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You're not meant to know the effects of the investments, or to have a firm grasp of your financial future. I understand the desire for it, but that's what wikis and guides are for.
— Sierra Lee[1]
A brand new Ledger.

This page presents a compilation of all investments offered in the game, both those that can be funded by ProN, and Discretionary funds, and that one investment that is paid in Sx.

In addition to monetary profits and other effects, most investments also affect your relationship with your companions. Speaking with them will give you some hints.

Investment options become available after you arrive in Ari-Yhilina and foil the coup against the Widow Queen. The initial amount of ProN available to make investments depends on the amount of ProN you've given to Megail in Stineford. The minimum value is 50,000 and the maximum is 120,000[2]. Megail also offers you a ledger to keep track of your investments.

Sierra Lee has stated that you can make similar investments (for instance contracting two mercenary companies) to get better results, but it will be with diminishing returns.

You can spend your ProN in other avenues that don't appear as such in the Ledger[3]. They won't give profits in the form of ProN, but there will be other advantages to investing in them (most of them won't be shown in the game as such, but in the form of hidden advantages).

During Round 4: Discretionary funding and Round 6: Chapter 4 & 5 Investment smorgasbord you will receive funding several times during the round, these "sub-rounds" are referred to as "cycles" after this point.

Switches that look like this are named after the in code switches, some walkthrough pages will use them others won't. If there is only a single switch in both "Conditions" and "Advantages" sides it is likely the switch is used to indicate the switch for the investment itself. If there is more than one switch in either column, the other switches will have a foot note on how to set them ON.

So far, you get ProN returns from Megail at these points:

  1. At the start of chapter 2, although only 2 investments do so. They are marked in bold
  2. During the party split, Megail collects returns from some first-round investments in Ari-Yhilina. They are marked with this color.
  3. Near the end of chapter 2, when Simon returns from the Orgasmic Empire. They are marked with this color.
  4. During chapter 3, If Simon has the 2nd House of Petitions built, some of their personal assets will be turned into ProN before being shifted to the personal DF. These ProN returns are marked with this color
  5. At the end of chapter 3, after you have attended to the petitioners and pay your respects to the Fallen. They are marked with this color.
  6. In chapter 4 and 5, when you meet Megail in Stineford, and after major plot sequences. They are marked with This color

Pricing and other stuff associated with certain rounds are marked with that round's color (Note: To combat issues for the color blind pricing and Return on investment prices get an "RX:" in front of their numbers)

  1. Bold for round 1
  2. This color for round 2
  3. This color for round 3
  4. This color for Core Discretionary Funding
  5. This color for Personal Discretionary Funding
  6. This color for round 5
  7. This color for round 6
    • This color for the round 6 Erosian war bonus Cycle

The following symbols are also used to provide information on investments

  • N First time this investment is available
  • ◀ This investment is only available during this round
    • ◁ This investment is only available for about a cycle or less
    • ◁(1) This investment is only offered once before becoming unavailable
  • ▲ This investment has a (generally stronger version) available in (a) previous round(s)
  • ▼ This investment has a (generally weaker version) available in (a) later round(s)
  • ∞ This investment can be repeated indefinitely as long as the condition is met

Round 0: Initial ProN gathering prior to investments

After convincing Simon to use his powers to better the world, one of the first things he needs is money and lots of it. During the first half of chapter 1 you will have to gather enough ProN to start these endeavors. Starting by killing the local bar owner, and then selling his stolen property to a merchant.

Whilst at the same time trying to find a trading partner. Once found your merchant partner agrees to give you a chance, she informs Simon she requires at least a starting capital of 50,000 ProN (Up to 65,000 ProN can be obtained) and something truly rare. This round ends once the gathered Pron is given to Megail.

Initial ProN gathering[edit | edit source]

ProN to Sx[edit | edit source]

If you manage to get More than 50,000 ProN you will be able to make the choice of turning some of your excess ProN into Sx. This can be done by talking to the Stineford clerk who will offer you a 1:1 rate (which is the second-highest over the course of the entire game). Although doing this can greatly affect your future ProN returns.

Choice Condition Cost "Advantages"
Redeem 2,500 ProN ProN ≥ 52,500 2,500

Gain 2,500 Sx
+1 Aka

Redeem 5,000 ProN ProN ≥ 55,000 5,000

Gain 5,000 Sx
+2 Aka

Redeem 10,000 ProN ProN ≥ 60,000 10,000

Gain 10,000 Sx
+5 Aka

References[edit | edit source]

  2. Provided that you have done all the quests and ask Megail for more money.
  3. For instance, if you chose not to invest in the Cache excavation before leaving Ari-Yhilina at the start of chapter 2, you have the option to buy the remnants of the expedition for the original price: 10,000.
  4. This action has severe consequences, and is generally seen as a bad Idea.