Lord of Blood

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The Lord of Blood is a minor Incubus King. Being introduced in the Gathering in chapter 2, he's absent for most of the story. He comes back in the Second Gathering, and is a major player of the Incubus War, where he dies.

Story[edit | edit source]

As with some of the others, his real name has not been revealed yet.

He is not a very complicated master. He'd much prefer to conquer new possessions than enact obsequious control rituals or ridiculous fetishes that consume so much energy, time and efforts in the courts of some of his peers. He doesn't seems to need to have company around him at all the times. Of all his entourage, just a guardian is present in his suite, but on the other hand, he is savvy enough not to leave his suite empty at any time.

As opposed to the other Incubus Kings, he doesn't have a fixed location to reside and keeps his forces in a roaming fortress[4]. He is not, by a long shot, the most powerful of his peerage but he is clever enough to acknowledge that fact[5]. He doesn't seems to display any excessive cruelty[6] and the guardian Succubus doesn't display any strong issues with him.

For all the exposed above, he could be considered a perfect example of an average Incubus King, if not for the little fact that the soul-bearers as a whole are the exact opposite of average. And of course, for the little difficulty in locating his headquarters.

He reappears during the Second Gathering, where it's pointed out that he didn't do anything between the two events. Due to this, he gets introduced after the Doom King despite having been an Incubus King for longer. He organizes another trial of orcish strength, where he tries to seduce orcs into leaving their masters to join him instead. We also learn that he treats his best orcs like miniature incubi, granting them their own harems, and that he knows a bit about the Tower.

When Tanurak announces the location of the Goddess of Magic, the Lord of Blood is the first to go after her, launching his roaming fortress in direction of her floating island. He's the first one to reach her, and as a result, is killed by her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His faceset comes from the Closet Japanese blog. His portrait is an original edit made specifically for TLS.

References[edit | edit source]

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