Rafael's playthrough - Chapter 1

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Intro and Prologue

Walkthrough 2: Completionist Boogaloo

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Feroholm[edit | edit source]

Your hometown is a dump. There are some interactions around town, but your eventual goal is to rest in your bed. Make sure you check out the letter on your desk, (from Robin). Then visit the cathedral. You’ll find a full set of guard armor here. (Bronze sword, leather armor, leather helmet). Talk to everyone here, and make a habit of doing that as you go along. When you return to an area, it’s a good idea to talk to everyone again just to see if anything changed. There are a great deal of seemingly pointless conversations that actually advance later plots or speed up the time it takes you to accomplish tasks. You’ll pick up your 2nd "Scott" here and head off to the bounty hunter camp.

Bounty Hunter Camp[edit | edit source]

It’s tempting to kill the plant in front of you, but go past it and get your next party member first. Notice that the guy you talk to also allows you to rest. Use this feature whenever you are poisoned. There are a finite number of enemies in the game, so if you rest and return a dungeon will not have reset. You’ll be tempted to use your antidotes and healing potions in the forest, but if you just rest effectively, you can avoid that[1]. To effectively do that, prioritize bees then whatever else is left. We have two goals in the forest now: maximizing exp gain and doing the Mushroom Collecting quest. You’ll find an iron shield for Simon on that skeleton you see as you get it. Go ahead and let Tal fuck the plant, it’ll be hilarious. You probably want to rest here.

Inside the cave, cockatrices use a silence move, which just locks down your special attacks. They’re not super dangerous at this stage, keep targeting the bees first. A collar and 5 antidotes are in the chests. Rest up fully before you step across the pentagram on the floor. This is your first of three battles. Yarra isn’t tough, gives up after 3 rounds, and heals you fully at the end of the fight. The guardian is tough, but now you have Yarra to help. There’s a breather between the guardian and the bandits, but they’re about as tough as the regular enemies so you can probably just continue on. You will likely be poisoned from the guardian at this point, but it won’t matter much as long as you kill the bandits off. After the battle, grab the potions in the box, let Aka do her thing, watch the resulting events, and enjoy.

Now, you have a new enemy to deal with here: hornets. Yarra can 1 shot them with Sexual Torment, so have her concentrate on those while you worry about any other monsters or guard. You can either save before you take on the first two groups with a plant in one and a poison wasp in the other, or wait til they’re dead and use Simon’s battlefield medicine on anyone poisoned. Tal is probably a pushover by this point, and you get healed up after. Be sure to recheck the forest for 3 newly spawned mushrooms once day breaks. (The third you need is up on the ledge outside the cave before you jump down). Also, wolves have respawned in the forest, terminate with extreme prejudice. Hand in your mushrooms, talk to NPCs, then head back to town.

Feroholm pt 2.[edit | edit source]

You have to convince Simon to embrace his powers. Also, let Yarra bang Ina for a boost to her hp. When all of the above are done, talk again to Simon for the next part of the quest. (Don’t forget to look at the painting again before you leave). Pick up Qum, enter the bar, talk to Ina again and give her 100 Sx, then head for your wagon.

Path to Trading camp.[edit | edit source]

Remember to equip Qum! Give her Yarra’s whip, ribbon, charm and dress. Yarra gets the headband from Aka, magic orb, and shining robe. Aka gets the gloves. Make sure Simon has his old ribbon still, the LUK bonus is nice for inflicting and resisting states. Pick up the logs in the road as you move north. If you go towards the clearing on the right, you’ll get a cutscene with Aka. Killing slimes is optional at this point, although looking in the hole does lead to a funny scene with Qum. Slimes also drop potion equivalents. Kill everything else you can. Chimera uses a mass poison move. He’s tricky, but if you remembered to equip Qum he’s not terribly hard. (Killing the slimes does not hurt your affection gains in any way).

Trading Camp[edit | edit source]

Head directly past all the overpriced merchants here and get to the open tent in the back. Sell your alcohol here, then explore the camp. Ideally, buy nothing here, but sell off all the gear you are not using like Simon’s old armor, shield, helm and weapon. Talk to everyone, then when you’re ready, visit the meeting room and wait until nightfall. In this next series of battles, remember that Incredibly Suspicious Men have lust bombs, and Slavers do a Fatal Blade poison attack. Prioritize these if you don’t want to be spending a lot of potions here. You can get through it without using any if you’re careful and smart.[2] You’ll want to talk to people again after the failed enslavement party, then agree to Megail’s plan. The two battles are pretty straightforward here and the same targets apply. Once done: rest once, resist the urge to buy anything, and move on. I’m going to try and get you as far as possible as cheaply as possible so you can buy the better stuff later on down the road. Every purchase prior to this point was something you could easily do without.

Ransacked Farm[edit | edit source]

Here’s a point where you might want to pick targets again. Raiders are pretty run of the mill, although they sometimes can use a potion. Berserkers are primary targets, as they have a harder hitting skill. Finally, Shields have a 1 in 3 chance of dropping a healing potion. Heal in between battles and conserve Qum’s mana by having her attack or guard in battle. Check inside the house for a group of Berserkers and a chest with 500 Sx on the sink before you completely clear the camp. (You’ll come back here for that blocked chest later). Once you speak to Orcent in front of the humans, you end up in the boss battle. Meet Orcent afterwards, he’ll be commanding your future orc hordes.

Stineford[edit | edit source]

First Talk to Megail. That done, go to the inn at the top right of the map, (the free one). Here you can rest and check your harem’s affection levels before talking to Megail to advance the plot again. (If you followed my advice so far, Yarra should be at 38, Aka at 26, and Qum at 61). This is also where you're going to want to make a "playing around" save to see all the prostitute scenes and watching the dialogue if you have Robin in the group with you when you do.

Talk to various NPCs around town, making sure you meet Hilstara in the Crimson Cape, Lucy the maid in the Noble Quarter Inn, and Carina up in the Cathedral. Agree to pay the high class prostitute in the Merchant quarter as this will raise Yarra’s affection +5 with the least harm to Aka’s (-2). There is one fight in town, in the slums as you go around the house to the south of the girl in pink. Save this for after you recruit Robin and Hilstara. Make sure you inspect the sewer entrance in the South next to a building you should absolutely save for later with Robin. You will also want to pay for, (but not use yet), a prostitute at the "inn". Return to the Ransacked Farm and talk to Orcent in the stables, then talk to all the orcs and dominate, (not fight), the other orcs. (Simon must be above level 14 to do this). This starts your army and moves Lucy’s quest along. Dominating the Orcs raises your army’s quality by +1.[3]

Return to your room and talk with Yarra, then sleep on the bed to meet Robin. Meet Hilstara at the mine, and leave the area before fighting to head back to the tunnels in the slums, (note: MAKE sure you talk to Yarra before you do otherwise it will not trigger). Here, avoid fighting and just rush towards the end, (you’ll be back). You’ll find a shining spot near the top of the map that is another Shining sword collectible, a Sexy Lingerie in a chest, and a mage pin on a skeleton. Talk to the Succubi in the tower. You’ll get some new conversation responses with Hilstara in the party, that you’d miss otherwise. You gain +10 affection for Yarra and +5 for Qum from one of these, and 2500 ProN from another. You will also want to buy Qum a handcuff and Yarra a buttplug here.

Magic Academy[edit | edit source]

Once you’re out of the tower, go meet Robin at the academy and up the left stairs. Meet Mherin, Infansa, Sho, and Rachila. Agree to investigate and start the series of battles. Corporeal demons are obviously weak to physical damage, Arcane demons need magic or lust to drop them, Carnal demons are weak to lust. Once you’re in Yarra and are free to explore again, check the library for Aka and Hilstara, (you picked up Hilstara first for these extra exp points.) When you’re completely reunited, swap Qum for Robin and go into the lecture halls. You should now have the ability to target every demon’s weakness here. Also, have Qum heal you from out of party in between battles. When you get to the boss, have Aka use Poisoned Blade on the boss first, then make sure you have Aka and Simon use their physical skills on the first set of Corporeal demons he summons the next round. Anyone who isn’t currently able to exploit an enemies weakness should instead use their attacks to whittle down the boss. You want to take him out right after he summons the 3rd wave of enemies, not before. (These Carnal demons will not do a whole lot of damage while you take out the boss, but if the boss starts getting off his chain AEs that’ll wipe your party fast.) When you finish, talk with everyone again, have Robin shut off the annoying fire pillar in the labs, get the porn mag from the library and return it to the girl in the lecture halls for a Shimmering Bracelet, and collect 5000 ProN from the bursar in the office. When talking to Robin, you’ll agree to help her get her potions license, which is more easy xp and ProN. Sleep at the inn for a few new scenes and sprites. After you’re healed up, go ahead and visit the Succubi Tower and talk to the one cleaning up the green mold on the 2nd floor. One component down. Now clear out the tunnels beneath. On the way back to the inn to rest, return to that short fight in the slums and finish it.

Stineford cleanup[edit | edit source]

Start here by clearing out the slaver warehouse in the slums for Carina. Thugs are very weak to Yarra’s Sexual Torment skill. When you are offered a choice, save the guard who surrenders, you’ll want him a bit later on. Inspect the locked cage before the boss, then return to the saved guard and talk to him to get the key to it. There’s a slave’s pin inside. Also grab all of the shields and swords on the walls here if you didn’t already before taking on the boss. Boss is immune to silence, stun and blind, but seems to take all of Aka’s atk, agi, and other debuffs easily enough. I went in here with Robin at half mana and Simon at less than 50 mana and still won, so it is possible to win this battle if you’re careful without having to use any potions. Talk to Carina to finish this quest out and pick up your 2500 ProN, then go sell your unused iron weapons at the nearest merchant.

After resting up, go ahead and try out the infested house in the slums. Rather than make a whole ton of saves here, suck it up and buy 4 thieves pins at the shady bar near the top of the map first. Ground spiders have a mass poison, so silence them fast, and the hanging spiders attack twice, so weaken them with Aka, (they're all immune to blind). Also be aware that poison does not kill you after you hit 1 hp, and you can sleep it off. You may want to rest at the inn between battles, this is a very hard area to clear out.[4] The two unavoidable battles are with weaker groups that are not the red spiders running around on the map. Skip the red spider groups for now; just get the component and the robe. The corrupted webbing in here is a second component for Robin. There is also a shining sword on the floor and a chest with silk robe for Robin. We’ll come back for the red spider groups in a bit. For now, leave town and head to the pond for one more unavoidable battle and the last two ingredients to finish off Robin’s quest at the Academy. Talk to Robin upstairs to do this and choose the option to sell your potions for ProN. If you haven't already gotten there, be sure to visit Lucy to get her kidnapped by Orcent. Visit Orcent again after for another 5k ProN. You have enough saved ProN now to get Aka to give you the quest for her knife and +10 affection with her. Do that by visiting the armor shop, the blacksmith, and then the magic shop next to the noble quarter.

Stineford Mines[edit | edit source]

There isn’t much of a trick to this dungeon, just plow ahead. It’s easier now that we got Yarra to 15 at the infested house, Aka has her knife, and Robin finished her quest. There is a steel helm in a chest for Simon. Inspect the purple crystal and then the gate, (heal up at the inn first if you want to conserve your potions/mana supply). Steel armor for Simon is in another chest. Inspect the huge pile of gold and save right before the boss. You receive 20k ProN and your rare good for this quest. Feel free to clear out the rats in the pub cellar if you have not already, you’ll find 3 health potions, 1 revival potion, 3 serums, an iron sword, iron shield, and iron armor on skeletons down here. (Next visit to Stineford area will have a shining sword down here, don’t forget to come back for it later). If you have not already, sell all your surplus iron swords and shields. Go to the brothel and buy time with the bunny eared prostitute. Now that you’ve done the tower, Simon will notice this and you’ll avoid losing Aka’s affection. This will also unlock the chance to whore out Qum if you speak with the madam. Doing so will maximize our ProN in the next section and allow us to beef up Simon's hidden stats before he actually starts to need them later on. The cutscene is sad, but it works out later on.

On to the infested house to finish it up! If you have everyone equipped with a thieves pin, you shouldn't have too much trouble here. The ground spiders are less likely to kill you in one round if they're busy breathing at you instead of using their single hit attacks. Once you finally clear this place, you are finished with the current Stineford area. You can also take off all of Hilstara’s equipment here, (save it), just in case you can use it on your current party. Talk with Megail in the inn to kickstart the next portion in Devil’s Gate. Your 65k ProN is enough to get you extra affection with Megail, and you should get the Stineford foursome scene before you leave.

Devil’s Pass[edit | edit source]

You’ll start out in the Devil’s gate dungeon, and you won’t be returning to this part later, so you’ll want to clear as much of it out as you can. Don’t forget to change party formation if you haven’t already. Make sure Qum is outside of party so she can heal you in between fights. Slimes are weak to ice, urchins are weak to lust attacks, and bears are weak to lightning. Not a difficult slog. You can inspect the dead Redlight Mercs for some lore text and a mystic sphere. (If you have a bad battle like I did and Robin dies with Simon out of mana, remember that you can swap in Qum for a battle and have her heal Simon a few times so he can regain mana with his Lust Suppression). You’ll have a point of no return moment and then proceed on to meet the Redlight Mercs. Talk to them, then interact with the seal stone. Afterwards rest in the tent and begin the chase. Kill everything you see from here onward now. Zombies have a poison bite and are immune to poison and stun but vulnerable to fire, skeletons are immune to lust but can be blinded somehow and are vulnerable to fire, you’ve already met slimes and urchins. Skip the big northern passage until you explore the sides and loot the chests for a slave collar. Again check the side rooms first for a boost to Simon’s max hp/mp, a collar, lingerie and a sexy ribbon. Only after looting everything proceed north to confront Istvan.

Optional Dungeon and Deep Tunnels[edit | edit source]

Do this one now, do not wait til you have Altina and Varia later, see Chapter 2 travel timer. Talk to Simon twice as Yarra, then talk to Aka, Qum, Hilstara and finally Robin to finish out the dialogues and start the scene. You’ll get the most affection and not miss any conversations this way. As Simon, interact with the pile of rocks blocking the exit. You can return to this room at any time before the optional dungeon or the boss to rest again. One of the skeletons (top area) has a Slave's Pin. As you proceed you’ll want to avoid the ogre at the exit, and kill all the slimes. The new enemy, Incubus Idols, are weak to ice. Clear the slimes, rest at camp, then try to enter the optional dungeon area. You can rest one more time in camp if you’d like before dropping down into the teleporter maze. Enemies here are horrors: Ghostly weak to fire and sex, Simon should silence Creeping and then use melee on it, Robin should try to 1 shot Skittering with her lightning, and by now you should be able to blast Shambling with fire lance before they get too many chances to poison you. Prioritize Shambling over Skittering when taking out a group with both.

You start in the center of the top blue group of squares. Stand here and wait until the enemy in the area gets close enough for you to attack it. It is safe to stand on the bottom group and the top group of tiles except the top left corner which we’ll use to escape once we kill that group of enemies wandering below us. Without accidentally touching the tiles to either side of where you started go to the top left tile and follow 1.[5]

  1. Okay, you made it to the top left tile and are now standing in the left wing of the dungeon in a blue square area. Go up one and open the chest from here, (Ancient Lingerie for Yarra). Now, go down one to get to where you landed and go right one. From where you land, the blue square below you takes you to 2, but head for the blue tile in the center of the maze and eliminate the 2 enemies that wander near it here first.[6] SAVE HERE!
  2. Going straight right 3 spaces from where you land, then up from the next spot would put you back where we began the maze.[7] The enemy next to you is one of the more challenging groups here, prioritize ghostly first, then shambling. Instead of going back to the start, we’ll hug the wall N and head towards the chest we see. Aaaand we’re back in the left wing of the dungeon. Go straight down this time to avoid having to redo any of the instructions in 1 or 2, and you’ll land directly below the chest. Open it for Simon’s Lustplate. And go S to return to where you just were in the left wing. This time, instead of going straight S, go either left or right before you reach the S wall. This will put you back in the right wing again, go straight right, then straight up(N) to return to the start of the maze. Now go immediately left to 3.
  3. See that blue square directly S and one square right of us? That’s where we go next. Now straight E, then S one last time. You are now standing in front of the dungeon Bosses. Once he’s dead, move south to open the last chest, (Incubus King Armor Key Item), and exit the dungeon. This dungeon closes off once you pick up this last chest. You can then rest in camp again and go take on the ogre to get out of this area for good. Before you do, check the body by the ogre for a Dwarven Helm for Simon. Blinding and weakening/piercing the ogre twice will negate much of the potential damage he does, making him an easy boss fight.

Yhilin[edit | edit source]

We start in the outskirts. Talk to the Iron Cudgel mercs and the man wandering below Reval's compound. With no other leads, let's talk to Megail upstairs in the inn. Once finished, go to the mines and talk to one of the guys wandering around outside, and have the processor guy draw up investment papers, (but don't actually invest yet), so you can go back here with Megail later. Go back to the outskirts and talk with the surly drunk lying on the ground. Talk to Megail again to get confirmation, then speak to the cloaked guy outside the inn. Go to Yhilin cathedral and talk to Sarai twice to get another piece of the puzzle and some lore. Now go to the bar in the Court area, then the Outskirts and interact with Trin and her dropped map. From here, the cart driver will offer to head to the secret entrance to the palace and the next series of battles. Equip Simon with his lustplate, and Aka or Hilstara with his old steel armor and helm. Kill everything in the tunnels and navigate the glowing ball maze by killing mage groups. (Also check the dead guy for a Barrier Pin. Watch cutscene and fight the boss group, then go north to get Trin. Talk with Yarra, Hilstara twice, then end up talking to Queen Janine twice and say that she doesn’t have to tell you about her husband now. There’s another scene waiting if you use the bed in your room. Leave and meet your new driver.

Post Coup Yhilin[edit | edit source]

Go south of the palace and talk to the woman waiting near your cart for your first quest, which we’ll do soon. Next, go to the cathedral to talk to Sarai again. Finally, talk with Megail to get your ProN to invest, (should be 195k or 3 times whatever you gave her at Stineford.) You’ll spend 100k of this immediately, and have the rest to invest as you see fit. My advice:

  1. You'll want to invest in the bank first, it'll cost you 25k ProN now that you have Trin to copy that clerk.
  2. Megail's Plan, (right after the Merchant Trouble quest below). 25k ProN.
  3. Ask Megail for some ProN right after you rescue her. (You will need the 25k more now than you will the 50k on her path).
  4. Premium steel. (After you rescue Megail). 20k ProN.
  5. Mine processing. (same as above). 25k ProN.
  6. Bridge Repair. 10k ProN.
  7. Anti-Corruption Campaign. 10k ProN.
  8. Save the last 5k ProN until chapter 2 starts, (after you talk to Janine to trigger Doomed King plan).

Go back to Megail and start in on Reval. Aka’s group will breeze through with forceful lunge, sexual torment, and ice lance. Don’t miss the 12 iron swords in a crate before the last enemy, and open the chest behind him for a Steel Axe before you investigate the door in the south. Simon should use alternating stuns on the two elite bodyguards. Hilstara and Qum may have problems, just remember to try and conserve mana on Hilstara and keep Qum alive. Have Hilstara keep shieldwall up between basic attacks and make sure you do it enough for the double arrow on the defense buff. Qum should alternate between basic attacks and healing kisses. Prioritize the lightly armored guards without shields first. Save Hilstara’s Powerful Blows for the two unarmored enemies in the last battle. (Not necessary, but does speed it up).

Return to Yhilin palace[edit | edit source]

Go ahead and enter the palace and get chewed out by the Queen, seems Megail’s been busy. On your way back to the room, talk to Robin and select Research. If you haven’t already visited Hilstara in the baths, do so now for another scene. As you enter your room, you’ll get another meeting with Riala. Rest up and then head to the Cathedral. You’ll meet Andra and Hester on the way in. They will both be important non-party members later on. Sarai will bless you and you’re on your way back to the palace.

Unwomen warehouse[edit | edit source]

After Riala teleports you from your room, make sure you change your party formation to all human characters, (everything in here is immune to lust attacks or seriously hurts succubi). Hilstara should be in Steel and use a magic ring for defense. Give the gauntlet to Aka if you haven’t already, she’ll use the attack more than Hilstara will. First part of this dungeon is a maze, you want to avoid standing in straight lines near any of the unmen/unwomen here, and be advised that you will have a hard time racing most of their direction changes. We’ll be going down and across the bottom wall to reach the room across from where we entered. Try not to go above the entrance to this room, as you’ll wander right into an unwoman’s gaze. There are 4 chests in this room, (2 are obscured by the bottom wall but are easy to find). You’ll get 2 leather armors, a steel claw for Varia later on, and a Shining Sword Collectable. Once we have these, we’re going to backtrack to where we started this maze and save here. Now here’s the hard part, we only get the figurines for the other quest if we don’t get seen by the unmen. Every time you are seen, you will be warped back to the beginning of the maze. So we’ll be doing this very carefully from now on. We will first go right, stopping in between the unman on the red rug and the unwoman looking at a wall. We then head N, and stop before we cross the sightline of the unman above us. Now, notice the gap between the unman above us and the unwoman just behind him. We’ll be hugging this pillar and sneaking through that gap to avoid being seen. For future reference, where that unwoman is standing is the exact end of the unman’s sightline to the left of this room. It may be useful to you later on. From the gap, go straight across the room and stand next to the unman there. We’ll be going around this pillar to reach the upper rooms.

The super hard portion of the maze[edit | edit source]

The moving unmen are playing tag with you, but avoid the sightline of the unman between Megail’s room and the room housing our figurines if we didn’t get caught. Don’t talk with Megail just yet, as we still need to get into a room to the right of her which locks down as soon as we speak with her. Save here, this part is hard. We need to get to the chest room without being tagged. This is much harder as the maze here is more cramped. The movers will also home in on you a bit here, so you need to pick when to run and when to wait it out without getting tagged. There’s a nice set of dwarven armor in the chest above assuming we make it, you may want to give it to Hilstara. Did you get it? It took me a few reloads and a lot of dashing. Practice your dashing to get back to Megail and kickstart the next phase of this dungeon.

Unwomen warehouse part 2[edit | edit source]

The slaughter begins! You’ll notice how the dwarven armor room is now gated off. Unmen are weak to lightning but immune to lust and poison, and strongly resist ice. They also do an annoying number of hard attacks. (Have Hilstara use shieldwall for 2 consecutive rounds to help cut the damage here, the double defense buff helps). There is a 2nd Shining sword collectible in the chest in the top left room guarded by a rough party of unmen and unwomen. Try to conserve Simon’s mana, as you need him for out of combat raises assuming your battles went like mine and every unman targeted Aka or Robin in the first round. Take them all out, prioritizing killing the unwomen in each group as they attack twice like the hanging spiders did. If you have followed all of my exp advice thus far, then the very last group here before the boss should give Robin Lightning Lance. (You can use regular Lightning on the boss, but this hits harder).

Taking stock[edit | edit source]

I’ll take a breather here to tell you what I have accomplished so far with very little item use and tons of saves:

  1. Aka is at 39 relationship and has iron dagger, her dagger, iron armor and helmet, and a gauntlet.
  2. Hilstara is at 35 relationship and has steel axe, iron shield, dwarven armor and steel helmet, and a headband.
  3. Robin is at 85 relationship and has shining scepter, mystic sphere, magic hat, silk robes and mages pin.
  4. Qum is at 61 relationship and is using a whip, handcuffs, slave collar, sexy lingerie, and a slave’s pin.
  5. Yarra is at 65 relationship and is using a silk whip, buttplug, slave collar, ancient lingerie, and the other slave’s pin.
  6. Trin is at 15 relationship, and I am having Robin research her contract.
  7. My investments so far are Yhilini Arms dealer (default) and the Bank. With 60k ProN in reserve.
  8. Simon uses Iron sword and shield, lustplate, dwarven helm, and swaps out between old ribbon and barrier pin depending on the battle.
  9. I have saved 18 health potions, 5 mana pots, 5 revival pots, 14 antidotes, 4 serums, and 5 health goos. (Obviously, if your drop rate was better you have more).
  10. I have 44,151 Sx saved up, and haven’t spent anything other than on prostitutes in Stineford, a revival potion, a buttplug, and a set of handcuffs.

Yhilin 3rd visit[edit | edit source]

You have now seen the place before the coup, after the coup failed, and now after the riots. A lot of investment opportunities just opened up. Talk to Megail first and agree to fund her mystery project, then ask her for more funds to get that 25k ProN back with 10k Sx. You will have 35 relationship points with her now. Before meeting with the queen, let’s go do some investing in town. Go to the mine area and invest in base metal processing. Also get Premium steel invested in, (you'll pick up 5k ProN from the bank after chapt 2 starts). We’re done here for now. On your way back to the palace hand in those figurines for 3000 Sx, (or less if you got caught).[8] If you have done everything on my investing list above, let’s talk to Janine and kick off the start of Chapter 2.[9]

Continued on Chapter 2.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. You’ll be tempted to buy equipment from the merchant here, but you don’t need any of it, ditto with the new merchant when you get back to town. See the Shopping page for more details.
  2. You need to choose carefully who you save first here, because they get +5 RP for it. I will assume that you went with Qum in this walkthrough.
  3. This is the first of a number of choices in the game that reflect better outcomes in the long term vs. exp and better stuff in the short term. I play the long game here.
  4. Unfortunately, this is your only chance, it's sealed off in Chapter 2.
  5. (If you screwed up and went left a tile early, you’ll end up slightly right of the center of the maze. Go one space right and head to the south wall to proceed to 3. Any deviation on this route puts you in the center of the maze described in 1. If you screwed up and went right, you got teleported near the center of the maze, stand in the exact center and read after "center of the maze" in 1.)
  6. (If you go down twice you’ll end up in the south area of the dungeon, go up or down here to end up in the center of the maze Now kill both nearby enemies and go up 3 and left once to get to the blue square where you would have gone had you followed instructions).
  7. Remember this if you missed out on any part of 1.
  8. You might get a scene between Aka and Hilstara here, if not you'll definitely get it in the next section.
  9. I'm assuming Simon already slept in his bed for the Yarra+Trin scene, but go ahead and do so before you talk to Janine if not.