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One of the Unique orcs, with a massive life force that lets him survive as nothing but a head. He has concluded that his life is meaningless and though his instincts usually prevent him from directly committing suicide, he has attempted to get himself killed or override his instincts multiple times.

Story[edit | edit source]

The party can optionally find him in an abandoned shrine in the greater Feroholm region (not the same one that Carina wishes to restore) during the preparations that the group does in the first section of Chapter 2. Robin binds him in stasis, and the party carries him in the inventory for future orc breeding purposes.

Though intelligent and eloquent, Stark isn't nearly as talkative as Orcent. He remains unconvinced by Simon that life has value, but can't really do anything about it since he's currently being carried in a stasis sack by the party. As with The Impaler, there is no mention of him in the Gathering, but his conversations with Balia can be very enlightening.

Stark's head can be interacted with in the orc room of the secret tunnels - it sits upon a table between two bedrolls.

When the menace of the Third Arclent War already looming in the horizon, he is given a new body, as he has to play a role in the incoming conflict.

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