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Story[edit | edit source]

The King of Ardoheim, presumed to be important due to his appearance in two different interlude scenes so far. Though a courageous leader during the war against the Incubus King, he has since become more inactive and Ardoheim seems to be ruled mostly by his council. To complicate the situation further, he is a widower and has no direct heirs, although he is being pressured about it (presumably to avoid the possible risk of a civil war).

It remains to be seen if he has gotten senile (as he seems), or if he knows something that has made him the way he is. Certain comments support the latter, and some fans theorize that he holds one of the Soul Shards. Plot developments have rendered this theory less likely, although there is a possibility that he has a minor fragment and so far has been able to escape detection.

After the failed invasion of his country (frustrated by the group) King Alonon (or his advisers) has called a conference of nations for unknown reasons, though various characters speculate that a primary one is to form a unified strategy against the Incubus King should he become aggressive again. Most of Simon's group is attending as part of Yhilin's delegation. During this chapter, Alonon shows a startling amount of nihilism, stating that the actions of the summit and other have absolutely no meaning and they're all for naught, though when others show worry he merely claims they are jests. The prologue of Chapter 3 suggests that this may have been caused by the contents of a mysterious tower shown to him by the mysterious divine being and Mithyn that may have driven to such a state.

Simon meets him in the Tower several time during chapter 4. He explains that he saw the fundamental rules of reality and was deeply unsatisfied with what he learned, hence his misanthropy and retirement from world affairs. He starts the Ardan succession crisis, and helps Tyna win by making her his heir.

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