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This is an unofficial (and incomplete) walkthrough for Desecration of Wings. Please use the comments to discuss the walkthrough. If you want to ask for tips, use the game's thread in the Forum. A guide to the game's secrets and collectibles can be found here. One thing to note is that the game does reward a player who reaches the end of the linear portion of the game at a low level. If the player wants to pursue this reward, it will require the player to adjust some of the strategies described below. For example, the player will likely not have Felana's party healing skill Broad Healing available when the player encounters the Massive Mimic in the Wastes.

There are a few frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Settings[edit | edit source]

This is its own section so you can skip it if you don't care.

After the game's first scene, when you take control, you'll be able to open the game menu and select "System" to see some game options, as follows:

  • Windowskin changes the color of the game's menus... but not dialogue windows. The only change to dialogue windows is that non-default ones will be a bit translucent (see-through).
  • Animations toggles combat animations. Having animations helps some people keep track of which character is doing what, but if you don't have any trouble, feel free to disable them. You won't miss anything flashy; the combat animations are very simple in an old-school way.
  • Volume options control volume of BGM (background music), BGS (looping background noises like rumbling - these are used rarely), and SFX (sound effects). There's no master volume option.
  • Auto-Dash makes you run by default instead of walking, so you don't have to hold the run button. There's really no downside to this; it's not so fast that you should have trouble controlling it.
  • Instant Text is not a text skip feature; it makes lines of dialogue appear instantly rather than one character at a time. Essential for the sanity of fast readers.
  • Other Equip Color is an awkward name for a concept hard to describe in three words. Leaving most pieces of equipment on for many battles (or as little as one boss battle) will grant a character new skills. Names in equip and shop menus are color-coded: green if a character has not learned any of the offered skills, gold if some but not all offered skills are learned, purple if all offered skills have been learned by that character but not all party members who could wear the equipment, and white if the equipment has no new skills to offer any party member who can equip it. The Other Equip Color is the purple - if this option is disabled, purple will be replaced with white. It's not recommended to do this unless the purple really bothers you.

Settings are stored in each save file. If you start a new game, settings will be default. If you load a save from before you changed a setting, it will be back to how you had it at that point.

Andenville[edit | edit source]

The game starts with an option to learn the controls. You may as well, if you're resorting to a walkthrough immediately.

As the game truly begins, you are introduced to Lord Krudrik. He is the protagonist... for one scene. Then you take control of Felana, the real main character. You can tell, because you get to rename her.

Now that you have access to the menu, you may want to open it and choose System to see options you can customize. (See above section.) It's recommended to try out Auto-Dash and Instant Text.

Wander around and talk to anyone you wish, but don't use the southwest exit yet. Talk to the blue-haired girl standing among white flowers near the brothel. She will ask you to collect three Holy Lilies. These look like the white flowers she's standing among, but only grow in monster-infested places, like the forest you're conveniently about to visit. There are 4 in the forest, so you can miss one but it's better if you collect all of them - the extra one will help you make more money later.

Enter the forest via the southwest exit. An imp will jump out and fight you. Best way to fight imps is Blinding Stab followed by High Stab, ending with a normal attack if it's not yet dead.

The imp will drop money but note that it's mostly just humanoid monsters like imps who drop money, so don't go fighting slimes if you want to grind for it.

By the way, slimes are the other main enemy here. Pierce will sometimes kill them in one hit; if not, a normal attack should finish them. Where imps and slimes appear together, imps should be killed first, as they hit harder and can poison. You may notice that you're using skills even on ordinary enemies in this game - skills are cheap, so you should be using them most of the time, or you're just handicapping yourself.

Heal your wounds with Felana's Nurse skill as needed. Get the Holy Lily near you to the northwest. Then keep west at the next fork to find 3 dead-end paths, two ending in Holy Lilies and one ending with a Contorted Stone in a chest. If you run out of MP for fighting and Nurse, use the bed in Felana's home for free restoration.

Return to the girl in town who wants Holy Lilies and give her them, to receive 100 Sols. Go to the general store (south of the brothel) and buy a Spear, Buckler, and Travel Cap. The total cost for this is 120 Sols, but you should have run into an imp or two giving you the rest. If not, equip the Spear and Buckler, fight another imp or two, and get the Travel Cap. You don't strictly need it, but it's cheap armor and lets you learn Calmness I while you also learn the other skills.

Equip the new gear. Take the forest path you didn't take before, equipping any skills you learn (using "Set Skills" in the menu). You do not need to have Nurse or Stabilize equipped to use them, so just remove them. Get a fourth Holy Lily in the southeast corner. There is a boss by the relic. Make sure you have full HP a good 50 MP or so and save.

The boss is a Skeleton and two Slimes. Your main priority should be to blind the Skeleton whenever it isn't blind. Take out the slimes as normal, then Pierce the skeleton while keeping it blind and keeping your HP up with Heal. If you can't beat it, grind until you learn all your passive skills, equip those, and try again.

After you beat it, remove your Buckler if it's equipped, save again, then examine the relic. You will automatically transition to a cutscene and meet Felana's daughter, Trila (or whatever you name her).

Monument Path[edit | edit source]

Now you control Trila. There is not much point fighting in this section, although you can level up Trila a couple of levels. If you do, you may end up using restorative items just to heal, which is bad because money is scarce without grinding. If you do get into a fight: Grunt Fighters and Swordsmen can be Launched, while Grunt Leaders can stun you and buff other enemies. Giant Bees and Snakes can poison you, and the Bees can be Knocked Down (though this is not that useful since they can still poison you). Your priorities to kill in a fight should go: Grunt Leader > Giant Snake > Giant Bee > Grunt Swordsman > Grunt Fighter.

Equip the Buckler you took off Felana, dodge the enemy nearby, get the Cracked Helm from a chest, and equip it too. Go north across the stream via stepping-stones, then east across another stream to a box with 10 Sols. Back west, then north. Save and go west for an unavoidable fight.

Krudrik will run out and help you with the fight. See enemy info above, and also note that Ringing Blow is not particularly good on any enemy. You can either Launch the Fighter and try to Confuse or Launch the Swordsmen, or just focus on killing the Leader quickly.

Krudrik remains with you for the rest of this short section. His equipment cannot be changed, so don't worry about it.

Go north while picking up three Elixirs from a box to the east, then follow the only path until you get to a break in the trees leading to an Andenville Charm in the northeast corner of the map. Equip it. Then go to the north exit to end the section.

Journey North[edit | edit source]

Now with mother and daughter reunited, your next objective is to travel from this town to Kolis in the north, but you'll do some things along the way. First visit the brothel and talk to the desk madam until she gives you money, along with a tip that will make you more money - your first prostitution house-call. Then, go to Krudrik's house and up to the right upstairs bedroom. You'll see a sparkle in the room - sparkles are usually Contorted Stones and always points of interest. Pick up the Contorted Stone.

Shuffle your equipment around so that no one is wearing anything with a purple name - that means someone else could be learning a skill from it. From this point on, managing equipment and thinking about who should learn skills in what order will be important, and so will choosing the right skills to equip in the "Set Skills" menu. For example, Felana needs Calmness sooner because her healing is powered by Spirit, while Trila gets more use from Third Eye because she can do little that's useful when Blind.

Leave town via north exit. You are now on the world map, which is the only place there are random encounters rather than wandering visible ones you may be able to avoid.

Go north to a tiny village. There is another sparkle indicating a Contorted Stone here in the southeast corner. There is also a fruit merchant here. The three cheap fruits you see in this shop are restoratives that only work out of battle. Later you'll find other fruit that works in battle too, though no fruit will do revival. You can survive the whole game without fruit, but if you want some, Oranges are best since you'll usually have someone who can use the newly restored MP to heal HP.

Leave the village and go west then south to a small farm, where Felana can earn some money with a sex scene.

Leave the farm and go north a bit but save first.

Bandit Base[edit | edit source]

When you walk north through the gap between two mountains, a cutscene will trigger. When you gain control of Trila, head out of the cell and west to see a scene. After the scene, you can only go east. There will be monsters in this dungeon. Corrupted slimes can be blinded and staggered, but they guard a lot so are a lower priority, and you may not want to waste skill points - especially Trila's - on one. Twisted flies evade a lot of attacks but aren't that tough. Swift Bats are nasty - often getting off multiple attacks and they hit hard. Use Trila's Knock Down skill and have Felana do either regular attack - for the crit chance - or High Stab. Fell Serpents can be blinded and staggered but aren't too dangerous.

At some point before or during this dungeon you will notice little colored bars above the characters' portraits during combat. When the bar turns red, a skill with a skull next to it becomes available to select in combat. This is a Limit Break. Save these for bosses. Trila's first Limit Breaks becomes available at level 7 (Felana starts the game at level 7 already, so is a non-issue for her). Both Trila and Felana will have the chance to get better Limit Breaks in time.

Take your party first north to a pair of cells. The left hand one has a sparkle which is a Contorted Stone. There's 1 sol in a crate by the right hand one. Keep going east until you come to an equipment room and further east, a room with a lot of boulders. In the north of the equipment room is a chest with Rebel Plate for Trila (it teaches Tenacity II). From there you can see a sparkle north of the boulders - there is no way to reach this yet; you will be coming back to this later.

Go south from the boulder room and clear the monster out of the next room, then loop back west. There is a chest with 15 sols. Now go north, then east. There is a chest with a Tonic in this room. There isn't anything of value to the north, so go back south then west. Go north to a set of cells. On the far right are three Swift Bats when you open the door, the next cell has healing water in the bucket which you should take advantage of. It heals health and magic points. The next cell to the left has a slime and serpent, dispatch them and heal again if needed.

You are now about to come to a boss where you can - and should - use your Limit Breaks. In the far left cell you will see some sparkles. When you try to open the door, you will get a warning, then open the door and battle the boss. This bat is tough. It can both stun and launch your characters into the air. Try to fire off your Limit Breaks asap, especially Felana's as it lasts throughout the battle. Also, the bat can be knocked down by Trila but can still put status effects on your characters. It's still worth it because it doesn't hit as hard.

Once it's finished off, the two sparkles are Contorted Stones, and you get a Prison Sword and 250 sols from the chests. Equip the Prison Sword, of course, and go south then east to leave the dungeon. Go east and get the chest for 3 elixirs. Then go west to exit the area.

Kolis Region[edit | edit source]

The wandering monsters in this area are pretty simple and shouldn't be hard to beat by now. The dark wolves can be Launched by Trila, dark eagles knocked down, and the rest can be Pierced. Start by going west a bit to the Remote Farm. The farmer here will offer to hire Felana's services, on one condition. We will be coming back here later. To the southwest of the farm is the Noble Tower, and to the north of that is the Crumbling Tower. Leave these for now and cross the bridge to the east.

After crossing the bridge, you get a message about the monsters being tougher. If you wander into the desert in the east or too far south, this is true. Check out the Seaside Farm a little to the south for a sparkle - another Contorted Stone, and purchase a Stout Bulb from the produce seller. You cannot gain access to the Immortal's Compound at this time. Head north into Kolis.

Kolis[edit | edit source]

Taking the first east, you find a produce seller and an Inn. There is no reason to rest at the Inn - you will be healed soon enough. Passing on purchasing the Soulstone Bell will give you more XP from wandering monsters, but you can do what you want. There's a chance to get one later. At any point during your stay, you can go to the slums to meet Eldrick. After the cutscene, the party will be healed. You can speak to Eldrick for some information outside. Leave the slums for another cutscene. You get introduced to some major characters in the story and can name one of them - Lyrillian. You can rest at Eldrick's if needed.

There are a some sidequests available here:

  • There is a girl south of the Inn who gives you a quest to find her master's dogs. Go north to the square. To the west are some shops. Go to the clothing store and purchase Cat Ears. Somewhere around here you will find doggie #1. Speak to it and then lead it back to the girl. Now go all the way up on the west side and exit to the docks. There is a sparkle - another Contorted Stone, and doggie #2. Lead it back to the girl. Further east is the entrance to the slums. Doggie #3 is somewhere around here. Lead it back to the girl for 100 sols.
  • You can meet a noble in the bar (it's on the west side of the city) who will give you a quest and a key to the Noble Tower. More on this later.
  • Head north and speak to the man standing behind the Dueling Hall. It's the place with crossed swords. You get a quest to deliver a parcel to Mondeville. Head south to the town - Mondeville. The man by the barrels will give you a Receipt for the Parcel. You can explore a little bit, but the gear here is too expensive. We'll be coming back here later. Don't wander too much - the monsters here are strong. Go back to Kolis and give the Parcel giver the Receipt. You get a Bow Talisman.
  • Head up the steps to the palace and go right until you see the noble bothering the woman. Offer Felana's services… for a mere 25 sols. That triggers another quest: to brew a Stamina Potion. You already should have a Holy Lily and the Stout Bulb but you need a potion expert.

Noble Tower[edit | edit source]

Leave Kolis and head back southwest to the Remote Farm. Now you can satisfy the farmer's condition, and he gives you 300 sols. If your Limit Break bars are full, go ahead and explore the Crumbling Tower. To the right is another Contorted Stone and a Mystic Hat. To the right are some grapes. When you leave, you'll encounter the mini-boss, a Winged Lamia. It can be blinded and staggered but can constrict and push back party members. It's much easier with Felana's Limit Break.

Head south to the Noble Tower. The monsters here are Flesh Tunnelers, Dire Wasps, Azure Serpents, Attack Frogs and Cutters. None are particularly difficult, but the Cutter packs a nasty punch. The Wasps can be knocked down, Serpents blinded, Frogs launched and Cutters blinded and launched. Move the left switch on the first floor to the right. To the right is a chest with a Tonic. On the 2nd floor, there is a chest with an Elixir. Move the switch to the left. On the 3rd floor, grab the sparkle (another Contorted Stone) and a chest with a Neutrality Ring. Move the switch up here to the left, then go back to the 1st floor and move the right-hand switch to the right. This should clear the way to the stairs.

On the 4th floor, all switches should be in the left-hand position except for the far-right switch, which should be to the right. This will clear the way to the three stairs. The center stairwell leads to 50 sols. The left-hand stairwell leads nowhere. Take the right-hand stairwell to the 5th floor. Go all the way left to the pit and drop down. There is an Iron Helm in the chest here. Drop down to the 3rd floor and make your way back to the 5th floor. In the group of 4 switches, move the top one to the right to clear the stairs. Grab the soulstone and fight the mini-boss. The Corrupted Guardian hits hard, so keep your health up and hit it with powerful attacks. Limit Breaks help, of course.

Immortals Compound[edit | edit source]

Now you can visit the Immortals Compound. Be healed up first, as you get into a fight with some tough monsters. Before the second wave you will be joined by Palind, who you can name. His Brilliant Strike has a chance to blind, but it's a small one. Lightwave does more damage. Noble Presence save for flying enemies. After the fight, you will get a cutscene and will be healed up. Talk to people in the compound. There is a Contorted Stone in the upper right. Talk to Palind, and again to go fight a Possessed Undead. Once you have control of the party, but before you engage the miniboss, it is possible to unequip Palind's gear. He has a Humble Robe that can teach Calmness III and Tenacity III. It is a good robe to get early and Palind is unlikely to need it it for the miniboss. The miniboss can be blinded and staggered, and with 4 in the party it shouldn't be that difficult. After the battle, another cutscene and a sex scene.

Head south past Mondeville to Mondeville Village. You should be strong enough now that the monsters aren't a problem. Talk to the lady by the table to brew a Stamina Potion (this requires the Stout Bulb we purchased before, as well as the 4th Holy Lilly from Felana's 1st Andenville expedition). Head south again to Mondeville Fort. Felana can ply her trade for 500 sols. Head back to Kolis. Avoid the disturbance in the central square for now and go the noble bothering the woman again. This time, rock his world for 850 sols.

Go to the disturbance. Lyrillian will have Trila thrown in jail, where she will meet another character you can name, Anmin. Check the cell out a little and then speak with Anmin. You will find out Anmin's secret, and after some more cutscenes, a sex scene. After that, you will escape to the sewers.

Sewers[edit | edit source]

You cannot come back to this dungeon, so explore thoroughly. The fell moths are best dealt with by knocking down and fire. For the spiders use launch and ice. Up and to the right is a chest with an Elixir. Head left to the man standing by the switch. He can heal you. The switch can bridge the top and bottom parts of the tunnel. Head north and activate the switch at the top. Now go south. There are 4 tunnels here - the right one has a pool and a portcullis blocking the way - the first portcullis we just dealt with by flipping that top switch. The bottom left tunnel leads to a switch that bridges the pool. Go back to the beginning room and head to the top. There is a switch here for the last portcullis. Grab the Contorted Stone and Steel Shield. Go back to the switch that bridged the pool and flip it back. Head up and now the portcullis guarding the switch on the far left is gone. Flip it to advance northward up the left tunnel. In the far northwest of the maze is a chest with 50 sols. The exit rope is in the southwest.

Once out you will reunite with Felana. If you have skipped any of the sidequests above now is the time to do them - you will not get a chance to return to Kolis. First, return to the noble in the bar and give him the Noble Soulstone for 600 sols. There is a noble in the slums Felana can offer her services to for 200 sols. The Dueling Hall will be easier with Anmin in the party. After the first two duels, there is a chest with a combat scepter for Anmin, after the next two the chest contains 500 sols. Beating the last duelist gets you a Duelist Pin from the chest and two sparkles, both are Contorted Stones. If you return to the Mondeville Fort (where Felana had the group scene) with Anmin in the party, she can remove a troublesome tree stump for some healing consumables and relationship points. Make sure you purchase the equipment you want (there are some really useful accessories - but avoid the Ribbon, it does nothing), rest and then talk to Eldrick.

Palace Assault[edit | edit source]

You will be transported into the palace. Both the Imperial Guards and Rebel Fighters in this area aren't that tough, Anmin's Thunderstorm helps out here. The Guards can be launched, Rebels can be staggered. Clearing out all enemies can be useful as they drop sols - it's not much but every little bit helps. Of course, if you are trying to do a low-level run then avoid them all. Head east and then south to the treasury to pick up a Golden Loot. North is an Elixir. Head west and then north to pick up 150 sols out of the chest. Head east, past the pool room, and then north for a little mini-boss battle. The Imperial Captain and Rebel Captain hit hard, but also attack randomly and sometimes hit themselves. Just stay healed and hit hard and the fight will be over. Past them is the Palace Key.

Go through the doors to fight the real boss, an Immortal. He cast Silence but otherwise isn't that tough. He is healed by fire though. Equip items or skills that keep Felana and Anmin from being silenced and go to town. He can also be blinded, but that won't stop him using Silence. Using Limit Breaks will make it go faster. Once he is killed you get some cutscenes and then it's goodbye to Kolis.

Eleon Wastes[edit | edit source]

Head south, then west a little to the Wastes Village. There is a sparkle - another Contorted Stone - in the southwest corner. You can rest and buy supplies here if you want, but it's probably a waste of sols. Head west to the gap between the grey stuff. You will enter the Imperial Dig Site. You will fight Rebel Fighters and Warriors like in the Palace Assault. Anmin's Thunderstorm does wonders here. There are also some Rebel Rangers, but they aren't that tough. Go west and up the ladder for some Archeon Grapes. Head back east and north to the main area. Along the east side is another sparkle, which is another Contorted Stone. In the northeast corner a group guards a chest with a Mirage Cloak. There is a Rebel Captain here, but now you should be tougher. Talk to the guy in the middle room, he'll heal you and give you a Seal Key. In the chest is 100 sols. Exit to the north.

Going west, there's a big chest, and the first Mimic joke of the game. The chest is a big-ass Mimic. Save before fighting it. This thing is tough - it has an AoE attack which can easily kill Anmin at this point in the game - if she is around level 18 or lower she is probably vulnerable. It also uses knockdown quite a bit. You may want to use Limit Breaks here - it's beatable without them, but make sure to stay healed. Felana's Broad Healing will be important here. Winning gets you a Mimic's Spear. Equip Felana with this immediately - the Crippling Sunder skill will be very important moving forward. After beating the Mimic, don't bother checking out the little path to the Remote Relic - you can't get there yet. If you absolutely need to heal, you can go to Villueon, it's recommended to first going further south to the sands, then east to the Wastes Tent. Anmin can perform a service here to help her relationship with the others. Now to Villueon.

Villueon[edit | edit source]

Go into the first building. You will start to get some hints from talking to people that there aren't enough women in town. Hmm… who in the party could help with this issue, I wonder? Enter to the main area and talk to everyone. Take note of the green-haired girl in the southwest, and make sure you enter the house with the garden and speak with the Mayor then go the garden for another sparkle - yep, another Contorted Stone. None of the other buildings other than the Inn can be accessed. Head to the Inn and get a cutscene. Keep this place in mind, you will be coming back here.

Back to the house with the garden. Remember the Mayor may have had a proposition for Felana? After Felana takes her up on it some relationships improve. First go to the northeast house, which is open now, for another Contorted Stone. Go back to the Mayor. The compensation for the job is a whopping 2150 sols. Go back to the green-haired girl. Now that she knows what Felana does for a living, she's willing to give it a go - so to speak. After spending the night with her, leave to go to the Remote Relic. Speak with everyone in town first though, so you can appreciate the writing in this game - comparing the conversations before and after Felana's job is pretty humorous.

Benan's Palace[edit | edit source]

First go to the Remote Relic for 2 more sparkles (the second is behind the monument on the right) and 250 sols. Read the monument for some more relationship improvement. Back to the green-haired girl's house in Villueon, and now Felana gets to work her other job, and get a scene.

Head northwest to the palace. When you first enter you get a cutscene. The soldiers here are immune to damage from Thunderstrike, but the shock effect still works. The darker ones are randomly either weak fire the lighter armor is weak to ice, which ever one they are not weak to they get healed by. So set Anmin with her Charged Blow skill and maybe her Power and/or Fortitude if you feel like it - her magic is pretty useless on them, and mages can easily be taken out by Felana or Trila.

Move to the east and go down. In the southeast room you get some flavor details about Benan (interact with the chests and paper on the table) and the Immortal's Key from the chest. You can't access the door to the northeast, so head back all the way west and down. In the southwest room can get three Archeon Grapes from a chest and activate a switch. Moving north, another chest has Desert Berries. Head a little west, then up the ladder. If you try to move up through the central northern exit Anmin will warn of a trap. Instead, talk to the girl in the northwest. This will trigger a fight with Benan's personal guard - just hammer them with physical attacks.

The girls in the room will give you some advice, a Shimmering Headband, and provide healing. Now head to the central door behind the throne room. Do this before confronting Benan. The Immortal's Key will give you access. The monsters down here are tough and give a variety of status effect - make sure you have a way to protect against silence for Felana and Anmin, and use your best skills. They also drain mana. The eastern chest has 350 sols, and the western has Desert Berries. There are two sparkles in between the sets of pillars - more Contorted Stones. You will have to fight a miniboss, a Fallen Mage. If you have to, go get healed again before trying to fight the boss, but if you have Limit Breaks that helps a lot.

Remember the door you couldn't access to the northeast? Now that you've activated the switch, it's open. Head up there and interact with the blue orb - Trila will do the rest. Back to the central northern exit to fight Benan - or more accurately, his guards. The Vampiress just uses blood drain. Concentrate on the succubi instead - Felana's Crippling Sunder helps here. Once they are out, just wear down the Vampiress. You'll get a cutscene and now Trila and Anmin are on their own.

Seashore[edit | edit source]

You will not be able to come back her, so explore thoroughly. The Soaring Piranhas can hit multiple times, so make sure Trila has some sort of knockdown skill set. If you've been clearing a lot of monsters, Anmin should have her Healing Wave skill available - it should be set now that Felana is gone. Head east along the beach for a chest with 150 sols. Go back to the starting point and go north to get more sols. Work your way east and a little south for another chest with a Barnacle Shield for Trila. Stay in the water and head to the far northeast for another chest for 250 sols. Wend your way between the rocks on between the last two chests to get to the eastern shore. Go all the way south for a Naval Hammer. Go all the way north and talk to the lady, you will get rescued by Palind.

You will now fight a number of battles on a ship. Palind's Noble Presence helps here with the multiple Soaring Piranhas. If you stripped Palind of his gear before the Possessed Undead miniboss, make sure to reequip him here. Also, Anmin's Thunderstrike is good here.

Massacred Village[edit | edit source]

You get on the docks to a scene of destruction. Go south and west to speak with Krudrick for some flavor. To the east is Lyrillian for some more flavor. Go to the house between them, there is a chest with a child’s toy to the north, and more importantly, a sparkle which is another Contorted Stone to the west.

Leave to the southwest. You will immediately be transported to the Immortals Camp. Speak with everyone, especially the two queens and Minister Noln. You will then be transported to a campground and get a scene. Once you are back in the overland map, head east to the big tree in the middle of the forest. As a quick note, you can encounter Green Drakes here, which drop a Green Drake Scale. This item will be used later.

Immortals’ Battleground[edit | edit source]

You will be doing some battles here, and without Felana, healing will be difficult. Make sure Amin’s Healing Flood is set, and it might be good to equip her with the Mystic Hat as it halves mana costs. This should cut down on restoratives usage. You can use Anmin’s Sap as well to get back mana. Most monsters can be blinded, and the non-reptile ones knocked down. Dire Pythons can constrict and stun. Poison Frogs cause poison, of course, and the Cockatrices can both blind and stun.

Head north from the entrance to get a chest with 200 sols. Head north and talk to Krudrick, and fight him. Not hard at all. Work your way all the way east and find a chest with an Exotic Fruit. Head back west a little, without going too far north, to find a chest with an Iron Vine. Despite the name, this is a shield slot item. If you have been killing plenty of monsters along the way, at level 24 Palin learns Lifejolt. Now go north to where Lyrillian is. You get a scene, and then fight a boss. You might want to use Limit Breaks here. Anmin’s Thunderstrike and Trila’s Intense Slash seem to work well on it.

Head west, Anmin will say she has a bad feeling. This abomination is unbeatable, and the party is split again and sent to some sort of spirit realm but healed. The Undead Toads and Moss-covered Skeletons are weak to fire and can be Launched. Go north past the first intersection, and at the second intersection, the western path leads to a chest with a glass sword for Trila. Head to the east path and north to get to a sparkle, which is an exit out.

You will be back in the battleground, and as Trila says, have an option to go either north or south. Some new monsters - the Undead Toads and Moss-covered Skeleton you just fought - have been added to the area. You should go south, but first head directly north to a chest with a Pure Elixir. Work your way a little south, then west and north for a chest with 200 sols. You do not want to go north to the area with the skeletons yet. From the northwest chest, head south and exit.

Work your way southeast and to roughly the center of the map to see Lyrillian. Speak to her to fight a boss, an Infested Elephant. It attacks randomly and can hit itself, but it hits like a truck. It is weak to fire, and Trila with her best skills can do damage. If you fought a lot of monsters on the way here you will either have or be close to some Limit Breaks (assuming you used them on the first boss with Lyrillian). They might come in handy. After beating it, a Contorted Stone is found, and some relationships improve.

Head back north to the starting map, and north again to where the skeletons are, and the north out the exit. You get a cutscene, poor Trila goes home, and then another cutscene with Felana. Immediately, she is thrust into battle.

Netherspace[edit | edit source]

Use Felana’s Crippling Sunder a lot here. Go south, and at the first intersection go east, unless you have levelled Felana up a lot - the monsters to the south are beatable if she is strong enough but be careful. When she gets her two companions to the east they are a lot easier. So go east, gain Felana’s companions (who are kind of invisible until later), and start killing the monsters here. Your companions will heal, so focus on using your offensive skills. Work your way to the northeast and then back south until you get to a diamond shaped area - here Felana will want to rest, and you will see a scene, and Felana will be healed afterwards. Very nice work by her companions! Work your way northeast and then south to get to a pit, and Felana is now inside a Pyramid, without her friends.

Pyramid[edit | edit source]

You cannot come back here, so make sure to get everything. The monsters aren’t that tough - Felanas Crippling Sunder helps here as most monsters are vulnerable to it. Also, this can seem like something of a maze, but just explore a lot and it will become clearer.

From your starting point, go north for a chest with 300 sols. Then go back south and east for a chest with a Pure Elixir. Work your way southeast for another chest with Exotic Fruit. As you are making your way through the pyramid, you should see some orange blocks, which act as walls, and orange buttons, which are switches. The first switch you can access is to the north. When it is depressed, it blocks off the room just southeast with a rope to the second floor. You can walk back over it to put it to the up position to get to the 2nd floor, but don’t do that just yet. Work your way to the southeast for a chest with a pure tonic, depressing the 2nd switch you can access along the way. Now go to the room with the rope and up. You will see a second room with a rope which you cannot access, yet.

On the second floor, go up and east and drop down the chute. Open the chest for The Mute. This is an item you will be using shortly. Activate the switch to get out of the room, then go back upstairs. Go west and activate the switch, then back downstairs. This gets you access to the switch on the first floor to the west, which when depressed, opens up access to the room to the east with the other rope up. Take it to the 2nd floor.

From here, go east to the room with a sparkle between two chests. The bottom chest contains a Burial Mask, the sparkle is a Contorted Stone, and the top chest is a Dark Mimic. Use The Mute immediately to silence it (use it from the item menu during battle). Crippling Sunder can blind it and from there just beat it down - no need to use Felana’s Limit Break. Beating it gets you Earth Boots, which teaches Health X, a fantastic skill.

Dark Mimic Tips: The Mute card doesn't last forever, so if you are low level, it may be hard to beat. The Dark Mimic seems to start healing at 50% HP, so get it down to almost that, heal/buff, then use the card and attack as quickly as possible.

There are some switches to the southeast, and an old man, Bartoleo, to the west. Speak with him for some plot progression. The leftmost switch to the southeast should be depressed, the rightmost left alone. The switch past Bartoleo should be left up, this gives you access to the rope to the south past it. Climb and search the relic, but first, face the Colossal Mummy. Felana’s Limit Break helps, as well as Crippling Sunder. You will be transported down to the first floor on a red rug. Go west and north and get a chest with a Mage cape and a sparkle - another Contorted Stone. Go back east and north - there is another switch here which will allow you to go back into the rest of the first floor, in case you missed anything. Go north to fight a weak Immortal - he does try to cast Silence - and exit the Pyramid.

Andenville[edit | edit source]

You can speak with some NPC’s for a little bit of updated dialogue, then go back to Felana’s old house to reunite with Trila. After that you get a cutscene, and are now in the Southern Ruins

Dark Ruins[edit | edit source]

In this section, you must use Soul Lanterns to clear doorways. It is possible to get trapped if you waste them, or miss good items, so it is strongly advised to make a save at the beginning of this dungeon. The dungeon isn't so hard to figure out, but this path should work:

1) Collect the two Soul Lanterns in the first room.

2) Unlock the left door, opening the main hallway.

3) Travel all the way to the left and collect the three Soul Lanterns.

4) Open the fourth door from the right on the top. Inside is the Tower Key, which is all you actually need.

5) Clear the bottom left passage. The first door requires a Soul Lantern, the others have enemies. You will pick up two Soul Lanterns and the Ancient Key at the end.

6) Unlock only one of the northwestern two doors. Unlocking the other is a waste, so don't. Pick up the Soul Lantern.

7) Use the Ancient Key on the door and collect the three Contorted Stones.

8) Open the second door from the left on the bottom, then go right through two more doors (all require Soul Lanterns). This will let you pick up the Dark Katana.

9) Open the furthest right door on the top, pick up the Soul Lantern, then open the door to the left to get a Pure Elixir.

Now you can go through the central door in the first room! There are still some unopened rooms and you should have extra Soul Lanterns, but there is nothing else important. Look around if you want, then advance to the stairs.

Save before going up! There is a challenge segment and a long plot scene.

Things start with a chase sequence and your goal is to not get caught even once! Run to the right immediately, avoiding the holes and rubble. The only difficult part is near the end, when a guard comes running from the other direction. Wait a bit to let him come through the narrow point, then dodge around him!

Once you reach the right end of the screen, the story will take over. Enjoy the scenes!

You cannot get the treasure chest until later in the game. Instead, the game switches to Anmin.

Nordeaux Area[edit | edit source]

You now get a new party member, Lyrillian. She is the classic glass cannon, able to hit hard but can’t take much damage. She can equip katanas and dual-wield. You may want to equip her with the Dark Katana now or wait until you learn skills from her other gear, your choice. You get two redshirts (they are called Bodyguards) with you as well, but these won’t last long. The monsters in this area aren’t too tough, but if you are under leveled you may want to try to keep the redshirts alive to soak damage. Explore south and then west through the gap in the mountains, to the area with stone formations and a ruin. Entering the ruin gives Anmin a bad feeling, and you can’t go past the first room, but you can get a Tonic Ultimate from the chest. Exit, move south down to the bridge, and the guards there will kill your redshirts and you will be transported to the cave to the east (if you tried to enter there before, Lyrillian would have refused to enter).

Nordeaux Tunnel[edit | edit source]

In the cave, Lyrillian comes to a realization that she’s been awful, and has a heart-to-heart (and hand to… wand?) moment with Anmin. Move east to find a pail with a sparkle that heals. The monsters here aren’t that tough and give you a chance to try Lyrillian’s skills - use her Silent Blow on mages, her Blade Dance on fighters (it causes confusion) and go back to the healing pail if you need to. Moving east, take the first north for a chest with 200 sols. Go back down and a little west and head south. The first left leads nowhere, the downward path leads out, so go east. Go south, and if you take the first eastern exit this leads to another way out, so go back and continue south. This takes you to a chest with a Desert Berry Extract. Go back to the room with the healing pail.

Now go east. You will come to a room with 4 branching corridors, from north to south. This is a puzzle area - in the corridors you will be transported between or within them. There are monsters here (undead are weak to fire) so start clearing them out. There are four items of interest here - a monster in the top corridor to the east, a chest that switches between the middle corridors, a sparkle in the top-middle corridor (a Contorted Stone) and a red orb in the bottom corridor, which acts as a switch. The puzzle is somewhat convoluted but not that hard - the orb and sparkle can be accessed first, and when the monster in the top corridor is killed you will get access to the chest with a Spirit Trident for Felana.

Go back to the healing pail area, then south and work your way west to the exit there.

Mountain Path[edit | edit source]

You’ll come out in a little area surrounded by mountains. Go south to the little oasis looking area, there are three chests here with 100 sols, a Winged Lute (this item is important) and another with 100 sols. There is also a sparkle here (another Contorted Stone). Go back to the Nordeaux Tunnel. Work your way south and east to the other exit. You get a scene, and then are back in the Nordeaux area. Head south to the big mountain.

Nordeaux Mountain[edit | edit source]

Talk to the man at the beginning for some flavor and plot information. There is a bucket here that heals you - this includes the KO’d status. Head up the first vine to the landing, if you interact with the boulder, you’ll see it can be moved. The undead monsters here are weak to fire. The Ghulhai Knight is immune to fire. The Winged Ogres can knock the characters down and launch them airborne. Take the left vine up, and move the boulders to access the left vine for a chest with 300 sols, then move the boulders and take the right vine.

Moving boulders along the way, head to the next landing with three vines leading up. The left vine goes nowhere, the right vine leads to a landing with three chests, two sparkles (Contorted Stones) and a boss fight. You may want to use one or both of your Limit Breaks here. In the chests are the Blade of Humility, Earth Hammer and Tormented Shield. Go back down two landings and take the middle vine up out of the area.

You get another boss fight with a Possessed Immortal. Hopefully you are high enough level (level 27) to get Lyrillian’s Edge Frenzy, which comes in handy here. It’s possible to beat it without it though. After going through the door, you get a cutscene, and are now back in control of Felana and Trila.

Mondeville[edit | edit source]

Work your way up, fighting monsters as you go. Make sure you go into the armorer’s house and save them from the monster. You get an Obsidian Bracer, a Poltergeist Hat, a Black Wool Cloak and a Mondeville Charm. Further north, in the weapon store, you get a sparkle (Contorted Stone) and can shop. Keep heading north until you get to the last monster. This boss fight isn’t that tough, although you may want to use Limit Breaks if they are available. It can be knocked down with Trila to make things easier. After this you are transported to Palind’s compound for an extended cutscene, and then end up in Noln’s Castle.

Noln's Castle[edit | edit source]

Speak with everyone here. Minister Noln tells you to speak with a historian, who is located in the northwest of the 2nd floor - they give you a lead about a big volcano in the south of the worldmap. Also on the 2nd floor, just south of the main council chamber is a chest with 300 sols. You can access the dungeon from the stairwell in the northwest of the first floor - there is a sparkle (Contorted Stone). At this point you have 33 contorted stones if you have gotten all the ones in this walkthrough. These become important shortly.

Exit the castle to see your beautiful airship. To use the airship, interact with it. It can only land on plains, desert and tundra, not mountain, forest or sea tiles. From here on out the game gets more open ended so the order in which things get done is more open-ended, but I would save harder dungeons for last.

It is strongly recommended to go to the Sacrificial Site first. Otherwise, you can do events in any order. There will be suggestions for easier orders below. Here is a map to help you navigate:

Labeled world map for Desecration of Wings.
Labeled world map for Desecration of Wings. External link.

Sacrificial Site[edit | edit source]

It’s located in the northwest of the main continent in the Nordeaux area. After Felana opens the door, go north to the blue flame to fight a Darkwing Guardian. This guy hits hard but can be blinded with Felana’s Crippling Sunder. If it is blinded, however, it gets off an AoE twice per round that can wipe the party. Set Felana’s Broad Healing for sure and use Limit Breaks if you have them. Hit it hard with your best attacks as you can rest afterwards. Go to the bookshelves and read the books.

Now you have a plan for two different endings to the game. The first, which is the normal ending, is in the volcano as Noln's historian suggested. From there you can basically blow up the world while giving Palin a "fuck-you" blowjob. This scene will also be available in the gallery if you get the true ending as well. So probably best to go for the true ending. For what we’ll call the True Ending you need to do 9 things, as outlined by Felana. Acquire three Soulstones, create three channels through the wings, and defeat three elder abominations. As Felana suggests, the last part - killing the abominations - is the hardest, so leave these until later.

Now the party has a base of operations. You can rest in the bed. The altar above it should be inspected next. This is where you put all of those Contorted Stones into - you will need 70 for the True Ending, but the ones we have now are enough to activate it (you need 30). Interact with it twice (the second time uses 10 stones). You will get a scene. Rest afterwards and you will receive a Purple Seed. This is for Felana - it raises the TP of equipped items by 25, so save it and use when you need to raise TP on one or more items. There will be powerful items down the road with abilities in the 75-100 TP range so you might want to save these seeds for them. As you rest in the bed throughout the game you get more seeds. Red for Trila, blue for Anmin and pink for Lyrillian.

There is blue flame at the top of the dungeon now which is not a monster but can be used to check on your progress toward the True Ending. Also, Barteolo will be in the first room and will give you cryptic hints each time you speak with him. Keep feeding stones into the altar, and after the 3rd time you get the Winged Harp. Remember to keep coming back here to feed stones to the altar (in groups of 10) and rest for those seeds.

Here is a link to a map GuyIconic created with labels for the locations you will now have access to with the airship. You now have nine different goals, many of which have subgoals. The walkthrough won't cover them in complete detail, but will identify all the locations and give more information.

Collect Three Soulstones

These usually don't require any combat, just events and scenes. They are found in the following locations:

  1. The brothel in Keep Nordreaux (no requirements). Hint - go to the brothel.
  2. Benan's Palace (no requirements). Just talk to everyone.
  3. Noln's Castle (Visit Noln at his wife's grave and after the boss in the Frozen Tower. Then return to his castle throne room and follow him into his bedroom.)

Open Three Channels

These take the form of crystals, usually found in dungeons. They're not easy dungeons, but may be good to do early, as they will earn you levels for optional bosses. They are found in the following locations:

  1. Dark Ruins (south of Andenville, then go through the right door - no dungeon!)
  2. Forest of Shadow (in the middle of the largest forest area in the south)
  3. Cave of Death (the igloo in the eastern part of the continent)

Defeat Three Abominations

Three optional bosses that are pretty hard. Each also has different requirements for reaching or defeating them. They are found in the following locations:

  1. The Broken Shore - You can fight it any time, but only using a new character. Winning will be much easier if you have the following items:
    • Growing Seed - Steel Sheep prize, Mondeville
    • Spiked Seed - treasure rater with 80 rating, Exploration Guild
    • Ominous Seed - Combat fishing prize, Fenville
    • Pulsating Seed - chest, Cave of Death B2
    • Cold Seed - southwest chest in Domanior's Dungeon--the soulstone building at the Immortal's Compound that you could not access before. In order to unlock the door to this chest, you need the left and right fragments. These are dropped by enemies in the other two buildings in the Immortal's Compound.
  2. Ancient Tower - The tower is in the southwest corner of the map, but you need three winged instruments to get to the top:
    • Winged Lute - Found in the secret mountain lake in Nordeaux region (entrance from the tunnels).
    • Winged Drum - Go to Touleville (NE of Kolis). There's a client who can only pay with a key. This unlocks the mine, and the drum is right there.
    • Winged Harp - Reward for collecting Contorted Stones.
  3. Bloody Labyrinth - You can walk right into the dungeon (in the north) but the boss and enemies are the hardest in the game, so I recommend saving it for last.

Post-game quests and order[edit | edit source]

Above is a listing of all the essential quests to get the true ending. But if the number of events in the world seems overwhelming or you want to find all the secrets, here is a listing of events grouped by difficulty. A few secrets may be missing.

Reward characters

Several characters and locations hand over good items for your total accomplishments. Check back with them once you have accomplished more of their goals for new items.

  • Treasure Hunter Lady - Talk to her any time you've opened about ten more treasure chests.
  • Contorted Stones - Turn them in at the Sacrificial Altar in groups of ten.
  • Sacrificial Bed - Sleep in the bed by the Sacrificial Altar occasionally to receive more colored seeds.
  • Dragon's Tower - Once you've finished with keys, turn them in here and choose which items you want.
  • Final Client - Unlike the others, you want to do this quest last. Don't agree to the man in the Guild until you've done all of Felana's other events and you'll get a better reward.

Easy Quests

These are quests that don't require much combat, so they're easy to do early if you need to get stronger. Some also give some good items to get skills from later.

  • Eastern Island - Free money.
  • Touleville - The town doesn't have anything too fancy, but it has free stuff and new equipment.
  • Store of Secrets - Some good items and skills are sold here.
  • Extreme Fishing - Spend at least 10 hours playing this minigame.
  • Drake Scales - None of the drakes are very hard and it gives you a really great armor.
  • Combat Fishing - One of the easier combat areas.

Slime Island - A circular island northwest of the continent with enemies that give high rewards. It should be necessary to use it if you do all other quests.[edit | edit source]


Some of these may be too difficult at first, but they give valuable equipment. Generally easier than the abominations.

  • Frozen Tower - Found on the world map.
  • Mondeville - Has two bosses: the sheep in the north and the wraith in the bar basement.
  • Andenville - Return to the monument from the beginning of the game.
  • Immortal's Compound - Dungeon found in the northeast building.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Where are the five drake scales?[edit | edit source]

All the drakes can be found on the world map, though some can be found elsewhere. They are used to get the Dragon Armor, used by both Trila and Lyrillian from the blacksmith in Fyon. They can usually be found within a few battles of these locations:

  • Green: In the forest around the jungle area, where the Immortals fight. Also in the small area around the Exploration Guild.
  • Blue: The river area where you had only Anmin and Lyrillian, near Keep Nordeaux.
  • Black: Around the sacrificial altar site.
  • Red: Near the volcano.
  • White: Frozen areas such as the island in the far east pole.

How do I protect against Silence? or How do I beat enemies that keep silencing me?[edit | edit source]

Protection from silence is extremely important for your casters! While many of the items and skills later in the game include it, you want a way to block silence ASAP. There are two good early options:

  • Unvoiced - taught by the Mage's Cape, which can be purchased in Kolis
  • Mageguard - taught by the Mystic Hat, which is found in the tower guarded by the Winged Lamia

Mageguard is strictly superior to Unvoiced but may not be available. There is a free Mage's Cape in a treasure chest in the pyramid.

How do I do a low-level run?[edit | edit source]

As indicated at the top of the page, there are rewards for getting to the first part of airship exploration at level 19 or below. This guide is not intended to help with that. If someone wants to add additional knowledge on how to do this, that's fine. But here are some general thoughts - note that these are theoretical. There is a Steam achievement for doing this

- Do the best you can to avoid all blue flames. These monsters will give you experience.

- Purchase the Soulstone Bell as soon as you get to Kolis - this will prevent overland map encounters.

- Fight bosses and only bosses whenever you can.

- Every item you equip your team with should be focused on status effects. The list of status effects on bosses is not comprehensive, so there are those not listed which may work. Knock down, launching, poison and so forth can be the key to many victories.

- At the same time, defending against the enemies most important status effects can be super important to give you an action advantage. Every turn one of your characters is pushed back, for example, is a turn they can't act.

- Healing items - especially fruits, which are relatively cheap, may also help.

- The Steam achievement reads "Reach endgame with an average party level below 20." If this means getting to the normal ending, it might be possible. If it means getting to the true ending, I'm not sure. If it means getting to the point where you get an airship, then this has actually been done.