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Why do they waste so much space stocking potions? Who uses potions? Er... no offense.
— customer, Stineford general store

Your party's inventory is available through the "Items" entry in the menu screen. It holds the items that can be acquired in the game by various means: bought, found or dropped by defeated enemies. The order in which they are sorted in the Inventory is undetermined at the moment.

The inventory's contents are split into four sub-screens/categories:

Items[edit | edit source]

Listed here are items that directly produce a benefit when used. This mainly includes various single-use potions. They can be used both from the inventory menu when the party is walking around, and during combat.

See the Items page for more details.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

These are items that usually[1] can only be carried in the Weapon slot of the Equipment menu. In all but a handful of cases, they increase the Attack stat, the Magic Attack or both, but they also can increase other stats like Agility or Defense.

See the Equipment page for more details.

Armors[edit | edit source]

These are the rest of the equippable items. They are slot-specific: you can't put a Helm in the Accessory slot or a Headband in the Bodygear one. Usually they increase the Defense and or Magical, but all the other stats, visible or hidden (with the exception of the Luck one) can also be modified[2].

See the Equipment page for more details.

All the party members get customized gear (weapons and/or armor) that helps them to beat the high odds against them. You can learn more about them in Custom Equipment page.

Key Items[edit | edit source]

These items that can't be used from the inventory screen neither can be equipped for any party member. Of the permanent ones, the exception is the Ledger, a portfolio given to you by Megail that lists the investments that you have made during the game. Prior to the introduction of a dedicated counter, it was also the only way to see the amount of ProN available to spend. During their respective quests, both Wynn's Notebook and Uyae's Scroll can be consulted too.

In general they can be sorted in three big categories: plot items, customized items (for non-party members) and precursor items (these items are needed to create custom items).

Plot items[edit | edit source]

Item Condition Use
Incubus King Sword Complete the Final Lock dungeon during the Incubus Prison event. Unknown for now.
Incubus King Pin Open the Ancient Ruins before the end of Chapter 4. It requires 5,000,000 ProN and a combined multi-country score (Tak'Kan, New Givini and Chalice States) ≥ 100.
Incubus King Shield Accept Riala's petition during the Conference Chamber event in the Third Arclent War aftermath.
Incubus King Helm Open the War Vaults during the Ardford summit.
Incubus King Armor Defeat the final boss in the optional dungeon before the end of chapter 1.
Potions License Complete the Robin's education quest in Stineford (chapter 1). It reduces the cost of the Chapter 2 version of Crystal refiner investment by 50,000 ProN.

Helps during the potion exam during Aka's route.

Order Membership Complete the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy basic trials during Aka's route (chapter 2). Unlocks the option to be a full member of the Order later.
Full Order Membership Complete the finals trials to get Robin a full membership in the Order (Govern Yhilin 3, chapter 3). Helps during the 3rd Arclent War.
Stineford Warehouse Key Speak to the nun in the Crimson Cape during the Return to Stineford. Unlocks the Slums Warehouse in chapter 5.
Final Potion Complete the Potion Hermit's last project quest. No use for now.
Staff of true Necromancy 5th item from the Shining Swords process No use for now.
Diadem of domination Gotten from Trin's quest No use for now.
Divinity Branch Requested by Lynine in the Nostalgic House No use for now.
Cloak of Gold Created by Iris for Megail in the Future orphanage No use for now.
Crest of Nations Last reward as you progress during Vhala's quest No use for now.

Customized items[edit | edit source]

The items in this section are described in the Custom equipment page. So far only the Orcsphere has any effect in-game.

Precursor items[edit | edit source]

These items are needed to create various pieces of custom equipment. Its limited number forces to choose what equipment you prioritize. It remains unclear if we will be able to create all of them or not. If you have completed Lynine's quest and you have unlocked the Nostalgic home, you can ask Lynine to interchange (just one time!) the following items: Liquid Sex, Crystallized Divinity, Crystal of Stability, and Arcane Formation for any of the others on the list.

Item Quantity Locations Equipment produced
True Gold 3
  • In the Stone Tower section accessible from Wendis in the Extradimensional base[3].
  • In a chest after defeating the Flamelord (not undermined) during the Robin's quest.
  • In a chest in Megail's Tower.
Required to complete Iris' operation at Stineford Slums (Stineford Sericulture's location).

Cloak of Gold (Megail)

Crystal of Stability 3 Orcsphere (Balia)
Sanctity Plate (Vhala)
Headband of Balance (Ginasta)
Liquid Sex 5 First Slut Pin (Yarra)
True's Princess Armor (Nalili)
Reborn Whip (Yarra)
Book of Lust (Riala, also requires an arcane formation)
Little Simon (Qum)
Arcane Formation 2
  • Harem's reunion in Ivala's Pillar (from best result in Tak'Kan section)
  • Gauntlet of Isolation (Orilise's plinth)
Book of Lust (Riala) (also requires a liquid sex)
Crystallized Divinity 3 Divinity Branch (Lynine)
Gem of Zirantir (Uyae)
Saint's Armor (Carina)
Pure Divinity 1 As a reward for forging 35 shining swords after the Incubus War. -
Immortal thread 1 Found in a chest during Orcent's Request, if Stark is with the group. Immortal Cloak (Riala)
Depthstone 1 Found from a shining spot during Varia's Request Required to complete Potion Hermit's Last Project
Arcane Drop 1 Found in a chest during Robin's Request.
Ecstatic Drop 1 Found in a chest in the princess room during Nalili's Request
Pureflower 1 3rd reward as you progress in the Vhala's task.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. There are already two characters that can wield them in the Off-Hand slot: Aka and Varia.
  2. Not necessarily increased: in a good number of cases there is certain amount of trade-off.
  3. The Tower Mine will always prioritize giving a True Stone over True Gold since the stone is a required key item for Wendis. The only way for the Tower Mine to give a True Gold is to have previously received a True Stone as a reward from King Alonon for getting the best result during the Ardan succession crisis.