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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This walkthrough was made with the intention of allowing all players to experience this amazing game in its best form. This walkthrough is crafted so that the choices we do will be the best in the long run, meaning that it is focused on reputation and secret stats, and any sexual content that would negatively affect the overall stats may be avoided. With that in mind, some of the choices that you will see are: not whoring Qum, Saner Altina, Reshaped Varia, siding with Orilise (might still change this). Investments that are in the current optimization: Chapter 1 - Megail's Investment, Bridge Repair, Premuim Steel(using Trin), Mine Processing. Megail's Route - Ardoheim Magic Trade, Yhilini Supplier, Desert Bounty Office, Aramite Supplier, Eustrin Embassy, Eustrin Manufacturer. Chapter 2 - Merchant's Guild Member, Ardford Supplier, Crystal Refiner, Mercenary Flotilla, Ardford Restaurant, Sanitation Mages Guild, Ardan Bank, Deads of Vinario.

This will not contain any shopping walkthrough for personal preference and the potential to increase the challenge.

This will also not contain any combat walkthroughs, everyone has different playstiles and learning the strenghts and weakness of both your charachters and enemies is something that should be learnt through try and fail.

This walkthrough was initially created by someone that has no idea how to check the code or even simply modify a save which means that this wouldn't be possible without all the other pages that provide such information. So, a big thank you to the The last Sovereign community.

This will mostly only include the necessary conversations, but it's highly encouraged that you interact with all characters (unless said otherwise) to be able to enjoy this amazingly beautiful story to its fullest.

Finally, thank you Sierra Lee to create and allow us to enjoy this unique experience.

To the fellow community[edit | edit source]

Feel free to edit and fix any misspell as well as to improve the visual looks, while making this more appealing. We would ask that instead of adding or altering any other information that it would be previously discussed in the comments.

Take in consideration that even though this might be almost optimized I believe that mistakes could be made or secrets overseen. If you think you might have a better pathing or other choices, please let us know and make sure to include your idea so we can improve this page.

Notice[edit | edit source]

Note that this page might be altered at any moment if a new path or a path that leads to a better optimized playthrough is found. Also, if you're following this guide, make sure to read all bullet points of a given section, some useful info may be written after the first 2 bullet points.

Basic mechanics[edit | edit source]

To start, this game has some different mechanics. The most important is that enemies do not respawn; this means that there is no grinding in the game, which provides a challenging gameplay since it has limited exp. The second mechanic is that all party members, dead or alive, in the current party or out, receive the same share amount of exp. With that in mind your objective is to kill all enemies. (unless said otherwise) This walkthrough is done by per action, meaning that you should do everything in its order.

Chapter 0 - Prologue[edit | edit source]

  • Choices in this chapter are not important.
  • Grab all the chests and kill all the monsters.
  • After finishing the fights in the 1st room of the fortress, take the equipments from Kai and Altina.
  • The next fight can't be beaten, so don't waste any consumables (still, use them when necessary, don't let SImon's advice go wasted, like all his previous efforts).

Chapter 1 - Soldier[edit | edit source]

Feroholm[edit | edit source]

  • Inside the church grab the chest, fight the soldiers and talk to the woman in the most right wing.

Delgar Forest[edit | edit source]

  • Fight all monsters in all areas.
  • In the second area you can inspect the the bones for an item, also "Let him" after the fight with the plants in the south.
  • Don't forget to complete the 1st mushroom quests.
  • Inside the cave, stepping into the circle will trigger a scripted fight where, at the end, you'll get healed. This will trigger a boss fight.
  • After killing the bandits in the room, take Tal equipment.
  • After defeting Tal go back into the forest and into the cave to kill the monsters and pick the mushrooms to complete the second mushrooms quest.

Feroholm[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to everybody and check the items in the house, then talk to Simon, then talk to the succubus in the church and back to Simon.

Path to Merchant Camp[edit | edit source]

  • Kill every monster including the slimes (those are useful, but not mandatory) and the hole, also remove all logs in the path.

Merchant Camp[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the northest tent, then talk to Megail in the west tent, then talk to the guy near your carriage; finally, go to the building west and interact with the door.
  • Start by helping Aka to get increased affection, then Yarra, then Qum.

Stineford[edit | edit source]

  • Don't Exchange Pron for Sx.
  • Avoid all fights until you have Robin.
  • Dont "use" high-class prostitute, especially if you have Robin in the party.
  • In the Pub, after you check the quest poster about the rat infestation, you can go talk to the barman and accept the quest. You can go through the stairs and gather some items that can be useful even without triggering any fight.
  • In Stineford in the bank district, go in the bar and talk to Hilstara, then leave Stineford to the mine in the west to get Hilstara in the party.
  • Back to Stineford in the slums go to the southeast and interact with the hole on the ground, then go the "Blue Rose" in the Merchant District and interact with Yarra ,then return to the hole. (Remember to avoid going through the small alley where the south and west intersect in the slums to avoid a fight).
  • While in tunnels there is a chest, a skeleton and a hard-to-find shining spot. (Don't fight anything if you don't have Robin and Hilstara in party)
  • At the succubus tower, make sure to interact with all succubus.
  • Now that you know about the succubus you can go to the brothel and hire the bunny-ears (Still, don't do it with Robin in the party).
  • Talk again with the brothel manager and refuse her offer.
  • Next, you want to get Robin so let's go to the Academy.

Stineford Thaumaturgical Academy[edit | edit source]

  • Enter the middle left room and talk to the guy on the right side.
  • Go to the library, on the northest set of bookshelves you will find an erotic book.
  • You can also find 5 Sx in one of the booksheves, feel free to look for it (Interact with all libraries to get a grasp of TLS' universe).
  • In the room to the right you can give the the erotic book you previously found to the girl walking in the hallway.
  • In the same room you can talk to the priestress for an interesting conversation.
  • Its time to go up the left stairs and start the quest to get Robin (don't forget to optimize equipment for everyone).
  • Now that you have Robin in your party go ahead and do all fights (rats under the inn, thugs on the alley in the slums, thugs in the bar in the slums, the first part of the mine -before breaking the seal- and the tunnels).
  • At the fight against the final demon try not to kill him too fast, lower his hp to somewhere around 15/20% and let him summon his minions to get more exp. (max 3 sets)
  • Go talk to Robin again to initiate the Potions Quest.

Complete Stineford[edit | edit source]

  • Don't forget to get the quest from Carina at the Church, then go to the warehouse near the north entrance. In the warehouse pick all shields, swords and axes on the walls. Also spare the guy then go to the last "jail door" then back to him, then you can get the chest. (don't forget to get the reward from Carina).
  • Once you have 35k ProN, go talk to Aka at the resting place. For Aka's Quest start by going to the armory (cheapest) to get the ore, then go to the blacksmith and finally to the magic shop. (You will need a total of 750+500+1500 Sx)
  • For Robin's Potion Quest you need to 4 ingredients. 1st talk to the succubus on the 3rd flor on top of some green stuff, 2nd and 3rd are found at that "lake", 4rd is on a table at the abandoned warehouse in the slums.
  • Time to go to the abandoned warehouse near the tunnel entrance in the slums. Kill everything (Careful, there are 2 invisible enemies) and interact with the table to get the final item for Robin's Quest.
  • To prepare yourself for this highly dangerous zone, to to the bar in the slums and get some Slave Pins; those will be immensely useful to fight the group of spiders and to get everything in the house, including a collectible item.
  • Now finish the mine; I advice to restore the party before breaking the seal since doing so uses some mana and stops you from leaving the mine until you defeated the boss.
  • You should be Lv 14 by now; if so, go to the Ransacked Farm and Dominate all the orcs, and talk with Orcent. Don't forget to get the chest in the house (in the first visit, it was blocked by an orc corpse). After this, go to the Inn on west side of the city and talk to the maid and help her, after that return to the Ransacked Farm and talk to both her and Orcent.
  • If you have the 60k ProN, it's time to move on and leave the area, but before that you should unequip Hilstara since she'll be leaving your party. Finally, go talk to Megail to proceed.

Devil's Pass[edit | edit source]

  • Don't let Simon die since he can rev out of combat.
  • To the south of the blocked tunnel there is a corpse with an item.
  • The soldier corpse in the Chest's area has some Sx on him. Also check all the chests including the ritual circle and fight all the mobs.
  • As soon as you fall down into the darker cave, talk to everyone multiple times before talking to Robin.
  • There is an item on a skeleton, and the corpse at the ogre area also contains an item.
  • The secret area at the hole provides very good items, do it with the intention to kill all the enemies (try to leave it for last).
  • Killing the ogre in the dirt room will let us move on.

Ari-Yhilina[edit | edit source]

  • As soon as you are in Ari-Yhilina, go into the Inn where Magail is and talk to her, then go to the Outskirts and talk to the green-haired man on the center-east side and the Iron Cudgel leader. Go the the Merchant Quarter and to the shady man south of the transport, then move to the Miners' Junction and talk to the green-haired guy and with his lead go to the Outskirts and talk to the drunk guy, after that go to the Cathedral to talk to Sarai. Finally go to the Court into the bar and watch the scene, and end this step by going to the Outskirts and talk to the mage.
  • Time to go to the secret entrance.
  • The corpse of the mage that is in the room just south of where you enter the "palace" has an item.
  • As soon as the you completed the Yhilin coup talk to Yarra, then talk to Hilstara twice.
  • If you talk to Janine say no about talking about her husband.
  • In the Court you will find a girl, talk to her to accept a quest.
  • Talk to Megail at the Inn in the Merchant Quarter.
  • Don't invest in anything yet.
  • Go to the Court and talk to Robin about "Research".
  • Go back to Megail, but before you talk to her about "Reval's deal", optimize everyone's equipment.
  • During "Reval's Deal" Quest while playing as Aka interact with the box with the swords to get some items.
  • After you finish the quest, go back to the Palace into your room, then you need to go talk to Sarai at the Cathedral and then back to your room in the palace.
  • In the "Megail Retrival" section, in the 1st part you can't cross the line of sight of the monsters. I advice saving as soon as you enter the compound and load the save if you are spotted. Also in the 1st part in the are !four! chests in between the beds. The section where they are moving they will still spot you, but you need to be touched by them. In that section go to the right side room and get the chest, then go north left side 1st and get the chest there then go to the right side and talk to Megail.
  • Now for the 2nd part of the "Megail Retrival" section the enemies can no longer "spot" you, so just kill them. There is a chest on the left room.
  • Again, don't Exchange ProN for Sx, it's really not worth it now.

Ari-Yhilina Investments[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Megail and Agree to help her investment (25K)
  • Talk to Megail about "Acquire Money" to obtain an additional (25K) Pron and 10k Sx.
  • Outside in the Court talk to the girl south to the bar again to finish the Quest.
  • At the Petitions House invest in the Brigde Repair (10K).
  • Move to the Merchants' Quarter and invest in the Premuim Steel (20K) and the Bank using Trin copy the guy (25k)
  • Last investment in this Chapter is in the Miner's Junction, the grey-haired guy, Mine Processing (25K).
  • Finally finish the Chapter by talking to Janine.

Chapter 2 - Wanderer[edit | edit source]

Goodbye Ari-Yhilina[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Trin and Janine.
  • Go to the Cathedral and talk to Sarai.
  • Go to the bank at the Merchant's Quarter then go invest in the Public Works at the Petition House in The Court.
  • Now its time to leave Ari-Yhilina.

Wanderer[edit | edit source]

  • Even if I mostly encourage to explore, don't do it in this section since it impacts some values for later.
  • Start by visiting Orcent at the farm and the succubi at the tower.
  • Go to Stineford and talk to Carina at the Cathedral, also check the celar at the Pub in the Market District for a special item.
  • If you like to keep your Quest Log clean, avoid talking to the red-haired guy in the bar in the Noble District (you shouldn't complete his quest anyway)
  • Go to the pond glade and kill the plants, then return to the camp.
  • Go south to Feroholm region, and try to not backtrack from now on.
  • Go to the Withered Mountain, save the enemies outside the Fortress to after you finish the fortress. Inside the Fortress, start by going to the room to the north to get the key, then go to the east tower as the letter say to get Altina. Choose to fuck her later.
  • Now that you have Altina, its time to interact with everyone in the fortress, and check every room. At the right tower, don't take the Lust Draughts when given the choice.
  • Time to leave the Whitered Mountain, clear all mobs here and go to the shrine/ruin, where you'll get to meet Stark, an orc with quite a head... and nothing else.
  • In Feroholm talk to Ina, check your house, talk to Sister Kara (nun east side in the church), talk to Carina (in the church).
  • Try to leave Feroholm, spare the Impaler, leave Feroholm.
  • After that, you can run to take your revenge save Varia at the southeast tent in the Feroholm Region map.
  • You can restore your party if you talk to the guy just north of the area where you start.
  • Start by clearing both Eastern Forest (Clearing has no enemies), then go to the Southwestern Forest.
  • The skeleton south to the sentries has a good item.
  • All the way north of the sentries there is a hidden slime.
  • At the fight for Varia choose "Intervene", before talking to Varia make sure you killed every enemy and got the chest, choose "Reshape".
  • At the camp talk to Qum to lock her affection, talk to Altina (otherwise she'll leave your group later) then leave the camp.

Dark Ruin[edit | edit source]

  • Start by checking all four paths and go back to the ruins.
  • Remember that you can go restore the party at the succubus vilage.
  • On the second floor at the southwest room, you can interact with a pile of books for an item.
  • Leave the hole in the floor for after you obtain Carina, and be careful: you only have one opportunity. Don't forget you can interact with the crypts.
  • Go through the door in the first floor.
  • Go talk to Carina.
  • Talk to all your forces outside the fortress and inside.
  • In the room where the armor is, you can interact with one of the crypts for an item.
  • Finish by talking with Riala.
  • Remove the equipment from all your party members before continuing to the next set of events.

Split the Party - Yarra[edit | edit source]

  • Still in Ari-Yhilina - Talk to Robin, Aka and Trin, then leave the palace.
  • Day 1 - Go to your room. "What do you recommend", talk to the skeleton guards, go to the main hall and eavesdrop; then, go eavesdrop again on the room above yours.
  • Day 2 - After hearing your room attendant talk to her "No" (for "No, you're not speaking out of turn"), then go talk to the succubi guarding the south of the main hall. "Sleep".
  • Day 3 - Check the letter, talk to the room attendant, go check the main hall, then enter the southeast room. Check the letter, go check on the Skullcrusher room.
  • Day 4 - Check the letter, talk to the room attendant. I recommend buying a set of items for Orcent from the Orc vendor (you dont need to buy "Orc Charm", you will get one later) and a 4-5 orc pots. Equip the whole party. Talk to the succubi guards on the main hall to start the event. With Yarra, grab all the chests and win all the fights; don't forget about the bright point where the one Qum calls Orc Floof is. With Orcent the furthest you can go is agains the Rodak Warrior (2nd fight after the mage). The further you go the more Sx you get as a prize. (Losing agains the Rodak Warrior gives you 2K Sx). Check the letter and the chest. Go negotiate with Queen Fheliel.
  • Day 5 - Check the letter. Before starting the event I recommend saving since its timed (even though the timer says 20 it is actually only 5 minutes; toggle instant text and no skill animations for max speed). During the first part you can grab all the butterflies and fight all the succubi. On the second part of the event you can quickly get the blue chest on the island that was blocked before and grab another butterfly. After that, check the letter, go to the main hall and check on either the orc or the succubi reunion.
  • Day 6 - Check the letter, talk to the succubi that is spying on you, talk to the room attendant: choose "Go ahead", go to the tunnels and go do the Orc Floof event (center north). During the event don't get caught (keep a save if you must), to the west of the entrance there is a chest and that's all there is about this part. Check on the new letter and go to either the Fucklord or the Lord of Blood room.
  • Day 7 - Check the letter, go to the tunnels and go through the second form the east all the way south, at the village go east and interact with the sword (make sure you're equipped well!). Go to the other meeting in the main hall (orc or succubi).
  • Day 8 - In the Endgame event, don't forget that along the monsters you can also interact with the crystal formations. Before crossing the bridge, if you go down the stairs there is a tunnel under both bridges; going west where you will find a cave with a crystal formation. First cross the bridge, in the cave on the other side south there is a crystal formation and 2 snowballs that you can interact with, after doing that cross the bridge again and then cut it. In the center cave there is a crystal formation. Take out everyone's equipment. Check the letter. Go visit the last room (either Lord of Blood or Fucklord).

Split the Party - Aka[edit | edit source]

  • Equip the party.
  • Start by talking to Janine and going to the "secret" base, talk to Robin and use the bed.
  • Check the 2nd shelve from the bot left at the palace library, talk to Altina at the Royal Baths, Yarra at the Palace, the guy that is in the room where you stayed before and Megail at the Outskirts.
  • While in the outskirts interact with the quests signs.
  • At the Yhilin Cathedral talk to the women just west of the entrance. Talk to Sarai, at the library interact with the bookshelf in the northeast corner (go to the others for interesting conversations about religions).
  • At the Miner's Junction talk to the guard.
  • At the Court, enter the Petition House and interact with the orange-haired guy. Outside, talk to the guy standing nearby.
  • In the Jade Clearing interact with everyone.
  • Go to House Rose and talk to Lady Rose. Check the 2nd to the top right bookshelf, speak with the halfling on the top right corner and choose "Talk" (Careful, you only have one try). In the Rose District, in the east building interact with the kings portrait and choose "Copy" (one time only event too).
  • Go to the Secret base and speak with Robin two times. (You should have "Aka's Condition" completed. Confirm it). While you are at the palace go speak (try a couple times to confirm) to the Zirantian that is working in the kitchen.
  • At the Order of Thaumaturgy, even if they offer heals remember that you have the base at the palace. You should complete the four trials, not just three (You receive a good prize). Let Robin take the tests. To complete remember that you need to have a good chunk of mana, also to complete the bottom right trial you will need to go buy some alchemist materials at the Square. To complete the top left trial you need to go read a book at the House Rose library. You can pass all trials including the special one.
  • If you see a cloaked guy near your transport, on the east side of the Square, interact with him. (If not, check for him later)
  • Go to the Jade Clearings and eavesdrop the conversation on the top left room.
  • Let's finish the Jade sabotage: go to the outskirts and talk to the guy that guards the tent camp, "Copy". Copy also the clerk at the Yhilin bank, choosing "Yes" when prompted.
  • Go to throne room and talk to Janine, then talk to the uncle (guy near the entrance) and choose "Yes".
  • Go to the Lower City, enter the bar and go downstairs; complete all the fights.
  • Go east (don't copy the guy that moves around, it's not necesary) and go south to the Big Man place.. After defeting and copying him, interact with him.
  • Talk to the inquisitor that is nearby the girl and then go talk to Sarai.
  • West on the Lower City find the guy (Andrew), defeat him and his guards (save before, something can go wrong in this fight) and copy him.
  • Go talk to the Elder of the elves, talk to him a second time, go to the east bar and then talk twice to the guy near the bucket.
  • Slightly north to the Queensman bar there is a dark-haired elf, talk to him.
  • Now, let's go help the Cult of Magic. Outside the bar, talk to the green-haired girl walking around. Go to the Merchant's quarter and talk to the shady looking guy you find nearby the transport. Go to the warehouse south of the tower in the Slums. Accept both fights, while preparing for a boss fight the second time. For the reward, I prefer to pick Robin, since Altina can wear "sexy" equipment and Robin can't.
  • Time to go to the mines. Don't attack the guy that is near the encampment that is after the west side gate. You can enter the room with the chests after getting the key from the green haired guy that runs from you or that you find near the north gate. Needless to say, but kill all the monsters and all the mercenaries, except for the previously mentioned one. The last fight again the guy near the "fire" be careful not to let anyone die and try to finish it with a good chunk of mana and mostly fully healed since you will "Use the amplifying spell" and you don't get a break between fights.
  • Finally, stop by the House of Petitions and deliver the "Mine Entry Papers" (you should have 6) to the orange-haired guy, then go to the Palace and talk to the guy with orange-hair where your "base" used to be. Now, just before talking to Janine confirm that Trin has 7 copies and speak with the ambassador to gain his respect (he's worried about helping the poor, and we did all we could to do so); talk to Janine to end the Path.
  • Remember to unequip the Party before starting the next Path.

Split the Party - Megail[edit | edit source]

  • Before leaving Ari-Yhilina, go talk to Sarai. Also go check on the Mines and Bank investment to get some ProN now. And invest on Ardoheim Magic Trade (10k) that is located in the Inn at the Merchant Quarter, along with Yhilini Supplier (5k) in the Outskirts.
  • After seeing the ambush (don't go to the bright point and throw the bomb!), on the southeast corner of the area there is a rope, pick it along with the Sx on the bones (all with some dissing) and go west where you can find bones with an item and a tree in the southweast corner, interact with it and go scout. Go ahead and climb the rope, then "Rush" them. Kill everyone, as usual.
  • When you arrive to the desert, start by following the road north all the way, until you find a carriage and interact with the woman next to it then go back to the crossroad and go southeast until you find Eustrin, then once again go back through the road and on the second crossroad go west until you find the bounty hunter office.
  • Don't buy the papers from the shopkeeper guy. Check all the bounty papers on the wall to activate the quests.
  • If you need to restore the party go to the Bandit's Pass where you can rest at the tent.
  • Start by doing all the bounty quest on the desert along with killing the monster (since the area is quite big, double check to be sure you didn't forget any).
  • Now that you cleared the desert go south to the hills. Important to know that the guy that is just south looking both ways will escape from you if you approach him (stopping you from being able to ever getting him). In order to catch him, go up on the hill and jump over him. When you find 4 colorful guys, be prepared: the Magekiller are not easy. Don't forget about the deaddrop east of the tent (don't open it, its a trap).
  • Go back to the office and deliver all the bounties you finished. Speak two more times with the bounty guy and "Invest" (20k Sx).
  • Time to go to Eustrin, but before anything go into the tunnels and interact with the dwarf next to a girl with a green dress on the east tunel and choose "Who is This?". Go back to the bounty office and claim your reward.
  • Now that you finally finished all the possible bounty (three are not possible), it's time to start investing and finish.
  • Investments: Just outside of the bounty office - Aramite Supplier (20K). Just west of the entrance of Eustrin a dwarf near a shrine - Eustrin Embassy (100k). At the entrance of the Eustrin the dwarf to the left near the crate with the swords - Eustrin Manufacturer (25K).
  • You should now have 5k Pron. Before finishing interact with the dwarf to the east on the tunnels, choose "Use Explosive".
  • Finish by talking to the dwarf at the end of the tunnel just north of the tunnels entrance. Careful, it comes with a fight.

Split the Party - Simon[edit | edit source]

  • Remember that the days may or may not be exactly the same; however, as long as you'll follow these instructions, you should be able to do everything.
  • Day 1 - Check out your bed, then go check out on the 'spy' and go back to bed and "Exercise".
  • Day 2 - Go to Chaya and "Say hello" and then "Some books". Go to bed and "Meditate".
  • Day 3 - Just get up and go back to bed again "Meditate".
  • Day 8 - Go talk to the Empress, chosse "My pleasure". Go ("Accept the quest") interact with the succubus with the green hair on the room to the right of the stairs on the second floor. The location 5 succubus are: 2 in the top-right corner of the top floor (the one with the bath); 1 in the top-left corner of the same floor as the office;1 in the basement (prison floor) on the prison side; last one still in the basement, vault side. After you get all five, go back and talk to the succubus at the office. In the same floor as the office at the south-west corner you will find stairs, try to climb them (just once, don't try it a second time) and talk to the guard "Who are you?". Finish the day by going to the 1st floor and talk to Lexande, the guy on the room with the green carpet just to the right; "Agree" and after that talk to him again: "Pay 500 Sx".
  • Day 13 - Start by talking to the Empress at her bedroom and then talk to Chaya.
  • Day 14 - Talk to the Empress and choose "Decline". Go help with a complaintin the office on the main floor.
  • Day 16 - Resolve the other complain.
  • Day 17 - Go to the second floor office and talk to the "boss" succubus. Help a succubus with her job.
  • Day 19 - Help another succubus.
  • Day 21 - Interact with the box at the Empress bedroom. Go help Chaya one more time.
  • Day 22 - Go help the last succubus at the second floor office.
  • Day 24 - Go to the Archive (library) and read "Orc Breeding I".
  • Day 26 - Read "Orc Breeding II".
  • Day 28 - Equip the Party. Go to Nalili room and talk to her, choose "Long Conversation".
  • Day 29 - Talk to Nalili guard, choose "Defend guard" and "Yes".
  • Day 30 - Go talk to Nalili. Go out to the City, and check all buildings (enter the shop and talk to the "manager", talk to the boss at the brothel, talk to the lamia and the three succubus at the cafe. Talk to the succubus in the "Fighting club". Talk to the succubus just north of the cafe. Go talk to the succubus near the crates and "work".
  • Day 31 - Go talk to Nalili in her room. Talk to Esthera just outside Nalili room. Go to the prison and help the Lamia; afterwards, deliver the letter to the lamia at the cafe. Go to the training grounds and go to the bright spot to the right.
  • Day 34 - Talk to Nalili at the Bordello. Read "Religion".
  • Day 36 - Go to the Training Grounds and to the bright spot beetwen the crystals "Train".
  • Day 37 - Go to the Training Grounds and to the bright spot beetwen the crystals "Train".
  • Day 38 - Go to your bed and "Rest/Heal".
  • Day 39 - Go talk to Esthera "..." . Go to the City and talk to the succubus near the boxes south of the cafe. Leave the succubus for last, all the way on the top left above the crates there is a chest, choose "Enslave".
  • Day 46 - Go talk to the boss succubus at the office on the second floor. Go talk to Esthera "Tell". Go talk to Chaya "No". Talk to Chaya. Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight monsters.
  • Day 47 - Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight monsters.
  • Day 48 - Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight monsters.
  • Day 49 - Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight Team Tag.
  • Day 50 - Go to the Reclamation office and resolve a complain.
  • Day 51 - Go read Succubi I.
  • Day 52 - Go read Succubi II.
  • Day 53 - Go resolve the other complain.
  • Day 54 - Go talk to the succubi manager. Go to the City, to the figthing ring and fight Team Tag.
  • Day 55 - Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight monsters.
  • Day 56 - Spar with Nalili.
  • Day 57 - Spar with Nalili.
  • Day 58 - Spar with Nalili.
  • Day 59 - Training Idea.
  • Day 62 - Go read "Succubi III".
  • Day 64 - Go read "Succubi IV".
  • Day 66 - Go read "Sex Combat".
  • Day 68 - Go read "History".
  • Day 70 -Go to Nalili room, "Agree". Go to the training grounds, do the "Training Idea" just left of the entrance.
  • Day 73 - Go talk to Nalili in her room. Go to the City, to the fighting ring and fight the succubus, use "Dominate".
  • Day 76 - Go to the training grounds and do the "Training Idea" on the right.
  • Day 79 - Go to the training grounds and do the last "Traning Idea".
  • Day 82 - Talk to the Empress. Go to the Throne room and talk to Nalili. Go talk to Esthera on the prison floor on the vault side. Go to the secret area (3rd cell on the prison), talk to Nalili, "Okay".
  • Day 85 - Secret area, talk to Nalili.
  • Day 88 - Secret area, talk to Nalili.
  • Day 91 - Go to the training grounds, talk to Esthera.
  • Day 92 - Go take a bath.
  • Day 95 - Go to the training grounds, talk to Esthera.
  • Day 96 - Go to the Brothel and train Recuperation.
  • Day 97 - Go to the Brothel and train Quick Release.
  • Day 98 - Go to the Brothel and train Quick Release. Again.
  • Day 99 - Go to the Brothel and train Quick Release. Hilstara will be happy ;-)
  • Day 100 - Go to the training grounds and talk to Esthera (you can't win).
  • Day 103 - Check for any training idea, you should get Unified Strike.
  • Day 104 - Do any of the three training (I prefer Spar with Nalili).
  • Day 105 - Go to the Magic Defense room (North-east room on the second floor) to get a solution for our dearest Aka.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

  • Start by talking to Aka, then talk to everyone else and finish by talking to Janine.
  • Talk to everyone a couple times before leaving the Retreat. While talking to Robin choose "Essence Shielding". Don't forget to talk to everyone that is outside before leaving the Retreat. Leave the Retreat.
  • Talk to Sarai in the Cathedral, "Tell everything". Go to the Premium Steel and talk to the manager, then leave and reenter, talk to the guy at the entrance "Order helm".
  • Lets get to the investments; Yhilini Public Works (The Court outside House of Petition). Premium Steel Owner (Merchants Quarter - Premium Steel). Cache Excavation (Miner's Junction). Iron Cudgel, Dusty Horde, Ari Garda (Outskirts).
  • Back at the Retreat. Talk to Trin. Talk to Megail. Talk to Qum. Leave the Retreat for Ardoheim.
  • The rest stop, check everyone. (You can't talk with Yarra, just smile :D )

Ardford summit[edit | edit source]

Day 0[edit | edit source]

  • Equip the party.
  • Talk to Sister Beatrice at the Church at the weast district.
  • There is a disturbance (white transcparant circle). Just south from the entrance of the Royal District coming from the Religious District.
  • At the Royal District embassy talk twice to the guy on the southweast corner, choose "Not a chance in hell". Talk again "Megail?".
  • Go to "The Silver Stump" and check the middle quest at the wall, then tall to the barkeeper choose "Check Now". At the Gardens of Steam start by checking the bathouse on the left then go to the house on the right and the right door. Before leaving the Gardens go to the bathouse talk to the ("Host") and "Reserve (500 Sx)".
  • Back at "The Silver Stump" finish the quest by talking to the barkeeper. Also while at the bar talk to the main ("Host") and choose "Eat" twice.
  • Lets finish this day. Go to the "Military Offices" at the Military District, go up the top right stairs after speaking to the central desk. When you are talking to Vhala choose "Say because of the Unmen Petition". Go back to your room.

Day 1[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the summit, talk to everyone while at the break, to the Aram representative (blonde sited at the table) "Agree to vote no", to the Ardoheim representative (woman at the entrance of the top right room) "No agreement" and finish the break by talking to Yhilin representative and "Vote Against".
  • Go to the "Ardford Embassies" talk to the green haired on the bot left side room, choose "War Vote", go to the Silver Stump and talk to the same guy (green haired) choose "Then you never expected to get your kingdom back?".
  • Time to invest: Start by going to the Business District, to the Merchant's Guild and become a member (you need to have 1M Pron) (100k). At the same house invest in the Ardford Supplier (50K) and the Crystal Refiner (250K). While at the same District go to the Naval Guild and invest in the Mercenary Flotilla (250K). Still in the Business District just a bit to the weast of the Naval Guild invest in the Ardford Restaurant (25K), and around the southweast corner invest in the Sanitation Mages Guild (100K). Go to the Military District to the Military Offices and choose "Donate 100,000 ProN".
  • Lets go talk to Vhala and go, during this monster fights avoid using too much Robin's mana, before entering the cave you will be able to equip the whole team, carefull not to skip it. While in the hole interact with all possible prisioners. The Skeletons on the Dari prison cell have some stuff. Go to your room.
  • Go talk to all representatives, talk to the Aram Representative, choose "The Unpeople are veterans too". Talk to the Darghelon representative and choose "Agree to vote yes". Talk to the Zirantia representative and choose "We'll do our best" then "Yhilin may not agree to support Zirantians". Talk to the Guils representative and choose "Bribe for nay vote (10,000 ProN)". Talk to the Dwaren representative and choose "Unperson Motion: Vote No". Talk to the Ardoheim representative and choose "No deal". Go to the Military District and talk to the guard in the furtherst east building. Go talk to the guy with a hat just to the left of the Ardoheim representative. Go back to your room talk to the representative.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the summit, choose "Vote in favor".
  • Go talk to Vhala, and its time to do all the fights.
  • In the Military District just south to the district entrance there is a disturbance, fix it.
  • Go to the Royal District, enter the building just weast of the castle entrance and talk to the woman on the east side.
  • Go to the Business District, enter the Silver Stump and talk to the Knight from the order. Just south to the Silver Stump there is a disturbance, fix it. All the way on the southeast corner interact with the bright point. While in the house, on the attic there is a disturbance, fix it. On the first basement floor the crate next to the bed contains some Sx. On the second basement floor when the spider appears run away from it until you get ambushed. On the way up interact with the bed on the first basement floor. Talk to the guy on the attic, then go to the Merchant Guild and talk to the Givini on the house, return to the wharehouse to the second basement floor and interact with the glass, then go talk to him again and finish by talking to the Givini ambassador (TopLeft counter).
  • Still on the Business District go to the Naval Guild and clear the disturbance. Go to the Merchant's Guild, talk to the Givini guy siting on the couch, talk to the Trader on the second counter on the left side, choose "Unperson Investigation", also talk to the girl on the first counter on the right side, also talk to the guy on the first counter on the left side.
  • Go to the Religious District, talk to the Inquisition Guard just outside the first building fix the disturbance and talk to the Inquisition Guard. Go to the Ivala Bank and talk to the Priest on the right counter. Talk to the guard in front of the most northeast building, fix the disturbance on the weast room, talk to the guy at the table in the center room. Enter the Cathedral and talk to te Inquisitor to the left of the altar.
  • Go to the castle, talk to Tyna in the library, go to the Garden and fix the disturbance.
  • Go to the Military Distric and leave Ardoheim to the "Empty Lot", kill the slime and close the hole, talk to the Chosen on the Northeast, enter the tent.
  • Go to the most east building in the Military District and finish the quest and go ahead and help him. While in the "dungeon" the second skeletons has some Sx along whit the last skeletons, and the skeleton near the piles of stone has an item, also while down there fix the last disturbance.
  • Stop by the Cathedral at the Religious District and talk to Sister Beatrice. Go back to where Vhala usualy is. Go to your room and choose "Stop extermination". Go talk to all representaatives, talk to the Guild representative and choose "No deal", talk to the Dwaren representative and choose "War Vaults Opening: Vote Yes", talk to Tyna, talk to Ardoheim representative and choose "Don't answer".
  • Go to the Business District to the Naval Guild and talk to the Guild representative, (carefull before going, (keep a save before going since you might need it, the fights are hard) say "Yes". Stop by the embassies and talk to the Givini guy (Top Left).
  • Go to the Military District to the Blademasters Guild, talk to Aram representative. Go to your room, talk to the representative.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the summit, choose "Vote for opening".
  • Talk to everyone in the room then leave. Go to the Ardan Bank and invest (300K) and then go to the Embassies house and go talk to the green haired guy, then talk to him again choose "Leave" then leave the building, reenter and talk to him again choose "Invest", "Invest" and "Invest" (100K Pron). Go meet with Vhala.
  • In the Unforge B1 just south of the stairs there is a chest, there is also a chest all the way on the NorthWeast room of the area, another chest on the SouthWeast room of the area, on the SouthEast room if you go trough the rope you can acess a chest, on the NorthEast room choose "Breach without destroying", go up the stairs.
  • Back at the initial Unforge floor kill the enemy get the chest and go to the next stairs. Back at the Unfoege B1 the stairs just north give you a chest.
  • Go to your room and talk to the representative twice, choose "Unperson Trial". Dont leave the War Vaults before having Aka fully equiped.
  • On the way back choose "Train with me" then "Train with Aka".

Chapter 3 - Conqueror[edit | edit source]

Orc cave[edit | edit source]

  • Fix your party if you need to. Get the chest on the right, then go North.

Janine's Retreat[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Nalili, talk to the Zirantian girl near the stairs. Talk to Dari "The Plan", she just above Nalili behind a plant. Talk to Yarra to lock her reputation. Talk to Robin about "Aka's Progress". Talk to Lucy. Talk to Balia.
  • Before talking to Janine make sure you have the whole party fully equiped.

Yhilin battle[edit | edit source]

  • "Assault mage tower"
  • "Intercept Ari-Khan"
  • "Send orcs for healing"
  • "Lead Orcs"
  • "Fight them"
  • "Keep current position"
  • "Hold the position"
  • "Retreat"
  • "Send orcs into Ari-Yhilina"
  • While in the Hidden Stronghold, after activating the you can go back to that locked chest, you have time to kill both guards and complete what is necessary, all chests except the topright one contain something, the botomleft chest contains the key, the entrance to the sealed room with the crystal is the second square from the bottom you only need to interact with the big crystal, the time ends at the end of the hallway behind the picture.

Aftermatch[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to everyone. To Yarra choose "Yes".
  • Peticions: House Thelon (redish haired girl) choose "Send Qum". Ardoheim Delegation (Old man) choose "Send a human escort". Slum Riots (blond guy) choose "Send succubi". Orcish Raiders (grey haired warrior) choose "Use orcs".

New Yhilini[edit | edit source]

(This part is simplefied since it can be quite confusing)

  • Just talk to everyone, along you team member that have quests and other important information. But along with the team members there are multiple npcs that by talking increase some secret stats, such as Acceptance that you will realy need later.
  • Megail has three quests: The succubus trader will be the succubus with an hat on the NorthWeast corner of the Slums. Now something important, before finising off Jade House make sure you talked to Trin and Balia before. About the house of Petitions, simple invest in both Seize the Mine (25%) and Recover from chaos (10%).
  • Talk to Yarra. Yarra Quest: succubi near the furnace at the Yhilin Palace: Living Wing, elite succubus in the midle of Rose District, succubi outside the Bar at The Court, blue haired woman just south of the transport in Mercant's Quarter, soldier on the right guarding the Outskirts, old woman just north of the tower in the slums. After getting all six Janine will appear in the tunnels in front of the Doom King armor, talk to her.
  • After talking to Dari you will have three action so to say that she will be part of. Talk to the Mage guard on the right in te center corredor in the Anchor Inn, the house on the right in the Rose District, a disturbance around the NorNorthWeast corner of the Slums.
  • Talking to Robin will give you the opportunity to start a new research, choose "Dari's Condition". Talk to her from time to time to make sure you get a conversation about her fellings (I got it after completing all of Balia Quests)
  • Balia will ask for a couple things: first you just need to talk to Yarra. Now you will need to find six interesting orcs, attention not to talk to Balia until you got all six (you can keep track in the quest log). Orc locations: Orc in the room with a lot of chests at the (Yhilin Palace: Living Wing), the Orc on the left guarding at Yhilini Palace, orc near the empty stands in the Outskirts, Orc on top of the house around the SouthEast of the Slums, orc near the hole in the Miner's Junction. Orc sitting behind the table at the northweast room during the Jade House raid. After talking to here a couple more time you will need to choose a stat, go for "Intelligence". You can talk to The Impalar after opening the Bredding chamber.
  • Check out everyones request at Premium Steel.
  • The kid (Rick) you find at the Chatedral, you can find father at the Archon Inn in the Merchant Quarter. The mother is wandering in the Slums just south of the Sisters Shop. After getting them both go talk to the Kid again.
  • Leave Sarai quest for last. Elven preacher in the Slums near two statues, the house guarded by two civilians just north of the Kingsman Bar, Succubus in the red dress in the Miner's Junction. Help the Cult of the Goddes of Magic and "Keep Harvesting Mana". After talking to Sarai you will have to fight when you enter the Palace. After this Janine will be in the main Palace room staring at the wall, talk to her.
  • Interact with the Tower in the Slums and kill the kid that is annoying the people at the house where Big Man used to be.
  • Leave the bright point in the Throne Room for second last. After talking to the Ambassador once you can talk to Megail then talk to Janine at the Throne Room. Don't summon "Yhilini Ambassador" a second time before summoning "Noble Liaison" (she is at the main palace room). Summon "Yhilini Ambassador" a second time.
  • After talking to the Royal guard Captain in the right side of the House of Petitions go talk to Orcent.
  • Use the esphere in Simon's room to contact the Empress.
  • Talk to Ginasta five times.
  • In the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy you can only do the east side test, it is not yet possible to complete the west side one.
  • Go talk to Janine and "Finish".

Elven lands[edit | edit source]

  • Do not kill any wolves but do kill the plants, then talk to the elf wandering outside.
  • Talk to everyone on both side of the river before talking to the queens in the platform.
  • Talk to an elve immobile just west of the platform and to Orilise. Choose Lynine to help you.
  • Grab everything and kill all the monsters. (The blue butterfly is in the southweast corner of the iland where Iris is). To release the succubi talk to the Commander that is just on the other side of the brigde east of Iris.
  • Before talking to Lynine finish the butterfly quest.

Elven lands part 2[edit | edit source]

  • Don't enter the dead tree area yet. If you do dont engage with the 2 elves yet.
  • Go to Denmiel (Big Tree just east of your initial location), interact with the elves near the well, in the shop buy "Kingsfail" (1000 Sx) from the purple haired elve on the north, talk to elve sited at the east counter in The Unshaded Oak, talk to the purple haired elve in the tree, talk to the child wandering around the northeast corner, talk to the purple haired elve that is in the school witch is around the same area and go all the way east and talk to the elve in front of 4 small trees. At the shop talk to the elve selling slimes (northweast) then go to the north of Denmiel and interact wiht the slimes, then go back to the elve selling the slimes and finish by talking to Orilise and "Press for more information"(dont accept the alliance yet).
  • Go to Theltiar (City on the Weast), go South and enter the house, talk to Lynine (dont accept the alliance). Quickly go to Denmiel, talk to Orilise, accept, talk to Aka and return to Theltiar. Talk to the elve near Theltar entrance twice. Enter the first house in the center of Theltiar, talk to the elve wandering on the weast side of the center iland, to the elve near the river in the center iland twice. Talk to elve near the elve child on the north iland, talk to te elve beetwen te buildings on the east of the center iland and the one above Lynine house now go talk to the child on the north iland, go talk to the elve bettwen the houses in the center iland.
  • Go to Denmiel, go north of the entrance and enter Denmiel archives, check all the bright points and talk to the purple-haired elve, go talk to the priestress on the east of Denmiel, talk to the elve just outside Orilise house as well as Min and then enter her house.
  • On the map go to the second square from the north and one from the east, twice. Go to the metting point (wooden bridge) and interact with the mark on the ground on the east side of the platform. Go to the death tree in the center of the map, kill all monsters and aproach the two elves twice. Go to the white tree and talk to the sister twice, talk to Beatrice twice and grab the Kingsfail around the NorthWeast corner.
  • Go to Theltiar to the house on the shouteast iland, talk to the guard twice. Go ahead and use the tunne, kill everything, get the chests, interact with the water then get the bright point before interact with the water.
  • Go to Denmiel, go talk to Orilise three times and then talk to Altina, in the center of Denmiel interact with the small stone nearby the others that look like a stair. Avoid everyone and interact with the smoke on the upper floor. (Don't get caught two times, its better to keep a save). Leave Denmiel.
  • While at the First root you can kill everything except the wolves. There is a chest if you follow the map limit to the east then south from the starting location, check all skeletons. Make sure you obtained everything before getting near the last guard (area northeast of orilise) since you cant return here.
  • Go to Denmiel and talk to the elve near a bunch of bushes in the northeast corner of the map. Go to the map, to the tree that is alone near the river all the way south. Do not take the bright point, talk to the elve twice "How?", go to Theltier to the shop and buy one "Rare Ingredients" (Crystal Petals (3000 Sx)), go back to the elve and "Give Kingsfail".
  • Go talk to Sister Bertricia. Go talk to Orilise.

Yhilini II[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Aka to lock her, talk to Varia, talk to Yarra, talk to Carina, talk to Trin, talk to Dari twice. Enter the south and the north room of the east side of the palace. Talk to Robin and Researc" Orc Development (top left). Talk to Ginasta three times. Talk to Balia, choose "Discipline". Talk to Robin in the library. On the way out of the palace talk to the Head of House Thelon.
  • Talk to Lynine in the Guard Bar. Check the Anchor Inn. Check the bank and talk to the woman wandering. You can check Premium Stell and talk to both Lynine and Orilise along with Altina.
  • Check the Slime seller in the Square. Talk to the elve wandering in Rose District, talk to the left Ari-Garda guard in the Rose Manor. In the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy you can now complete more two more trials, also talk to the guy standing in the center.
  • Check the fighters on the SouthWeast corner of the Outskirts, also check the bords and the ("Hero Apprentice"). Go talk to the Elve ancient in the Slums, talk to the cult leader.
  • Go to Yhilini Chatedral and go to Sarai, After everything talk to Sarai. Go to the Palace library and talk to Robin. Go talk to the Chosen Captured in the Tunnels twice.
  • Go to the Throne room and summon "Yhilini Ambassador" along with "City Rep" and "Elven Elder".
  • Go to House of Petitions and check all the requests ("Explain"). Investments: Another House of Petitions (25%), Succubus guild fees (20%), Succubus brothels (10%), Doom King statue (10%), Elven Regions (50%).
  • Go to your room and interact with the crystal ball, do all the four, when talking to Eustrin choose "Send a letter back", after talking to Ghenalon the option to speak with the "Orgasmic Empire" will appear in its place. Equip at least Robin, Aka, Carina and Nalili. Go talk to Janine "Work" and "Finish".

Zirantia[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Fuani "Chat", inspect the statue, talk to the left guard on the south, talk to Ambassador Uolian on the NorthEast Room, talk to the guy (with the red wings) on the SoutEast room, go ahead and "Wait for the feast".
  • Talk to everyone in the feast, then you can leave either by just walking out or talking to the Zirantian.
  • On the stairs to the left check the bed, then you can go up. If you need you can unequip the party (including Simon) to equip the other group.
  • Check the room south of yours and talk to the maid two rooms south of yours, try to leave the palace, interact with the magic on the center room of the east side, talk to Uolian, talk to Fuani, go back to the room south of your and check the blue pillow, the shelf and the left side of the furniture. Go to "Palace Entrance".
  • Talk to the pink haired guy and leave south. Try to leave the Plaza by going south or weast, check the book stall, check the food stall, check the pink haired zirantian near a stall in the center. Go to "Plaza Slums".
  • Talk to the guy just wandering nearby, talk to the guy guarding at the southweast corner, go to the bar (big building southeast). Go back to the Plaza then to "National Action Party HQ" and talk to the Zirantian in the Kitchen then go meet with them. Go to "New Unionist Party HQ", talk to the Zirantian in the bot left room, go to the top room and talk to the girl then talk to Biyue, then talk again and to to the ruins.
  • Check everything and do the dome after the pilars last, "Return immediately" dont forget about the artifact outside (There are 13 Zirantian Artifacts that you need to find), unequip the party if you need to equip the other group before talking to Byuie.
  • This area is pretty simple.
  • Go check on Allue and Alluon, go to the Palace Entrance and talk to the guy near the water, go to Plaza Slums bar, talk to the bartender, "Return to palace", go to your room.
  • Again very simple, just kill everything, grab everything and check everything twice. When you free the Harem souls you will get information of secret treasures, you can relisten to to the clues by checking the initial pilar, all secrets are on the second floor, (There are 11 Zirantian Artifacts you need to find) enter the room guarded by the flame after obtaining everything.
  • Talk to Fuani, go to Nationalist People Party HQ, talk to the guy in the southeast room. Back on Simon group just go to the hole, the key is used on the NorthEast corner of the main floor.
  • Talk to Fuani, check Antiala statue, talk to Uolian. Go to Palace Entrance, talk to Wynn. In the Plaza check the food stall, talk to Carina. Check the bar in the Slums. Go to the New Unionist Party HQ, talk to Biyue, talk to Yarra at your room.
  • The Ordeal part is a puzzle, but its simple, just remember to get everything before going trough the orb. "Support no one".

New Yhilini III[edit | edit source]

  • Check the Letter, Check the Chosen cell twice, go check the Training Grounds, talk to Aka, check the bright point, talk to Nalili. Go to Robin's room and check the tablet, talk to Robin. Go talk to the new orc before talking to Balia, talk to Balia "Other".
  • Leave the Tunnels, talk to Esthera. Talk to everyone, copy the young (bot left) but not the old, also copy the succubus Esthera asks you too, leave summon "Yhilini Embassador" from the Throne and go talk to Lady Rose in Rose District, go back to Esthera and enter the metting, talk to Janine "Northern Site".
  • Talk to Trin, talk to Hilstara twice, talk to Uyae, talk to Qum "Take resources for new research", talk to Dari "Collars", talk to Kia, talk to Robin choose "Yhilini Magic", talk to Yarra at the Training Grounds.
  • Go to Anchor Inn, go check on Wynn. Check Nalili and Carina in the Cthedral, talk to Sarai, go to the Chatedral Library and talk to at least the succubus and the guy in purple, also talk to the cloaked guy wandering, talk to the nun on the southeast section.
  • Go to the Square, check the statue. Check the Kingsman shop in the Rose District, talk to Orilise in the Rose Manor.
  • Talk to Megail in the Outskirts. Go to the Slums, to the Second House of Petitions and invest in: Arcane/secual magical agreement (20%), Slum Fighting ring (15%). Talk to the wandering darkish haired elve on the east, talk to Lynine in the Elvo Getho, talk to the succubus in the Goddes of Magic cult.
  • Go to the Court's House of Petitions and invest in: FANCY WALK (10%), Infrastructure (100%), Succubus immigration (25%).
  • Go to the Trainig Grounds and talk to Nalili. Check on everyone in the Throne room. Go to your room and check the crystal ball. Go to Janine "Work" "Finish"
  • Talk to Robin, talk to Aka in the Training Grounds, check Ginasta cell, talk to Balia, check on all your main orcs.
  • Got to the Court and invest on National Succubus Trade (50%). Go check the Fighting Ring in the Slums, go to the Second House of Petitions and invest in the Sexual Combat Ring (25%).
  • At the Order of Thaumaturgy talk to the mage at the entrance and talk to the mage on the right and "Purchase" (7000 Sx).
  • Go talk to Wynn. check on Robin in Premium Stell if you want.
  • Talk to Uyae, talk to Trin, talk to Robin in your room, check the crytal ball. Janine "Work" "Finish".

Eustrin[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the guard south of the initial position.
  • Go to B5, go to the most NorthWeast passage, talk to the Dwarve, go back to B5 and talk to the green haired, go trough the most NorthEast passage, go south and talk to Galvia.
  • This part is like a labirint. Just go around and talk to everyone. Do everything in the tunnels first then go outside. I will put dowm more important decisions.
  • Upon meeting Mestan choose "Fight him alone". Buy the stell for Varia on B4 (4000 Sx). Buy a Shinig Armor from the Armor Shop (2000 Sx). Clear at least four rocks using Simon. Do not blow up the group of stones that is just south of the NorthEast corner of the area, nor the one south of that in a straigh line. Talking to Neranda in the mausoleum choose "Remain silent".
  • Go to Western Desert. Clear all the monsters in the desert, clear the blight cave in the SouthEast, there is a cave and a chest on the NorthWeast.
  • Go to Aramite Fort. After talking to Palina check on the new soldiers, go to the NorthWeast cave on the Weastern Desert and "Copy". After all this do another swep around Eustrin then talk to Neranda.
  • Talk to everyone.

Yhilini IV[edit | edit source]

  • Invest in Ardoheim Border (50%), Magic Standardization (10%), Monastery Conversion (25%) and Mercenary Regulaions City (20%). Do the last Research. Choose "Stall Aram at the Border".
  • Check the crystal ball, talk to Yarra, talk to Carina, talk to Uyae, talk to Qum, talk to Aka. Talk to the succubus child and her mother, talk to the representative in the litle table. Talk to Lucy, talk to Kia, talk to the succubus baker and her boyfriend. Talk to Yarra admirer, Summon all three representatives. Talk to The Impaler, talk to Stark, talk to Ralke, talk to Orcent twice. Check on the Taining Grounds, talk to Robin, talk to Qum, talk to Hilstara, talk to Yarra.
  • Talk to Succubus in The Court, talk to Orcent in the bar. Talk to Wynn at the Anchor Inn. Check on Sarai, in the library talk to Succubus Religion Leader.
  • Check the Square, talk to the shoper in the magic shop. Talk to Lady Rose. In the Order of Thaumaturgety do the last exam, careful you cannot repick your group, keep a second save before doing so, clear everything before killing the one behind the north seal, talk to the guy infront of the door to the north. Go to Premium Stell and talk to Robin to make her custom weapon (1000 Sx).
  • Check the Outskirts, talk to Megail, talk to the guy in Reval's Camp. Check the Second House of Petitions, talk to Goddess of Magic cult leader.
  • Check if you party is how you like it. Janine "Work "Finish".

Third Arclent War[edit | edit source]

(!! I need to make my playtrough to confirm if everything is still correct, but I believe I altered what was impacted now !!)

  • Talk to Robin, Lynine and Orilise, the mage just outside the room. Make Carina go to either Aram or Ardoheim, make Uyae go to Zirantia, make Simon go to any except if Carina or Uyae is already there, win every fight.
  • Go for it, talk to the succubus, talk to the sister, after talking to the girl at the door defeat the enemy at the northeast then talk to her again. "Send an extra troop". "Fight in the mountains".
  • "Recruit the succubi". Talk to the succubus just above you, go north talk to the green haired succubus and the one in the top left, after clearing the monsters talk to the succubi that requested it. "Hold back".
  • Make sure you talked to everyone and interacted with the mana crystal before you talk and go with Orcent.
  • Talk to Ralke, talk to Hester and to Vhala in the Military Offices and talk to Antarion and to Commander Geoff in the Blademasters Guild and "Go". "Focus on defense".
  • Talk to Implevon the Third, talk to the knight in from of the tent just north (You can pick either, as far as i know both have the same effect in this optimization), to east talk to the soldier in the path, talk to the Aramite supplier in the northeast, to the south talk to the nun and to the Inquisitor also check the last tent, talk to the dwarves, enter the cave in the southweast and after talking to the orc go back to your tent. "Kill and Aramite Captain".
  • "Keep current positions"
  • "Attack much". "Stabilize the situation". "Help Holy Legion". "Request backup".
  • "Do nothing".
  • Enter the Pink Sheets, talk to the owner and check the large bedroom. Enter The Gushing Quim and talk to the succubus on the top left. Enter the blacksmith on the northweast of the initial zone and talk to the succubus selling her wares in front of her shop. Climb up and talk to the succubus priestress and talk to the orc guarding the tower. Go all the way south and enter the cave, talk to the orc around the northeast corner of the first part of the cave. Go to the tower and "Begin the plan". Don't get caught (enter a fight) while in the tower, the last elite is unavoidable. "Do nothing". Talk to everyone (most important being Sho that is hiden behind the top right tree).
  • Enter your old house and talk to Wynn. In the Church talk to the succubus priestress to the right, talk to Kara "Urge her to go immediately" and talk to the priestress at the altar.
  • "Keep Order".
  • "Support both fronts". Talk to the chosen "Give up the power", check on Orcent and go to the meeting.
  • Talk to the nun in the southweast. Kill both unsuccubi on the lowest level the one in the middle level and the two in the cave. Do not kill the orcs. Use Dominate on the succubus that says to be worried about her family. Escape the fight with the two succubus that ask to be spared. Dominate the orcs and get their chests. Enter the succubus encampment. Interact with the dark orb in the cave and go all the way up the mountain. "Send an extra troop". "Ardan forces".
  • Talk to all orcs and win to those who want to fight. Begin and win all the five fights.
  • Win all fights. "Gain control of supply chains".
  • Take away Sho itens. Talk to Riala. (Its advice to put either Hilstara or Carina or both in Robin's party because of the unsuccubus fight). Do not use any damaging ability aginst the succubus that is friends with the elite succubus. Just make sure you check everything before going for the Incubus Emperor.
  • Talk to everyone. "Focus on reducing damage". "Go to Zirantia". Talk Rachila and "Fight the mercenaries".
  • Petitions: Lets do this a litle diferent. Talk to everyone and do NOT agree to Merchant Investors (worker on the left table) and Slime Hunting (guy on the bottom table that looks like ambassador Uolian).
  • Talk to everyone.
  • (!! I still need to make my playtrough to decide on the investments !!)

Chapter 4 - Arbiter[edit | edit source]