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Annah is the High Priestess of Ivala of the Stineford region. She behaves as a zealot in most situations, but it's not completely unreasonable, although she can be stubborn at times. She seems to be obsessed with the eradication of the sin and the purity, losing frequently the focus on the real issues and troubles around her.

Despite her personal appeal, it's notable that the succubi haven't expressed any special attraction to her. Curiously, Orilise is the most determined to see her humiliated and shamed. On the other side of the spectrum, Carina is one of the most interested into reaching her (it's very plausible that part of the reason is their past working relationship).

Story[edit | edit source]

Although the group doesn't meet her until the Council of Gawnfall, Annah's hand can be seen in the deteriorating life circumstances of most people living in the Slums sector. As her influence over Stineford grows, the various shops are progressively closed: the bar, the brothel and the sex shop.

During the synod, she sends some mixed signals. Despite being very conservative, she can accept the logic behind the group's actions in some serious topics like the vote to unify or accepting succubi inside the church. She can also be persuaded to accept the division of the church (despite that, later happenings show clearly that she dislike that outcome).

She is concerned about external pressures so despite her personal preference towards Herin she is initially convinced that Kaskia is the better option as a Deputy High Priestess.

When the party meets her in Stineford (ostensibly to take out a new Incubus King), the actions of the group have the potential to bring out her more reasonable side.

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