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Story[edit | edit source]

Min is an elf from Denmiel working as slime merchant in the barterhouse. Due to her status as a bastard born out of wedlock, she was ineligible for clan status and subsequently put in the Boughs of Protection which basically functions as an orphanage. Because residents of the boughs must perform chores to earn their keep, she utilized this to start a fledgling slime business that despite low sales was maintained with low risk and cost.

Her desire to be a merchant grew from a desire to leave the Boughs and Gheldaron altogether, which is because of her treatment as a clanless elf, and with being an herbalist or hunter being too much of a risk for too little reward, she turned to slime trading. This makes Megail recall her own past and Megail states that after Simon's group is finished within the elven lands, Min may come with her to Yhilin as a potential apprentice but warns her of the demanding nature of the position. She has already have the chance to impress her mentor with her powers of observation in Eustrin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Megail provides her with a new outfit after taking her as an apprentice. While Min chose her old outfit for sex appeal in an attempt to be taken seriously despite appearing young, Megail advises her to lull men with the appearance of innocence, then "take them for all they're worth.".[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Conversation when leaving Janine's room, after your return from the elven kingdoms.