Chapter 2 travel timer

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Once you start the free roaming section of the Chapter 2 there is a hidden timer counting the number of days you have taken to arrive at the cutscene at the Feroholm region after you have both rescued Varia and dealt with The Impaler. Certain events will add to this timer.

The run starts!

Unmissable events[edit | edit source]

  • Simply by leaving Yhilin Outskirts to visit the Stineford region adds 5 days.
  • Going from the Stineford region to the Feroholm region adds 5 days.
  • Entering the Bounty Hunter camp to go after Varia adds 5 days.

Optional[edit | edit source]

  • The first time you travel back to the Stineford region adds 1 day.
  • Going back to the Feroholm region is 1 day.
  • Going back to explore Devil's Pass adds 2 days just for looking for new tunnels.
  • Going back to the cache adds 5 days.
  • Going back to the optional dungeon area adds 10 days.
  • Entering the slime infested merchant camp adds 10 days.
  • Retrieving the baggage in Rebel's pass adds 5 days.
  • Exploring the shrine for Stark's head adds 2 days.
  • Going to the Withered Mountain to recruit them adds 5 days.

Free actions[edit | edit source]

  • Stay at an inn or in camp. (Simon is a very light sleeper?) Also he can magically enter camp without traversing any distance in Stineford.
  • Exploring any map area not listed above including the succubus tower, Feroholm or Stineford themselves, additional maps within areas that already cost you days to enter.
  • Exiting Feroholm to start the Impaler showdown.

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

  1. If you want 5000 Sx you might want to spend the extra time finishing the lost baggage quest. (Recommended to skip entirely unless you're really poor.)
  2. If you need the improvements to your army and future battle results, you will want to spend the 5 days to do Withered Mountain. Also you get the first optional harem member.
  3. If you want the improvement to your army's synergy score you'll need Stark's head.
  4. You should skip going back to any other area if you can, or going back to anything in general that doesn't meet the above suggestions.

Results[edit | edit source]

We can check on how we did by seeing what Simon says after: "The first stage of preparations is complete." Exact mechanical spoilers:

"Days" spent Simon says Result
<16 "I'm surprised we finished the first stage of preparation so quickly." +5 social, +3 economic, and +1 religious standing.
16-29 "We've made better time than I expected." +3 social, +2 economic standing.
30-49 "We've made solid time - this is a good start." +2 social, +1 economic standing.
50-69 "We took our time to get everything right, but it's done." +1 social standing.
70-99 "It's taken much longer than I expected, but it's done." No changes.
100+ "I'm concerned about just how long it took, but it's done." -1 social standing.

Special notes[edit | edit source]

Outside of the secret stat gains, the result also affects how efficiently Simon deals with the caravan route planing task during his captivity in the Orgasmic Empire. The best possible result requires a day number of 24 or less.

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