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Welcome to the next dedicated page guide, this time around trying to detail all the content and repercussions of your actions in your return to Stineford. Expect SPOILERS.

The spreadsheet made by Fulminato was very useful for the creation of this page.

Variables[edit | edit source]

There are only 2 variables to track. They determine how much influence you have over the two forces that control Stineford: the dukedom and the church.

  • Duke Influence: influence over the dukedom.
  • Annah influence: influence over the Stineford's branch of the Church of Ivala.

Various factors will alter both values:

Past actions:

  • If you rescued Lucy back in chapter 1, you can finally bring down the Caged Lily.
  • The Stineford Collateral Damage variable (from the Third Arclent War) wiil play a role in this section. The most optimal value would be between 10 and 15. Also the Shops shouldn't be damaged.
  • Most of the investments in this region will help you to gain influence over the Duke, Annah or both[2].
  • Annah's final score at the Council will also play a role here. This score can be modified by your actions in this section.
  • If Kara is alive, you can meet her in the Cathedral's garden, but her presence doesn't have any mechanical effects.

Optimal outcomes[edit | edit source]

You want to have extensive influence over both subjects. Numerically that means to get a score ≥ 12 in both cases.

First contacts[edit | edit source]

Once you recover the control of the sprite, your first action should be to visit both Annah and the Duke. The Duke can be found in his domain, accessible from the Merchant District in the top center of the zone. You just need to speak with him. Don't forget to interact with the black spot in one of the side rooms and to speak with Elleani.

The conversation with Annah will require that you do a her a little favor. That will unlock the access to some areas (you can bypass the defenses, but this action has some consequences).

There are two possible options to accomplish Annah's petition:

  • The most evident way is to visit the unnamed bar in the Slums and, when prompted, choose the option to create a compulsion that will keep the drunks from congregating there.
  • Alternatively, if you invested in the Succubi Tower expansion, you can fund a bar outside the city with 25,000 ProN. You have to chat with a succubus in the B1 floor.

Both options will have the same result and dialogue in this section, but the succubus-run bar counts as an investment returning 50,000 ProN per cycle. It also becomes a visitable location.

Gathering magical data[edit | edit source]

Your mages are looking for information about the origin of Ivala's announcement. Your task is to find and interact with points of magical traces, three of which have prerequisites.

  • Merchant District (in the corridor on the left side of the Armor shop)
  • Clothing store
  • Noble District (to the left of the bank)
  • Cathedral Courtyard
  • Duke Estate (in the side room with the blue sofa)
  • Slum (southwest corner)
  • Entrance of the mine
  • Succubi tower (4th floor)
  • Keeper Tavern's basement (choose Rats option in the dialogue with the bartender.)
  • Having Annah's permission or bypassed the church's defenses[3]:
    • Stineford Glade
    • Thaumaturgical Laboratory

Looking for allies[edit | edit source]

You can find various persons that can support you in gaining influence over one of the parties. Depending on previous decisions, additional opportuntities to gain leverage may open up.

Ally Location Requisite Effect
Lucy Blue Rose 2F Lucy saved in chapter 1 plus the slaver has been captured. Annah Influence +1
Soldier Armor Shop Stineford CD < 15 Duke Influence +1
Shop owner Magic Shop Have invested previously in the shop and the shops were not damaged during the 3rd Arclent War. Annah Influence +1
Bank manager Bank of Stineford Have invested previously in the bank. Duke Influence +1
Old teacher Thaumaturgical Academy Offices Got Annah's permission or bypassed church defenses. Annah Influence +1
Elleani Thaumaturgical Library Speak with her in the Stineford Estate (she is in the library room). Elleani Library ON
Orcent Thaumaturgical Lecture Halls You need to complete Annah's request (otherwise he doesn't appear). Orcent Trigger ON
Rachila Succubus Tower 5F Rachila recruited plus the Church has not diverged. Annah Influence +1
Succubus Tower B1 Succubus Tower expansion funded
and advised the merchant to ...
Focus on the Duke
with Stineford CD ...
≥ 10 Duke Influence +4
< 10 Duke Influence +3
Focus on Annah
with Stineford CD ...
≥ 10 Annah Influence +4
< 10 Annah Influence +3
Balance the two
with Stineford CD ...
≥ 10 Annah Influence +2, Duke Influence +2
< 10 Annah Influence +1, Duke Influence +1
Old lady from Feroholm Keeper's Tavern Enables Feroholm Restoration in chapter 5

Quests in Stineford[edit | edit source]

Return to Stineford[edit | edit source]

Deal with politics, both religious and secular. (3 sticks)

  • The meetings are explained here.
  • The gathering of the data is detailed here.
  • The location of the Incubus King has its own quest.
  • The meeting happens at the end of the Return to Stineford section of the game.
  • The clearing of the mine implies a mini-dungeon. The details can be found in Aka's quest.
  • The options to take out the drunks from the unnamed bar's nearby area are in the meetings section, too.

Mismanaged funds[edit | edit source]

Investigate Sarai's hunch that local funds have been mismanaged. (1 stick)

Start this quest by talking with Sarai[4] in her room in the Blue Rose and choose the option Local concerns. She will send you to meet her contact in the Crimson Cape. You will receive a key to a Church warehouse. Visit the building (don't forget to open the chest, just in case) and go the the top left room to find the clues. After you share your findings with Sarai, there are some RP gains:

  • +5 Sarai.
  • +2 Carina.
  • +1 Vhala.

This quest can only be solved in the meeting with Annah.

The Gilded Lily[edit | edit source]

Find a way to shut down the corrupt inn for good. (1 stick)

Start this quest by visiting the Inn. Megail will mention that Patrici is investigating the matter. Meet her in the Pale Orchid (the inn attached to the Keeper's Tavern). She directs to you the closed shop in the slums. Go there and intercept the meeting. When the party has all information needed, go to the Merchant Pass (the middle road to Yhilin) and intercept the contact. A bunch of Simon's companions will be glad about ending this quest:

  • +5 Yarra.
  • +5 Aka.
  • +5 Qum.
  • +5 saner-Altina.
  • +2 Carina.
  • +2 Megail.
  • +2 Hilstara.
  • +5 Sarai.
  • +2 Uyae.
  • +2 Elleani.
  • +1 Vhala.

As it happens with the previous quest, this one is solved at the end of the section.

Tracking an Incubus King[edit | edit source]

Find and destroy the Incubus King rumored to be in Stineford. (1 stick)

Once you have talked with the Duke and his son, visit the farm. Control the roaming orcs and visit the house building (you cannot enter the other buildings). After the ogre escapes, go to the road to the Feroholm map to catch him. Once you're done with the scene, you can finally locate the Incubus King by visiting the Devil Pass (the right road to Yhilin). He is hidden in a lateral corridor, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding him. The fight shouldn't be specially difficult. In any case he is weak against Thunder and Anti-Sex, so between Robin and Vhala, you can easily win this one. You get 3,333 EXP and 3,000 Sx for your efforts.

Aka's Request[edit | edit source]

Help Aka create a knife worthy of her. (2 sticks)

This quest can be started even if you didn't complete the equally named quest back in chapter 1, but you can craft only the Aka's Personal Knife, if you have complete the previous quest and obtained the Aka's Custom Knife you can now craft the Aka's Masterwork Knife.

Find the right smith

The first step is to speak with the blacksmith (it's required that you invest in his store first, you can do it if you have the ProN needed: 200,000 at hand, otherwise you will have the chance to advance in this section after we receive the first profit round in chapter 5). He will mention, without specifics, that he is looking for new challenges. To advance in this endeavor you have to purify the mine. Surprisingly that requires that you visit it. Sadly, it's not that easy as to defeat the monsters inside. You need to visit the section of the Tower associated to the place. The enemies are not a joke:

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Living Stone Earth (extreme), Ice Anti-Sex, Sex, Fire, Thunder, Poison
Depths Wisp[5] - Sex
Core Stone Earth, Physical Anti-Sex, Sex, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison
Infernal Spider Fire, Earth Anti-Sex, Thunder, Poison, Sex
Licentious Gargoyle Sex (pretty extreme) Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison, Earth (Immune)

There are various chests in the dungeon with 1,260 Sx in total plus a Staff of Stone. To leave the dungeon, you have to defeat the boss[6].

Now you can speak with the blacksmith to finish this part of the quest.

Back to the HQ, in the teleportation chamber aka is waiting near the entrance of the deep tower, talk with her and you will be transported to a pocket region near the Wendis' old maze, nothing to do aside from fighting the boss. It's a puzzle battle and you must use Aka and Simon's abilities to bring down the three enemies.

After obtaining the right steel and the demonic research is complete go to Stineford and talk with the smith for crafting the dagger. Aka's Custom Knife will be consumed for the forging if you got in the first chapter.

Completing this quest also gives +1 Simon Recovery.[7]

Meeting with Annah[edit | edit source]

Once you have completed all the issues in Stineford described here, speak with Sarai and choose the option to Make final decisions.

At this point, a strange attack starts in the Cathedral garden between Annah and (apparently) a Chosen of Ivala. The meeting will have various consequences in function of your Annah Score at the end of Gawnfall and Ardoheim's score:

Factor Consequences
≥ 7 Annah Influence +2
4-6 Annah Influence +1
1-3 -
≤ 0 Annah Influence -1
≥ 50 Annah Influence +1, Duke Influence +3
40-49 Annah Influence +1, Duke Influence +2
25-39 Duke Influence +1
10-24 -
≤ 9 Annah Influence -1, Duke Influence -1

After that, it's time to interact with the various characters present in the garden to increase your influence on both fronts. Remember that you can speak with Sarai at any point to check the influence with both the Duke and Annah.

Character Requisite Choice Condition Effect
Elleani Elleani Library ON - - Duke Influence +2
Orcent Orcent Trigger ON Pressure the Duke
Act against Donovan's chances -3 to Donovan's suitor score
Orc soldier Mine cleanse ON Do nothing Mine nothing ON
Give the mine to the slums Mine slums ON[8],
Duke Influence +3
Church diverge ON Annah's synod score -1
Give the mine to the succubi - Mine succubi ON,
Annah Influence +3
Church diverge ON Annah Influence -1,
Annah's synod score -3,
Ivalan Acceptance -1
Seize the mine - Mine asset ON[9],
Annah Influence +1,
Duke Influence +1
Church diverge ON Annah Influence -2,
Annah's synod score -5,
Ivalan Acceptance -1
Succubus slaver Gilded Lily quest
Tell the truth and shame Annah - GL Truth ON,
Annah Influence +3
Cover up to shield succubi GL Coverup ON
Let the succubi
solve the problem
GL Frame ON,
Annah Influence +1,
Duke Influence +1
Carina Mismanaged funds
quest done
Shame Annah Fund shame ON
Sarai's RP ≥ 100 Annah Influence +3
90-99 Annah Influence +2
75-89 Annah Influence +1
50-74 Annah's synod score -1
≤ 49 Annah Influence -1,
Annah's synod score -2
Sarai accepted
restrictions [10]
No Annah's synod score -3
Yes Annah's synod score -1
Tell Annah privately - Fund reveal ON,
Annah's synod score +3
Sarai's RP ≥ 100 Annah Influence +1,
Annah's synod score +1
90-99 Annah's synod score +1
75-89 Annah Influence -1
50-74 Annah Influence -2
≤ 49 Annah Influence -3
Sarai accepted
restrictions [10]
No -
Yes Annah's synod score +3
Annah[11] - Gain Leverage Break defenses ON Annah Influence +1
OFF Annah Influence +2
Reach out ON Annah's synod score -3
GL Truth ON Annah's synod score -1
GL Frame ON Annah's synod score +2
Church diverge ON,
Mine cleared ON,
and Mine nothing ON[12]
Mine locked ON,
Annah Influence +1,
Annah's synod score +2
Annah's synod score ≥ 12 Annah agreement ON,
Annah Influence +3
< 12 Annah agreement OFF,
Annah Influence -1

Once you have made all the decisions, speak with Sarai to Enact decisions and finish the section. This will trigger the apparition of the Doom King, that has some consequences (mostly negative) in function of your influence over the Duke:

≥ 12 Arclent Acceptance -2, Ardoheim +1
9-11 Arclent Acceptance -5
6-8 Arclent Acceptance -10
≤ 5 Arclent Acceptance -12, Ardoheim -1

Also at this point the game counts the number of magical spots that the party has examined:

Amount Effects
11 Headquarters magic +2, Ivalan Acceptance +1, Robin +2, Ivala +10, Riala +5
7-10 Headquarters magic +1, Robin +1, Ivala +5, Riala +2
≤ 6 -

Lastly, your influence over the duke and Annah:

Switch Influence Effect
Mine Slum ON Duke ≥ 10 Arclent Acceptance +2
5-9 -
≤ 4 Arclent Acceptance -3
Mine Succubi ON ≥ 10 -
5-9 Arclent Acceptance -2
≤ 4 Arclent Acceptance -5
Mine Asset ON ≥ 10 Arclent Acceptance -2
5-9 Arclent Acceptance -5
≤ 4 Arclent Acceptance -10
Annah agreement ON Annah ≥ 12 Ivalan Acceptance +3, Carina +5, Sarai +5, Altina +3, Vhala +1
9-11 Ivalan Acceptance +2, Carina +3, Sarai +3, Altina +1
6-8 Ivalan Acceptance +1
≤ 5 Ivalan Acceptance -1, Carina -3, Sarai -3
Annah agreement OFF ≥ 12 Carina +2, Sarai +2, Altina +1
9-11 Ivalan Acceptance -1
6-8 Ivalan Acceptance -1, Carina -3, Sarai -3
≤ 5 Ivalan Acceptance -2, Carina -5, Sarai -5

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sarai Old Standard ON
  2. You can only invest in the Stineford Weapon Store, with the same price as in chapter 4: 200,000 ProN.
  3. This action has consequences later.
  4. You gain +2 relationship points with her.
  5. The orange ones self-destruct, causing a huge amount of damage, so they should be dealt with ASAP.
  6. This action sets Mine cleanse ON.
  7. Used near the end of Chapter 5.
  8. This option gives the best results in terms of Arcient Acceptance.
  9. This is the worst choice for gaining Arcient Acceptance.
  10. 10.0 10.1 This option refers to your decision in the synod regarding Sarai choosing to keep her celibate vows for a time. Only available if the purity standard are removed, and the succubi are accepted or the church diverged.
  11. You can talk with Annah only once.
  12. You must say to the orc soldier to do nothing with the mine at least once.