Incubus Prison/Tips

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  • Each region has a central magic circle where Simon can heal. This is the only place you can save.
  • There are only three benefits you can earn in this section that last past Simon's escape (apart from survival): the Incubus King sword, a Shining Sword, and a bonus of +5 Ginasta RP.
  • There are glowing floating "easy mode" crystals that offer help. If you take the help, you do not get any of the permanent rewards.
  • Simon starts out naked and stripped of his skills and power. Remember you can Escape from most fights (hit the Left arrow or Escape key, then select Escape from the menu). A big key to this section is picking and choosing which fights you can currently handle and which you need to avoid.
  • In a new area, even "dangerous" ones, first run around and find as much unguarded loot as you can get.
  • Simon's new Retreat skill can be used out of combat to portal back to the healing circle.
  • Understanding how RPG Maker stats work is important for this section. You can read about them here.
  • There are areas where ATK is more important than MAG, and vice versa. There are areas where you need DEF more than MDF, and vice versa. Pay attention to what kind of damage the monsters are doing, and consider swapping your gear frequently. The names of the enemies' attacks are often a clue.
  • There are fights that will come down to mutual attrition of HP. Well-timed use of Items can win the hardest ones for you, especially in the early areas.
  • There's a strictly limited amount of Sx available, and there are two expensive items (1000 Sx and 1200 Sx). You will not be able to buy everything that is offered. You don't need any of the things the cloaked guys are selling, but consider the tradeoff between good gear now and great gear later.
  • In most cases you can freely bypass fights that are currently too hard for you. If you do, remember to go back for them later.
  • There is no downside to using the healing save points. There is flavor text every so often when you do so. (In particular, there is no time limit of any kind.)
  • Status-preventing items can be used as out-of-battle cures. In particular, if you are poisoned, equip a poison-immunity item, and the poison will vanish.
  • The menacing black fortress, the Final Lock, in the third area is accessible only if you declined easy mode. A non-obvious thing you'll really want to know: you can save inside the area by interacting with the magic circle. You are offered a chance to save, then the option to leave. You can return to the circle and save again every time you beat a boss, so you don't have to start over every time one of them cheeses you to death.