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Ovaries of steel!
— Yarra

Fheliel is the elf queen of Ghenalon, the only major kingdom on the continent of Thenours not ruled by an Incubus King. Despite not having a soul shard, she somehow has learned of the Gathering and shows up to negotiate on behalf of her country, displaying impressive bravery and resourcefulness.

Story[edit | edit source]

Queen Fheliel appears unannounced at the Gathering, introducing herself right after all the Incubus Kings. Almost everyone reacts with shock (exclamation marks), except for the Empress (a heart) and Xerces (thoughtful silence). Prompted by the incubi's lustful boasts, the queen points out that she is magically protected - not impenetrably, but enough to drain any one of them (while all of their rivals are right nearby), and in case this fails, she has a magical explosive connected to her soul that is powerful enough, in the Lord of Blood's words, to level the place. Unsurprisingly, this greatly impresses Yarra.[1]

Xerces has a meeting with Fheliel during the first night of the Gathering. Yarra's group tries to eavesdrop, but he delegates negotiating the boring economic details to Xestris and leaves. As Yarra follows him out, the rest of the conversation remains unseen.

Unlike the Anak, the Empress seems to have a great interest in Fheliel, or perhaps in her kingdom in general. She seeks a diplomatic connection indirectly, using Yarra's group as an intermediary, and later on orders Yarra to rig the final day competition in favor of Ghenalon. Fheliel is open to the indirect approach, but she asks Yarra to prove her good intentions by helping a Ghenalese agent infiltrate the Lustlord's palace, a mission that provides another example of the queen's daring and reveals that her spies are really good.

Queen Fheliel's day event of the Gathering is a succubus flying competition, as Ghenalese succubi specialize in flight, and during the orc fights, Orcent can encounter a Ghenalese orc mage, giving credence to the queen's claims about the multi-ethnic character of her kingdom.[2]

Simon himself meets Fheliel later on, after the conquest of Yhilin in Chapter 3. She and the Empress visit Ari-Yhilina to negotiate an airship trade route between Ghenalon and the Orgasmic Empire using Yhilin as a way-point and with the collaboration (passive, at least for now) of Darghelon and Gheldaron.

When a war between the Fucklord and the Doom King becomes a certainty, she's worried about how things will play out for Thenours, especially Ghenalon. She fears that the Lustlord might take the opportunity to attack. She talks with Simon, trying to convince him not to send troops early in Erosia. No matter what, the Lustlord attacks anyway, and Fheliel is forced to cooperate with the Doom King's forces to protect her country.

At the end of the war, she informs Simon that the Great Sage of Ghenalon has gone silent and is probably dead. At this point, it is also possible to have a conversation in Fuck Palace in which she surmises that Simon is the real decision-maker in the Doom King's empire. If this happens, Fheliel may begin a sexual relationship with Simon when visited in Ghenalon later, and join the harem.

Because Fheliel is in charge of everything around her, she craves the sexually submissive role in a relationship. Because she cannot forget that anyone but a true equal is her subordinate, even in the bedroom, Simon is a rare individual who can fulfill her needs - if she trusts him.[3]

Relationship points[edit | edit source]

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Fheliel likes actions that benefits Ghenalon, and as well being a competent leader.

Base value: 40

  • +5 getting the Yarra + Qum x Ogre sex scene obtained during Yarra's route in Chapter 2.
  • +5 funding Ghenalese expatriate program during the Ardford summit.
  • +2 talking to Fheliel during airship trade negotiations in Chapter 3.
  • +10 at end of airship trade negotiations if Janine says "everyone was quite impressed" or "we have you to thank", OR +5 "will be worth it soon" or "will be worth it".
  • +10 if 15 HQ Hospitality score by the first Erosian conflict, OR +8 if 12, OR +6 if 9, OR +4 if 6, OR +2 if 3.
  • +5 at Council of Gawnfall if succubi are accepted, OR +5 if succubi form new religion.
  • +5 taking a flirtatious approach at Stenai Teleportation Site, OR +4 direct approach, OR +3 business-like approach, OR +1 aggressive approach.
  • +2 choosing to hold back troops, OR -2 send troops early to Erosia.
  • +5 favoring Ghenalon when expanding Yhilini airship trade.
  • +6 having at least 30 Erosian Front score when meeting Fheliel after Fucklord's Tower, OR +4 if 29-25, OR +2 if 24-20, OR -5 if <15. (Orcent will show scores immediately after that conversation, and Fheliel's dialogue varies.)
  • +4 for Auxiliary Quality of at least 50, OR +3 at least 45, OR +2 at least 40, OR -2 < 30, OR -5 < 20.
  • +6 if on completing the first Ghenalese Battlefield visit the soldier says "You've completely stopped the enemy's advance", OR +4 "slowed down the enemy's advance", OR +2 "slowed down the enemy's advance a bit", OR -2 "I suppose it's a little better than nothing."
  • +5 if over 30 Ghenalese Front score on the second Ghenalese Battlefield visit, OR +2 if at least 25.
  • -5 doing very badly at the Rodak Elite ambush.
  • +5 conversation at Fuck Palace after defeating Fucklord.
  • Unmissable +5 from Chapter 5 start.
  • +5 defeating Tower bosses in Ghenalon.
  • +5 for choosing Ghenelon to be the trade partner to assist Rodak.
  • +5 for getting either of the following comments from Riala when arriving on Mithyn's island during Incubus War: "Given the chaos of the battle, I don't see how we could have done better. We're relatively near and we have solid knowledge of her shields.", or "Our position could be worse. We'll have to fight our way in, but we have some knowledge of her shields." OR +3 if comment is "Our position isn't strong, but we've at least learned a little about her shields."
  • +3 if Fheliel has not yet joined the harem and is asked for help in creating Wynn's intelligence test.
  • +10 for giving her a divine shard.
  • +5 after Janine paints her wedding with Simon during Janine's Request.
  • +2 if Tyna chooses to marry Kalant OR +1 if Tyna chooses to marry Ignias

Maximum legit value: 100 (+52 leeway).

Affection titles[edit | edit source]

None yet

Scenes[edit | edit source]

Fheliel's First Time - Fheliel and Simon explore Fheliel's desire to be dominated. Having spoken to her in Fuck Palace at the war's end, reach the 100 affection level and visit her in Kaant.

On-demand (all are unlocked at 100 affection, after having locked her affection):

  • Blindfolded
  • Frustration

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Yarra: It was a calculated move, but it took balls of steel.
  2. In her own words: A great part of our success comes from the fact that all the races work together in our borders, including succubi.
  3. Conversation just before Fheliel's first h-scene