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Hood is one of the main characters of Once Ever After. She initially seems like the badass Little Red Riding Hood to Ingrid's bimbo, but more about her character is gradually revealed throughout the story.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Most of Hood's history would be a spoiler. She has stretched herself beyond her initial Girl archetype to gain some sort of fire sorcerer essence and seeks to escape the bonds of archetypes entirely. As of the game she is clearly Up To Something, which puts her in conflict with the Order of Tales and any other entities dedicated to stability.

Though serious, Hood also has a playful side and regularly teases the other characters. With her long term partner Fenris she also shows a relaxed sexuality that's missing from many other characters. They have an open relationship but their commitment to one another is unquestionable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Absurdly overpowered when you first get her and useful when she rejoins. Hood is roughly the magical counterpart to Ulfina's physical DPS but she has more alternate abilities.

Recommended Early Skills: Hood has multiple paths open to her but because she joins your already established party you probably want to specialize her into roles you don't already have.

  • Sorcerer: Basically your question is whether you want to rush to Fire Blast (AOE) or Flame (single target). You want both eventually so it's just a question of which your party needs more.
  • Slayer: Hood probably has what she needs from this class already. I recommend waiting until later to grab the top skills that require a lot of AP.
  • Other: Due to when she joins you might want to consider ignoring most of the minor archetypes. Once you have a bunch of AP in Fairy Grandmother then you can grab the good passive skills for her.

Recommended Late Skills: The Sorcerer skills backed by the Fairy Grandmother passives will do crazy damage rivaling even Ulfina. Once you have this set up I suggest giving her healing capabilities as well. Finally her stats are likely to be balanced so don't neglect the Slayer passives for extra physical damage.

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