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Brace yourselves, this one is strong!
Usually they appear at the end (or near the end at least) of each update. Some of them are alone and others have company. Usually they don't drop any kind of special loot or reward.[1]

Plot Bosses[edit | edit source]

Riala, in all her glory.

Riala[edit | edit source]

Withered Mountain fortress

Your little party has to beat two Elite Succubi and a powerful succubus mage. She is much too strong to be defeated at that point in the game (except by cheating and even then they give 0 EXP/Sx), so the best advice is that you should not spend any of your consumables on this hopeless fight. Also remove your equipment beforehand, because the fight will end faster and you will retain Tal's and Altina's gear.

Cache Guardian[edit | edit source]

Incubus King's old cache

It will spawn after Yarra joins the party. Simon's Silencing Strike will remove a lot of its damage threat, inflicting Blind with either Simon's Blinding Strike or Aka's Blinding Stab will remove the rest of it. There's a minor fight before you are allowed to heal via the camp again so make sure that your party is healthy enough so it can survive that as well (approximately half health on everyone should be fine).

Chimera[edit | edit source]

In the trail

The Chimera's main attacks all revolve around physical offense, so Aka's Weakening Stab reduces its damage output a lot. Coupled with Blind (which it resists slightly), its damage output is reduced severely. It does have an AoE Poison attack, but it's also immune to Silence meaning you're going to have to endure it. Battlefield Medicine removes the status effect if it becomes necessary.

Lead Slaver[edit | edit source]

Meeting hall

Unremarkable in all aspects. Provided that your entire party is in good health, you shouldn't have any kind of troubles with him[2]. It's entirely possible to solo this with Simon but you'll piss off the girls (and rightfully so).

Portal Demon[edit | edit source]

At the academy

Portal Demon summons the enemies that you already fought and killed in the dungeon, with its only real threat is allowing it to live for (far too many) turns where it will hit you with a very powerful AoE that might even one-shot some characters. Just setup your team to take advantage of the enemies you fought in the dungeon (my preference being Simon, Yarra, Aka, Robin). You get as much as 1,748 EXP and 316 Sx for your efforts[3].

Slaver Ringleader[edit | edit source]

Slaver warehouse

He has a good punch, but is vulnerable to the Poisoned Blade[4]. He is entirely single target. Beware of his minions frequently using the Heal spell[5], an easy way to stop this is to simply Silence them (as an aside, these are the exact same minions in the dungeon so things like Flirt also work). You get 724 EXP and 198 Sx when you defeat them.

Seed of Corruption[edit | edit source]

Sineford's Mine

Gotta just get down and dirty with this one. It blocks most common status effects except the usual Aka debuffs, Blind and heavily resists Stun, but it's vulnerable to Fire. This one uses primarily single target physical AND magical strikes to make tanking it a bit difficult. In addition, it can Silence the entire party making mages difficult to use. If you're using Hilstara's Shieldwall, be aware of her health as its Tangling Tentacles can deal close to 600 damage in addition to inflicting Paralyze. Use Simon's Battlefield Medicine to rectify it if necessary. Prize: 1,270 EXP plus 518 Sx.

Ogre[edit | edit source]

Devil's Pass

He acts more like a mini-boss rather than a full fledged one, although the reason why becomes apparent when you look in the optional boss area. Its AoE skill (Whirling Club) is not powerful against a rested party, but it could generate some troubles but nothing unmanageable[6]. The Ogre is susceptible to a surprising number of status effects like Mad Lust Long, Blind, and Poison so look into those options if it's giving you trouble. Don't forget to loot the corpse nearby for a Dwarven Helm. The experience & money that you get[7] is pretty nice too.

Noble Scion[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina Palace

Personally, a fun fight. First off, do NOT Silence either Guardian Mage; they will use a potion to heal up the next round, removing all status effects and basically healing them to full. It might be tempting to focus on the Scion but the Scion has honestly horrible damage output and should be ignored in favor of focusing on the mages. Both Mages have access to a defensive aura and if two of them get cast on the same turn, your damage output drops VERY significantly. The mages are weak towards Ice and can be Poisoned and Stunned (Simon makes a very good stunbot). Once the major threats has been taken down, feel free to make the Noble feel the heat via Fire spells.[8] He drops a Shining Sword, 2,167 EXP and 1,500 Sx.

Unhuman[edit | edit source]

Yhilini Manor

He has very poor agility, so it can be forced to attack after Hilstara, if you slow them with Aka's Crippling Strike.[9] His Inhuman Aura magic attack affects the whole party. He shares with other Unmen their weakness against Lightning so a Level 21 Robin[10] is a formidable asset against him. In any case, you could try to increase her magical power with appropriate gear and Qum's Arousing Kiss[11].

You get 3,119 EXP, but no money. His defeat implies the end of the dungeon, so take your time to check that you had got all the gear available.

Varia's Second[edit | edit source]

Varia's Lair

This fight could be a cakewalk or something more challenging depending on the level and composition of your party. If your Simon has already reached level 26, the possibility of using AoE skills like Simon's Commanding Presence, Yarra's Haze of Sex or Altina's elemental storms[12] will take care of all the minions in a couple of turns[13]. Hilstara's Shieldwall and good equipment allows her to tank for the mages, allowing them to do the hurting. 2,417 EXP & 1,003 Sx are your reward, plus a new harem member of course.

Stone Gargoyles[edit | edit source]

Old Fortress

A couple of tough gargoyles attack when you try to access the basement. They have very high HP and are resistant to Fire but they are weak against Ice[14]. They are also immune to most status effects except Stun and Confusion. They can be especially hard if your party is low in mana and/or health. They give you 4,694 EXP so they are good to level up the party before the arrival of the Horde. Plus they are great guardians for the group[15].

Aramite Elite[edit | edit source]


A tough Aramite Elite, accompanied by four soldiers. As both Carina and Varia are relatively frail, it is recommended that you use Hilstara's Shieldwall and Carina's Shield of Purity. Among his attacks he can Blind, Stun or Silence a single target, so equip your party with the appropriate Pins. After that try to raise your defense and target first the normal soldiers. The Elite is weak to Fire and has 5,000 HP and the soldiers weak to Fire and 1,500 HP. So Carina can use a Burning Staff if you have the time to let her use her standard attack.

If you have a Reshaped Varia, then both she and Hilstara can use Encourage. Having both of them use Encourage on Varia on the first turn means that Varia can use Furious Strikes on Turn 2 to do a formidable amount of damage per hit, possibly one-shotting up to three guards if she has good enough gear and even taking down the main soldier in one hit if she scores a good crit. For defense just have Carina spam Shield of Purity twice and then top off anyone who was hit too hard.

You get 3,790 EXP and 1,052 Sx.

Esthera[edit | edit source]

Empress' Private Training Grounds

You can fight her thrice[16] in the last part of the Simon's visit to her country. Each time, the fight will be tougher. General equipment advice: despite the animation, the Empress attacks are physical and go against the Defense stat. Equip your Simon accordingly and the damage taken could be reduced. Also note that Simon can use Claws to further increase his defense.

The first spar is pretty easy. My Simon was not at the top of his health [17] so I combined Precise Strike and Health Potions and I beat her without trouble. An alternative strategy is to use normal strikes and not special strikes with suppress lust when you got 10 SP for healing. Use Precise Strike when you got enough SP pool. You heal more than you can be damaged. You get 3,490 EXP for this fight and Simon's skill Suppress Lust is converted to Lust Renewal.

The second one is tougher. It's possible using the Lust Pastry that you should have got helping the Office Supervisor. If you don't have it, try to use a Large Health Potion. It's perfectly possible to win this fight without any healing items if you got a massage from the baths first, the health regeneration effect of invigoration will buy you the extra turn you need and you'll want to visit the baths at some point because you get an RP bonus with Nalili the first time you visit the baths after sleeping with her, so it's the perfect opportunity. For the offensive, don't bother with Unified Strike, just use Precise Strike. You get 5,825 EXP and increase Simon's Lust gain per turn.

As with Riala in the Prologue, you're not meant to win the third fight so no reward if you somehow do. In any case, you learn a new skill, King's Aura.

Canid Abomination[edit | edit source]

Outside of the Hole Prison

My proposed party is Vhala, Hilstara, Altina, and Varia (so no succubi on the party and we see why in the next paragraph).

You trigger its appearance by interacting with the red ward. It has a lot of HP and it resists both Sex, Ice, Fire and Lightning, but not Altina's Quake. As it uses a Sex attack, it's good to use Vhala's Unperson Aura (but doing so binds the Sex skills of the succubi: that is part of the reasoning behind the stated selection) in the first turn. Altina's Quake is also an obvious choice, Varia should stick with Blade Dance or Furious Strikes. As you're protected from its Sex attack, use Hilstara to buff the party by Encourage.

It gives you 5,293 EXP and 1,107 Sx, and the end of the fight returns you to Simon's group.

Redlight Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Doomed King's Headquarters

You can't choose your party, so you're stuck with Hilstara, Aka and Nalili. There is a minor variation if the orc extermination motion was passed or failed. In the former case, you will be attacked. In the latter one, you will be on the offensive and will have a sparring fight first, it will net you 978 EXP (don't rush it and try to get Nalili at maximum HP for the real fight).

In any case, if you're really unlucky, Nalili can be out in the first turn. That would grant a reload, as the fight has just gotten tougher. In the first turn, Hilstara should use Shieldwall (to keep the others from dying prematurely), Nalili Orgasmic Strike and Aka Forceful Lunge on the mage (he has a Heal spell that can prolong the fight too much for the group). In the second turn, use Hold the Line! to increase the group's defense (DEF & MDF). Both Nalili and Aka should try to take the mage down. In successive turns use Hilstara's Encourage to buff the hitters (Aka first as Nalili is more fragile).

The EXP obtained is 4,369 with no Sx or items associated to the victory (as they flee the scene).

Mastermind's Unhumans[edit | edit source]

Hidden Stronghold

You get to pick your party before entering the place, and you can't change it once inside. I suggest Simon, Yarra, Aka and Carina. (Simon and Yarra are impossible to change.) Once inside, make sure that you are suitably equipped before the timer starts.

You trigger the guards when you enter the mastermind's chamber: an Arcane Unhuman and an Unhuman Failure. Both have lots of HP and an AoE that deals damage to all party members and Sexbinds all succubi (it seems to be triggered by the first use of sex magic in combat), as well as an individual attack with the same effect. If you are lucky, you might be able to Blind them, and if you are really lucky, Stun them.

Aka's suggested because of her Disabling Assault, and Carina - because of her Shield of Purity. Simon's King's Aura buff can also come in handy when you gather the SP for it. The Unhuman Failure is weak to Sex, but Yarra is mostly useless due to Sexbind. Surprisingly, Carina's Calming Aura can remove Sexbind, but it's often rendered moot if an Unhuman can attack after her.

They drop 6,938 EXP and no Sx.

Ginasta[edit | edit source]

Yhilin Palace

Once you complete at least two of the objectives in the Govern Yhilin quest, upon entering the main hall of the palace you will be confronted by Ginasta, who has come to slay the Doom King.

It's pretty important that you try to finish the fight as quick as you as Sierra has confirmed that:

You're right, Ginasta follows a strict rotation. At the start, two out of every three attacks will do you no harm, but as the battle goes on she drops her weakest attack and it gets harder. I'm getting a lot of people saying they annihilated her before she even got out of the second cycle, but I'm glad to see she's providing a strategic challenge to most people.

She is a quite strong one. Main difficulty is that most of your usual damage dealers are pretty much unable to touch her. So the most important part is to chose your party for this fight, you can do it before fighting her. The ones able to really hit her are Simon himself and Robin (super family!), so Robin's presence is a must. Two others places should be reserved to healers/buffers. Ginasta is able to two-shot anyone, so two healers are much better that one.

Ginasta heals 600 hp every turn, and is able to heal about 2400 while buffing all her parameters. The only saving grace is the fact that she occasionally tries to destroy your control over your 'slaves' which does about 10 damage to party - turn lost for her.

So I advise to take Robin, Qum and Carina. White mages use their buffs and heal party, while Simon and Robin use their most powerful attacks. And victory will be yours in the end.

For my part, I have beaten her with Simon, Robin, Aka and Qum. I recommend that you prioritize the following stats (by equipping the characters with appropriate gear): the ATK stat for Aka and Simon (or any other hitter like Varia for instance) and the MAG stat for the other two. At the start you should debuff her with Aka's Disabling Assault (it's entirely possible that you miss some tries, as Ginasta's EVA stat seems to be high) and starting to reduce her life with Simon and Robin. Use Qum's Arousing Aura to buff (and heal, that is the reason that you need the best MAG stat that you can get) your party. Use Simon's Support if you need to revive Qum. For the other members, use Qum instead.

There also people that have defeated her with a party of Simon, Robin, Aka and Carina/Varia. On the other hand, there is no much room to include Yarra, Hilstara or Nalili.

You get 9,999 EXP and no money for that.

Seeds of Corruption[edit | edit source]

Forest of the First Root

This battle has two stages. First you have to kill the Corrupted Guard. He is also considered a boss, but not a particularly strong one. He is easily Stunned and then killed in two turns without even striking back. He is an archer, so has similar abilities to Vhala's. Prize: 5295 EXP plus 2500 Sx.

After some discussion, where you can't heal (not that it is necessary) or change your party, Seeds of Corruption will attack. They act similar to the one you met in the mine, but there are three of them and they are stronger. Still they can Silence and Paralyze you, plus use corrupt energy, so Unperson and Crusader's stuff could be useful. I think they forfeit sexual attacks, if you are all immune.

I used Simon, Varia, Robin and Aka. Seeds are weak to Fire, so Robin's Lance works well, as does Varia's Blade Dance or Furious Strikes. Prize: 9,810 EXP plus 954 Sx.

Blood Ward[edit | edit source]

Zirantian Ruins

The Blood Ward resists most elements, but is weak to Ice and slightly weak to Sex. It is immune to most status effects, including Poison and Lust statuses. All its attacks are magical. It has a strong Blood Drain attack which drains HP from the whole party, which it can only use on the first turn and every alternate turn thereafter, but the chance is about the same as using one of its other attacks. Its other attacks are moderate-strength magical attacks which inflict either Sexbind or Stun status.

It is accompanied by four ordinary weak Ward Fragments, resistant to most elements, but not to Quake or physical damage.

A good party is Altina, Qum, Varia, and either Yarra or Hilstara depending on whether you are taking too much damage. Altina can lead with Quake to clear out the Ward Fragments, then use Ice on the boss. Qum can use Arousing Aura and heal. Varia can Blade Dance the boss. Uyae may not be a good choice for this fight - if she powers up her physical attacks, her magic defense will decrease and leave her vulnerable to the boss's attacks... and if you just want a healer, Qum is available.

Unusually, you can retry this fight if you fail.

Prize: 5,657 EXP (and a dead orc).

Undead Lamia[edit | edit source]

Incubus Ruins B3

You meet her at the very end of the dungeon. She can Silence your whole party, so select your Pins well. Also, she can use Paralysis attack on one party member, and it also causes a lot of damage. Finally, she can attack twice in the same turn. In the end, she is a strong damage dealer so Aka's Disabling Assault should be used.

But she is not so hard to kill and she is also weak against Lightning. I killed her in two turns.

Prize: 6,117 EXP

Divine Claw[edit | edit source]

Ordeal of the Claw

Once you finished the dungeon you'll be greeted by a welcoming committee at the exit. The Divine Claw is strong, but unable to one-shot your party members, he is also weak against Fire and can be Stunned. He is escorted by two Assistants, they are not even worth mentioning, but can use same skills as Aka at the beginning. Still, after the first turn Claw will summon two Doppelgangers (even if he is Stunned and even after multiple tries I failed to kill him in one turn). These ones are not weak against Fire, but still can be dealt with. Prize: 8,188 EXP.

After that you'll be attacked by a mob of Zealots, but they are totally worthless. Prize: 656 EXP.

As per plot reasons you can not loot bodies there, so no Sx for you this time.

Riala's second fight[edit | edit source]

Undetermined location near the Ivala's Wall

The Riala boss fight is actually two boss fights back to back, so bring your best and get ready to rumble.

You get a moment to prepare, so arrange your party and their equipment to your liking. Note that unlike before, you can switch Vhala's equipment! You may (or may not) wish to change her bow, or give her gear to someone else who will be fighting instead of her.

The first boss is a Midnight Ogre, like the ogres you fought before, but even stronger and tougher and immune to most status effects, and comes with a single-target Stun attack called Midnight Club. It's vulnerable to both Lightning and Sex damage, but the problem is that Riala is fought immediately afterwards with no chance to change party members and she resists both of those damage types (though she resists Sex more than Lightning).

Riala has four magical attacks- a single target Lightning attack, single target Sex attack, AoE Fire attack and an AoE Lust Stun attack. Riala is not only immune to every status effect, but is also immune to every form of stat debuff so you can't lower her attack or defense. Riala's sole vulnerability is Anti-Sex damage from Vhala's Arrow of Purity and her even more powerful Arrow of Abstinence. Fortunately, weapons work equally well on both bosses and there's nothing stopping you from buffing your own stats.

  • Simon: Should probably use Precise Strike until he needs to support someone since none of his other offensive skills do anything to these two with the exception of the Dominate skill, that has a unusual (and small) effect on Riala. As usual in most of the Bosses fights, you're stuck with him.
  • Vhala: Her Defensive/Offensive Rain can weaken the Midnight Ogre and she can use Triple Shot to deal more damage when it's weak enough. Against Riala, she can use Unperson Aura to defend the party against Riala's Sex attacks and Arrow of Abstinence to do effective damage, specially if her attack is boosted.
  • Varia: Give her all the attack boosting gear you can and go to town with Blade Dance. If another party member can boost her attack she can end the fight very quickly. That's particularly true for the Dominated Varia as her twin blades are lethal.
  • Qum D'umpe: If equipped with a plug to start the fight at full TP, she can using Arousing Kiss/Arousing Aura to buff the party's attack and let them beat the bosses down faster. She can't heal Vhala though, which means either Simon needs to do it or you just need to destroy your enemies fast enough (easy enough with Varia). If both of them are in the same party, you should equip her with the Succubus Pin (if you were able to get it).
  • Robin: Though Riala resists elemental damage, she only takes 90% damage instead of 100% damage, which is still pretty workable for Robin's lances. With the right equipment Robin can resist anything Riala can throw at her (Fire, Lightning and Sex attacks) while still providing healing support.
  • Carina: Like Robin, Carina can be built to resist anything Riala can throw at the party, and with Shield of Purity can heal and defend the rest of the party.

A party with Carina and Robin won't finish the fight as quickly as a party with Varia and Qum, but they'll probably survive easier.

Of those, a party with Simon, Vhala, Robin and Carina should be a good choice to win this fight. You get 5,749 + 8,769 EXP for your efforts (but no Sx sadly).

Unsuccubus Mass[edit | edit source]

Western Ardan Mountains

It's immune to status effects and Anti-Sex damage, resists Sex attacks, and is vulnerable to Ice damage. Most of this is just informative, as with your current party about the only option is to hit it with Aka's Disabling Assault (beware that it will buff itself from time, so you will need to reapply it from time to time) and Forceful Lunge, Simon's Precise Strike, Uyae's Takedown and Vhala's Triple Shot and grind it down with damage. A proper leveled up and geared party doesn't really need Carina, but it makes the fight longer but more secure.

It gives 6,666 EXP.

Incubus Emperor[edit | edit source]

Incubus Castle

The Incubus Emperor himself has a lot of HP and is vulnerable to Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice and Earth (from Altina's Quake skill). He's immune to all status effects, and resists Fire and Poison as well as stat debuffs. He fights entirely with Physical and Fire attacks.

There are various options for a recommended party:

  • Vhala: Her skill Arrow of Abstinence works great, but you can't use her debuffs, so it's a mixed blessing. Also, her presence collides with Qum, as the succubi can't heal her.
  • Carina: Best healer for this fight, specially if you're using Vhala.
  • Qum: Although Carina is a pure healer, you shouldn't underestimate the usefulness of her buffs, especially to Varia.
  • Varia: Both versions are more than adequate against him. Just remember that she is pretty fragile compared to other party members.
  • Robin: Her skill Ice Lance should work great. Also she helps a lot with the healing, so prolong the fight a little, if needed.
  • Hilstara: Equipped with a Fire Charm, she is able to take anything the Incubus Emperor can dish out, but remember that he has some AoE skills, so this isn't foolproof.

Bring your best gear, make sure you've got a healer, assemble your party and settle in for a slugging match. Try to keep your party alive and be patient.

The prize is 29,999 EXP, plus a whole lot of things start happening, so sit back and watch the show.

Reality Leech[edit | edit source]

Extradimensional Space

It's a good choice to be the first boss of the new Chapter 4. It doesn't seem to have any remarkable AoE attacks. It resists Anti-Sex attacks and it can't be Corrupted, but you can Poison it, with Aka or Altina, and it's vulnerable to Sex Attacks, Disrupt and Lightning. It doesn't seem to be possible to apply any kind of status effect, including Simon's Corrupt, on it but you can debuff its attributes with Aka and/or Vhala, although the resistance to Anti-Sex attacks makes Vhala not the best option.

Provided that you have the required RPs, an unconventional Boss battle party of Simon, Robin, Yarra and Qum works surprisingly well. Robin's Disrupt, Yarra's Lightning Whip and Qum's Pretty Lance will bring it down swiftly, especially if you use Qum to buff the party first. More conventional boss teams, for instance Simon, Aka, Varia and Qum, also work of course, but the proposed team makes use of new synergy skills and that's good for practicing what to use and when.

In any case you get 9,999 EXP, an Abyssal Gem, but no Sx when you finish it.

Tower Nodes[edit | edit source]

Holy Plane

A really tough couple. As with the normal enemies of this dungeon, the succubi in general are not really useful here. Don't really bother with mages either, as they resist all the forms of magic. So, the pool of candidates gets a bit small: Aka, Varia, Vhala, Uyae and Hilstara (you really need a dedicated healer, so Carina is basically mandatory). As it seems that you can't debuff their offensive capabilities (but you can lower their AGI, so that may help), so both Vhala and Aka are overkill. Varia is potentially useful but you will have a very hard time keeping her alive.

Having said all of that, my proposed party is: Simon, Carina, Uyae and Hilstara. With this party, you can be fully protected on the first turn with Carina's Shield of Purity and Hilstara's Hold the Line!. Use the Aura of Might on Uyae and Simon's Precise Strike. For the next turns, my recommendation is to improve Uyae's ATK with Hilstara's Encourage (x2), and later Simon (x2). Use Carina to keep the party alive, spam Uyae's Takedown and Simon's Precise Strike (use King's Aura when it is available) and Hilstara Mighty Bash or Bash if you haven't got the Synergy Skill already.

For his part, Stormfellow suggests another approach: the Tower Nodes don't have that much HP, so unless you're very unlucky and she doesn't crit at all with Blade Dance, a properly tuned-up Varia will two-shot each node (and occasionally one-shot them with multiple crits); you'd have to be very unlucky for them to kill her fast enough to stop that. Since other damage sources are fairly optional at this point, something like Simon, Varia, Qum and Robin does the job; Varia kills them with Blade Dance, Qum buffs/heals her, Robin heals her if necessary and hits with Lances otherwise (be aware that they resist all Magic elements).

You are awarded 19,998 EXP and no Sx.

Sabitha[edit | edit source]

Zirantian Tower Foundation

Truth to be told, she is not so scary. The only real peculiarity of this fight is the fact that Simon is not here, being busy with the Fucklord, but that is not necessary a bad thing.

She is vulnerable to Lightning and Sex, Anti-Sex, and does not resist Physical, so Varia and Robin are both welcome to the party. She has a nasty AoE attack and can put a character out of the fight for two turns, so you need a healer, I'd advise Carina. For the last one I took Aka, just because she is my favorite - be advised, her Disabling Assault is less effective than usual. On the other hand Sabitha can be Poisoned.

Craven's party & strategy: Riala, Qum, Robin and Yarra (all except Yarra can heal): Qum buffs, Revive, Heal, and use her Mass Kiss to supply SP to Riala and Yarra. Robin should spam Lightning Lance. Riala can alternate between her Sexual Lance or the Bolt of Lust. Yarra's preferred skills should be Incubus King's Emissary or the Lightning Whip.

Righan has been able to beat her with just Hilstara (the video can be seen here) in a sluggish fight. He was also able to beat her with reshaped-Varia, but he admits that he needed a lot of patience and RNG to beat her.

In the end you are awarded 25,999 EXP and once again no Sx.

Demonic Guardian[edit | edit source]

Tower Depths

First of many Bosses you'll meet there (I don't think Incarnate Decree count as one now).

Firstly, the encounter will commence as soon as you are two steps away from the red flame, so be wary and ready. It attacks three and sometime four times a turn and has a nasty AoE attack/debuff. It resists Ice and Lightning, but is weak against Fire. It can also be Poisoned, quite easily I'd say.

So, there is two ways to defeat it: directly with Varia, Robin and Aka where you just outperform it in damage dealing, or you can Poison and wait it out. There you'll use Aka and Carina with Hilstara for best defense.

You'll get 9,999 EXP for it.

Shattered Flesh[edit | edit source]

Tower Depths

Boss in NE part of the dungeon. Is somewhat similar to Orcent. It has an enormous amount of health, but also has great vulnerabilities: is weak against pretty much everything, especially to Sex (3.5x) and Fire (3x) (it took over 12,000 HP per Fire Lance) but cannot be Poisoned or Stunned.

It deals lot of damage, but most importantly it has an enormous self-heal ability, that can make most of your efforts null, but thankfully this one is easy to Silence, that makes him much less dangerous.

You'll get 9,999 EXP for it.

Manifestations of Lust[edit | edit source]

Tower Depths

These are a group of three in the NW part of the dungeon. Each one is vulnerable to one magic element: Growing Lust is vulnerable to Ice, Aggressive to Fire and Unending to Lightning. Being Lusts, all three are vulnerable to Anti-Sex, but curiously they don't seem to possess any lust-based attacks, so Vhala's Anti-Sex Aura is not needed. All of their attacks seem to be physical and are quite strong. Growing Lust has a couple of buff skills (one increases their ATK & DEF, the other their MAG and MDF) that it uses in some rounds, so it's better to defeat it first.

Once again my main damage-dealer was Varia, but she can be knocked down if two of them hit her on the same turn.

You'll get 13,332 EXP (and a funny mini dialogue) for this.

Corrupted Nodes[edit | edit source]

Tower Depths

These are quite similar to the ones met previously: the left one is vulnerable to Fire and Anti-Sex and the right one to Ice, Poison and Sex. They use AoE attacks with the Toxin effect so if you don't have the items from the Maranite camp or the necessary synergy skill (Anti-Toxin, which means that you need Robin and Carina and/or Qum in the active party) it will be really tough. So the proposed party is Robin/Vhala and Qum or Carina.

You'll get 19,998 EXP for this.

The Fucklord[edit | edit source]

Erosian War Camp

This fight is different from common ones.

  1. Depending on your choices, he might enter the battle wounded and/or drained, which means he'll have less HP and SP.
  2. You have a new compulsory member: The Doom King. It doesn't matter if it's Robin under the armor, there are still changes. N.B. even if before battle Robin would have little on mana, the Doom King will have more than enough.
  3. It's a timed battle and the Fucklord will flee after five rounds no matter what.

The Fucklord has a nasty AoE debuff. Although he is weak against Ice, Ice Lance doesn't do very much. But it's not Robin, who is fighting, it's the Doom King! And he has sexual attacks, namely Doom Lance, which works very well.

So, I advise to take Qum D'umpe and Carina. In the first turn have the Doom King Gather Lust and use Qum's Cumdump on him as soon as possible. This allows to spam Doom Lances and burn the Fucklord quickly. King's Aura will also help.

You won't get EXP or Sx, but if you've done enough damage (bringing him down to 75% or lower), you'll get a bonus in the ongoing War.

Fetish Concentration[edit | edit source]

Fucklord's Tower

This is not a hard fight. The boss has lot of HP, but her damage output is pretty weak. She is weak against Anti-Sex and Ice. So I advise Vhala, Aka (with Pure Stab) and Riala. 

You'll get 14,999 EXP for this.

Erosian Last Stand[edit | edit source]

Erosian Temple

There is no boss here, but still it's a hard fight and you have one of a kind of each Erosian Enemy: Elite Soldier, Elite Knight, Succubus, Archer, Striker, Captain, Reaper and Healer.

Either way, the succubus is the most dangerous one: her Sexy Aura does damage and can Lust Stun even through Cham of Purity and Crusader's stuff. But one application of Vhala's Unperson Aura makes her harmless and to be taken out the last. It would be better to have this Aura upgraded so it does not impede Riala.

The second most dangerous is the Reaper, then the Knight and the Archer or Healer but her casting is pretty random. Once it's done, the fight is pretty much over. Enemy's weaknesses are already known (see Erosian crisis if need).

Once all resistance is crushed you'll get 15,546 EXP and 1,799 Sx.

Allue and Alluon[edit | edit source]

Royal Palace of Zirantia

Difficult fight, mostly because your team (other than Varia) is not the strongest. 

These two form a very classic combination: Allue is a mage and Alluon is a fighter. Alluon can counter Physical attacks, but is vulnerable to Fire, Dark and Sex. Allue is resistant to magic, but Physical do a good damage, it's also possible to Poison her (or him? I've never understood who is a brother and who is a sister). They can do powerful single damage and AoE, Stun and debuff. 

As Blade Dance chooses target randomly it's unadvisable to use it as long as Alluon is up, so at fist use Blood Strikes on Allue. Beat Alluon with Fire and Dark from Wynn and Altina, while Uyae uses AoE heals. 

For beating two strongest fighters in Zirantia you'll get 19,998 EXP and 2,000 Sx. 

Fucklord's second fight.[edit | edit source]

Royal Palace of Zirantia

Before fighting him, you'll have to deal with 2 Elite Soldiers and a Knight, so take care to have full heath (and some mana reserves, perhaps) before defeating them. 

There is no real damage, that you can deal to the fucker this time and you don't need to. You'll just have to survive 6 turn to get a bonus. It's better to replace Wynn by Robin. Either way, you just have to Guard, Heal and Revive, I've also put Reshaped Varia into Servant Frenzy and it did help. 

Fucklord's third fight.[edit | edit source]

Fucklord's Tower

This one you'd have to try really hard to lose. The Fucklord is spent from everything that happened to him. His attacks are not so strong, he's vulnerable to Sex, Anti-Sex and Ice. And you have Unwoman and two succubi to fight him... 

Depending on how weak he is, you'll have to get him below 33 or 25% of HP, or you can wait for 9 turns. 

Getting him under the HP threshold gives you another bonus for a final fight. Either way, you'll get 9,999 EXP, unless you lose against him.

Fucklord's final fight.[edit | edit source]

Fuck Palace

That one happens immediately after fight 3, but now you have your whole party, so feel free to chose from your complete roster. He is still talking shit and even has recuperated most of his HP, but all his plans are ruined and he's all alone.

Also an easy one: while Estaven has a lot of health, his attacks are rather weak, and he is vulnerable to everything. I take great pleasure in poisoning him. With Aka, Robin and Varia it took me 2 turns to kill him.  

Finishing him gives you 29,999 EXP.

Tower Nodes 3[edit | edit source]

Deepwilds Shrine

The left one has no weakness and have a pretty diverse range of resistances (Anti-Sex-Poison, Sex, Earth, Fire, Ice, and Thunder). You can't also debuff its ATK and MAG. Your best bet is using Physical attacks against it and debuff its defenses.

The right one is easier to deal with. It's weak against Anti-Sex, Ice and Sex so between Vhala, Robin and Qum they could deal with it first swiftly. Once you've dealt with it, use Qum and Robin to keep the party alive and use Simon & Vhala physical attacks to defeat it.

You get 19,998 EXP and no Sx for this fight.

Essence of Corruption[edit | edit source]

Tower Mine

This boss is vulnerable to both Fire and Anti-Sex elements. As it stands alone, the magical side should be covered by Robin (both Riala and Altina, despite possible having a Higher MAg number, don't a one-target spell as powerful as Fire Lance) and Vhala is useful here. For a healer, if Vhala has improved her Unperson Aura, is probably better to choose Qum to use her buffer abilities. The secondary option is Carina.

In the first turn, Simon should use the Precise Strike, Qum Arousing Aura, Vhala Unperson Aura and Robin Fire Lance. In the second turn it's feasible that you could use Simon's King Aura. Use Qum's improved Healing Kiss to cure Vhala, the King's Aura doesn't increase Vhala's health, and use Vhala's Arrow of Abstinence and Robin's Fire Lance. You shouldn't have too much difficulty in taking it down.

You get 9,999 EXP and no Sx for defeating this foe.

Tower Nodes 4[edit | edit source]

A Lonely Path

The first thing to know is that:

One of the Nodes will deal heavy damage to characters who have lots of DEF or MDF but little of the other. Balanced equipment may do better for that boss.
— Shared by SL[18].

One possible strategy is a party with Vhala, Robin and Qum should be a good choice as the right one is weak against Ice, Sex and Anti-Sex. They are tough if you prolong the fight but manageable if you use Simon to keep the party alive, Qum to buff/Sex attacks and Robin and Vhala taking down the right one first and the left one after.

Thornir suggests a party of Simon, Varia, Carina and Robin. Simon switched between back-up healing/reliving and hitting the left node with Incubus Strike, Varia focused on the left node with Blood Strike, Robin focused on Ice Lancing the right node, and Carina did her normal healing thing.

You get 19,998 EXP and no Sx for this fight.

Unstable Chosen[edit | edit source]

Second Gathering

The Unstable Chosen will self-destruct at the end of the second round.  The Doom King is a required party member (instead of having Simon).  You will win this battle if you eliminate one of the Unstable Chosen and just take two self-destructs, but it is possible to kill all three before they self-destruct.

One strategy is to use the Doom King, Yarra, Riala, and Qum (each equipped with Buttplugs and at full SP).

Round 1:

Doom King: Doom Lance the left Unstable Chosen

Yarra: Lustful Emissaries

Riala: Sexual Lance the left Unstable Chosen

Qum: Arousing Aura

From there you should be able to kill the remaining chosen with sex attacks before they can sefl-destruct.

Lustlord[edit | edit source]

Second Gathering

He's mildly resistant against Fire and Poison, and very resistant against Ice. He's mildly weak against Anti-Sex, Thunder, and Earth, and even weaker against Sex. He is resistant, but not immune to poison (50% chance) and debuffs (33% chance for atk and magic attack and 50% for Def and mDef)

Optional Bosses[edit | edit source]

These fights are not obligatory to advance the plot, but they are a pretty good source of EXP and Sx or other goodies.

A very challenging customer.

Heart of Horror[edit | edit source]

Devil's Pass Optional Dungeon

This is a tough bastardTM[19]. It has no special resistances or weaknesses and it cannot be Silenced, Blinded, Stunned or Lust Stunned (it can be Poisoned but the odds are against it). The boss has virtually 0 defense meaning that Aka should be able to just focus entirely on Poisoning it as she cannot meaningfully impact the battle via her debuffs [20]. After that it's a waiting game for it to get low enough to be killed. Make sure to bring along Slave Pins (or an equivalent) to block out Silence for your main magic users then just wait out the Poison once it hits.

Some of his techs are: a single target attack+Paralyze, an AoE+Blind+Silence, and an AoE+Blind. It gives 3,119 EXP and comparatively little money (635 Sx). Its defeat doesn't end the dungeon[21]. Instead, you have to take the armor behind it[22] to leave the area.

Demonic Essence[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina's Lower Town (Warehouse's basement)

You only find this boss if you have found the mysterious Cult. It has two companions with less HP and Mana. The boss has about 10,000 HP and it has a dangerous AoE that really damages your party, but fortunately is vulnerable to Poison and only moderately resists Blind. So the best strategy is to Poison and Blind the three of them as quick as you can and to try to keep your three party members alive as many turns as you can. The bulk of the damage in this battle is Physical so prepare the mages accordingly. You'll get about 2300 EXP from this one, plus a pitiful of Sx and a great Robe.

Wards & Constructs[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina's Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy

Once you had passed the three trials at the Order, you have the option to test some prototype magic constructs. It's a very challenging fight and the only reward is 2640 EXP (and the admiration of its creator, that could help you in the long run).

The tactic described above was shared by Seil at the BKG forums.[23]

As your party can be overrun easily, you have to prioritize the elimination of the enemies above doing general damage. Of the six enemies, Constructs A and B are the least dangerous, so you give them less priority. On the other hand, Constructs C and D are, on the other hand, very dangerous but they are vulnerable to physical attacks so Aka could lead with then one by turn with Forceful Lunge. Meanwhile, both Robin and Altina should use Lightning attacks against the Water Ward[24] and/or trying to keep the party alive. Once you have dealt with these three enemies, the rest should be doable.[25] You can use Ice spells to defeat the Wind Ward.[26]

Adding to that a bit, i've found that the first 2 turns are the most important and luck based parts. Firstly, Altina and Robin's damage output together MUST be able to kill the water ward in 2 turns.[27]

Below you can see a table with a summary of the information provided above:

Enemy weakness resist misc
Construct A Physical left 1
Construct B Physical left 2
Construct C Physical Fire,Ice and Lighting right 1
Construct D Physical Fire,Ice and Lighting right 2
Water ward Lighting Fire,Ice and Posion
Wind ward Fire,Lighting and Posion

Concrete Demon[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina Miner's Junction

To unlock this option you need to speak with the elven mage near the loyalist bar in the Lower City, and she (he?) will give you a spell that lets you amplify the effect of the demon summoning before collapsing the rift in order to make the mine unusable by the noble houses or something.[28] If she won't give you the spell then go do other faction quests and leave dealing with the mine until last. At any rate you then need to go to the northernmost room in the mine and fight the humans guarding it, then choose "Use the amplifying spell" instead of closing the rift. Note that this will throw you into the boss fight immediately with no opportunity to heal up after fighting the guards, so be sure to do your healing before you end that fight.

This will annoy House Adamant so you won't get paid for the job and it have consequences down the line[29]. It will also make you more popular with the commoners. If you're worried about the consequences, keep a separate save slot with this fight as the last thing you do on Aka's route and with Aka's route as the last thing you do before Simon's route so you don't have to backtrack as much if you want to change things.

The boss itself uses Physical attacks exclusively and can one- or two-shot your mages with its biggest attacks, so protect your mages with Guard in the first turn and have Aka use Disabling Assault twice to soften it up and weaken its hits and use Forceful Lunge[30]. A second, more risky option is to try to blind it with Aka[31]. After that, after that until you need to reapply a debuff. The demon resists all damage types equally, so just use your biggest guns and have your mages heal if things get too dangerous, but don't stop piling on the damage. You get 2774 EXP and a pitiful 299 Sx for your efforts.

Fallen Chosen[edit | edit source]

North-east of the succubi village near the Gathering complex[32]

The following strategy has been proposed by Omega2501 in a blog comment. It's a sound strategy.

Equipment: You should have some kind of lust preserver for both succubi[33] and if you got the cache as one of your investments[34] give Yarra the the charm of perversion (the yellow trinket) which gives her the Masturbate+ skill. Orcent should have the best gear that you can get with your available Sx. The fight consists entirely of attacks which target the physical defense portion. An alternate strategy exists of allowing Orcent to die and reviving him with enough health to survive a weakened whirl, to do so, Qum requires between 105 to 157 magic[35], if trying this, Qum needs something that gives her the masturbate+ skill as well.

Have Orcent spam his Defensive Attack, rotate Defensive and two Piercing Attack[36] or just the debuff active on him and use Piercing otherwise. Qum should be healing or buffing the party with Arousing Aura. If she can do neither, order her to Attack. Yarra should be either attacking or casting Sexual Torment most of the battle[37]. Don't forget to use her First Slut ability if she knows it as it gives her buffs which are quite useful. The boss isn't immune to Lust Stun/Mad(although it is immune to Long Lust Mad which is what flirt does) so consider handcuffs or Yarra's Haze of Sex to trying to weaken it faster/further.

That is pretty much it. The fight will take a while, as he is resistant to your damage, so you don't do HEAPS to him keep your SP (the red bar) up for Yarra with the already mentioned Masturbate skill and you'll get there eventually.

You get 2309 EXP and 1000 Sx plus a Shining Sword for your efforts.

The Magekillers[edit | edit source]

Along the way, you will meet them more than once. They are a tough group of four female witches. So far, each time that they are defeated, they drop a magical hat.

First combat: Bandit Pass[edit | edit source]

You have to trigger the fight by talking with them in the southeast are of the Bandit Pass area and try to leave the area. The party available to you is not the ideal one (it's not a complete one, for starters) but they are beatable. As they don't use physical attacks (only magical attacks), you should try to maximize your MDF by using the proper gear (especially in Hilstara's case, as her role as tank is essential in this fight). Also, you should buy at least one Thief Pin (for Hilstara, as Carina and Varia aren't at risk after the first turn) as Mage D will use the Poison skill every turn.

In the first turn, Hilstara should use Shieldwall, Carina Shield of Purity (if she hasn't learned it yet, try to get it by reaching level 25 before this fight) and Varia is a special case: f your Varia is the reshaped one, it's advised to use Encourage on herself, otherwise you should choose Frenzy. In the second one, use Encourage on Varia (with Hilstara), Shield of Purity and Varia's Blood Strike. After that, spam Blood Strikes, use Hilstara to finish the near defeated mages (leave Mage D for last as with MDF buffed at maximum her Poison skill doesn't hurt much) with Powerful Blow/Bash and use Carina to keep the entire party alive. As you take down enemies, it will get easier but don't be afraid to use Potions on Hilstara if they are needed.

You get 1,992 EXP (no Sx directly but you get 2,000 Sx when you reclaim the bounty) and a Red Hat for your efforts[38].

Second combat: Near Hilstara's Headquarters[edit | edit source]

This time, you fight with Aka and Nalili for Varia and Carina (so no healer this time). If the bridge was not repaired, you also fight with Yarra. As in the other fight, Hilstara should use Shieldwall to protect the rest of the party. Both Aka and Nalili should be busy taking out mages with Forceful Lunge and Orgasmic Strike. If Hilstara is protected against Poison, you should leave the Mage D for last. Otherwise, start with her as you don't want to deal with Poisoned party members (remember that Hilstara's Indomitable Will can cure the Poison effect, but only on herself). As you will lose if the fight gets too long, don't bother with Hold the Line and use Hilstara's Encourage on the second turn to increase the damage (first on Aka as Nalili is more fragile).

If Yarra is with you, first turn use Shared Fantasy on Hilstara to increase her defense, First Slut on the second one and help Aka and Nalili deal damage (probably it's best to use her AoE Spells Haze of Sex/First Emissary).

You get 1,992 EXP and a Green Hat for your efforts (plus one Victory Point).

Third combat: Doom Kings fortifications in Stineford[edit | edit source]

The Magekillers aren't that much different than past two times you could have fought them, just with more HP and better attacks. The purple one is slightly vulnerable to Lightning, the blue is slightly vulnerable to Fire and the red slightly vulnerable to Ice. Having your two mages focus them down one at a time should be enough to handle things, and if Robin is equipped with a Master Staff and possibly a pin that blocks Poison she basically has nothing to fear from them. You get 3,992 EXP, a Blue Hat and avoid some penalties for your efforts.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Damaged section of the foundation

My recommended party for this boss (he is the static monster in the top crystal) is the following: Simon, Aka, Qum and Yarra. Both succubi should be equipped with Buttplugs.

It hits pretty hard (it could kill Qum if you're unlucky so try to increase her DEF with appropriate gear), so you should try to weaken it with Aka's Disabling Assault (x2); later she can use Forceful Lunge or Poisoned Blade. Use Simon to hit its companions (if they hit one of your party members seriously hurt they could knock him/her out) and/or help Qum in keeping the party alive; once the Slayer is alone, you should have enough Lust to use Corrupt on it. Try to use the first two turns to boost the ATK and MAG of the whole party with Qum's Arousing Aura; after that just keep the party alive. The key is Yarra: use Haze of Sex as much as you can to deal damage to the boss and incapacitate the others.

Alternate strategy by Ripett (if you don't mind trying to get lucky):

Slayer is weak to Ice spells... meaning that Robin and Altina could do some real damage to it. My party consisting of Simon, Aka, Robin and Altina usually took care of it in 3 rounds.

I would start with Aka using Forceful Lunge on one of the Eaters and Simon using Precise Strike, Altina using Ice and Robin using Ice Lance on Slayer. Since all 4 of them hit BEFORE monsters, that should take care of close to half of Slayer's points (not counting possible crits!) and with a little luck kill a Eater since Aka does have 25% of hitting a crit (which will kill a Eater). So provided RNG is nice and spread damage on all characters you should have little problem completing a fight. Just repeat the process, have Aka strike the same Eater if he's not dead (if he is switch to the other one) and by the end of Round 2 Slayer should either be dead or very, very close to it (400 HP or less).

Take note that any of the monster evading your hit will most likely result in your party being annihilated...

You get 5,369 EXP and 741 Sx when you defeat the group.

Fluid Demon[edit | edit source]

Various (possibles) locations around Ardford

Its appearance is triggered by smoothing the last Magical Rift, so the location can vary. The ideal party is Simon, Vhala, Robin and Altina. If Vhala is not in the party, then I should choose between Aka (for her debuffing skills) and Yarra (her AoE spells hit the Rough Demons pretty hard , but she is less useful later). If you don't have Altina, then you should consider Qum as a buffer/healer.

Back to the tactic, the Fluid Demon is vulnerable to Lightning, so use Robin's Lance against it all the time. Vhala should debuff the whole enemy party (first their offensive stats, later the defensive ones). Use Simon & Altina's AoE spells (use Quake if your Altina has it) until the rest of the demons are dead. If you need healing use Simon's Support Skill.

You get 6,677 EXP and a pitiful 176 Sx for your efforts. Don't forget to speak with Sister Beatrice at the Cathedral to finish the quest.

Second Unhuman[edit | edit source]

Containment cell in the Forge

There are some possible variations on this one. First, the fight has a fixed formation: Vhala, Robin and Carina. If you've chosen "Essence Shielding" as Robin's research topic then Simon joins too. Equip your party with Barrier and Givini Pins and the Unperson Charm. You are able to choose if you want an easier fight (Destroy partially) or a more challenging battle (Breach without destroying).

  • Easier fight: All the enemies are weakened (some of them almost dead), so using Simon's Commanding Presence will take care of two. For the rest, you have enough margin to use Vhala's Unperson Aura (it adds more health to your party), Robin should stick to Lightning Lance until she beats the Unhuman and Carina should use Shield of Purity or Mass Heal as needed.
    You get 3,654 EXP and, as usual happens with the Unpeople no Sx.
  • Challenging battle: The same enemies, but all in full health. Use both Simon's Support ... and Carina's Shield of Purity to minimize the amount of damage that you have received. As in the other version, Robin should concentrate in the Unhuman. And Vhala has to start to lower their offensive capabilities and later the defensive ones. By turn 4 or 5, you should have the control of the situation.
    In this version you get 4,189 EXP and all the chests intact.

For both variants the absence of Simon is an extra difficulty, but not an insuperable one. Your party will receive more damage in the first turn and the battles will be longer. But you should be able to win them too.

Thauma-demons and Soma-demons[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina's Lower Town (Warehouse's basement)

You're back helping the Goddess of Magic's cult. My proposed party is Simon, Qum, Robin and Aka. All of them should be equipped with gear that increases their MDF overall.

There are four fights in total, but you can give up the last fight if you want to (default option in the dialogue box).

The key to win this fight is to bring your party in the best possible conditions from the previous fights. It's recommended that you prolong that fight (after you have defeated the Balance Demon, as he uses an AoE attack in all turns) with the Carnal Demon (you should Poison with Aka or Altina) and only finish it when Qum's SP is at maximum level and other members have a good level of Mana.

Concentrate your attacks in one enemy at time (start with the Soma-demons). Use Aka's Disabling Assault twice and then switch to Forceful Lunge. Simon should spam Precise Strike and Robin any of the Lances (they are resistant to the three elements). You shouldn't hesitate to use Simon and Qum to keep the party alive (even Robin can heal if necessary). Beware that some turns you can suffer two AoE, but the fight will get easier when you have dealt with the Soma-demons.

There is no evident reward for this tough fight, except some minor EXP (3,014) and a pitiful of Sx (78) taking into account the 4 fights are more substantial; 15,291 EXP so all your party members will get a new level (some possibly two). But you're not going to get rich: only 320 Sx for your efforts (possibly for lore reasons).

Ward Demon[edit | edit source]

Ari-Yhilina's Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy

The considerations regarding the active party are already listed in the Walkthrough page (and you can't alter it at this point, in any case). If you have Aka, she is most useful at first weakening the Ward Demon by using Disabling Assault. If you have got the Synergy skill, use Robin's first turn to Disrupt it instead. Otherwise, use Lances to quickly kill both the Burning Demon (Ice) and the Twitching Demon (Lightning). If Altina is with you she can help with it. The Ward Demon is weak against sex so Yarra can unload a lot of damage if you have brought her. It's also weak against Lightning, so a few lances should take it down. You should keep the party in good health so dedicate your healer to it and don't be afraid to use Simon for that role too. Once the rest of the demons are dealt with, there shouldn't any major issues. Remember that Simon's King's Aura increases (among other things) DEF and MDF and you shouldn't have Carina or Hilstara, so that could be useful.

You get 7,194 EXP (and no Sx) for your efforts. Plus the awesome item that accredits Robin as a full fledged Order Member.

Blight Chimeras[edit | edit source]

Blight Tunnels

They are weak against Lightning, can be silenced and blinded by Simon's Unified Strike (or disabled by his Corruption skill if the fight goes that long), killed at the start of the next round by Aka's Deathblow, and a 50% chance of being disabled for the entire fight by Nalili's Blade of Lust (which you can use from the start if she has a Buttplug to retain SP).

For the boss battle, it's strongly advised to have Carina as a healer as Qum can't consistently heal the whole party every turn, but if you can kill or disable them quickly enough then a pure healer isn't necessary. Seeing that the Chimeras are vulnerable to Lightning, Robin is pretty useful here, and Aka can kill one per round with Deathblow.

You receive 2,811 EXP and 141 Sx for this fight.

Intense Demon[edit | edit source]

New Givini Regional Map (below the Magic Guild area)

Once you have finished your affairs in New Givini regarding the Ardan succession crisis, talk with the king again to learn more about the aftermath of the attack. At the end of the chat, he will tell you that some nasty demons are on the loose. You will be told by Wynn that they are near the Magic Guild.

LordCraven12 suggests the following formation: Simon, Yarra, Uyae and Nalili (her Blade of Lust will be useful). Lostone2 proposes to switch Uyae for Qum. Regardless the general strategy is similar. Use Simon's Unified/Precise Strikes on the Fleshy Demons (weak against Physical), Nalili's Blade of Lust on the Intense Demon and Yarra's AoE spells (Haze of Sex or Incubus King's Emissary). If you have chosen Uyae, use Takedown on the Fleshy Demons at first and try to keep the party alive later. If your election is Qum, you have the classic option of buffing the party or you can choose to help Yarra's efforts with Mass Kiss (if you have been able to get the Synergy Skill). Hilstara's doesn't really bring anything to this fight. You get 7,077 EXP and 176 Sx.

Here you have a table with the enemies weakness and resistances:

Enemy Weakness Resist Misc
Intense Demon Physical and Sex all other the boss
Fleshy Demon Physical all other ×2
Lurid Demon Sex all other ×2

Ghastly Demon[edit | edit source]

Twisted Space

Provided that Robin was able to do her personal research after the war, the group has enough time and defenses to beat this dangerous foe. LordCraven12 suggests Vhala, Riala, Robin and Aka. My recommended party is a bit unusual given the reduced pool and the characteristics of the enemy: Vhala, Riala (if you have one in the inventory a Charm of Perversion), Altina and Carina. Use Vhala debuffing abilities to lower their ATK and MAG, Riala should use Masturbate+ (as she is going to need 25 SP in the next turn), Altina should Quake and Carina should use Shield of Purity. In the second turn, if everybody is alive Vhala should debuff again, Riala use Bolt of Lust in the Ghastly Demon, Altina one more round of Quake and Carina Shield of Purity again if she can. If Carina has fallen, Riala & Vhala should follow the original plan and use Altina to heal the most weakened member. Carry on defeating the minions with Vhala and keep an eye on the debuffs. Bring back Carina when only the Ghastly Demon is up and use Lightning attacks against it (debuff with Vhala as needed). The boss (Lurid Demon) is not immune to Lust Death, so Riala with a Preserve SP item and Bolt of Lust can potentially remove it from the fight in a single turn.

You get 7,077 EXP, some 176 Sx and a souvenir. Go to speak with Alonon to surprise Tyna.

Here you have a table with the enemies weakness and resistances:

Enemy Weakness Resist Misc
Ghastly Demon Poison and Thunder all other save Earth the Boss
Grim Demon Physical and Poison all other save Anti-Sex and Earth x2
Lurid Demon Sex all other except Anti-Sex x2

Nothingness[edit | edit source]

Zirantian Tower Foundation

Of all the optional fights during the Erosian conflict, this one is the hardest. You have to defeat two Nothingness, two Inchoate Spiders and two Corporeal Spiders with just Riala, Uyae and Varia. There are no Synergy skills to be used with this party set. Before starting the fight, equip Uyae to deal as much damage as possible (there is a Zirantian Claw in a semi-hidden chest nearby). In the first round, Riala should eliminate the Inchoate Spiders with Lightning Storm. Meanwhile Uyae's Takedown and Varia should defeat one of the Nightmares. Provided that you survive the backlash with both Uyae and Varia able to fight, you're in a good position to eliminate the second Nightmare. If Uyae is ready, you can also choose to use her Healing Aura to eliminate the Nothingness state from the others (it has a 50% chance of curing it).

Alternative tactic: in the first turn use Lightning Storm and Shockwave to kill all Spiders and Blade Dance to kill one of the Nothingness. And so you are left with one last Nothingness.

You get just 4,810 EXP for this fun challenge!

Tower Nodes 2[edit | edit source]

Placid Space

The red-black Node: Uses Tower Blade (Tower damage, single target, both DEF and MDEF are applied to calculate damage), Sexual Lance (Sex damage, single target) and Sexual Mass (Sex damage, AoE). Weak to Anti-Sex damage and resists Fire, Earth, Thunder and Poison, but has a very low chance to get Poisoned.

The grey-white Node: Uses Tower Blade (Tower damage, single target, both DEF and MDEF are applied to calculate damage), Word of Purity (Anti-Sex damage, single target and applies Sexbind) and Sexual Magic Rebuke (Anti-Sex damage, AoE). Weakness to Sex damage and resists Anti-Sex, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, and Poison.

The party is Simon, Yarra, Nalili, and Hilstara. It'll be a tough fight if Hilstara was permanently injured. Tactics: Target the grey white Node and then target the red black Node with Physical damage. 19,998 EXP.

Reality Leech, Solidified Chaos and Incarnate Decree[edit | edit source]

Tower Depths

That one is tough, might be the most difficult battle so far. These three are not much different from the ones you have already met, but they are all together now. So their damage dealing ability is scary.

I used Aka/Robin, Varia and Carina. On the first turn Simon should take a Lust Draught so he can use a King's Aura on the second. Then you have just to outlast your enemies, Blade Dance is essential here.

Alternatively, use Vhala, Robin, and Carina. Have Vhala and Carina twice use Defensive Rain and Shield of Purity to reduce their offensive power. Have Robin and Simon target the Decree first with Ice Lance and Precise Strike to prevent as many Eroding Auras as possible, and after Vhala has weakened them have her join in with her Arrow of Abstinence. After that it's your preference to kill the Leech or Chaos, but the Leech is weak to Lightning, and the Chaos is weak to Fire.

You get 29997 EXP, so the usual 9999 per monster as well as something else.

Blood Spark[edit | edit source]

Tower Mine

Another tough optional fight.  For this battle you will want to plan out your party carefully.  The boss is weak to lust so a succubus party is a viable option but I did it with Simon, Varia, Riala, and Carina.  I equiped Carina with a Quick Rod and Riala with an Assault Rod.  Varia is best with her custom blades.  Once you initiate the fight you will see the boss has backup with it. Most of the enemies are vulnerable enough to fire that your first turn is best opened with Fire Storm from Riala.  The others should use their abilities as follows; Commanding Presence from Simon, a Shield of Purity from Carina and Varia should do a powerful blow on the Amber Spark.  This should take care of the chaoslings and potentially a couple of the weaker sparks.

From here another fire storm and powerful blow may be necessary to clean up any stragglers.  Once the regular enemies are dead you can focus on the boss.

Simon should use Support allies to deal with status effects and precise strikes to deal damage.  Once king's aura has charged up it should be used immediately.  Carina should cast shield of purity a second time, then use mass heals mixed with revive whenever someone is dead. Varia should use whatever most powerful ability is available each turn depending on her health.  Should she die, Carina's revive puts her in a great place to do a blade dance the next turn.  Riala's Sexual Lance should be applied liberally to keep hammering the boss until it's down.

Winning the fight will give you 10629 xp, 15 sx, 3 strange gold, and 5 extra points to the special stat of the party's recently acquired ally.

Here you have a table of with enemies weaknesses and resistances.

Enemy weakness resist misc
Blood Spark Sex The Boss
Amber Spark Sex, Poison x1
Sapphire Spark Fire Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Thunder x1
Gold Spark Fire, Earth Sex, Anti-Sex, Ice, Thunder, Poison x1
Chaosling x3

Knights of Terror[edit | edit source]

New Givini Ancient Ruins

The blue one is weak to fire, the yellow one to ice, and the green one to sex. They resist everything else, except Anti-Sex. The blue one can be blinded and stunned, and the green one can be silenced (which prevents it from healing its group, but makes him attack brutally). The green one also have the lowest stats, so it could be killed quickly. Either way, stopping it from using its healing spell is a priority.

When considering for status effects, when the blue one is blinded, he resorts to attacks that are stronger than his normal ones. So using Unified Strike is a matter of luck: if he's stunned, all's good, but if he's blinded, then it's not good. However, it's more likely that he'll be blinded than stunned, so using Unified Strike against him is a risky gambit.

Given their weaknesses, using a mage could be a good idea. Robin has the best individual attack-spells for Fire and Ice, but Riala also have individuals attacks of these elements, plus she can use sex attacks, meaning that all three enemies are weak to her. Altina isn't recommended, since her spells are made for mass-attacks, and here targeted attacks are better. Anti-Sex also does normal damage, so Vhala can be used.

Other strategies:

A anonymous user suggests: Ok, so the best combination that I was able to use for the Knights of Terror was to use Robin, Qum, and Carina. First, I used Simon to blind the yellow one, then had Robin wail on it with ice lance(and Precise strike from Simon if it was blinded), while Qum and Carina were buffing. After two turns I would switch Simon to healing and Qum to storing more SP, while using Mass Heal from Carina. After the yellow knight went down I switched to taking down the green one using any of Robin's lances, and Qum's pretty lance, with Simon and Carina sticking to heal duty, which went by much faster than the yellow one. Then the blue is pretty self-explanatory; fire lance, precise strike, Qum and Carina heal/buff. I did it with the Incubus glove rather than the tormented shield as others did. The only problems I had with this combo was if they double-struck and trying to revive without Carina's revive.

Another anonymous user offers another combination: I used Robin, Hilstara, and Carina. Even though the guide recommends killing the green one first, I had the most success killing it last, but I also got a bit lucky when I succeeded. I think I equipped Simon with the tormented shield. Don't blind the blue one.

A third anonymous user says: I finally won with Carina, Aka, and Varia. Simon and Carina spammed heals, Aka - Disable Assault, and Varia - Blade Dance. I did have Simon use the tormented shield. The green one is the best target for disable, all of its' stats lower while the others only lose one. If anyone dies Simon and Carina will bring them back and heal them, if Simon dies have Aka use a Sacred Revival Potion. Just keep slamming them and they'll drop.

A fourth, and this is for the underleveled (58-59) who are doing it ASAP and/or didn't optimize XP very well: Go in with Simon, Vhala, Carina, and Varia. Make sure Simon has the Incubus Glove from the top right chest before doing this as the +50 MAG it gives makes a difference in healing of about ~+1000 hp and make sure he has full MP. Simon will be using Precise Strike on a target of your choosing for the first turn, but after that he will only be using Support Allies/Servants/Slaves every turn to heal/revive. Vhala will be using Defensive Rain (it works on the right knight and can decrease other knight's agility) on her first turn. After that, use Unperson Aura (should heal 1k+ health with a decent MAG) for every turn that someone needs to be revived. The turn order should be so that after Simon revives them they are then quickly healed by Vhala's Unperson Aura. For turns where everyone is healthy, use Defensive Rain instead. We use Vhala over another healer due to her higher health pool (unlikely to be one-shotted) and stat reducing capabilities. Carina, who should be the very last in the turn order, will be only using Mass Heal every turn. Don't bother with Shield of Purity, the healing isn't enough and the defensive buff isn't enough to prevent being one-shotted either. In essence, three characters will be healing the party for the most part. Now for our workhorse, Varia. She will be using Blade Dance whenever she gets the chance and make sure you squeeze as much ATK as you can from her. If you have her custom swords, use them. She's going to be downed A LOT, which is why we're so centered around healing the party so she can use Blade Dance. If she is up but can't use Blade Dance that turn, have her Guard. Each use of Blade Dance should take off 33%-50% of a knight's health depending on crits. If you're lucky, she will focus on one. Once a single knight is down, you've basically won, so just keep doing this routine until they're all dead. This strategy requires luck however and things can go downhill very quickly if Simon is incapacitated. However, with the combined healing of three characters, you should be at or near full health every turn. In short, the cycle should be Support Allies, Unperson Aura/Defensive Rain, Blade Dance, and Mass Heal.

You get 7,368 EXP and 1,500 Sx for winning this one (plus a bunch of RP if you win this fight on your first visit to the dungeon).

Erotic Mimic[edit | edit source]

Fucklord's Tower

First, it is a Mimic - the first and only one so far in the game. So don't be surprised. 

The fight is not so hard. The only attack it uses is a Drain, Succubi seem to be its favourite target. But it can be Poisoned sometimes, and once this happens, it can just be waited out. It's also weak against Fire and Anti-Sex.

In the end you'll get 9,999 EXP, 1,000 Sx and a Sexual Charm.

Ginasta[edit | edit source]

Ghenalese Battlefield

Poor Ginasta, not only did she get an existential crisis and was transformed into a crazy berserker, but she was also reduced to an Optional Boss in this one...

Still, she is strong. Her attacks are destructives and she possess a nasty AoE with debuff, she heals 500HP per turn and can also use a selfheal with also a buff effect. She also resists magic attacks, so you should use old good brute force.

I fought her with Aka, Qum and Uyae. Aka's Disabling Assault will make her own attacks much less destructive. Qum D'umpe's Arousing Aura and healing will be welcome. And Uyae should alternate Healing Aura and Takedown.

In the end you'll get 19,999 EXP and rp bonus with her.

P.S. do not try to Dominate her, at first it would appear to have worked, but at the end the turn she'll throw it off, become Enraged which will heal her up and her attacks MUCH more destructive. It will also make you lose all rp gain and may have other consequences later.

Skittering Nightmare[edit | edit source]

Deep Tunnels

This fight can get pretty complicated[39]. For starters you're against 3 enemies (from left to right, Nightmare Dwaregast, Skittering Nightmare, and Nightmare Matriarch), so the fight isn't going to end quickly. By now, you should be aware that all of them are weak against Fire and Anti-Sex attacks. That basically implies that you need both Robin and Vhala (Vhala's AoE debuff spells are pretty useful on this fight), so the choices are Carina, Hilstara, Qum or Uyae[40] (if you choose the latter, I would suggest using Magic Gloves). Regardless, if both Simon and your chosen healer are knocked out, you will probably need to restart the fight.

In the first turn, Simon should use Precise Strike, Robin's Fire Lance, Vhala's Defensive Rain and your healer her buff spell (Qum->Arousing Aura, Carina-> Defensive Shield, Uyae->Aura of Spirit). Decanter recommends on his guide to start with its companions (in this case, you should start by the Nightmare Dwaregast, as it has 7,000 HP less than the Nightmare Matriarch), but I suggest that you try to take it the boss first, as its Shadow Web skill can take down all of your party members at once.

You get 12,567 EXP, a Shining Sword, and +5 relationship points with Neranda for winning this difficult fight.

Stumbling Behemoths[edit | edit source]

Order of Silence's basement

They are immune to most debuffs (ATK, MAG, AGI, and LUK) and resistant to the other two (DEF and MDF), so neither Vhala or Aka are good options. They resist magical attacks (specially Ice and Fire, Lightning less, and Earth even less) so the mages are not a great idea. They also have some resistance to Physical attacks. Although they have a slight resistance, the Sex attacks are the best option so Qum, Yarra and Riala seems like the best formation (if you want to use Nalili, remember that you need to use Sexual Aegis first, otherwise her attacks will be physical instead). Between Qum's Little Death and Simon's Support Allies you should be able to keep the party alive, so use Yarra and Riala's sexual skills (Succubus Kiss are specially interesting, as they help recovering health).

You get 15,000 EXP for this fight (and a bonus to the Order of Silence score).

Lord of Stillness and Lord of Shadow[edit | edit source]

Ghenalese Tower

Enemy Weakness Resistance Notes
Lord of Stillness lightning, poison some debuffs high PHY def, ability "profound silence" is incurable and unblockable (lasts up to 3 turns)
Lord of Shadow poison earth, fire, thunder, sex, anti-sex, some debuffs high MAG def, ability "profound blindness" is incurable and unblockable (lasts up to 3 turns)

Your best loadout is probably Altina, Riala and Robin (although Carina can be useful, as you will probably need to revive various party members). They have some resistance against debuffs too. Spam lightning and poison attacks against Stillness, since he can slap everyone with "profound silence", shutting down your tactical options until the state expires. Shadow can hit you with "profound blindness", but that's mostly irrelevant since it's going to be a mage fight, so Ice skills are recommended. Their poison weaknesses are strongest and Altina has a small chance of giving them the poison state, which will help chip away at their health.

You get 19,998 EXP, 2,000 Sx and +5 Fheliel.

Three Death Sparks[edit | edit source]

Deep Tower

It's a Puzzle Boss Fight, and Aka is absolutely required[41] to defeat the three death sparks.

The left Spark (Deathtouched Spark) is nearly immune to every damage type and effect with the only exception of Silence and Deathblow. It should be the first target for Aka.
The middle spark (Death Spark) possesses a strong reduction for physical attack and an insane resistance to elemental damage. It's immune to many effects, but can be stunned by Simon's Unified Strike and debuffed by Aka's Disabling Assault. Keep it disabled and hammer it down with physical attacks.
The one on the right (Deathblight Spark) is nearly immune to all damage and nearly all status types, but can be poisoned and corrupted (Simon's monster-disabling sex skill). Aka's Poison Blade can poison it for the whole fight with one application. After that, keep it disabled while you wait for the poison to work.

The other two party members can be chosen somewhat freely, but I think Qum is a solid choice, as she can buff the damage of the party and can increase Simon's sex points allowing him to recast corruption against the Deathblight Spark any time the effect fades. The last can be a physical heavy-hitter like Varia and Uyae. Or, for a more defensive approach, take a character who is able to stun the enemy, like Hilstara, for helping Simon to keep the middle Spark stunned.

You get 3,333 EXP and the Death Steel needed for Aka's custom dagger.

Concrete Entities[edit | edit source]

Eustrin B4

This fight becomes available during this segment by talking to Riala in the Teleportation Room (where you would normally talk to someone to progress the story) and choose "Update on Tanurak". You can find a blue flame near the flame worshiper in Eustrin B4. Interact with it and choose your party to start the fight. Simon cannot join. These enemies are immune to all magical and sexual damage. All of their attacks are physical damage based so stack DEF.

One strategy for this fight is to use Hilstara, Vhala, Carina, and Uyae. Use your best balanced ATK/DEF gear for Hilstara and Vhala, your best balanced MAG/DEF gear for Carina and Uyae (I gave Uyae 2x Magical Gloves and Dwarven Armor/Helm... with this setup, she is still the squishiest but it's good enough), and of course give everyone the best pins you can.

First turn should be Hold the Line!, Defensive Rain, Shield of Purity, Aura of Spirit. After that, Hilstara is your main striker and can spam Aegis Assault. Vhala should maintain debuffs by alternating Defensive and Offensive Rain. Carina should spam Shield of Purity the entire fight until the threat is low enough that she can just basic attack. Uyae is situational - at first you will likely need to spam Mass Heal, thus the turn 1 Aura of Spirit, but as you gain control of the fight Uyae can be another powerful striker with Takedown. This strategy is mana-intensive, so I suggest killing the healer first so the fight isn't prolonged.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Notes
Concrete Entity A (Blue) N/A Only 75% chance to apply DEF, AGI, LUK debuff,

25% chance to apply ATK debuff

Immune to magical and sexual damage, status effects, and MAG and MDF debuffs
Concrete Entity B (Red) N/A Only 75% chance to apply DEF, AGI, LUK debuff,

66% chance to apply ATK debuff

Immune to magical and sexual damage, status effects, and MAG and MDF debuffs
Concrete Entity C (Green) N/A Only 75% chance to apply DEF, AGI, LUK debuff,

25% chance to apply ATK debuff

Immune to magical and sexual damage, status effects, and MAG and MDF debuffs,

ability Profound Blindness is incurable and unblockable

The Concrete Entity A (blue) can attack or heal one entity and apply an attack buff.

The Concrete Entity B (red) only attacks.

The Concrete Entity C (green) can attack and apply Blind, Poison, Paralysis, Stun, and or Profound Blindness, heal and apply a defense buff, or attack with an AoE that can apply Blind, Poison, Paralysis, and or Stun.

You get 9999 EXP and no items.

Arcane Entities[edit | edit source]

Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy

This fight becomes available during this segment by talking to Riala in the Teleportation Room (where you would normally talk to someone to progress the story) and choose "Update on Tanurak". You can find a blue flame near the north of the map inside the Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy. Interact with it and choose your party to start the fight. Simon cannot join. These enemies are immune to all physical and sexual damage. All of their attacks are magical damage based so stack MDF. One attack deals damage the higher the target's DEF so reduce DEF.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Notes
Arcane Entity A (Grey) N/A Fire (75%), Ice (75%), Thunder (75%), Poison (75%), Earth (75%), only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and sexual damage, magic damage types not listed on the left, and to status effects
Arcane Entity B (Red) Ice (110%) and Poison (110%) Thunder (50%), Earth (50%), only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and sexual damage, magic damage types not listed on the left, and to status effects
Arcane Entity C (Yellow) Fire (110%) Ice (50%), only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and sexual damage, magic damage types not listed on the left (except poison does 100%), and to status effects
Arcane Entity D (Violet) Thunder (110%), Earth (110%) Fire (50%), Poison (50%), only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and sexual damage, magic damage types not listed on the left, and to status effects,

ability "profound silence" is incurable and unblockable

The Arcane Entity A (grey) can attack (no damage type, targets MDF) and add a MMP debuff, or heal one entity and apply a MDF buff.

The Arcane Entity B (red) can attack (fire) and apply a MDF debuff or attack (fire) dealing more damage to the target the higher their DEF is.

The Arcane Entity C (yellow) can attack (thunder) and apply a MAG debuff or attack (physical, targets MDF) with an AoE that applies Silence, Paralysis, and or Stun.

The Arcane Entity D (violet) can attack (ice) and apply an AGI debuff or attack (ice) and apply Silence, Paralysis, Stun, and Profound Silence.

One strategy is to bring Robin, Altina, Carina, and Qum. Stack MDF and lose any DEF you can. Protect against status effects. Use Robin's lances, targeting the weakness of whichever you want to target [42]. Have Altina use AoE attacks of the same element as Robin or Quake when Robin is attacking Arcane Entity D. Have Carina use Shield of Purity, and heal as appropriate. Have Qum use Arousing Aura or heal as appropriate.

You get 9999 EXP and no items.

Sexual Entities[edit | edit source]

Orgasmic Palace 4F

This fight becomes available during this segment by talking to Riala in the Teleportation Room (where you would normally talk to someone to progress the story) and choose "Update on Tanurak". You can find a blue flame in the throne room in the Orgasmic Palace. Interact with it and choose your party to start the fight. Simon cannot join. These enemies are immune to all physical and magical damage. All of their attacks are sexual damage based so stack both DEF and MDF.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Notes
Sexual Entity A Sex (150%), Anti-sex (110%) Only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and magical damage and to status effects
Sexual Entity B Sex (150%), Anti-sex (110%) Only 75% chance to apply debuffs Immune to physical and sexual damage and to status effects

The Sexual Entity A can attack and grant 10 SP, attack with an AoE that applies Lust Death 100%, and attack and apply Deprived II (lose 5% max HP each round).

The Sexual Entity B can attack and grant 10 SP, attack with an AoE that applies Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Sun, and Sexbind while granting 10 SP, and attack and apply Profound Sexbind.

The battle begins by draining all SP and locking non-Sex skills (except against Vhala). One of the entities refreshes Sexbind so often that if your characters cannot resist it or are immune to it, it will be constantly applied. The Sexual Entities will both resurrect after 1 round if the other is not also killed.

Items that protect against Lust Death and Sexbind are important. Of note, the Tormented Shield grants immunity to Lust Death. The Sexual Pin grants 50% resistance to Sexbind. Certain rewards from Iris's Request grant 50% resistance to Sexbind and Lust Death. The Succubus Pin and the First Slut Pin grant immunity to Sexbind.

One strategy is to bring Nalili protected from Lust Death and Sexbind, Vhala, and two other succubi (Yarra if you have the First Slut Pin). Start with Vhala's Unperson Aura and then use Defensive Rain until both entities are double ATK debuffed. Have Nalili masturbate until she can use Sexual Aegis. Once Sexual Aegis is up, have Nalili use Orgy of Blows primarily, Kiss of Steel to heal if needed or to attack a single target choosing whichever entity has more health if they get too far apart. Vhala can use Arrow of Abstinence on the entity with more health as long as the debuffs are kept up.

You get 9999 EXP and no items.

Bloody Seed[edit | edit source]

Sylvan Regional Map

This fight becomes available during the Incubus War Aftermath's Elven Forest section by approaching the first root twice, and then agreeing to fight the monster.

Enemy Weakness Resistance Misc.
Bloody Seed (820) Lightning (125%)

Sex (150%) Poison (Damage) (125%)

Fire (75%)

Ice (50%) Earth (50%) Poison (Status) (25%) Immune to Confusion, Stun, Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death

Piercing Tentacles and Corrupt Tentacles inflict Paralysis against all party members.
Bloody Drip (823) Ice (125%)

Sex (150%) Poison (Damage) (125%)

Fire (75%)

Earth (50%) Poison (Status) (75%) Lust Mad, Lust Stun, Lust Death (50%) Stun (25%)

Blood Leech attacks the all party members for a set amount of the target's max HP.

Before starting this fight you should make sure all your party members are equipped with Paralysis resisting equipment. This can be if necessary pilfered from the Aram (Aka, Yarra, and Varia) and/or Zirantia (Uyae, Wynn, and Nallili) groups during their respective sections.

If there are no Bloody Drips, Riala and Altina should alternate between attacking (lightning, although Altina can use poison until the Bloody Seed is poisoned) and healing (Riala can use Succubus Kiss here to heal herself and do damage at the same time). Once the Bloody Drips appear, both Riala and Altina need to use Ice Storm to clear them out immediately.

If Hilstara has not been rendered permanently disabled[43], she should maintain her Shieldwall ability to take the brunt of the damage for the squishier mages. Outside of that Hilstara should use Hold The Line! to raise the mages' defenses, and Indomitable Will to heal herself. Otherwise she is free to attack.

An alternate strategy from Grim8P: If you have Hilstara, Altina, and Riala, and they have Paralysis resisting equipment, have Hilstara use Shieldwall and then focus on buffing and healing with Hold the Line while Riala and Altina focus on killing the boss with Lightning/Sex (Bolt of Lust if possible) and Poison/Lightning. When the Bloody Drips spawn, use Ice Storm once with both Riala and Altina. You should not need to have Riala or Altina heal at high levels. The boss can be poisoned but Altina's Poison has a lower damage formula than Lightning so Lightning should be used after the boss is poisoned or once the boss is low enough on health. Hilstara can use Aegis Assault on the Bloody Seed if everyone's health is sufficient.

You get 3570 EXP, 9 Sx, +2 Darghelon Stand, and +2 Gheldaron Stand

References[edit | edit source]

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