Quests/Palace Staff

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By default you already have Fuani, and as of now you can have up to nine - or eight if the Church doesn't diverge (a counter can be found in the Quest log):

  • Fuani: automatic at start
  • Lucy: missable if you didn't complete Orcent's request back in Chapter 1, automatically added if you did. There is no option to rescue her at this point of the game, if you're wondering about it.
  • Kia: she can be found in Ari-Yhilina Palace's kitchen. She can only be recruited if Nia was rescued from Andrew during Aka's path.
  • Ina: talk to her in Feroholm.
  • Patty: a very weird orc who claims to be a high class maid, you will meet him in Tarran'Kan Slums. Dissatisfied with his fellow orcs, he goes to Gasm Falls. After trying to find a place in a more noble country, you will meet him a third time in the Givini Camps, he chooses to leave Arclent altogether by using the Cee'Kan docks. Only then, the party is able to convince him to join the palace staff. He can be found in HQ near the first well and speaking with him has some hidden effects in Orc development.
  • Kara: if she survived the war, you can meet her at the Ivalan Bank and recruit her to take care of the library. She also helps with Jhenno during the first phase of the Ardan succession crisis.
  • Renna: princess Reletima's poor servant. After the Stenai visit a new location will become available in the Chalice States, the Doom King's Palace. There the princess can be copied by Trin, which will recruit Renna for the staff. But if you follow this path, she will eventually discover Iris' manipulation and choose to leave for good (that has some negative effects on Stenai's score and the Hospitality score). If you instead decide not to copy her and just speak with her, she will eventually come around and decide to leave the princess on her own and joins the palace staff.
  • Beatrice: if in the synod, succubi were rejected and the Church diverged, she will join Sarai in New Givini (but still counts as part of your "Palace Staff"), provided that you helped with the disturbances, and have spoken with her at various times.
  • Elleani's unsuccubus guard: once the Warden of the South has been completed, return to Elleani's Estate and talk with her.

The quest can be completed by talking to Fuani once enough people have been added to the palace's staff. You gain HQ Hospitality +2 for completing the quest.