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An accomplished bounty hunter and assassin. Very little is known about him and he has an impressive list of lies for anyone who tries to interrogate him about himself and his past.

Story[edit | edit source]

Background unknown. Anyone who asks gets a pack of lies in response.

Mestan can be encountered at the Aram desert bounty office during Aka's route, but the first significant encounter is when he's waiting for an opportunity to assassinate the Ivalan priestess assigned to Eustrin, but is being thwarted by Simon and company. He immediately abandons his goal and begins turning up where Simon's group is operating, sometimes offering to kill someone or abandon a job he's taken. He claims this is because Simon and certain members of his group, such as Aka, have been some of the few interesting things in his life for a long time.

When Simon talks to Palina before the Third Arclent War, Mestan talks to Aka.

During the Third Arclent War, he can be asked to kill an orc leader or an Aramite captain. In exchange for this he again meets with Simon in the Yhilini Palace.

During the Ardan succession crisis, he can be asked to fake an assassination attempt on Bhakan, or to stall Donovan.

He makes an appearance during the invasion of Erosia. There, he has an encounter with a mysterious black haired girl, which leaves him much troubled.

He makes another appearance in the Lustlord fortress when Simon went to rescue Ginasta, revealing that he got a soul shard, making him an Incubus King. Another being, Lilith, revealed herself as being linked to him.

Later, he takes part of the Second Gathering, as one of the new Incubus Kings. Depending on Simon's action, either he is fleeing Lilith, or is plagued by her. Anyway, he reveals that he is a construct she created to be able to use a soul shard, but he took a life on his own. During the Empress' orgy, he is seen partying with both succubi and orcs, confirming his stated bisexuality.

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Since a male is not likely to join the harem, it's uncertain what purpose these will serve.

Base value: 20.

  • +5 meeting him at the Bounty Hunter Office (do the dead drop bounty).
  • +5 winning the duel against him in Eustrin, or -5 for losing. (No change for stalling the duel until he decides to stop.)
    • +5 choosing "Fight him alone" after that.
  • +5 if after clearing Southern Tunnels dwarf's evaluation is "Seems like you pretty much scoured the place".
  • +5 asking him to kill an Aramite Captain during the Third Arclent War.
  • +5 conversation in your room in Courtly Chambers during the Ardan succession crisis.
  • +5 conversation at Givini Teahouse.
  • +5 finishing the exploration of the New Givini ruins in one go.
  • +5 talking to him in the Erosian war camp during the invasion of Erosia.
  • +10 helping him against the Lustlord's guardians.
  • +5 approaching him directly during the Second Gathering.
  • +5 sending the Anak's succubus to him during the Empress' orgy at the Second Gathering.
  • During Nyst's event during the Second Gathering:
    • If you helped him against the Lustlord's guardians, +5 for letting him fend for himself or -2 for giving him mana
    • If you didn't help him in that fight, -5 for letting him fend for himself or +5 for giving him mana
  • +2 talking to him in the Fighting Ring in Climax during the Second Gathering
  • During the Incubus War, if you helped him against the Lustlord's guardians:
    • +2 telling him to target Airships, +3 telling him to target Island, +4 telling him to target Tower, or -5 refusing his assistance.
  • During the Incubus War, if you helped him against the Lustlord's guardians, you can attempt to assist him against Nyst:
    • +3 choosing to move on, -5 choosing to fight Nyst, +5 choosing just one strike.
  • During the Incubus War, if you did not help him against the Lustlord's guardians, +5 for dropping Lillith's hp to 0.

Maximum legit value: 101

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First male in the game that has an RP system.
  • He was speculated to be the sixth or eighth senior Incubus King by the Second Gathering, as three of the prior introduced Incubus Kings were confirmed dead and two are optionally dead if all side quests are completed in chapter 5. He ended up seventh due to the unforseen appearance of Nyst.
  • His faceset and chibi were made by Japanese artist Sorejanai.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Depends on Simon's decision to help him or not at the Lustlord's place.
  2. Confirmed at the Second Gathering if Simon helped him.