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Lyrillian is one of the main characters of Desecration of Wings, the last character to join the party. She begins the story as an antagonist but her role shifts over time.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a noble eligible to become an Immortal, Lyrillian is arrogant and a little spoiled. She appears to scorn those she considers beneath her, but this seems to be more out of habit and upbringing than any real hatred. In reality is is still haughty and high-strung, though.

There's another side to Lyrillian, however, somewhat like the tsundere archetype. Though she might deny it, Lyrillian does have real affection for those close to her - seen in her mourning her guards. She also has real fondness for the other party members, she just has a difficult time stating it. When Lyrillian stops acting haughty she tends to swing in the other direction hard, possibly having some kind of humiliation fetish.

Though Lyrillian seems contradictory, she does slowly develop real affection for the others, and love in one particular case.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Lyrillian is the best damage dealer in the game, though her top skills strike randomly and thus are best only against single bosses. She isn't even that fragile, though her defenses definitely need support - dual wielding leaves her with less defensive equipment. Other than a few unique debuffs, Lyrillian's main role is damage.

As you'd expect, Attack is Lyrillian's most important stat. She also gets more out of manipulating Speed - increase it to let her hit first, or decrease it to reduce the risk of her attacks being wasted. Get passive skills to prevent her from being disabled, but otherwise just increase her Attack as much as possible.

History[edit | edit source]

Though raised as the scion of a key noble family, Lyrillian's upbringing wasn't completely happy. Her parents were not really caring and many viewed her only as a chess piece, leading to her trying to strike out for herself in various ways, like her choice of dual wielding swords.

But in general she was a good Archeon girl who was considered for the position of an Immortal. The events of the game took her in a very different direction. She shows the most dramatic transformation of the characters in the game.