Secrets and collectibles/Unique orcs

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  • Orcent - Unavoidable.
  • Stark - Found in the shrine on the second visit to the Feroholm region.
  • The Impaler - Unavoidable, but the player can choose to kill or spare him.
  • Ralke - Requires failure of the Orc Extermination proposal.
  • Implevon the Third - Requires raising Orc Intelligence to 10 or higher with Balia.
  • Dead Zirantian orc - Unavoidable loot from a tomb in Zirantia.
  • Grubbak - Unavoidable during the Third Arclent War
  • Patty - Recruited in Chapter 4 by speaking to him (in order) in the Tarran'Kan Slums, Gasm Falls, the Givini Camps, and finally the docks in Cee'Kan.

So far only Orcent, Grubbak, and the dead Zirantian orc are not optional.