The power of the Chosen heals the user completely.
(Heals the user for full health, but does not remove statuses or debuffs.)
6 a.mhp Damage Type: HP Recover
Element: Heroic
Hit Type: Certain Hit
Variance: 0%
Critical: No

Starting equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapon: Iron Sword

Off-hand: empty.

Headgear: empty.

Bodygear: empty.

Accessory: empty.

Special notes[edit | edit source]

  • Always gets +EXP and full heal after battle as a blessing from Ivala.
  • He can't use the Shining Armor because he lacks the proper training (in-universe explanation, it isn't expressly mentioned in any place, but Sierra has stated it) but the real reason is for balancing reasons.

Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Tal x Plant - Chosen logic dictates that if something looks like a pussy, it must be fucked. In Western Delgar Forest, after defeating the Corrupted Flower in front of the bridge, let Tal do it.
  • Yarra Teasing - Finding Tal raping Aka, Yarra tries to convince Simon to use his newly acquired powers to save her. Unmissable.

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