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Kalant is one of Ivala's Chosen, unique among the Chosen seen so far[3] in his reluctance and ability for self-reflection, leading ultimately to him renouncing his power. Circumstances turn him into a love interest for Tyna and a potential royal consort of Ardoheim.

Story[edit | edit source]

He is first seen arguing with another unnamed Chosen in the Silver Stump tavern during the Ardford summit and appears to be by far the more reluctant of the two, questioning the purpose of what they are doing. The party encounters the pair again in the Empty Lot, where his companion has been recently killed by a monster.

That event seems to only have increased his self-doubt, and when the party meets him again in the battle for Ardford during the Third Arclent War, he seeks advice from Simon how to use his power. Depending on the player's choice, he can be persuaded to either renounce his power outright, or use it to help his fellow citizens. If the second option is picked, he can be found again after the battle mourning the fallen in the Graveyard.

No matter what option was picked, the next meeting happens during the Ardan succession crisis and is the same in both versions: demons attack Tyna in the palace library and a cloaked library patron reveals himself to be Kalant and fights off the demons, with or without help from the party. After he is treated for his injuries, the conversation reveals further details about him and what he's done in the year since the war. It turns out that he has ended up renouncing his power of a Chosen anyway (if that hadn't happened during the war), and that somehow has completely removed any divine magic in him, even the low levels that naturally occur in every person.

An unexpected result of Kalant's involvement in the assassination attempt is the immediate and mutual attraction between him and Tyna. This, together with him being a member of a minor Ardan noble house, turn him into a possible, if unlikely, candidate for the throne. As of version 0.34, it's uncertain what role he will play, but the group can do various things to boost his popularity, such as joining the Order of Silence, getting a minor rank in the military thanks to Vhala's old contacts, etc. All of those efforts are thrown into question when King Alonon directly names Tyna as his successor, apparently removing the need for a political marriage. Nevertheless, it is very likely that his fate will influence the story and he may end up as a royal consort of Ardoheim.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. His hair color apparently changes after he renounces his powers of a Chosen of Ivala.
  2. Optional, based on player choices.
  3. See Kai and Tal.