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Fuzkao, self-titled as the Flamelord, is a young Incubus King who appeared at the Second Gathering. He is speculated to be from Ghenalon, having gained one of the Fucklord's shard fragments. His name, and traces of training in his room, paint him as someone using fire magic.

He doesn't have any servants, but instead comes to the Gathering on his own, a trait he shares with Mestan and Nyst. He doesn't know much about usual Incubi matters, like the rules of the Gathering, or the Tower. He is obsessed with personal strength, and lives in a spartan way, refusing the luxuries offered to him. (Except during the orgy, stating that he "sees the appeal now".) He also owns an armor, but doesn't use it for reasons unknown, maybe to keep it as a potential surprise, maybe just to show off. He is also self-confident to the point of arrogance.

He can be killed on multiple occasions during the Incubus War.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His art assets comes from the Japanese blog Sorejanai. His portrait has been edited specifically from TLS, hiding his hand.