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Anmin is one of the main characters of Desecration of Wings, the fourth character to join the party. She is the only party member originally affiliated with the rebels.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Anmin is calm and quiet, but has a steel spine. Instead of accepting her lot in life, she worked with the rebels to try to take down the Endless Court. Even after dealt serious personal losses, she was willing to walk away from Lyrillian and go alone instead of being treated as less than an equal.

Despite her calm exterior, Anmin can be insecure and tends to assume that people will reject her. She also tends to retreat instead of engage in conflict. Above all, she wants to be treated as a person instead of just a class like her race or sex.

Anmin is motivated by more than just revenge, desiring a more just world for everyone. She can use her magic altruistically at times to help people (some cases even appear to lack any game benefit). Due to her compassion she is likely to be understanding of others, even those who might be her enemies.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The primary magical attacker, Anmin surprisingly takes on a buffing and debuffing role. She can keep up with other party members for most of the game if you use the right elemental attacks, but often the debuffs that go with the attacks are more important. She also obtains the primary party buffs, which are critical in many fights. Anmin can serve as a secondary healer, though at high MP cost.

Choosing skills is difficult for Anmin because her elements will use up so many slots. Spirit boosting skills are a high priority, more HP is helpful against bosses, and Attack can basically be ignored. Though a mage, Anmin usually doesn't have problems with MP. Silence protection is critical, however.

History[edit | edit source]

Anmin was born in a small town north of Kolis and appears to have had an impoverished but otherwise unremarkable early life. Her exact birth condition is unclear, perhaps being intersex, but it led to her being captured by a group of Immortals who used her for experiments into extending their immortality. This left her with changed genitals and an unnatural libido, which is a source of discomfort to the otherwise very controlled Anmin.

Though Anmin was left to freeze to death once her usefulness was over, she survived and went on to join the rebels. Due to their secretive nature, she appears to not have formed many relationships with them. She remained mostly alone until she participated in the rebel attack in the capital and met the party.