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Nabith is a new High Priestess of the Church of Ivala, after the downfall of Andra. She is of Givini ancestry. A priestess at the Helvanna Cathedral describes her as "a good Ivalan, but she's too much of a centrist for my taste." Of course, the definition of a "centrist" is in flux with recent changes in the Church...

Story[edit | edit source]

Nabith becomes the High Priestess for Yhilin, replacing Andra sometime after the Third Arclent War and after a period of Sarai's de facto leadership.

The player first meets Nabith at the Council of Gawnfall, where she is concerned with church identity and consensus-building above all. She is wary of succubus Ivalans but open to the possibility of accepting them with few compromises. She's far from being as prejudiced against them as her predecessor.

After the Council, Nabith moves to Sarai's room in the Ari-Yhilina Cathedral, as Sarai herself moves to New Givini. (Andra's old headquarters were in the city of Ari-Relhana, which the player never visits, but Sarai had presumably transitioned administrative activities to her Cathedral in the capital, in Andra's absence.)

When asked why she isn't stationed in New Givini despite her ancestry, Nabith mentions that her family lived in Yhilin since before the Second Arclent War, and she considers it her home. She also thinks it's good for New Givini to get a foreign High Priestess, saying "they need diversity of ideas."