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Skullcrusher is a newer Incubus King. He acted as foolish and self-centered as most Incubus Kings. He only makes a brief appearance in the story due to his death shortly after his introduction.

Story[edit | edit source]

He is introduced at the Gathering and, as one of the more recent Incubus Kings, was rather weak in both personal power and in army. Later on he reveals a peculiarity to the other shard holders, a woman that refuses to submit to his power, and so offers her up to the others to let them try their hand on her. They refuse and she speaks haughtily to them, embarrassing Skullcrusher. He attempts to punish her in his quarters, but she reveals that she let herself be captured by him as a means of infiltrating the Gathering and considered him too weak to be at risk when captured. Infuriated by this, he lashes out at her but is defeated. Afterwords, nothing overtly dramatic happens, at least nothing visible (with the little exception of an Orc with an Imp's sprite moaning about the uncertainty of his destiny, and other minor things like the repaired wall or the changed line of the guards) but the atmosphere of the Gathering turns more somber and serious. Although you don't have access to the reactions of most of the others, it's foreseeable that they feel a faint sense of doom. From the perspective of Yarra's group, it's another step that helps them keep their presence under the radar.

Skullcrusher's army likely has been disbanded and absorbed into the other Incubus Kings' armies. His shard of power was taken by Ginasta and since she later mentions during the Third Arclent War that she has a way to destroy shards, it's presumed to be now lost forever.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His faceset comes from the Closet Japanese blog.