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Though obviously an important person, present in the prologue montage and the banner used on the game's various websites, this mysterious woman was not explicitly named in dialogue until the end of Chapter 4. She appears to be the namesake of the Church of Ivala, though it seems clear she is not so all-seeing or all-powerful as the Church proclaims.

Story[edit | edit source]

She is first shown in the cutscenes after the Prologue, wordlessly watching the world from an isolated mountain peak.

Her next appearance is in another cutscene, between Chapters 2 and 3. Her mountaintop is surprisingly visited by another being, the winged Mithyn, who addresses her as "sister". Their conversation is emotional and full of cryptic references. At least, it reveals that she is a captive and Mithyn is unable to free her, and they also mention having an older sister (who "doesn't care"). The other topics are less clear. Mithyn is concerned about the fate of one Zelica, who apparently has been captured by a "monster". The Tower features prominently in the conversation. Both are anxious about the place and mention an old man who has looked inside it and has been broken by the knowledge (the full details seem to fit what was revealed about King Alonon during the Ardford summit). Before bidding a tearful farewell, Mithyn expresses puzzlement about the faith Ivala puts in "that meaningless man". (Could this be Simon?)

In the cutscene between Chapters 4 and 5, she meets Tanurak and they insult each other, claiming each is a minor obstacle to the other's plans.

Near the beginning of Chapter 5, a spoken message reaches the ears of Ivalans across Arclent, but Simon's inner circle believe it to be an impersonator.

At the end of the Incubus Incubus War Aftermath, she is freed from her prison and her captor is revealed.

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Her relationship points[1] are calculated for the first time during the Incubus War Aftermath.

  • +40 base
  • -5 if Qum was whored.
  • -5 if Varia was raped, or +2 if she was not.
  • -2 if Varia is Dominated.
  • +2 if Altina is Saner, or -2 if she is Slutty.
  • +5 for good results during the Battle of Yhilin (Victory Points >= Chaos + Damage)[2]
  • Interacting with the mysterious little girl in your Tower HQ
    • +2 if you talked to her the first time after the Tower HQ was set up.
    • +2 if you talked to her after the Ardan Succession Crisis.
    • +2 if you talked to her after Xestris's evaluation of your base.
    • +2 if you talked to her at the start of the Erosian Crisis.
    • +2 if you talked to her at the end of the Erosian Crisis.
    • +2 if you talked to her near the shard[3]
  • The answers given to the mysterious little girl when she asks Simon a bunch of questions:
    • +3 if you answered "Unique" when asked about Trin[4], or +2 if you answered "Love", or +1 if you answered "Tool", or , or -2 if no answer was given[5]
    • +2 if you answered "Talk" when asked about opposition, or +1 if you answered "Coexist", or -1 if you answered "Crush", or -3 if you answered "Necessary".
    • +0 if you answered "Help More" when asked about whoring out Qum, or -1 if you answered "Needed Money", or -2 if you answered "Regret", or -3 if you answered "She Agreed".
    • +2 if you answered "Expedient" when asked about allowing Varia's rape, or -2 if you answered "Justice".
  • +3 if your Ivalan Acceptance is 12+, or +2 if 10-11 Ivalan Acceptance, or +1 if 5-9 Ivalan Acceptance.
  • -5 if you copied Reletima with Trin.
  • +2 if Wendis did not torture the Fucklord, or -2 if she did.
  • +8 if 0 Tanurak Strikes, or +5 if 1 Tanurak Strikes, or +2 if 2 Tanurak Strikes, or -2 if 4+ Tanurak Strikes.
  • +3 If your HQ Hospitality is 15+ during the Incubus War Aftermath.
  • +3 for visiting Sarai in her tower after the Incubus War Aftermath (Sarai meets Ivala)
  • +5 for having sex with her for the first time, after Simon recovers from his time in the Incubus Prison.

Maximum legit value: 90

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Fun Fact Ivala's RP score is stored in-game under the Hester variable, likely to throw of Dataminers.
  2. It's the requisite for Robin, Dari, and Esthera RP Gain in the Battle Aftermath
  3. The last talk in chapter 4, the one with the questions
  4. Requires Trin RP locked at the time of the talk
  5. Either by avoiding the question or not having the conversation.