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We don't have time to slaughter endless monsters. We should choose our purchases carefully.
— Simon at the merchant camp, describing more of the game than he might realize

A general overview of the best options regarding the buying and selling Inventory Items. If you find any of the affirmations above controversial, you can add your own opinions between parenthesis. It would add more points of view to the player.

General advice

  • Take all the stuff you find on the road[1].
  • Don't rush for stuff. You can survive with bad stuff (lostone2: at least to a point, remember that you can spend the Sx without worries), you can wait to find better for free. Simon started the Devil's Pass optional dungeon in Iron Armor[2].
  • Don't bother to buy potions. You can find many (including Goos) and you have skills to heal your group. Even sleeping can do a "Revive" or remove poison. I used 3 antidotes, 2 revival potions and 1 healing potion so far. UPDATE: I had bought 2 Orc Potions in Yarra's route but Orcent is a special case since he takes huge amount of damage from enemies.
  • Sell the gear of categories lower that the one that you're using at the moment[3].
  • Keep stuff as long as you can't buy it. Even if Simon's starting gear can be sold keep Old Ribbon, no matter what.
  • Keep most accessories (at least one item of each) just in case they can be useful later[4].
  • Keep one Iron Shield (since it doesn't have an AGI penalty) for Simon (or other characters) just in case. UPDATED: in Aka's route, you will find a Rune Shield[5] that not only doesn't decreases AGI, but it increases slightly that stat[6]. (BetatesterFP: made Simon's route with 2 Iron Shields since Simon is not supposed to have access to Rune Shield).
  • Shops where you can't sell items do non standard prices (cheaper or more expensive) so be careful with them.
  • Except for Orc stuff, you can evaluate the base price of an item by doubling the selling price.
  • Grinding is bad. Time is a useful resource too. Also, in general don't trust the slimes. If you're fighting a high number of them, you probably are losing valued time.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Forest[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing to buy here.

Feroholm[edit | edit source]

  • 100 Sx for Ina.

Merchant Camp[edit | edit source]

  • Consider buying one Steel Sword and one Steel Dagger before the fight in the hall. Only one dagger because Aka will have her custom blade later. On the other hand, you will find a Steel Dagger and a Steel Sword in the Dark Ruin of chapter 2, before the Horde Battle. Later orcs at Horde Battle can drop a random Steel Sword. In any case, you will find a Steel Sword at the end of Chapter 2.
  • The Potion seller is a crook, don't buy anything there.

Stineford[edit | edit source]

A place for your first shopping spree. Remember to do some missions when you're low on cash[7].

Thief in Bar[edit | edit source]

  • If you have trouble with the Stineford mine or closing the slavers' warehouse, consider buying one or more Thief's Pins. These pins are very helpful against the spiders that infest the Abandoned House and this is the only place where you can buy them in Stineford. Bear in mind that another seller will be available later in Aram without the 10% increase, and you may instead want to spend money on succubus gear as it won't be available again for a while.
  • Buy nothing else here, he's a crook.

Jewelry Store[edit | edit source]

  • A Mage Hat for Robin before going to the Academy can be a good addition. You will find powerful headgear for Robin during Aka's route. So you can stick with Leather Hat too.

Armor Shop[edit | edit source]

  • A Steel Shield for Hilstara helps a lot during the visit to the infested house. Since you will be able to have a Tower Shield for free in Aka's route, I do not recommend to buy one there; Hilstara can tank the spiders with a Steel Shield, and Simon can stay with an Iron one for the moment. You will be able to buy Rune Shields during Aka's route that are better than Steel Shield, so you can opt to stick with Iron ones. The fight will be trickier but doable.
  • Ore for Aka's Custom Knife for 750 Sx.

Weapon Shop[edit | edit source]

  • A place where you can buy Warrior's Pins but no real need to do so. Spare your money here.
  • Manufacturing Aka's Custom Knife.

Magic Item Shop[edit | edit source]

Bunny Shop[edit | edit source]

  • It is the only place where you can buy a Healer's Ribbon[9] until Simon's route. But it isn't an interesting piece of equipment, compared to future Slave Collars so I would pass on it (lostone2: I'm undecided in this one.). It also may be worth taking a Sexy Lingerie for Yarra or Qum (a second one is found in the sewers). Once you leave Stineford, no succubus gear is available in Yhilin.

The Crimson Cape[edit | edit source]

  • Some alcohols are for sell here. No usage for now but I bought one of each just in case (lostone2: I don't think that they will be useful at all).

Whores (optional)[edit | edit source]

  • 500 Sx for the noble prostitute waiting in the back alley[10].
  • 100 Sx for each prostitute in the brothel[11].

Succubus Tower[edit | edit source]

  • A Buttplug for Yarra and dildo and handcuffs for Qum[12].
  • Only place where you can buy handcuffs until Yarra's route.

Yhilin[edit | edit source]

I wouldn't recommend to do any shopping in chapter 1 there. It's better if you wait until chapter 2.

Outskirt Shops[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing remarkable to buy there, but it's the only shop where you can sell stuff in Ari-Yhilina. You won't find any other places until you start Aka's route.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Yhilin[edit | edit source]

Don't forget to check the travel timer page to do an efficient route, there is not a good or a bad path, choose in function of your own priorities.

Premium Steel[edit | edit source]

  • A Durge Sword for Simon (Simon's route has hard fights).
  • Buying a Dwarven Helm is not recommended since you will find equivalent in Arford and Hilstara will have a custom helm. Buy one if you don't plan to invest in Premium Steel at the end of chapter 1 and will not have the Hilstara's Helm when you return there.

Stineford[edit | edit source]

Magic Shop[edit | edit source]

  • Buy one Burning Staff, and choose between one Freezing Staff and one Shocking Staff. You may buy the three but you may lack some money later. Unless you have invested in Stineford's Magic Shop you can delay the buying of the second one until Aka's route in the Square Magic Shop (I prefer the Freezing Staff +10 DEF because you will have a powerful Robe with plenty of magic defense but few physical defense).
  • No need to buy extra Mage's Pins for the moment as you'll be able to switch inventory at the beginning of each route.

Succubus Hideout[edit | edit source]

  • Some succubus stuff but nothing remarkable or that you need. A second Buttplug is available for Qum here for 1,000 Sx. Not a priority if you're low on cash, since you will be able to buy one later.

Aka's Route[edit | edit source]

For shopping purpose, I recommend to do Aka's route (lostone2 here: I concur) first because of the free Tower Shield for Hilstara and many, many interesting items. And since the group coexists in Yhilin for some time, you can say that they give it to others just before leaving. On Yarra's route you will not have the opportunity to buy items in Yhilin for Yarra or Qum so if you want some do Aka's route first.

I chose to equip Aka with the found Dwarven Armor and a Dwarven Helm since fights are tough and Aka doesn't have plenty of HP and she can't use shields.

For Robin, I chose Freezing Staff, Mystic Sphere, Mage Hat, Silk Robe.

Since this route has the toughest fights of the 3 routes, I put my best gear on Altina: Burning Staff, Shimmering Bracelet, Crown of Lust and Ancient Lingerie.

Square Area[edit | edit source]
  • Alchemy stuff for 1,150 Sx.
  • The only item I recommend to buy is a Warrior's Pin, useful for the second fight in the fight club. I don't like to rely on luck. Give Barrier Pin to Aka since Simon doesn't need it. So no need to buy a Warrior's Pin anymore, really.
Slums[edit | edit source]
  • In the Magic Shop, there is a Battlestaff that can be useful if, for whatever reason, you still have one of your mages equipped with the basic Shining Sceptre an don't want or can't buy an Elemental Staff (lostone2). Not so useful because his biggest bonus is ATK and mages are bad with that[13](betatester). AWC has suggested using it on Carina, as she has no offensive spells.
House Rose[edit | edit source]

The shop in this area has some exclusive Equipment and Weapons but simply checking the list of prices you can see that this guy is expensive[14].


Many interesting items in this route, hard choices to make, most have no instant use so for the moment I just say wait and see:

  • Rune Shield: a +80 total shield with no penalties for only 2,500 Sx. I will take one for Simon as soon as he comes back. Carina can use it too and this shield is better than the Holy Buckler.
  • For my part, I'd also add a Rune Armor, if you can't get it for free, as its MDF is slightly higher than Dwarven Armor.
  • An additional Mystic Sphere (+70) or a Thug Orb (+80 including a +20 DEF rare for mages) for 5,000 Sx. Needs field testing to know which one is better.
  • Mystic Robes are interesting but you may find other interesting items for 12,000 Sx. (lostone2 here: if your Altina version is the saner one, you get one free set of Iron Robes plus the Silk Robes from the Infested House. That means that you can get 4,250 Sx by selling them, so you can buy this for only 7,750 Sx).
  • Even if it's overpriced a Barrier Pin for 15,000 Sx. Immunity to most everything is priceless. The true price of the item is 5,000 Sx so it's very overpriced (and you already have got one for free).
  • A Durge Dagger for Aka:
    • (lostone2: from my point of view you should have it already, but if that is not the case, you definitely need it on this path).
    • (betatester: done the path with Aka's Custom Knife and an Iron one with no defeat so it's useful but not needed so far I wait for cheaper Durge weapons or advanced customized weapons).
  • Fire, Ice and Lightning Charms are useful but overpriced. Also you will eventually get a Ice Charm for free.
  • Master Staff for 25,000 Sx, overpriced by 5,000 but very cool Elemental resistance.
  • A new item, the Mana Wine is available for 500 Sx. Useless except for alcohol collection. It restores a small amount of mana and it's useful for Simon, as he can't get drunk.
Updates[edit | edit source]
With release 0.14, until we have a better view of the future, and free stuff, I recommend to buy one Mystic Sphere[15], 2 Runic Shields (for Carina, Nalili and Simon)[16]. I chose Robin for the Otherworldly Robes since she has only one armor category to choose from (Robes) and Altina has 2: Robes and Sexy (under)wear. Also Robin's roommate said she needs a new dress.
Update with 0.15: You can't go back to square shops or square locations during reunion. You may buy a Steel Armor for Nalili if you lack one with a 10% discount if you invest or have invested in Premium Steel (it's better than her special armor, but I suspect an upgrade of her armor soon, or simply give the Silk/Mystic Robes to Carina and give the armor to Nalili and hope for the best).
Update with 0.17.3: I recommend to buy 3 Runic Shields and nothing else since you will find a free Thug's Orb (a roughly equivalent of Mystic Orb).
Update 0.19.3 you can gain access to the shops after the Battle of Yhilin (if the quarters aren't destroyed).

Megail's Route[edit | edit source]

Equip Hilstara and Carina with Mage's Pins and Varia with a Slave's Pin (lostone2: another option is to equip the three with Thief's Pins, most of the monsters here use Poison attacks). They have plenty of HP and can withstand some rounds under poison but they need their skills to fight. Varia and Carina should be equipped with Steel Tier or better for the fights in this section.

Yhilin[edit | edit source]

Premium Steel[edit | edit source]

Aram[edit | edit source]

Bounty Hunter Office[edit | edit source]
  • You can buy Thief's Pin[17]. At least the price is at 1,000 Sx here.
  • You can buy the office for 20,000 Sx. To be able to do this investment, you should start with at least 5,000 Sx or sell some valuable gear or weapons.

Yarra's Route[edit | edit source]

In the gardens of the Lustlord's Palace, an Orc Merchant[18] sells items for Orcent. Orcent may win his next fights with his starting gear but it's an occasion to equip him with the best stuff that you can get:

Don't buy an Orc Charm since you can get it for free. I also buy some Orc Potions[19]. Since the selling price for orc gear is 1 Sx, keep the starting gear.

The hidden succubus village offers many shops:

  1. A bar offers a new alcoholic beverage, Lust Wine. No need to buy any even for collection since you can get 3 for free in Simon's route.
  2. A succubus shop with new succubus stuff[20]. My advice for this shop:
  • Don't buy whips there since you will get a better one at the end of this route for Yarra and can give the Brutal Whip to Qum.
  • Another Buttplug can be bought for Qum for the fight against the Fallen Chosen, since Qum needs to be at her best and able to revive people ASAP.
  • If you haven't invest in the cache and don't want to do this at reunion: buy a Charm of Perversion for 1,000 Sx that gives the "Masturbate+" skill. Not so useful for the moment[21] but you should have one since it opens new tactics.

Simon's Route[edit | edit source]

The Orgasmic Emporium is a huge store for succubus with plenty new stuff: Succubus Accessories, Succubus (under)wear and Succubus Headgear.

The best store in the game, so far, for succubus gear.

A potion seller and a whip seller are at your disposal in the Fighting Ring.[22].

Some items of interest:

  • Rage Cuffs: 8,500 Sx can be useful for a close-combat succubus. Confusion status only applies to normal strikes and not on the strikes from skills.
  • Ravishing Lingerie (a +160 item): 19,000 Sx. I will wait to see if you can get it for free (I managed to have the money to buy one).
  • Elegant Dress (a +160 item too) 18,000 Sx an option for Nalili.
  • Property Collar: useful for both Yarra and Qum[23], but not for Nalili.
  • Chainmail Bikini is cool but very expensive for a +90 item and you should have one free and no need for another one for now. Steel Armor is a better option for Nalili for only 3,000 Sx (+10 MDF compared to Chainmail Bikini). You can do her route with her armor so wait and see.
  • Even if the Revealing Negligee is fine (+90) stick with Sexy Lingerie (+110) for similar stat bonus and only a fraction of the price.
  • A Buttplug for Nalili for 1,000 Sx because switching this kind of items between people is non-hygienic.
  • I suggest that you consider the possibility to sell both Princess Armor and Sexy Sword, specially if you have enough Durge Swords.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

  • Hilstara can have her custom helm for 5,000 Sx if you have invested in Premium Steel at chapter 1 or start of chapter 2.
  • You can't go back to square locations and districts shops during the reunion part.
  • If you became Premium Steel owner, you are able to buy the Seer Crystal in the Order of Thaumaturgy once you researched the Yhilini Magic.

Ardford[edit | edit source]

  • The first shop with two-handed weapons if you're interested in them (but if you can use a shield use Rune Shield instead of a two-handed weapon).
  • There's may new items to buy but none are really interesting (you'll find many free interesting items during the quests though).

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Battle of Yhilin[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Battle of Yhilin, you have the opportunity to buy items but unless you're desperate or if you know for sure that the battle will be a disaster don't buy anything there because most items are more expensive.
  • All the shops will reopen after the battle if quarters aren't destroyed. See the section about Aka's route to read my advice on items.
  • After the battle, a succubus trader appears in a back alley in the slums, selling lust potions.

Elven Kingdoms of Gheldaron and Darghelon[edit | edit source]

  • Some very interesting items (and you can have some for free like the Sylvan Claw for Varia or the Sylvan Cloak for Carina).
  • The shady guys shop needs that you have the basics of elf language to reveal.
  • The slime shop offers the less expensive prices, but the slime items are still more expensive than their potion equivalent.
  • Depending on the side you have chosen, you gain Sylvan Glove or Sylvan Gauntlet for free. If you have enough money consider buying the one you haven't got for 10,000 Sx (a bit expensive for an item with these bonuses).
  • Even if the Sylvan Dagger is an alternative for Durge Dagger, it lowers Aka's defense and Aka needs all the defense she can get.
  • Sylvan Sword is also an alternative to Durge Sword most likely for Simon as it can decrease his defenses a little. But not worth it if you already have a Durge Sword since you shouldn't give it later to Varia or Nalili since defense is their weaknesses.
  • Poison Staff is a good staff for Carina, relatively cheap 9,000 Sx, good bonuses but mainly a Poison Attack. The staff can give some offensive powers to Carina in a fight. (If you have bought two burning/freezing/thunder staves for Robin and Altina in chapter 2 and you have opened the War Vaults thus obtaining the crusader staff, a poison staff may not be necessary).
  • Savant's Cloak is a very expensive alternative to Sylvan Cloak for Carina. 21,000 Sx are not easily found, it may be worth the cost.
  • Keep the Sylvan Cloak because it is a good armor for a character you will meet in Zirantia.
  • Don't buy any rare ingredient until you need it: Crystal Petals for saner-Altina or Emerald leaves for cockwhore-Altina. Both cost 3,000 Sx.
  • Buy one Kingsfail Leaf available in a shop (1,000 Sx).
  • A bow is useless since only Vhala can use it, and she has the best bow seen so far.
  • During the next stay in Yhilin, you will gain only 3 Sx; So keep some money if you plan to buy items in Yhilin.

Zirantia[edit | edit source]

  • Be careful tourists are easily abused on the plaza market: Zirantia leather for example is very expensive, you can have a Steel Armor twice as effective for less money. The Zirantian Charm is twice more expensive than a Thief's Pin and doesn't give the resistances it has.
  • Only one merchant, near the right limit of the Zirantian Plaza, will accept to buy your items.
  • There's a good amount of money to make there so you can do some shopping. Don't be in a hurry to sell your items.
  • Very nice free items to be found in this location some of them not available in shops.
  • Old Zirantian Leather is less effective than Sylvan Cloak, but better than Zirantian Leather. Don't confuse the variants.
  • During the Ordeal of the Claw you get one Zirantian Claw for Uyae, so no need to buy it. But there is no Arcane Glove to be found, only a second Magic one, so you may want to invest into it. Zirantia is described as the only place you can have one: make your choice now or wait we return there on a later date.
  • The gloves for Simon... If you have the Lynine's one it's still better. Of course, you can find a really great one in the Incubus Ruins. Otherwise Runic Shield is a good and cheaper alternative for a +80 item.
  • Even if Zirantian Claws are better than Sylvan Claws for Varia, the cost for replacing them maybe a little too high if we consider that Varia will have a new set of customized weapons in near future (specially for dominated-Varia).

Return to Yhilin[edit | edit source]

  • The Yhilin section advices are still valid.
  • After returning from the elven kingdoms, the back alley succubus starts selling also the basic succubus equipment - this is the first time you have access to such items since the Orgasmic Empire.
  • If you fund succubus integration in the local economy, the next time you return another succubus appears in the slums weapon store to sell more advanced sexual equipment, including (under)wear.

Eustrin[edit | edit source]

  • There are interesting defensive items in Eustrin, sadly no interesting offensive weapons for the players because offensive weapons smith aren't culturally recognized.
  • Shops play a central role in quests in this update.
  • There are many free items to find so as usual do not rush on shopping (fights are manageable so no need to enhance your gear).
  • You will need 2,000 Sx to buy a Shining Armor in the Armor Shop (doing so triggers an interesting dialogue plus some hidden benficies during the war). As opposed to the other Shining Armor, this one can be equipped by your party members, or sold to recover 1,000 Sx.
  • You will need 4,000 Sx to buy Eustrin Steel for Varia's custom weapon (dominated or reshaped) in the business hall.
  • The Assault items (armor, helmet, shield) are an upgrade for fighters: Aka in particular, Nalili (since MAG isn't so important for her) and dominated-Varia (since they can't use crusader items). It's also a valid option for Simon, since at least now, MAG is not so important for him. You can recover some money selling the Dwarven Armor and Helm that you get for free.
  • The Mammoth items (armor, helmet, shield) can be used for tanking if you don't mind AGI, ATK and MAG. So they are useful for Hilstara, basically (although Hilstara's Helm is probably better). Since Provoke doesn't mind AGI now it's even truer.
  • Don't sell the Mammoth Armor you found for free. It will be useful for her solo fight during the incoming war.
  • You will be able to access a lingerie store only after someone joins your group. Dwarven Lingerie is superior to Chainmail Bikini in every aspect so you may sell it to buy one without remorse (except for the name).
  • Note that Lodestone Hat and Dwarven Robes increase Max MP (particularly useful for Altina).
  • Sadly, there is no special dialogue associated with the Dwarven Pastry sold in the lingerie store.
  • The Maranite tribe sells the Anti-toxin Potion. Even if it's not useful in this update due to Robin developing a synergy skill in the dungeon, The toxin status will reappear later against some monsters so you can buy some or have Robin in your group in these fights. (So far the few fights where enemies have toxin attacks are fought with a full party so Robin, Carina, and Qum are present).

Last round in Yhilin before war[edit | edit source]

  • Succubi now sell Orgasmic Empire's items in the magic shop in the Rose District if you have enough acceptance, so you can revisit the Simon's route section. Remember that Altina can wear Ravishing Lingerie, in addition to the succubi in your harem.
  • Hilstara will have some solo fights, so you may buy her a Durge Axe. Ditto with her gear, as she will need high DEF and MDF. (a combo of tower shield which is obtained for free in aka's route, hilstara's helm, and mammoth armor should suffice).
  • A old friendly foe will finally join the party. Although she has her own regular starting gear, you will get better in her first dungeon in weapon, off-hand and body slots. A Property Collar will complete the set nicely. A dildo can be useful as weapon since it's a SP preserver,

The Third Arclent War[edit | edit source]

  • War is not a good time to go shopping, nevertheless you must visit the various shops in the succubi village of Gasm Falls.
  • Very few Sx gain in this part of the war, very few drops too.
  • The Bloody Spire problem: you will need some Sx on you to buy orc items like potions or orc gear depending of your investments. At least, you will need 1,000 Sx for resting before the trial and it can be much more. The problem is that there's only one orc merchant and he doesn't accept to buy your goods so do some selling in Gasm Falls if needed.
  • Hilstara will need an immunity to blindness ring for her solo fight (so at least you will need to equip her with a minor Pin like Warrior's or Healer's but one of the better ones is better of course).

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

  • There are two big changes in this chapter: you can now exchange ProN to Sx without limitations in the Bank of Stineford (but beware because you still can't convert Sx to ProN) and you have access to practically all the stores that you already have visited (with the exception of Ardford stores and the female only Eustrin Store as of version 0.40.x). So, if you have the inclination, you can browse them again.
  • If you invest 20,000 ProN in the kid and mother potion store in Gasm Falls you can have a discount of 10% in their potion store. But who buys potions anyway? If you still want to buy potions there's also a potion seller in your headquarters. Later the shop family can be relocated to Ardford restaurant so it's an unwise investment.
  • There are some new orc gear that can be found in Tak'Kan, but it's still too early to see how useful it will be and if/when we have the chance to use it. You can also buy Orc Potions at normal price.
  • You can buy Yhilini Orc stuff near the entrance of the slums quarter if Ari-Yhilina is well developed. Sadly used Orc stuff still sells for 1 Sx (in 0.41.x)
  • Although there is potential for more (there is an investment in Givini Smithing), so far Givini Equipment is kind of lukewarm. If you have invested in Givini Smithing and raised New Givini score to 40, you will be able to buy Givini Pins for 10,000 Sx (near the entrance of the Mage Guild).
  • So far, the potential for new, improved succubus equipment has only started to materialize. You have access in Gasm Falls to some interesting Sexual Accessories like the Charm of Great Lust or the Charm of Great Perversion also Slave's Pins if you need some (you'll obtain a lot of high quality pins, I don't recommend purchasing these charms and pins). We will have to watch for more in a later update. If you invest in Gasm Falls Armor Shack, Hilstara can upgrade her custom helm, and you will find Nalili inside pondering some new armor upgrades.
  • There's also many goods that you can buy in ProN to decorate/improve your headquarters. Some give minor bonuses. Refer to the Investments page for more details.

Erosian Crisis[edit | edit source]

  • At the start of Erosian crisis you will be able to buy a bow (the lean unbow in particular is very strong), but there's no way to convert items to Sx there so bring enough Sx before starting (see the prices in Equipment page). You will be able to go back there just after the crisis if you miss the opportunity
  • Tower monsters drop very few Sx (if any) so Sx may be low.

Stenai[edit | edit source]

  • HQ decorations are available for a total of 2000 ProN. Buying all of them confers a secret stat bonus, but this bonus is not relevant before Stenai becomes available in free roam sections.
  • A hard-to-catch elf enchanter in Stenai will need 8000 Sx to make Altina's custom offhand wand.
  • There are also some interesting main hand staffs, if you have Sx left (see the prices in Equipment page). Quick Rod, Assault Rod, Reserve Rod are nice. The Reserve Rod adds MP and can be nice for Altina who has a low MP pool and expensive spells if she needs a staff at this point.
  • Halfling Lingerie items can interest you. (Generally, items with 'stenai' in front of them confer strong attack/magic attack boosts while offering weaker defence)
  • You will find 2500 ProN (but too late to buy decorations with) in Tower. A very strange discovery indeed.

After Stenai[edit | edit source]

  • A new round of investment .
  • Hopefully you will be able to gain some Sx but you can't go back to Stenai.

Synod[edit | edit source]

  • Access to Ardford shops for the first time this chapter.

After synod[edit | edit source]

  • If you play your cards well you will lift Ardford's ban and have access to Ardford again from HQ.

Erosian war[edit | edit source]

  • Outside the time inside Kyangan, there are no chances to buy gear during the conflict.

Kyangan shops[edit | edit source]

  • It may be desirable (source) to purchase one or two Ryoken Battleaxes, because it's a good weapon for Simon or Hilstara. Furthermore, instead of decreasing accuracy as most axes do, this axe gives an accuracy bonus, which is especially good for Hilstara as she will be able to reliably deal damage and gains a powerful offensive skill after the war.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. See the Secrets and collectibles page.
  2. Of course your first move should be a rush for Lustplate armor.
  3. For example, if everybody wears Steel Armor you should sell the Iron ones.
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  5. In the weapons shop of the Lower town.
  6. It will be specially useful for Carina and Nalili.
  7. For example raiding the slaver's house.
  8. You can find one free in sewers and use a Slave's Pin for your fourth member Yarra.
  9. You won't have access to its inventory in chapter 2.
  10. Maximize Yarra's relationship points but minimize Aka's.
  11. It unlocks the possibility to make Qum work or not in the brothel, with consequences both in ProN balance and Simon's relationship with her.
  12. Increase drastically her utility in fight, not for the damage but for the lust stun.
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  20. Like the useless and expensive heavy vibrator.
  21. A lust preserver is a better item with actual fights with lust problems and the accessory slot can give resistance or immunity more useful.
  22. If you had done a good job on Yarra's route, there is very little point on this one for, as you should have a Worn Whip for Yarra and Brutal Whip for Qum and Nalili don't use Whips.
  23. It increases basically the MAG stat.