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In Chapter Five you can finally free Eustrin from Aram's grip. Before starting the process, Captain Palina wants reassurance that nobody will order her to march on Eustrin, meaning that your social and economic control of Eustrin and Aram must be overwhelming enough to block any foolish action from Aram's leadership. Talk to Palina in the Aramite fort's courtyard and she will evaluate your position.

Palina Calculation[edit | edit source]

To advance in the plan you need a control score of 17 or more. If your first calculation will be less than 17, Orilise offers an investment opportunity to force the issue, which grants +5 control score, but costs 1,000,000 ProN and reduces Arclent Acceptance by 3.

Condition Control
Ardford's Dwarren Embassy[1] funded +2
Aram's Dwarren Embassy[2] funded +2
Eustrin Smithing Guild invested +2
Result of the Eustrin
minor issue during
Gawnfall Synod
Heavy Impact +5
Impact +3
None -1
Airship Trade[3] Eustrin chosen +2
Aram Country Score ≥ 25 +3
24-20 +2
19-15 +1
14-10 +0
9-5 +1
4-0 +2
≤ -1 +3
Airship Counter[4] ≥ 3 +1
2-1 +0
0 -1
Aramite Forces[5] ON -2
Kaskia promoted[6] ON -2
Farnan Control ≥ 5[7] Farnan - Luanell[8] +3
otherwise +2
Esmera Deal ON[9] and ... Succubi Accepted ON[10] +1
Church Diverge ON[10] +1
New Religion ON[10] +1
Succubi Suppressed ON[10] +0
Kerannii Deal ON[9]
and ...
Succubi Accepted ON[10] +2
Church Diverge ON[10] +3
New Religion ON[10] -2
Succubi Suppressed ON[10] -2
Esmera Deal OFF and
Kerannii Deal OFF[9]
and ...
Succubi Accepted ON[10] +0
Church Diverge ON[10] -1
New Religion ON[10] -1
Succubi Suppressed ON[10] +0
Choose Eustrin for Magic Circles decision[11] Rebuilt Feroholm[12] +5
Warden of the South event completed +2
Incubus War aftermath completed +1
Aram's Amethyst Vineyard VINEYARD DESTROYED ON[13] +1
Vineyard EUSTRIN ON[14] +3
Palina Rape Happened[15] +1
OFF -1

You can ask Palina to repeat the calculation any time you can interact with her. When you have enough points to start the section, interact with Palina and select "Begin".[17]

Negotiation Hall[edit | edit source]

You need three Negotiation Pushes to ensure the transition will be smooth. Each Push proposed by your harem members will hurt your hidden stats, but taking at least one is inevitable. Talking with the general (left-bottom table), the head of the Aramite mercantile guild (central table), and Esmera /Kerannii causes Iris, Megail, and Carina (respectively) to show up to help in the negotiation. After arranging three pushes, talk with Orilise to end the section.

Location Character Requisite Option Effect
Left-top table Aramite Commander - Negotiation Push
Right-top table Esmera Esmera Deal ON Boost Ivalan Acceptance Ivalan Acceptance +2
Boost Arclent Acceptance Arclent Acceptance +5
Boost Aram Aram +5
Right-top table Kerannii Kerannii Deal ON - Negotiation Push, Ivalan Acceptance +3, Arclent Acceptance +1
Kerannii Deal OFF - Ivalan Acceptance +1
Left-bottom table Iris Arlcent Acceptance ≥ 10 Doom King despotically pushes Negotiation Push, Arclent Acceptance -10
Central table Megail - Hit Aram's economy Negotiation Push, Aram -5, Gheldaron +3, Aram Punitive ON[18]
Right-top table Carina Kerannii Deal OFF[19],
Ivalan Acceptance ≥ 3
Pressure the church Negotiation Push, Ivalan Acceptance -3
Right-center table Kaskia Kaskia Promoted ON - Arclent Acceptance -2, Ivalan Acceptance -1[20]

The dialogue with Kaskia (if she was promoted in the Synod) is avoidable, but skipping it instead applies a worse penalty of -2 Ivalan Acceptance and -4 Arclent Acceptance after the negotiation is over.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

  • +2 Tertia
  • Just after the negotiation, Tertia helps Simon and Neranda conceive a pure dwarren child, letting Neranda join Simon's Harem (gaining 5 RP points and enabling her RP lock dialogue). During the scene, Robin, Riala and Yarra drive Agnan away from Eustrin.
  • A little talk with Palina about the state of the situation gives Aram +1 and Eustrin +1.
  • The Ivalan Priestess will return to Eustrin if Aram punitive OFF.
  • The Leaky Bucket (Ramasta's bar) will be closed if Aram punitive ON, and a lot of dialogue will change with the switch on, both in Aram and Eustrin.
  • If you have completed the Incubus War aftermath section, +1 Simon Recovery.[21]

References[edit | edit source]

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