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This page describes the battles in the various planes of the Tower that the group has to launch to avoid the incoming invasion of Arclent from the Fucklord. As it happens with other detailed guides, it has a lot of SPOILERS.

This page is heavily influenced by DukeLeto7's spreadsheet (Link).

Inputs[edit | edit source]

All of the following factors affect the results of the crisis:

As well as some past actions:

  • If the Aramite Jade Clerk was copied by Trin
  • New Unpeople motion failed
  • If you spared the Impaler
  • If Altina was saved at Withered Mountain
  • If you chose to support a political party in Zirantia
  • If Robin passed the final trial of the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy
  • If you chose to help the Cult of the Goddess of Magic harvest more mana
  • How injured Hilstara was during the Third Arclent War
  • Yhilin Final State achieved

And the following investments:

  • In Tak'Kan[1]:
    • Tarran'Kan Housing
    • Hall of Mental Strength
    • Orcish Democracy
    • Imp Offices
    • Orc Pools Upgrade
  • Eustrin embassy in Aram (not to be confused with the embassy to Ardoheim funded earlier)

And research:

  • If Robin's special project was done.
  • Which Chapter 4 research topic has been completed. As only single iteration has passed, this effectively means which research topic you picked at the start of the chapter. Of the four, purity research matters the least.[2]

Outputs[edit | edit source]

These are the variables tracking your performance in the conflict with the Fucklord. All of them start at a base value of zero.

  • Fucklord Confrontation
  • Robin Fucklord Confrontation
  • Fucklord Battle
  • Erosian Captives
  • Aram Tower
  • Yhilin Tower
  • Tak'kan Yes Vote Percentage
  • Tak'kan Tower
  • Zirantia Tower

Optimal outcomes[edit | edit source]

These are the cutoff values for the top brackets of rewards at this point of the conflict:

  • Fucklord Confrontation ≥ 9
  • Robin Fucklord Confrontation ≥ 6
  • Fucklord Battle ≥ 8
  • Aram Tower[3] ≥ 6
  • Yhilin Tower[4] ≥ 5
  • Tak'kan Yes Vote Percentage ≥ 80%
  • Zirantia Tower[5] ≥ 3
  • Total Tower score ≥ 20[6]

Your final Tak'Kan Tower (≥ 4), Zirantia Tower (≥ 4), and Erosian Captives (≥ 10) scores may also come into play during the Erosian War.

General combat tips[edit | edit source]

  • Before starting the section, take a moment to check the Headquarters Training Ground (and possibly the the old Training Ground in Yhilin) to check for available synergy skills.
  • If you got it back in the Sylvan Region, the Amulet of Alchemy increases the effect of potions by 50% (it must be equipped but can be used outside combat, just remember to unequip it after you have used it).
  • Uyae's Healing Aura has a 50% chance to remove Nothingness status.
  • The most dangerous enemies are the Nothingness. You should try to take them down quickly (in the first round if possible) or disable them with status effects (with skills like Bash and Disrupt).
  • Spiders deal a lot of damage, but die easily.
  • Use ice or sex on Carnal Arcane Demons.
  • Archers are priority targets.
  • In all Tower cleanup areas, look for the static dark blue flames - those are optional "key points" that are guarded by stronger than usual enemies but provide bonuses.

Extradimensional HQ[edit | edit source]

The first part of the conflict is a meeting about where the Fucklord is invading Arclent. It details where the Fucklord is planning to invade through the Tower and who is going where to shore up those defenses.

Breakdown of the groups (fighters marked in orange):

  • Aram: Vhala, Carina, Altina,[7] Orilise, Trin[8]
  • Yhilin: Robin, Aka, Qum, Megail
  • Tak'kan: Yarra, Hilstara,[7] Nalili, Iris, Balia, Trin[8]
  • Zirantia: Riala, Uyae, Varia, Dari, Lynine, Wynn

Other than that make sure you talk to everybody in the area, and then head back to Robin.

Ramasta[edit | edit source]

In this section, we finally get to see parts of Aram that aren't Dwarren or a desert. Talk to the people in the area, get ignored at the bar, consider copying the priestess and head into the mage guild. Talk to the four people in there and go back into Ramasta proper to talk to everybody again. (Talking to the guy next to the well in the guild results in making a smuggling deal: +1 Arclent Acceptance; +1 Aram; +5 Lynine.)

Aside from talking to people, there are only two decisions that require player input: whether to copy the Ivalan priestess (see below) and the possibility to buy a new bow for Vhala from the Unpeople HQ (including a Massive Unbow if New Unpeople motion passed, or a Lean Unbow if not). Make sure you have enough Sx before starting the whole conflict. It is available after the conflict when you can revisit Ramasta so you can buy it then as well.

After that go talk to the guild head again to end the section.

Aram Tower source Requirements Effects
Head Unman in the Unpeople HQ Talk to the mage leader; New Unpeople motion failed at the Ardford summit +1 Aram Tower
Ivalan Priest in southeast corner of slums Talk to the mage leader; Religion20 +1 Aram Tower
Farnan servant near guild Farnan Control ≥ 5 +1 Aram Tower
Copy greedy Ivalan priestess Trin has 2 open slots +1 Aram Tower, +2 Religion, +1 Social, +2 Aram; +5 Trin; -2 Trin Slots
Aramite mage leader Aram ≥ 10 +1 Aram Tower
Aramite Jade clerk copied +1 Aram Tower; +2 Trin
Dwarven Aramite embassy funded +1 Aram Tower

Maximum legit value: 7

On finishing the area, you get the following bonuses:

Aram Tower
Effects Aramite mage leader comment
≥ 6 +1 Fucklord Confrontation, +2 Carina, +2 Orilise, +2 Altina, +1 Vhala "You did far better than I expected influencing people..."
5-4 +2 Carina, +2 Orilise, +2 Altina, +1 Vhala "You did better than I expected influencing people..."
3-2 - "Try to do things quickly..."
≤ 1 - "You'd better do things fast..."

Order of Thaumaturgy[edit | edit source]

This section is an easy one, just walk around as Robin and talk to everybody present, and then head on back to the blue flame and proceed to the next section.

Yhilin Tower source Requirements Effects
initial Completed the final Order trial +1 Yhilin Tower
Elite succubus by ritual area "Yhilin final state" triggered +2 Yhilin Tower
Vera, head of Goddess of Magic cult If extra mana was harvested after the Battle of Yhilin +1 Yhilin Tower
Sarai Sarai RPs ≥ 70 +1 Yhilin Tower

On finishing the area, you get the following bonuses:

Yhilin Tower score Effects Robin comment
5 +1 Fucklord Confrontation; +2 Aka ; +2 Qum; +1 Robin; +2 Megail; +2 Janine; +2 Sarai "We've formed an excellent foundation for our work here in Yhilin."
4-3 - "We've formed a solid foundation for our work here in Yhilin."
≤ 2 - "I had hoped we would be able to support our work more thoroughly, but this may be all we can do."

Yhilin Tower cleanup[edit | edit source]

In all Tower cleanup areas, look for the static dark blue flames - those are "key points" that are guarded by stronger than usual enemies but provide bonuses. There are two of these on this area:

Yhilin Tower source Effects
Key point on the right edge of the map (Solidified Chaos) +1 Yhilin Tower; Abyssal Gem
Key point right of the entrance (assorted Tower monsters) +1 Yhilin Tower

Max Value: 7 (cumulative value at this point)

See Tower enemies section for a list of the weakness and resistances of the enemies in this section.

Tak'Kan council[edit | edit source]

You have a chance to see orc democracy in action. First, talk to everyone. Persons of special interest:

  • Sho is in the corner room and if you talk to her, she agrees to come with you if the vote goes well enough (see below).
  • You need to talk to several people to secure their support in the vote:
    • Elleani (also gives +2 affection).
    • The Impaler shows up if you have spared him.
    • Ogront (the ogre), if you have funded the Hall of Mental Strength.
    • The unnamed imp, if you have funded the Imp Offices.

Note the obnoxious orc seated at the top - if Trin has a free copy slot, after the vote you have to decide whether to copy him. Doing so earns you +5 Balia and +5 Trin; any further consequences are unknown for now.

To finish the section, return to Grubbak and ask him to begin the vote. Vote distribution:

Condition Votes Notes
Yes No
Initial votes 3 2 -
Orc Pools Upgrade 1 0 Votes from
Tarran'Kan Housing funded 1 0
Elleani's support yes 1 0
no 0 1
Tak'Kan Score ≥ 40 4 0 Votes from
Cee region
≥ 30 3 1
≥ 20 2 2
≥ 10 1 3
< 10 0 4
Funded Orcish Democracy 2 0 -
Ogront's support[9] 1 0
Orc Diversification
research completed
yes 1 0
no 0 1
The Impaler's support
(if spared)
yes 1 0
no 0 1
Imp support[10] 1 0
  • Total votes: maximum 18, minimum 11.
  • "Yes" votes: maximum 16, minimum 3.
  • "No" votes: maximum 9, minimum 2.

The results depend on the percentage of "Yes" votes in the total number of votes cast.

"Yes" percentage = ("Yes" votes / total votes) * 100
Grubbak's comment Effects
≥ 80% "overwhelming" +3 Tak'Kan Tower; +3 Yarra; +3 Hilstara; +3 Nalili; +3 Balia; +5 Elleani; +5 Iris; Formal Tarran Club; Sho can join
≥ 65% "substantially more" +2 Tak'Kan Tower; +2 Yarra ; +2 Hilstara; +2 Nalili; +2 Balia; +2 Elleani; +2 Iris; Sho can join
> 50% "simple majority" +1 Tak'Kan Tower
≤ 50% "the petition has failed" -5 Tak'Kan; -1 New Givini; -2 Arclent Acceptance

Kanese Tower cleanup[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, you are prompted to change Orcent's equipment. Use the opportunity to load him with the best orc equipment that you have, because he's removed from the active party after that and joins only for an optional boss fight (see below).

There's no healer with the group, so you are provided with a healing crystal that works like resting in a bed - it also replenishes MP and revives fallen party members. It has only three charges, though, so be careful, as you will revisit the area. Don't forget that the succubi have HP-leeching skills and Hilstara can self-heal.

A quick tip about the enemies: you will return to this area with Simon later, so it's better to avoid any of the wandering normal enemies and just take down the optional bosses for now:

Tak-Kan Tower source Effects
Key point on the right edge of the map (Reality Leech) +1 Tak'Kan Tower; Abyssal Gem
Key point bottom right (assorted Tower monsters) +1 Tak'Kan Tower; Orcent eyepatch upgrade[11]

Later on, there will be a check of Simon's level (it's not the first one in the game and it won't be the last), but even without it's strongly recommended to get Simon's level as high as possible. He can get up to ca. 19,998 EXP from this section.

Max Value: 5 (cumulative value at this point)

Zirantian Tower cleanup[edit | edit source]

A small cutscene plays first, showing the results of some off-screen politicking. The effects depend on decisions that you've made before this point. After that, it's another Tower cleanup mission. Keep your eyes peeled for chests and the one optional boss fight. Don't forget that you can jump over ledges.

Zirantia Tower source Effects
Key point on the top left edge of the map (Nothingness) +1 Zirantia Tower
If chose to "support no one" in Zirantian politics. +1 Zirantia Tower
Wynn has joined the harem[12] +1 Zirantia Tower

Max Value: 3

Riala's words on completing the ritual in the Tower fragment provide feedback:

Zirantia Tower
Effects Riala comment
3 +1 Fucklord Confrontation, +2 Uyae, +2 Riala, +2 Varia, +2 Dari, +2 Lynine, +2 Wynn "This sort of ritual isn't difficult for me..."
0-2 "Even if things didn't go perfectly,..."

When you cross the bridge on the way back, Ginasta makes a dramatic appearance from under the waterfall. The conversation that follows affects her relationship with Simon and its exact course again depends on past decisions:

Condition Effects
Lynine ≥ 90 +2 Ginasta
Dari has joined the harem +2 Ginasta
Varia dominated +5 Ginasta, +2 Varia
reshaped +2 Ginasta, +5 Varia
research into purity completed +5 Ginasta

You are also given a choice - ask Ginasta to go away so you can finish the barrier, or let her stay so she can ambush the Fucklord's forces:

  • Allow Ginasta to stay: +5 Ginasta; -1 Erosian Captives
  • +1 Fucklord Confrontation

Aramite Tower cleanup[edit | edit source]

This time you'll have to chase the end point sparkle around. Its final position is in front of the winged column in the north, so make sure clear everything else before interacting with it when it's there. You get a scene when Orilise helps Altina with a shelter spell.

Aram Tower source Effects
Key point in south-east corner +1 Aram Tower
Key point south-west of the winged column (Reality Leech) +1 Aram Tower, Abyssal Gem
Altina is in the group and Orilise RP... < 90 +1 Aram Tower, +5 Orilise, +2 Altina
≥ 90 +2 Aram Tower, +2 Orilise, +5 Altina

Max Value: 11 (cumulative value at this point)

Unblocking the Kanese Tower[edit | edit source]

After a brief cutscene in the HQ, Simon joins Yarra, Nalili and Hilstara in a strange piece of the Tower to investigate what has blocked their efforts. It's a linear dungeon with a single roadblock. Facing it, you have to choose how to proceed:

  • Fight the guardians.
  • Use you stored power to wipe them out and skip the fight (-1 Fucklord Confrontation).

Beyond the guardians, you meet Ulrissa. After a short conversation, you are brought back to the Kanese Tower fragment. Use the occasion to clean up any wandering enemies you've spared the first time before finishing the ritual.

Yhilin Tower confrontation[edit | edit source]

The Fucklord discovers your defensive preparations and decides to make his move. After a few cutscenes advancing the plot, he tries to attack the Yhilin Tower fragment, where he is confronted by the Doom King armor, piloted by Robin. She manages to hold him off until Simon and Esthera arrive. The hidden results of the confrontation again depend on previous decisions:

Conditions Confrontation
Robin has done her special research project +2
Robin's level ≥ 55 +2
54-50 +1
≤ 49 -
Robin's affection is locked +2
RP ≥ 95 +1
RP < 95 -

Max value: 6

Feedback is provided by the Fucklord's reaction after hitting Doom King/Robin with a lust spell before being tossed out:

Fucklord Confrontation
Effects Fucklord comment
6 +2 Yhilin Tower, +2 Fucklord Confrontation "That... should have done more..."
5-4 +1 Yhilin Tower, +1 Fucklord Confrontation "How's that? You think this is going to be easy?"
3-2 -1 Yhilin Tower "Hahaha, you're WEAK!"
1- -2 Yhilin Tower, Robin Drained "Hahaha, you're PATHETIC!"

After the Fucklord flees, you are prompted to save. Back at the HQ, the confrontation has nevertheless created a magical disturbance in Yhilin and Janine has to decide which faction to placate:

  • Merchants and nobles
  • The Church of Ivala
  • The Cult of Magic

The faction you've chosen to placate will grant a small bonus during the Council of Gawnfall.

After a cutscene featuring a Chosen doing what Chosen do best, it's time for another couple of decisions. First, you have to decide which tower fragment to hit with powerful magical charges. Whatever you choose, the other location is overrun by Erosian forces:

Magic charge
Aram Zirantia Lost, -1 Zirantia
Zirantia Aram Lost, -1 Aram

Then, you have to decide in which elven kingdom Simon should personally confront the Fucklord. Again, the other location takes a hit.

confronts in
Darghelon Gheldaron Hit, -1 Gheldaron, -1 Orilise, +5 Lynine, allows you to reach 100 RP with Lynine and lock it.
Gheldaron Darghelon Hit, -1 Darghelon, +2 Orilise, -5 Lynine

Aramite Tower invasion[edit | edit source]

Back at the Aramite fragment, Vhala's group is reinforced by Aka, Qum and Robin (if Robin drained OFF). They have to clear the area of Erosian forces.

If Aram was not overrun, there's a blue flame boss fight (Reality Leech) in the central area. Otherwise (Aram Lost ON), it's replaced by a static group of Erosians. Defeating the group in front of the violet crystals finishes the area and Vhala's squad has to choose their tactics. The results of your choice depend on which fragment was "lost":

Overrun fragment Focus on ...
impeding him rescuing captives protecting Aram
Aram Lost ON
(they run before the Fucklord arrives)
  • -3 Aram Tower
  • +1 Erosian Captives
  • -1 Fucklord Confrontation
  • -3 Aram Tower
  • +3 Erosian Captives
  • -1 Fucklord Confrontation
  • +1 Erosian Captives
Zirantia Lost ON
(the Fucklord shows up and gets hit with magic charges)
  • +2 Fucklord Confrontation
  • +2 Erosian Captives
  • -3 Aram Tower
  • +5 Erosian Captives
  • +2 Aram Tower
  • +2 Erosian Captives

Aram Tower Max Value: 13

Defending the Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, the Headquarters finally comes under attack. How well it performs depends on how well you have prepared it for this (see the tables below). After a save prompt, Yarra, Hilstara, Nalili, and Orcent will have to fight off several waves of attackers. Hint: you get healed after each battle, so don't use potions unless necessary.

Conditions Consequences Little Not Girl/ Hilstara Comment[13]
Xestris' judgement
about defenses
strong +2 HQ Defense "Fortunately, your core defenses are stronger than the invaders were counting on"
average +1 HQ Defense "Your defenses are holding. The invaders might break through eventually"
weak -1 Fucklord Confrontation "Unfortunately, they're tearing through your defenses pretty quick."
Military ≥ 20 +1 HQ Defense "Heh, we're going to be just fine."
19-5 - "Yes, we have some here. It's a viable strategy"
≤ 4 -1 HQ Defense, Base Damaged "I don't think we should. We're thin on the ground here."

Max Value: 3

The creepy Tower girl provides an assessment of the battle results at the end of the segment.

HQ Defense
Effect Comment
3 +3 Fucklord Confrontation, +3 Erosian Captives "Things went great overall!"
2 +2 Fucklord Confrontation, +3 Erosian Captives "Overall, you did very well."
1 +1 Fucklord Confrontation, +1 Erosian Captives "Overall... you managed."
< 1 -1 Fucklord Confrontation, +1 Erosian Captives "Overall... you won, but..."

Zirantia Tower invasion[edit | edit source]

The Zirantian Tower team is back, now facing the forces of the Fucklord.

If you allowed Ginasta to stay then south of where you start is a Solidified Chaos, and you save some Erosians that Ginasta has freed from their magical bonds. If you didn't allow her to stay then you just fight those Erosians. This fight ends the section, so save it for last.

Scattered around the map are enemies, and if Aram Lost ON then a Solidified Chaos accompanied by a Nothingness, an Inchoate Spider and a Corporeal Spider is available to fight. Otherwise they're not here.

Again, at the end the squad has to choose their tactics and the results depend on which Tower fragment did not receive the magic charges.

Overrun fragment Focus on ...
impeding him rescuing Erosians protecting Zirantia
Zirantia Lost ON
(they run before the Fucklord arrives)
  • -3 Zirantia Tower
  • +1 Erosian Captives
  • -5 Uyae[14]
  • -1 Fucklord Confrontation
  • -3 Zirantia Tower
  • +3 Erosian Captives
  • -5 Uyae[14]
  • -1 Fucklord Confrontation
  • +1 Erosian Captives
  • +5 Uyae
Aram Lost ON
(the Fucklord shows up and gets hit with magic charges)
  • +2 Fucklord Confrontation
  • +2 Erosian Captives
  • +5 Erosian Captives
  • +3 Zirantia Tower
  • +2 Erosian Captives
  • +5 Uyae

Max Value: 6

Confrontation of the Kings[edit | edit source]

The Fucklord and the Doom King/Simon finally face off. Like previous Incubus King duels, it's a series of cutscenes and the results depend on past choices (see the tables below). The only player input is when the Zirantian squad is reinforced by everyone else (including Robin, even if she was drained) in order to fight Sabitha (you are prompted to save and then to use the menu to pick your formation). Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the drama.

Condition Fucklord Battle
Used stored power against Ulrissa's guardians -2
Harem Size
(not including Robin)
≥ 19 +4
18 +3
17 +2
16 +1
≤ 15 -
# RP-locked women
(including Robin)
≥ 15 +4
14-12 +3
11-9 +2
8-6 +1
5-3 -
≤ 2 -1
Simon's level
≥ 61 No bonus, because you cheated.
60-58 +2
57-55 +1
54-50 -
49- -1

Feedback is provided by the Fucklord's reaction after the Doom King/Simon says "WE SHALL SEE." and tries to whack him with magic, while they are still in the elven forests fragment.

Fucklord Battle
Effect Fucklord comment
≥ 8 +3 Fucklord Confrontation, +6 Erosia; Simon 60,000 XP "Gaah! That hurt, you fucker!"
≥ 5 +2 Fucklord Confrontation, +4 Erosia; Simon 50,000 XP "Damn, you can really put a lot of power behind a spell."
≥ 3 +1 Fucklord Confrontation, +2 Erosia; Simon 40,000 XP "Damn, more of that?"
< 3 Simon 20,000 XP "Haha, that's all you've got?"

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After a brief scene of Simon's return to the Headquarters, he goes to deal with the aftermath in the Order of Thaumaturgy.

Just talk to everyone. Queen Fheliel has had a short stay in your Headquarters, but long enough for her to form an opinion of your Hospitality. When you are done, talk to Iris.

Talk to Effect
Esthera +2 Esthera
Janine +2 Janine
Iris +1 Erosian Captives,
then +1 Fucklord Confrontation if Erosian Captives ≥ 10
Talk with Fheliel RP Comment
Hq Hospitality ≥ 15 +10 "I found everyone remarkably accommodating"
14-12 +8 "I found everyone quite accommodating"
11-9 +6 "I found my stay there quite pleasant"
8-6 +4 "I found my stay there pleasant"
5-3 +2 "It wasn't bad, actually"
≤ 2 - -
Trade Negotiation Score[15] ≥ 10 +10 -
9-6 +5
≤ 5 -
Qum Joined the Scene with the Ogre During Yarra's Route +5
Chat With Fheliel During the Trade Negotiation +2
Fund the Expatriate Foreign Program during Ardford's Summit +5
Fucklord Confrontation
Effect Iris comment
≥ 9 +5 Erosia; +3 Ghenalon; +2 Tatseni; +2 Stenai; +6 Esthera; +3 Ginasta; +3 Arclent Acceptance "We did remarkably well!"
8-6 +3 Erosia; +2 Ghenalon; +1 Tatseni; +1 Stenai; +4 Esthera; +3 Ginasta; +2 Arclent Acceptance "I think we did quite well."
5-3 +1 Erosia; +1 Ghenalon; +1 Tatseni; +1 Stenai; +2 Esthera; +1 Ginasta; +1 Arclent Acceptance "I think we did well enough."
2-0 -1 Ghenalon "And I fear there... we won, but not as solidly as we could have."
< 0 -1 Erosia; -2 Ghenalon; -2 Ginasta; -1 Arclent Acceptance "And I fear there, things went as poorly as they could have..."

Now that you have finished, go here to learn what happens next.

Tower enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Solidified Chaos Poison, Fire, Sex Anti-Sex, Earth, Thunder, Ice
Reality Leech Poison, Thunder, Sex Anti-Sex, Earth, Fire, Ice
Pure Corporeal Demon Physical all other
Carnal Arcane Demon Sex, Ice Anti-Sex, Physical, Fire, Earth
Nothingness[16] Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Earth
Tormented Lightning, Earth Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Poison, Sex
Wild Hunter Ice Earth, Poison, Lightning, Anti-Sex, Sex
Inchoate Spider Sex, Lightning Physical
Potentiality Fire Earth, Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice
Corporeal Spider Physical Sex, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Earth

Erosian enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Weakness Resistance
Erosian Soldier Anti-Sex, Sex, Lightning Fire
Erosian Archer Anti-Sex, Sex, Fire Lightning
Erosian Healer Anti-Sex, Sex Ice, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Earth
Erosian Striker Anti-Sex, Sex, Ice Lightning
Erosian Captain Anti-Sex, Sex, Fire Ice
Erosian Reaper Anti-Sex, Sex Fire, Lightning

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The total cost is 2,800,000 ProN, but not everything is necessary for the best result.
  2. It provides only +5 Ginasta.
  3. By the end of the Ramasta section.
  4. By the end of the Yhilin Order Hall section.
  5. By the end of the Zirantia Tower 1 section.
  6. Score needs to be equal than or greater to 20 for the end of the conflict, if so then in Aram Tower space after the conflict you can pick up a Shining Sword.
  7. 7.0 7.1 She can be absent from the party due to past actions.
  8. 8.0 8.1 Trin copies herself as she did in the Ardan succession crisis.
  9. Requires you funded the Hall of Mental Strength
  10. Requires you funded Imp Offices
  11. Orcent joins the battle if it reaches the third turn.
  12. If she has not joined yet, Simon's Anger drops by -5.
  13. The Little Not Girl will comment about Magical Defense, Hilstara about Military Presence
  14. 14.0 14.1 if she's not locked
  15. End Score of Trade Negotiation During Yhilin Govern 3 betweem Yhilin, Ghenalon and the Orgasmic Empire
  16. Given that in most cases you will have a reduced party, you should prioritize to take down this one ASAP, as her trademark attack can remove one of your characters per turn. Only Uyae's Healing Aura can revert the Nothingness state.