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According to Ginasta, Tanurak, and Ulrissa, Lilith is a personification of pure chaos naturally formed from the Tower to upset the natural order when it becomes stagnant.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Her relationship points are calculated for the first time during the Incubus War.

Base value: 0

Initial calculations

  • +5 if Mestan RP 100+, OR +3 if Mestan RP 99-90, OR +2 if Mestan RP 89-75, OR +1 if Mestan RP 74-50, OR -1 if Mestan RP 49.
  • +2 for whoring Qum back in chapter 1.
  • +1 for allowing Varia's rape.
  • +1 for dominating Varia.
  • +1 for maxing and locking Trin's relationship points.
  • +1 if you have the Tormented Shield.
  • +2 if you've killed the three entities created by Tanurak in Eustrin, the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy, and the Orgasmic Palace, during the open world section just before the Incubus War.
  • +2 for having copied Reletima using Trin's powers.

Max value: 15