Investments/Round 5: Post-Third Arclent War

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You're not meant to know the effects of the investments, or to have a firm grasp of your financial future. I understand the desire for it, but that's what wikis and guides are for.
— Sierra Lee[1]
A brand new Ledger.

This page presents a compilation of all investments offered in the game, both those that can be funded by ProN, and Discretionary funds, and that one investment that is paid in Sx.

In addition to monetary profits and other effects, most investments also affect your relationship with your companions. Speaking with them will give you some hints.

Investment options become available after you arrive in Ari-Yhilina and foil the coup against the Widow Queen. The initial amount of ProN available to make investments depends on the amount of ProN you've given to Megail in Stineford. The minimum value is 50,000 and the maximum is 120,000[2]. Megail also offers you a ledger to keep track of your investments.

Sierra Lee has stated that you can make similar investments (for instance contracting two mercenary companies) to get better results, but it will be with diminishing returns.

You can spend your ProN in other avenues that don't appear as such in the Ledger[3]. They won't give profits in the form of ProN, but there will be other advantages to investing in them (most of them won't be shown in the game as such, but in the form of hidden advantages).

During Round 4: Discretionary funding and Round 6: Chapter 4 & 5 Investment smorgasbord you will receive funding several times during the round, these "sub-rounds" are referred to as "cycles" after this point.

Switches that look like this are named after the in code switches, some walkthrough pages will use them others won't. If there is only a single switch in both "Conditions" and "Advantages" sides it is likely the switch is used to indicate the switch for the investment itself. If there is more than one switch in either column, the other switches will have a foot note on how to set them ON.

So far, you get ProN returns from Megail at these points:

  1. At the start of chapter 2, although only 2 investments do so. They are marked in bold
  2. During the party split, Megail collects returns from some first-round investments in Ari-Yhilina. They are marked with this color.
  3. Near the end of chapter 2, when Simon returns from the Orgasmic Empire. They are marked with this color.
  4. During chapter 3, If Simon has the 2nd House of Petitions built, some of their personal assets will be turned into ProN before being shifted to the personal DF. These ProN returns are marked with this color
  5. At the end of chapter 3, after you have attended to the petitioners and pay your respects to the Fallen. They are marked with this color.
  6. In chapter 4 and 5, when you meet Megail in Stineford, and after major plot sequences. They are marked with This color

Pricing and other stuff associated with certain rounds are marked with that round's color (Note: To combat issues for the color blind pricing and Return on investment prices get an "RX:" in front of their numbers)

  1. Bold for round 1
  2. This color for round 2
  3. This color for round 3
  4. This color for Core Discretionary Funding
  5. This color for Personal Discretionary Funding
  6. This color for round 5
  7. This color for round 6
    • This color for the round 6 Erosian war bonus Cycle

The following symbols are also used to provide information on investments

  • N First time this investment is available
  • ◀ This investment is only available during this round
    • ◁ This investment is only available for about a cycle or less
    • ◁(1) This investment is only offered once before becoming unavailable
  • ▲ This investment has a (generally stronger version) available in (a) previous round(s)
  • ▼ This investment has a (generally weaker version) available in (a) later round(s)
  • ∞ This investment can be repeated indefinitely as long as the condition is met

Round 5: Third Arclent War Aftermath investments

After the Third Arclent War's war has concluded, you will eventually be in the throne room. Megail gives you a run-down of your profits (which aren't as high as they could have been due to the war).

Discretionary funds to ProN[edit | edit source]

Any leftover funds[4] in either of your funds is turned into a small amount of ProN at the start of this round.

Funds Percentage Remaining ProN Gained
Regular Discretionary Funds ≥ 50 15,000
25-49 10,000
10-24 5,000
1-9 2,500
Personal Discretionary Funds ≥ 50 15,000
25-49 10,000
10-24 5,000
1-9 2,500

Vinario consequences[edit | edit source]

If you didn't buy the Deeds to Vinario (Vinario Kingdom OFF) the heir will show up during the petitioning process and pressure you to buy the deeds. Resulting in one of two options each with their own set of consequences.

Actual investments[edit | edit source]

Megail and her agents have pulled together[5] a series of potential investments (many of which Simon has shown prior interest in). There's an investment opportunity for each of the three new nations plus representatives from the various businesses you encountered in Yhilin, Eustrin, the Elven Kingdoms, and the Incubus King's Domain. Min has her own investment opportunity, and if you achieved the SUCCUBI 1 bonus from having a low enough IKD Morale score then the succubus merchant offers the opportunity to expand Yhilini trade into the new territories. Most of the following investments are also available in the next cycle, but in most cases, they will be more expensive.

Name Condition Price Round 6 Prices[6] Advantages RP changes Profits RoI per return
New Givini Trade N 

New Givini Trade OFF

500,000 N/A

New Givini Trade ON
+4 Economy
+5 New Givini
Cheapens Givini Orc Merchant
Helps Tyna during the Ardan succession crisis.
Each round 6 cycle after the first

+5 Elleani

R6: 200,000 (Cycle 1)
R6: 100,000 (Cycle 2 and beyond)

Lifetime: 900,000

R6: 40% (Cycle 1)
R6: 20% (Cycle 2 and beyond)

Lifetime: 180%

Tak'Kan Trade N 

Tak'Kan Trade OFF

500,000 N/A

Tak'Kan Trade ON
+4 Economy
+5 Tak'Kan
Each round 6 cycle after the first

+5 Balia

R6: 200,000 (Cycle 1)
R6: 100,000 (Cycle 2 to 7)
R6: 25,000 to 100,000[7] (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 825,000 to 900,000

R6: 40% (Cycle 1)
R6: 20% (Cycle 2 to 7)
R6: 5% to 20% (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 165% to 180%

Chalice States Trade N 

Chalice States Trade ON

400,000[8] or 500,000 N/A

Chalice States Trade ON
+4 Economy
+5 Chalice States
Each round 6 cycle after the first

+5 Iris
+2 Riala

R6: 200,000 (Cycle 1)
R6: 100,000 (Cycle 2 and beyond)

Lifetime: 900,000

R6: 40% or 50% (Cycle 1)
R6: 20% or 25% (Cycle 2 and beyond)

Lifetime: 180% or 225%

Min's Trade Route N 

Min Joined ON[9]
Min's Trade Route OFF

300,000 400,000

Min's Trade Route ON
+3 Economy
+1 Ardoheim
+1 Gheldaron
+1 Darghelon
+1 New Givini
+1 Chalice States
Helps during the initial Ardan succession crisis
During chapter 5 allows a boost in trading for one nation[10]
Helps during the Elven forest section of the Incubus War aftermath

+5 Megail

R6: 185,000

Lifetime: 1,480,000

R6: 61.67%

Lifetime: 493.33%

Mercenary Offices N 

Outskirts Mercenary Offices OFF

100,000[8] or 150,000 150,000[8] or 250,000

Outskirts Mercenary Offices ON
+2 Social
+2 Yhilin
Increases Army Size during the Erosian War.

+5 Janine
+2 Hilstara

R6: 15,000

Lifetime: 120,000

R6: 10% or R6: 15%

Lifetime: 80%[12] or 120%

Gasm Falls Trade N 

Succubus Shop ON[13]
Gasm Falls Shop OFF

225,000 275,000

Gasm Falls Shop ON
+2 Economy
+2 Chalice States

+3 Iris

R6: 110,000

Lifetime: 880,000

R6: 48.89%

Lifetime: 391.11%

Denmiel Mushrooms N 

INV: Mushrooms ON[14]
Denmiel Mushrooms OFF

75,000 105,000

Denmiel Mushrooms ON
+2 Economy
+2 Gheldaron

+2 Orilise

R6: 40,000 (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0[15] or 40,000 (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 280,000 or 320,000

R6: 53.33% (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0% or 53.33% (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 373.33% or 426.67%

Theltiar Rentals N 

INV: Rentals ON[16]
Theltiar Rentals OFF

350,000 425,000

Theltiar Rentals ON
+1 Economy
+1 Social
+2 Darghelon
Helps during the Elven Forest section of the Incubus War Aftermath

+2 Lynine

R6: 95,000 (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0[17] or 95,000 (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 665,000 or 760,000

R6: 27.14% (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0% or 27.14% (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 190% or 217.14%

Eustrin Guild N 

Eustrin Guild OFF

500,000 600,000[19], 800,000[20], or 100,000[21]

Eustrin Guild ON
Helps during Eustrin final.
Allows for crafting non-sexual sublime armor.[22]

+5 Neranda
+1 Tertia

R6: 250,000

Lifetime: 2,000,000

R6: 50%

Lifetime: 400%

Yhilini Succubi Trade N 

Yhilini Succubi Expansion OFF

300,000[8] or 400,000 400,000[8] or 550,000

Yhilini Succubi Expansion ON
+2 Economy
+2 Chalice States

+3 Iris

R6: 200,000

Lifetime: 1,600,000

R6: 50% or 66.67%

Lifetime: 400% or 533.33%

Theltiar Flowhouse N 

INV: Flowhouse ON[24]
Theltiar Flowhouse OFF

200,000 250,000

Theltiar Flowhouse ON
+1 Economy
+3 Darghelon
Helps during the Elven Forest section of the Incubus War Aftermath

+5 Lynine

R6: 80,000 (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0[17] or 80,000 (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 560,000 or 640,000

R6: 40% (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0% or 40% (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 280% or 320%

Denmiel Archives N 

INV: Library ON[25]
Denmiel Archives OFF

100,000 250,000 or 150,000[26]

Denmiel Archives ON
+5 Gheldaron
+1 Social
+1 Religion
Helps during the Warden of the South event

+5 Orilise

R6: 20,000 (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0[15] or 20,000 (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 140,000 or 160,000

R6: 20% (Cycle 1 to 7)
R6: 0% or 20% (Cycle 8 and beyond)

Lifetime: 140% or 160%

References[edit | edit source]

  2. Provided that you have done all the quests and ask Megail for more money.
  3. For instance, if you chose not to invest in the Cache excavation before leaving Ari-Yhilina at the start of chapter 2, you have the option to buy the remnants of the expedition for the original price: 10,000.
  4. You're encouraged to spend as much as you can on both budgets, so this ProN gain is meant as a consolation prize (Link).
  5. Sierra has explained that, if you find it strange that all the people that represent potential investments are in the same room at the same time, you can: "consider that whole section an abstraction for a series of meetings." (Link).
  6. Shows increased price in round 6
  7. Depends on which flags were set to ON during the Incubus War aftermath:
    25,000 if Orc Destruction ON
    60,000 if Orc Destruction OFF and Orc Damage ON
    100,000 if Orc Destruction OFF and Orc Damage OFF
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    - New Givini: +5 New Givini
    - Chalice States: +5 Chalice States
    - Tak'Kan: +5 Tak'Kan
    - Zirantia: +3 Zirantia
  11. Talked to the guy in front of Reval's burned out compound after visiting Eustrin, and having 30 Yhilini acceptance.
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