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Mithyn is the mysterious Goddess of Magic mentioned many times throughout the game. During the interlude between chapters 2 and 3, she discusses Zelica's captivity with Mystery Divine Being as well as referencing how exploring The Tower seems to have broken King Alonon's spirit once he explored deep enough.

Seemingly new (or perhaps rediscovered) she is one of the few Goddesses who seem to view Simon positively. She is confirmed to speak with mortals on many occasions. Most commonly the leader of her cult, Vera, and many of the members of her cult, a variety of mages working to improve their community.

As the Goddess of Magic, she is shrouded in mystery until the invasion of Erosia, when it is possible (based on player decisions) she meets Simon in the Tower region associated with Tak'Kan.[1] She confirms that she's the Goddess of Magic and offers some help, but seems mostly concerned about other matters. After she reacts strongly to him attempting to approach her, Simon describes her as someone who looks like she was deeply hurt in the past, while Yarra speculates that she is filled with sexual tension. She reacts to his inquiries with cautious optimism before disappearing into the Tower.

Full view with more of her wings. (Click for larger.)

In chapter 5 Tanurak breaches Mithyn's defenses and reveals her hideout, stating that any Incubus King is able to enslave the goddess (again). This sets off the Incubus War - basically a race between rival IKs for the one who will claim her. At the end of the conflict the Lord of Blood manages to reach her first, but only to perish in a final act of destruction that she unleashes upon him. Having reached her limits, and with her power spent, Mithyn then submits to Simon.

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Base value: 20.

  • -5 if when you visit Stineford for the first time in chapter 1 you whored Qum OR +3 if you did not.
  • +2 if when you obtained Altina in chapter 2, you fucked her right away (sluttier), OR +5 if you did not (saner), OR 0 if you did not obtain her.
  • +5 if you completed the magic cult quest during Aka's route in chapter 2, including the second harvest that grants "Otherworldly Robes".
  • +5 if you helped the magic cult harvest extra mana during chapter 3. [2]
  • +3 if you talked with Vera after the elven forest section of chapter 3. [2]
  • +2 if you bought the Goddess of Magic palace statues after unlocking the Yhilin Final State.
  • +8 if you prioritized the Goddess of Magic cult during the Erosian Crisis magical disturbance.
  • +8 if you obtained the best result on the Goddess of Magic result during the Council of Gawnfall, OR +5 if you got a good result, OR 0 if you got a bad result.
  • +2 if you encountered Mithyn during the Erosian War.[3]
  • -2 if you copied Reletima with Trin.
  • +5 if you allowed Estaven to be tortured at the end of the Erosian War.
  • +7 if during the Erosian War, Tanurak Strikes is at 0, OR +4 if it's at 1, OR +1 if it's at 2, OR -2 if it's at 3, OR -5 if it's 4+.
  • +5 if you chose to contact Mithyn upon reaching the doors to the Palace of Magic at the end of the +Path during the Incubus War
  • +2 if during the -Path of the Incubus War you reach the doors to the Palace of Magic with a remaining time of 10:00+ "At least we saved time this way", OR 0 if the remaining time is 0:01 - 9:59 "At least we didn't lose any time", OR -5 if the remaining time is 0:00 or less "This took longer than I'd hoped."
  • +5 if IW_LoB when entering the Palace of Magic for the first time is 0-, OR +3 if it's 1-4, OR +1 if it's 5-8, OR -2 if it's is 9+.
  • +5 if IW_Nyst when entering the Palace of Magic for the first time is 3-, OR +3 if it's 4-6, OR +1 if it's 7-8, OR -2 if it's 9+.
  • +1 if Mithyn aggression during the Incubus War is is 0-, OR -2 if it's 1, OR -5 if it's 2, OR -8 if it's 3, OR -10 if it's 4, OR -12 if it's 5.
  • +5 for getting her best evaluation about the influence of other incubus Kings "You did an exceptionally good job" in the Palace of Magic, OR +2 for "you managed to keep some of the influence off me", OR -2 for "the influence of so many other Incubus Kings reached me first"
  • +3 If your HQ Hospitality is 15+ during Incubus War Aftermath.
  • +5 for first sex scene.

Maximum legit value: 100 (+2 leeway)

References[edit | edit source]

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