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Felana is the main character of Desecration of Wings, a historian and a prostitute.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Given everything she has seen and done, Felana is calm and difficult to upset. Though usually a mature adult, she seems to enjoy teasing Trila about sexual matters. She proves herself very supportive when her daughter goes through difficult times, though, and is truly devoted to her. Due to both sides of her work, she is a good judge of human nature.

One of Felana's most notable characteristics is her open-mindedness. This shows itself in many clients with strange requests, but also in a more important way with Lyrillian. Though she had good reason to hate the noble, she was able to accept her in the end. Her open-mindedness definitely served her well when it came to her lover's... unique circumstances.

Felana is notable as a rare portrayal of a sex worker not treated as a joke or minor character. She has realistically mixed feelings about her work, occasionally showing her playful side and enjoying it but also having a deep longing for something more meaningful. She is also a notably good actor, often pretending to feel emotions for the sake of her work.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Felana is the main healer in the game and a decent attacker. She can be equipped with either two-handed staffs that focus on magic or one-handed spears that focus on attacking. You should have her learn skills from both, but spend more time with the staffs.

Many of Felana's skill slots will be taken up by her core healing skills, so it is usually good to have only one or two main attacks. Her Blinding Stab is very useful in the early game, but later you may want to drop it in favor of a damage skill. Most of her skills use the Spirit stat, so choose passives to improve that. Defense against silence is also important, as is getting a skill to cut MP costs in half, so that she can heal for longer.

The Consequences limit break is one of the most useful in the game, adding an additional attack to many actions, including healing or item usage. It should be prepped for most of the hardest fights.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the game, Felana worked as a historian. It is implied that changes made by the Endless Court were what forced her to survive via prostitution. At some point, she had a relationship with a Draeon man and chose to have Trila, but the relationship did not work out.

Since then, she has been working in Andenville while communicating with other historians around the world. This included Eldrick and Bartoleo, both of whom appear in the game. It can be seen that she made a somewhat comfortable life for herself, but what she's earned is very precarious. The events of DoW change her life in massive ways.