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Ingrid is the main character of Once Ever After, a Girl from a Tale called Bangville.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ingrid's intended original archetype was a bimbo style character and she was meant to have increasing "corruption" and decreasing intelligence. Due to the events of the game none of this goes according to plan. Her essence is noted to be unusually flexible and she easily takes on characteristics from other stories. At the same time her core nature is very strong: any outfit she tries to wear will immediately become sexualized somehow and she tends to increase sexuality around her.

Ingrid begins the game uncertain, ashamed, and with little sense of self-worth. However her fundamental nature is kind, as seen when she dedicates herself to saving Bangville from the wolf blight even though it mistreated her. She gradually builds relationships with others and returns to accept the sexuality of her Tale. At the end of the game she has embraced herself and sets forward into an uncertain new life.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ingrid is your main character and a bit of an all-rounder. Unlike all the others her base class is weak (until endgame) so she will spend a lot of time in other archetypes. In turn she gets access to more archetypes than any other character.

Recommended Early Skills: Ingrid will be in almost every party so she is a good choice for utility skills. She starts off with your bread and butter healing skill. However you will also want her to learn a few offensive skills when possible so she can assist Ulfina or fight solo.

  • Woodsman: This will be your only good archetype for a while so you might as well use it. Get at least some Woodsmans Defense to make her less squishy and get Piercing Strike. Forest Lore and Warding Blow are handy but lower priority.
  • Slayer: Get some Agility boosts! You definitely want one of the "Slay X" skills but the others can wait until later.
  • Other: Tons of things are good on Ingrid and the problem is that you're only earning so much AP unless you grind. She has more skill slots than other characters so many of the passives will benefit her. A good candidate for the Herbalist skills because you'll always have her around.

Recommended Late Skills: Ingrid is a top candidate for the Fairy Grandmother class because she's most likely to have a turn free for healing. That said she has access to most of the great endgame skills (like Wolfslayer and Counterattack). Your skill slots might be getting overwhelmed by this point but she can deal out pretty decent damage if you pick at least one damage skill for her.

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