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Reval is an Ardan merchant and chief rival of Megail. He is also one of the first antagonist whom Simon finds himself opposed to, although a minor one.

Story[edit | edit source]

Simon first meets him in the merchant camp near Feroholm. He busts a slave ring, with which Reval is associated. After that, he traps Reval as part of a plan with Megail, having him prosecuted for slavery. It allows her to steal some important contracts from him.

However, Reval is powerful enough to get free. He then moves to Yhilin, where he sells an important slave mage to the forces opposing Queen Janine.

He once again crosses the path of Simon and Megail. He tries to trick Megail into becoming his slave with a powerful aphrodisiac, but it doesn't work as planned. In the end, he's eliminated by Simon's group.