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The Skullpounder is a new Incubus King, appearing at the Second Gathering. He acts in a stereotypical way, reminiscent of the Skullcrusher. He is described as having appeared from nowhere. Unlike the three other new Incubus Kings (Nyst, Mestan and Fuzkao), he is accompanied by servants. With him he has blue orcs, whose color is a natural variation from his home region according to Yarra, and succubi who wants to flee his control.

Investigation in his chambers shows that his status as an Incubus King is due to the Anak granting him a shard, for reasons unknown. However, unlike Nyst who is also a creation of the Anak, the Skullpounder is his own person, and not a simple construct.

During the Anak's game, the Skullpounder is slayed by Tanurak, who steals his soul shard.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He uses the same faceset as the Skullcrusher. Said faceset comes from the Closet Japanese blog.